Aberdeen parkrun Event Report – Saturday 21st May 2022 #494



Aberdeen parkrun
Event number 494
21st May 2022

This week 400 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.  It was a glorious day at the beach in near perfect conditions.


IMG-1252 IMG-1253

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Colin BURNETT • Michael BARKER • Ailsa BARKER • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Yvonne TEASDALE • Cynthia FRY • Christine BELL • Willie PRIMROSE • Mark MCDONALD • Neil MCBAIN • Graham FYFE • Toby CRAIK • Eilidh MCDONALD • David HUNTER • Aaron MCKAY • Samantha ROSS • Joseph HIBBS • Katie CUNNINGHAM • Sally DAVIES • Chad MEYER


Neil McBain was the Run Director and despite the high attendance took it all in his stride.  Not only did he Run Direct but after checking over the course prior to the event he did the Set Up too. That’s volunteer multi-tasking! (We are very lucky that quite a few of the regulars who arrive early each week always muck in and help get everything in place prior to the event starting). Thank you - you know who you are!

Volunteering is just so much fun and it’s great to see the event from a different perspective – you just need to look at the photos to see the enjoyment.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer in the forthcoming weeks - there are plenty of vacant slots.

1. Team Spirit 2. RD Neil McMain rallying the First Timers 6. Volunteer Fun from Tip~to~Tail Walker! 7. Finish FUNnel Smiles featuring Katie Cunningham & Timekeepker Willie Primrose 9. The Tail End ~ Tail Walker Sally Davies & Team Timekeeper

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.



We had an incredible number of 49 First Timers with us.  There were just so many that it was impossible to find out where they were all from however we did have tourists from Wides parkrun and Banbury parkrun)

(12.25% of the total Aberdeen parkrun attendees)

3. First Timers' Welcome with Host Joseph Hibbs 5. First Timer Ian Burrows (R) from Widnes parkrun


(Our volunteers Ailsa, Michael, David and visitor from Windes parkrun - Ian Burrows)


58 Personal Bests were recorded this week – wow!

(14.5% of the total Aberdeen parkrun attendees)

Bryan Smart; Clemens Von Scheffer; Ronan Clancy; Murray Scott; C Moir; Graeme Mason; Jessica Needs; Thomas O’Connor; Alfie McRobb; Edward Smith; Allison Redman; Paul Duley; David Hoang; Ewan Skinner; Avan Dhaubhadel; Rajendra Uprety; Jamie Roberts; Stuart Slater; Karen Thompson; Lorissa Smart; Barnie McNichol; Rebecca Peters; Berndt Muller; Mia McDermid; Melanna Smart; Ian MacIndoe; Helen Bruce; Mohanachandran Jayachandran; Muhammed Mall, Z Raje; Douglas Coventry; Bill Benzie; Lynn Miller; Katrina McKay; Sheila Swanney; Sarah Walker; Mike Smith; Eve Kelman; Hannah Gillanders; Erin McKibbin; Elijah Burns; Annie Montgomery; Rosemary Wood; Allison Sleigh: Sanskar Koirala; Sandhya Maharjan; Caitlin Stewart; Nicola Black; Adam Mutch; Hannah Walker; Fiona Douglas; Gill Berrow; Millie McWilliam; Kevin White; Doina Romocea; Sobhia Raje; Lucia Anderson; Heather Moreton.


Women’s Category:

1st in was Jessica Needs of Peterhead AAC in 20:26 (New PB)

2nd in was Jenny Stanning of Metro Aberdeen RRC in 20:30

3rd in was Allison Redman in 22:26 (New PB)


Men’s Category:

1st in was Bryan Smart of Metro Aberdeen RRC in 17:05 (New PB)

2nd in was Philip Brown of Metro Aberdeen RRC in 17:16 (Just missed a PB by 2 secs)

3rd in was Jim Moir in 17:24


Juniors Category:

JM10 – Elijah Burns in 32:13 (New PB)

JW10 –  Alana Robertson in 24:36

JM11-14 – Struan McKay of Aberdeen AAC in 21:22

JW11-14 –  Jessica Needs of Peterhead AAC in 20:26 (New PB)

JM15-17  -  Murray Scott of Metro Aberdeen RRC in 19:16 (New PB)

JW15-17 – Sanoja Chhetri in 29:36


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.



We had :

50 MILESTONE:   Nev Chamberlain

100 MILESTONE: Wendy Arthur





There will be a Pacing Day on Saturday 11th June when Metro Aberdeen Running Club will cover a wide range of times to suit all levels of parkrun attendees.

There will be a Pacing Day on Saturday 23rd July when jogscotland Bridge of Don will cover a wide range of times to suit all levels of parkrun attendees.

Fingers crossed for non windy days!



Saturday 2nd July is Aberdeen parkrun’s 500th event.

We are looking forward to you all coming along to celebrate with us.

Fancy dress is not compulsory but if you feel the urge please do.  It would also be lovely to see a lot of our participants in their ‘Milestone T-shirts’ to add to the occasion.

We would also like to offer Pacers this day too assuming we have a full roster for other volunteer roles. If you would like to be a volunteer pacer on 2nd July  please email in to:  aberdeen@parkrun.com  (For the Attention of Carolyn). We would be hoping to cover 18 through to 38 with the exception of 37 (I know someone will ask why not 37 – the reason being that when ordering the bibs they came in a quantity of 20 )


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday when David Maclennan will be your Run Director  for Event 495.


Report Writer – Saturday 21st May 2022


Additional Information

(The female record is held by Virginie BARRAND who recorded a time of 16:50 on 14th August 2021 (event number 454).
The male record is held by Sean CHALMERS who recorded a time of 14:37 on 25th September 2021 (event number 460).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 100.26% (19:05) on 12th October 2019 (event number 429).

Aberdeen parkrun started on 8th October 2011. Since then 14,196 participants have completed 110,127 parkruns covering a total distance of 550,635 km, including 18,460 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,060 individuals have volunteered 7,590 times.)


Aberdeen parkrun Event Report – Saturday 7th May 2022 #492



Aberdeen parkrun #492

May 7,  2022



What a delight to have the sun shining to welcome our 352 parkrunners to our 492nd edition of Aberdeen parkrun.  Sunny parkruns serve up so much more enjoyment for all involved from our parkrunners to our volunteers to those cheerleading from the sidelines.


How nice to linger longer afterwards for some extra chat time & photo-ops.

Simple pleasures.



Merci, beaucoup to Kim Menzies who hosted our First Timers' Welcome.

Some of our 23 First Timers were making their debut on the parkrun stage whilst some folks were on tour from other parkruns.  Though we don't always catch where all our newbies are from, we did hear some were on the run from Fife & Stirling.   Whether from near or far, we do hope you all truly revelled in our scenic event.  How fortunate we are to have a beach promenade course with the North Sea as our backdrop.


1. 23 FIRSTS - Kim Menzies hosts the First Timers' Welcome

First Timers, we hope you can come back soon for your 2nd Aberdeen parkrun when opportunity knocks to join....



Mother Nature really came through for 44 of our 352 parkrunners who dashed their way to PBs!   With the sunny skies & low wind, the running conditions were quite favourable for those feeling the need for speed.

Check out the Personal Bests & all the rest at:



Amongst our PBers this week were...


RDs with PBs

2 of Aberdeen parkrun's Run Directors, Carolyn Snedden & Neil McBain, each scored another PB!

Wahoo X 2!!

When I spied Carolyn on the lower prom zipping along like a whippet, the look on her face told me she was on a mission.  I wondered then if she had visions of a new PB swirling in her head.  Inquisitive-moi just had to know.  So, once I finished my parkrun I tracked her down.   When I inquired as to if that was a PB performance, Carolyn's smile said it all.  Sure enough, she had snapped up a shiny new 24:29 PB!   This not only makes this her 28th PB, but also it's Carolyn's chart topper across all 340 of her parkruns!

Kudos Carolyn!


Carolyn was in good company on the PB podium with fellow Run Director Neil McBain.  His shiny new 19:24 PB was at the top of his leaderboard across all his parkruns.  To date he has collected 40 PBs in his 198 parkrun history.  Congratulations Mr. McBain!


2. RDs with PBs - Carolyn Snedden


2. RD Neil McBain

If Neil & Carolyn ever come down from PB Cloud 9, perhaps they'll let us mere mortals in on their PB secret!


Do I really have to become a Run Director in order to earn another PB?

Inquiring minds want to know.


And in other speedfest news...



At the very front of our field was Lead Biker Joseph Hibbs blazing the trail along the promenade.


3. WHO'S ON FIRST - Lead Bike Joseph Hibbs

Chasing his wheels were these fleet-of-foot hot in pursuit:


Men's Category

1. Kenny Garden for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 17:25

2. Jim Moir in 17:40

3. Jamie Coventry for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 17:52


Women's Category

1. Hannah Mutch for Aberdeen AAC in 19:32

2. Emma Jenkins in 20:15

3. Jenny Stanning for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 20:23


This was Kenny's 3rd First Finish at Aberdeen parkrun & Hannah's 80th First Finish on our course.

Kudos to you both on your First Finishes!

What inspirational role models you are for our...



Our frontrunners in the Junior Age Categories were:


JM10:  Sanskar Koirala in 34:08

JM11-14:  Avan Dhaubhadel in 24:27

JM15-17:  Drew McDermid in 19:20


JW10:  Elizabeth Insley in 34:43

JW11-14:  Chloe Burness in 24:26

JW15-17:  Sanoja Chhetri in 28:13 (PB!)


Such amazing feats for junior feets!

Well done to all our juniors for challenging yourselves on our 5k course.



After the completion of 25, 50, 100, 250 & 500 parkruns, parkrunners earn the much-coveted milestone T-shirts.

Our juniors have a bonus round.  They earn their first milestone T-shirt after completing ten 5k parkruns.


How delightful to see Margaret Hammond sporting her 100 milestone T-shirt this week.  She just earned it last week so that's a pretty quick turnaround in the ordering process.  Enjoy your 100 T, Margaret!


4. MILESTONES - Margaret Hammond sporting her 100 Milestone T

Here's how the parkrun milestones played out this week at Aberdeen parkrun:



A warm welcome aboard to Neil Young, Gideon Commey,  Ross Morgan (PB!), Stuart Russell (PB!) & Amy Sneddon!


Neil began his parkrun journey on October 28, 2017 at Aberdeen.  His 25 unfolded with 12 at Aberdeen, 4 each at Troon & Ury Riverside, 2 at Hazlehead & 1 each at Ellon, Aviemore & Ganavan Sands.  This VM40-44 athlete has 4 shiny PBs to his name with his impressive 18:04 on December 21, 2019 at Aberdeen topping the list.


Gideon's parkrun story began on January 11, 2020 at Aberdeen.  This SM30-34 athlete has completed all 25 of his events here .  Along the way, Gideon has scooped up 5 PBs with his 22:54 earned on October 16, 2021 shining the brightest.


Ross launched on his parkrun journey on November 21, 2015 at Hazlehead.  His 25 unfolded with 11 at Hazlehead, 10 at Aberdeen & 1 each at Ellon, Ury Riverside, Elgin & Stonehaven.  This VM60-64 athlete celebrated his 25th parkrun with a 23:38 PB flourish!  In total, Ross has an impressive 9PBs in his parkrun resume with that inspirational 23:38 at Aberdeen topping his chart.


Stuart debuted on the parkrun scene on December 31, 2016 at Hazlehead.  This VM40-44 athlete has completed 15 of his events at Aberdeen, 2 at Hazlehead & 1 each at Bryanston, Greenpoint, Queens, Knysna, Porthcawl, Edinburgh, Crathes Castle & Faelledparken.  2 PBs grace his stats with his 25:10 PB he earned on May 7, 2022 at Aberdeen leading the way.


Amy's parkrun journey began on February 10, 2018 here at Aberdeen.  24 of her events have been parkrun here.  A spot of tourism at Ellon brings her count to 25.  This SW20-24 athlete has gathered up 5 PBs along the way with her 35:27 at Aberdeen on March 5, 2022 topping her list.


Congratulations to all of our newest members in the 25 Club!  We look forward to seeing more of those purple 25 milestone T-shirts in the mix on Saturday mornings.



Our newest member in the 50 Club is David Wood!

David began his parkrun story on September 21, 2019 at Aberdeen.  47 of his events unfolded here.  His 3 at Ellon bring his total to 50.  This SM30-34 athlete has 10 PBs in his resume with his 24:30 PB at Ellon on March 26, 2022 at the top of his chart.  Kudos David on completing your 50th parkrun!  We look forward to seeing your 50 milestone T-shirt on the run!


250 CLUB

Yvonne Teasdale is our newest member in the 250 Club!  Welcome aboard!  You've come a long way, Yvonne!

This VW40-44 athlete launched on her parkrun journey on June 9, 2012 at Aberdeen where all 250 of her events have unfolded.  2 PBs grace her statistics with her impressive 23:34 PB on April 27, 2013 leading the way.  Yvonne has also dipped her toe in the volunteer pool.  To round out her parkrun experience, she has earned 11 volunteer credits across these roles.  6 Barcode Scanning, 1 Finish Tokens, 1 Funnel Manager & 3 Tail Walker.  Congrats on this massive milestone, Yvonne!  We hope to see you soon sporting your badge of honour 250 milestone T-shirt!



Sometimes big numbers crop up in a parkrunner's stats, but they're not considered parkrun milestones.  But gosh, for that parkrunner it sure seems like a milestone-ish moment worthy of mention, so here we go:


Congratulations to Laura Clark who racked up her 200th parkrun!  In addition, she has dipped into the parkrun volunteer pool on a lucky 13 occasions.  Laura has just 50 more parkruns to go before we'll formally be recognizing her achievements in the Milestone Club.  Laura, it's just a matter of time before you go green in one of those spiffy 250 milestone T-shirts.  Tap, tap, tap...


Kudos to Alan Brown who snapped up his 300th at our 492nd edition.  How everyone's favourite pacer collected 300 when he's often volunteering at our event I'll never know.  To date his resume shines brightly with 124 volunteer credits!


Another big number that hit our statistics was Tony McGarva's 250th parkrun on our Aberdeen course.  But that's just part of Tony's story. The term "parkrun tourist" comes to mind when delving deeper.  In total, Tony has collected 357 parkruns by running around GB & 4 other countries!  Mr. McGarva also enhances his parkrun experience with his volunteer time.  To date, Tony has earned 58 volunteer credits.


Congratulations to Laura, Alan & Tony on your milestone-ish moments!  And thanks for all your volunteering contributions.  It just goes to show that parkrunning & parkrun volunteering can go hand-in-hand.



Next time out, Stuart Slater will be parkrunning his way into the 25 Club, Tamsin Gray will be joining the 50 Club, & Graham Reid & Brian Mathers will both be joining the 100 Club.



Our always fabulous Fiona Sewell took the helm to Run Direct our 492nd edition. This was her 47th time Run Directing & as usual she kept everything ticking along smoothly.

5. TEAM SPIRIT - RD Fiona Sewell (& Ceri Williams)

Since I'm so inspired by RDs with PBs, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Fiona must be walking on Ayr.  Last week she snapped up a 28:39 PB at, you guessed it, Ayr parkrun.  Well done, Fiona!


Merci, beaucoup to these 20 volunteers who showcased their own special brand of Team Spirit:


Aaron MCKAY  •  Anita WILLIAMS  •  Callum CARMICHAEL  •  Ceri WILLIAMS  •  Chad MEYER  •  Colin BURNETT  •  Cynthia FRY  •  Daisy HARRISON  •  Eilidh MCDONALD  •  Ella LEISHMAN  •  Fiona SEWELL  •  Gary LEISHMAN  •  Graham MCDERMID  •  John DUFF  •  Joseph HIBBS  •  Kim MENZIES  •  Mark MCDONALD  •  Neil MCBAIN  •  Paul Kevin WEBSTER  •  Toby CRAIK


Hands up....

Who wants to join in the fun we have in the...



Don't be shy, give it a try!

Take a peek at the future volunteer rosters for openings:



7. TEAM SPIRIT - Hands Up - Who wants to volunteer!


Did you know each volunteer credit you collect brings you one step closer to...



Volunteer milestone T-shirts are available to purchase after earning volunteer credits at the following levels:  10 (juniors only), 25, 50, 100, 250 & 500.

Have you spied any of these much coveted v-T-shirts yet?  There were a few in our midst last Saturday so keep your eyes peeled...



Join us for our 493rd edition when Mark McDonald dons the Run Director hat for his 12th time.

Mark, any inside track on who will be our next RD with a PB?

I guess time will tell...


Happy parkrunning,

Cynthia Fry

Jumpy Reporter-on-the-Run


Run Report – 30 April 2022 – Event 491

NRG parkrun takeover
1. Newmachar Running Group Takeover (1)

Newmachar running group (NRG) were back after 3 years since their last parkrun takeover, hoping for better weather than last time. Firstly we should say a big thank you to all our orange clad volunteers for helping 402 runners around the course.

3. Run Director Nik Robinson

Alfie MCROBB • Alison FRASER • Annie ROBINSON • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Cindy HANEKOM • Claire THOM • Cynthia FRY • Dawn KNOWLES • Debbie LOCHRIE • Derek DUNN • Donald MCINTOSH • Finlay ROBINSON • Fiona SEWELL • Gillian JONES • Ian STEVENSON • Jana VIDIS • Jennifer PACKHAM • Jill MURRAY • John DOIG • Lewis ROBINSON • Michelle BALL • Nik ROBINSON • Sonia EMES • Tracy MCBEATH

2. First Timers' Welcome with Lewis & Annie Robinson (1)

To start off, 11 year old Lewis Robinson stood on the stool and bravely told 29 first timers about the course, including 4 NRG recent Couch to 5k graduates (Nicola, Nicole, Joanne & Jakki). Then before they knew it our 402 participants found themselves heading towards the start line. Then they were off, starting the slight slope up to the first marshals Alfie McRobb and Sonia Emes, who spurred them on along the top of the beach promenade. Lead cyclists, Donald McIntosh and John Doig led the way along the top to Jana Vidis, who clapped all the runners onto the lower concourse at the Beach Ballroom. With wind on their backs all the participants made their way along the beach back towards Alfie McRobb and Sonia Emes who encouraged everyone onto the final stretch towards the finish line. Rounding the curve all our parkrunners saw the fluorescent orange tent signifying the finish and most importantly cakes! Given a boost of energy by the prospect of finishing and cakes 402 runners crossed the finishing line including tail walkers, Lewis Robinson and Annie Robinson. All the runners then treated themselves to lovely treats made by NRG members.

14. Finish FUNnel 11. Marshal 15. Barcode Scanners Extraordinaire

There were 61 PBers this week.


Big shout out to our milestones:

10 runs - Jack CAIE

50 runs - Daniel ALSOP

100 runs - Mark YOUNG & Margaret HAMMOND


And next run will be 250 for Yvonne TEASDALE


The spot prizes go to:

Samuel Dobby

Panos Pliatsikas

Gavin Baillie


Please see the RD next week to claim your NRG Buff!


Finlay Robinson

Report Writer – 30 April 2022


Aberdeen parkrun report – Saturday 23rd April 2022 ~490

Aberdeen parkrun: 23rd April 2022, Event 490
The View from the Funnel

Another belter of a day! The sun made an appearance, the breeze was fairly light, and I’d imagine the conditions were pretty good for running. In the funnel it was warm although a tad chilly for my gloveless hands as time went on! With the Balmoral races on this weekend numbers were down a bit from our usual. As the Event Director (and today’s Run Director), Graham, set everyone off, we guessed how many runners were present. My vote was 200, a little off, as we had a total of 260 finishers.

Despite our lower numbers we still had a total of 29 first timers. I have to admit this was a bit of a surprise. Cynthia led our First Timers Welcome and Graham offered a shout out to our visitors from Macclesfield and London during our main briefing. We hope both visitors and first times enjoyed Aberdeen parkrun and will come back again!

3. First Timers 4. First Timers & barkrunner

Thank You Volunteers

Firstly, thanks to Derek Dunn for setting up and closing down the event. Derek’s been doing this role for a few weeks now and it makes life so much easier for the Run Director.

Carolyn Snedden, our volunteer coordinator, was absent from the run today but her behind the scenes work in keeping on top of the roster to fill all roles was appreciated.

Graham Snedden as Run Director kept us all in check and did a good job of getting the results out quickly.

Paul Webster was at the bus stop with Aaron McKay at the stones, marshalling and ensuring your safety on the route.

On finish tokens we had Harry Tregoning and Angela Goldie, with myself and Bill Skinner keeping everyone in order in the funnel.

Our scanners were Jennifer Taylor, Hannah McKay, Susan Cowie, Neil Patience, Suzanne McCombie, Arlene Ross, Matthew Adams and the speedy Michael Barker who got his run in first.

Finally at the head and tail, Joseph Hibbs on the lead bike and Sarah Crichton as Tail Walker, with the aforementioned Cynthia Fry on First Timers Welcome.


1. Star~Studded Cast

Can I Help?

EVERYONE is welcome to volunteer at Aberdeen parkrun. Young or old, there’s no restriction on what you can do, other than if you’re under 18, we need to keep you at the ‘base’ or pair you up with another volunteer. Our future roster is here:


If you click on the title of any role you’ll get a helpful guide to what is involved. Please do consider helping out as we’re not always getting the roster filled until mid-week and this does add additional pressure for the volunteer coordinator, bearing in mind that the Core Team are also volunteers with other jobs and commitments outside of parkrun.

As a former Run Director, I’ve done most roles and at some point got something muddled. I’ve missed a batch of finish tokens and not started a timer. I’ve never tried lead bike as I worry I’d get in the way of the front runner! However, it’s a free run and we can usually sort it out, so there is no pressure. Volunteering is fun and a great way to get to know others in the parkrun community.

PLEASE consider volunteering soon if you’ve never tried it. We’d love to have you on board and everyone looks great in purple when they hit the 25 club!

The Tail
Our tail walker today, bringing everyone home was Sarah Crichton and she led the final folks home in 57:59. Thank you Sarah. Tail walker is one of our most popular roles, affording parkrunners both a run credit and a volunteer credit. It’s also a good role to take up if you’re injured and an easy way to get into volunteering for the first time.

The Front Runners

Led home by Joseph on lead bike, Martin Mueller was first finisher for the second week in a row. Today, he finished in 16:31, well clear of our second finisher Jegors Slobodcikovs who crossed the line in 18:11 and Michael Barker, back from an extended lay off with injury in a comfortable 18:45!

For the females, it was Emily Riach that crossed the line first in 22:28, also netting herself a significant PB. Second was Lorna Wilson in 22:51 (a new PB) and third, Chloe Burness (JW 11-14) in 23:34.

Joining the Club

Today we had a few runners reaching milestones.

50 parkruns:
Judy Wardlaw ran her 50th parkrun and finished as 4th female in 23:38.
Anita Williams completed her 50th parkrun with 45 parkruns in Aberdeen.


6. 50th parkrun Star ~ Anita Williams


(Anita crossing the finish line) (Neil deep in concentration)


100 parkruns:
Charles Dawson joined the 100 club on his 22nd run at Aberdeen parkrun. Charles is already a member of the 25 volunteer club and 50 parkrun club so his t-shirt collection is coming along nicely. Congratulations!

Setting a Personal Best

Earning a PB today, we had some particularly good efforts as follows:
Morag McCreath on her 7th parkrun took over a minute off her previous time to finish in 40:11.
Catherine Dalgarno earned her 3rd PB in 2022 with a time of 32:46 on her 36th parkrun.
Gabriela Dumitrache-Niculescu running 27:44 to continue a PB run!
Eric Davidson with a hat trick of PBs, this time in 27:43; for the females, Patrycja Szymiczek doing the same with 25:28.
Others earning PBs today were:Hannah Walker (JW10), Jenny Stables, Chloe Urquhart, Eve Kelman, Abies Enaigbe, Erin McKibbin, Paul Felce, Yvonne Gordon, Douglas Gouch, Margo Stewart, Sanoja Chhetri, Lily Rae, Erin Gilchrist, Avan Dhaubhadel, Arran Alcaraz, Laoise Hill, Steven Mutch, Malcolm Neill, Alister Gordon, Kurt Butler, Matt McFarland, Andrea Bennett, Greig Murray, Jez Durward and Micah Daigeaun.

Finishing with a Smile,

It was great to see the smiles on the faces of (most) runners crossing the line today, and lovely to see some familiar faces making an appearance for the first time in a while. Our timekeepers today were Core Team members, Colin Burnett and Neil McBain, and they did a great job of clocking everyone in, particularly those set to challenge us by crossing the line together. You all behaved well though, staying in line as directed and only making me use my teacher voice once. A host of runners young and old, friends and family enjoying the Saturday morning run together. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Until next week, happy running!

Clare Russell
Run Reporter

7. Roving Reporter Clare





Aberdeen Run Report 16th April 2022 #489


Aberdeen parkrun #489

April 16, 2022



326 parkrunners, 46 First Timers, 21 Volunteers & a dash of 44 PBs for good measure!

What a way to start a Saturday!

Lovely to see so many come out to play at Aberdeen Beach where from time to time...



In the words of Carl Sandburg:

"The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbour and city on silent haunches and then moves on.".

Though Saturday's weather was a tad foggy & grey, it didn't dampen the spirits of our 326 parkrunners including the spirits of our fantastic.....



We hope all those embarking on their maiden Aberdeen parkrun enjoyed the atmospheric fog.  It's an Aberdonian specialty that visits us now & again.  Adds a little mystique, n'est-ce-pas?

A special thank-you to Mark McDonald, who rolled out the welcome mat for our 46 First Timers with his First Timers' Welcome brief.



Some of our newbies were of the local persuasion whilst others were from further afield.  There was mention of someone hailing from the always exotic Elgin.   And I spied with my little eye a gal from the Isle of Mull.  The Isle of Man was in the mix, too.

We hope our First Timers had fun in the fog. Come visit us again soon.  Next time, we'll endeavour to serve up some sunny Vitamin D with a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea on the side.

And just think, your 2nd parkrun at Aberdeen might just land you on...



It was a banner day for our 44 fleet-of-foot parkrunners who chalked up new PBs!  The Personal Best times were well-distributed through the field from 2nd Finisher Patrick Bennett's 17:04... to 147th Finisher Julie Taylor's 26:10... to our 296th Finisher Sharron Devine's 38:45!  Wherever you landed on the PB spectrum, a hearty congratulations to all!

Did you know that you can filter the results to view all the Personal Bests by typing "PB" in the field marked "Start typing to search"?

Check out the Personal Bests & all the rest at:  https://www.parkrun.org.uk/aberdeen/results/latestresults/

At the pointy end of the field were these speed-stars giving it all their best to see...



Men's Category

1.  Martin Mueller for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 16:36

2.  Patrick Bennett in 17:04 (PB!)

3.  Craig Frost in 17:19


Women's Category

1.  Claire Bruce for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 18:06

2.  Hannah Mutch for Aberdeen AAC in 18:53

3.  Nicola Gauld for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 19:39


Congrats to Martin who was at the top of the field with his impressive 12th First Finish here at Aberdeen.  Meanwhile, Patrick got busy styling out his 2nd place with a PB flourish.  Craig's 3rd was also his 3rd fastest finish in his 14 parkruns to date.

Our Women's top 3 are no strangers to speed on our course.  Congratulations to frontrunner Claire who now tallies in with 9 First Finishes at Aberdeen.  Though not adding to their First Finish tallies this time, our 2nd female finisher Hannah has 78 First Finishes to her credit whilst 3rd female finisher Nicola has 23 First Finishes on her Aberdeen parkrun resume.

Kudos to all our frontrunners in the 1,2,3 line up!

What an inspiration you all are for our up & coming...



Check out who finished first in the following Junior Age Categories:


JM10:  Sanskar Koirala in 36:52

JM11-14:  Lucas Pilichos for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 22:58

JM15-17:  Archie Gibson in 18:35 (PB!)


JW10:  Alana Robertson in 24:44

JW11-14:  Jessica Needs for Peterhead AAC in 20:38 (First Timer!)

JW15-17:  Sanoja Chhetri in 33:54


Kudos to not only these frontrunners but to all of our juniors for taking on our 5k course.  Well done!



After the completion of 25, 50, 100, 250 & 500 parkruns, parkrunners earn the much-coveted milestone T-shirts.

Our juniors have a bonus round.  They earn their first milestone T-shirt after completing ten 5k parkruns.

Here's how the parkrun milestones played out this week at Aberdeen parkrun:


Welcome aboard to Smilla Addison who parkruns in the JW10 category.  Smilla launched her parkrun journey on September 3, 2017 at Duthie junior parkrun (2k event). Her first foray into the 5k parkruns was on July 6, 2019 at Hazlehead  She has completed ten 5k events with 5 each at Aberdeen & Hazlehead.  She also has completed a whopping 50 junior parkruns with 49 at our local Duthie junior parkrun & 1 at Belfast Victoria junior parkrun!  A perfect 10 PBs light up her Personal Best stats with her 32:35 at Hazlehead on January 1, 2020 topping the list on the 5k courses.  In her junior parkrun pursuits, she boasts a shiny 11:29 PB which she earned at Djp on June 9, 2019.  Congrats all your achievements, Smilla!  Your next milestone stop will be at the...



This week we welcome Kath Embling to the 25 Club!  Kath began her parkrun story on July 31, 2021 at Eastville parkrun.  24 of her events have unfolded at Eastville with her first foray at our parkrun topping things off to mark her 25th parkrun.  This SW30-34 athlete has gathered up 4 PBs along the way with her 29:37 at Eastville on April 9, 2022 shining the brightest.  Kath's first & only Aberdeen parkrun time of 28:27 on April 16, 2022 has garnered her her fastest 5k parkrun time.  That can only mean one thing...Kath has to come back soon to try to snap up a PB here at Aberdeen.  Rounding out Kath's parkrun story is her dip of the toe in the volunteer pool with a Marshal role to her credit.  It's always heartwarming to see parkrunners adding volunteering to their parkrun stories.  Well done, Kath!

Next stop....



Welcome aboard Alison Jones & Gemma Hadden!

Alison's parkrun tale began at Hazlehead parkrun on May 11, 2019.  Since then, she has collected a total of 27 parkruns at Hazlehead, 18 at Aberdeen, 2 at Crathes Castle, & 1 each at Conwy, Ayr, & Penrhyn.  7 shiny PBs light up her stats with her 27:43 at Aberdeen rising to the top on March 7, 2020.  This VW50-54 athlete has been adding volunteering to her parkrun experience with 1 Marshal, 1 Finish Tokens, & 2 Finish Token Support credits in her repertoire.

Gemma launched her parkrun tale at Hazlehead parkrun.  To make her Christmas even merrier, she took the parkrun plunge on December 25, 2018.  This VW35-39 athlete's events unfolded with 26 at Hazlehead, 21 at Aberdeen, & 1 each at Southwark, Finsbury & Stonehaven.  To add a dash with panache to her 50th parkrun, Gemma produced a PB performance with her 30:17 on April 16, 2022 here at Aberdeen!  This now brings her PB collection to a whopping 14!  Gemma has also added volunteering into the mix with 1 Barcode Scanning role to her credit.

Kudos Alison & Gemma!  Next time we see you perhaps you'll both be sporting your new 50 milestone T-shirts?


250 CLUB

A massive congratulations to Craig Burrows who has gone the distance & is our newest member in the 250 Club!

Craig's parkrun story launched on May 31, 2014 at Aberdeen.  His 250 events unfolded with 247 here at Aberdeen, 1 at Hazlehead, 1 at Preston & 1 at Blackpool.  Enroute, this VM45-49 athlete has added 14 PBs to his resume with his impressive 21:45 at Aberdeen on April 20, 2019 topping his chart.  Well done, Craig!   Enjoy basking in the afterglow of your 250th!



Although not considered parkrun "milestones", check out some other big numbers that unfurled at Aberdeen parkrun on Easter weekend.  Jamie Ross & Dave Harris both parkran their 150th!!  Whilst Lana Hadden was busy logging her 200th parkrun,  Roger Appleby crossed the finish line marking his 300th event!  Kudos all!



Next time out, Jessica Needs will parkrun her way to her 25th milestone.  Keep an eye on this rising star.  On Saturday, this JW11-14 athlete was our 4th female across our finish line with a time of 20:38.  Jessica is also one of our fleet-of-foot juniors at Duthie junior parkrun & is a frequent First Finisher at Djp including her April 17th performance. She came over the Djp line in 7:39 which nabbed her another First Finish.   Inspirational running, Jessica!

And in other upcoming milestone moments...

On their next parkruns, Anita Williams will mark her 50th parkrun milestone whilst Charles Dawson is about to turn 100!



As always, our volunteers are the stars of parkrun.  This week we thank these 21 volunteers:

Aaron MCKAY  •  Adrian T MILES  •  Ailsa BARKER  •  Carolyn SNEDDEN  •  Cynthia FRY  •  David LANGAN  •  Derek DUNN  •  Eilidh MCDONALD  •  Fiona KENNEDY  •  Graham SNEDDEN  •  Katrina WHEELER  •  Mark MCDONALD  •  Mark RAMSEY  •  Martin SHAW  •  Michael BARKER  •  Paul Kevin WEBSTER  •  Sally DAVIES  •  Samantha ROSS  •  Shane REID  •  Simon DIJKER  •  William SKINNER






3 cheers for our fantastic volunteers!

A special congratulations to William Skinner who was on Finish Token duty at our Easter edition.  William now has 25 volunteer credits to his name which means he can claim one of those much coveted "v25" milestone T-shirts.  With 274 parkruns & 15 PBs also in his parkrun story, Mr. Skinner certainly has been a very busy bee.  Thanks so much for all your contributions to parkrun!



Merci, beaucoup to fab Fiona Kennedy who took the reins as our Run Director for her 2nd time.  Thanks so much for captaining Team Spirit & keeping us all on track. Fiona, you're an absolute star!



For your chance to sparkle like a star, sign up to splash around with us in the...



There are lots of openings available on our future rosters & we'd love to have you on board.  Volunteer once, or volunteer lots.  It's up to you.

Help us make all the Aberdeen parkrun magic happen by signing up at:




Will the fog come on little cat feet again?  Or will there be sunshine & PB perfect conditions?

Find out on April 23rd when our Event Director Graham Snedden dons the Run Director hat for his 61st time to host our 490th edition!


Happy parkrunning,

Cynthia Fry

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