Aberdeen parkrun Event number 408: 18th May 2019

This week saw Rajendra Regmi take over as Run Director, supported by friends from the Nepalese community. Our merry band of volunteers were full of smiles despite the dreich Aberdeen weather!

Conditions brolly

Huge thanks to you all for volunteering!
They were joined by Colin, supporting Rajendra on his Run Director debut, our regular Duke of Edinburgh volunteer, and another two pacers.

Pacer 1

Pacer 2

In total we had 25 volunteers:

Colin BURNETT • Clare RUSSELL • Mark FINDLAY • Rajendra REGMI • Jasmine REGMI • Narayan SHRESTHA • Dipesh REGMI • Rajendra UPRETY • Sangita REGMI • Ghana BHANDARI • Chandra SHRESTHA • Shanti BHANDARI • Saghun BHANDARI • Mark MCDONALD • Melissa REGMI • Bivisha UPRETY • Aditi PANDEY • Fiona MIDDLETON • Chudamani PANDEY • Ros SH • Srijana PANDEY • Suhan PAHARI • Ramraj PAHARI • Min Prasad BHANDARI • Mitchell RENNIE

Pacer 4

Pacer 3

Our roster is looking somewhat sparse in coming weeks. Should you wish to volunteer, please get in touch. At present we still require: 2 x Timekeepers, 2 x Barcode Scanners and a Marshal for Saturday 25th May.

This week 209 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Our 2nd and 3rd male finishers, Sandy Laing and Kenny Garden, both recorded Personal Bests and were led home by Ronald Gauld. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

Lead Bike


Run Hill

Lead Lower Prom

first lady

Smiles Lower Prom

Two runners joined the milestone clubs today with Andrew Kilgour recording his 50th parkrun and Richard Percival joining the 100 club. Don't forget, there's also a 25 volunteer club and it's also free to join!

Being absent from parkrun myself today, what impressed me most looking at the photographs was the smiles on so many faces. It's lovely to see that despite the conditions so many people got out of bed and enjoyed their run. Would you have done it without the company of others in parkrun?

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Nicola GAULD who recorded a time of 17:04 on 25th February 2012 (event number 21).
The male record is held by Myles EDWARDS who recorded a time of 15:08 on 2nd May 2015 (event number 190).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 96.88% (19:45) on 27th April 2019 (event number 405).

Aberdeen parkrun started on 8th October 2011. Since then 11,141 participants have completed 83,504 parkruns covering a total distance of 417,520 km, including 14,909 new Personal Bests. A total of 803 individuals have volunteered 5,892 times.

See you all next week!

Your Run Reporter,
Clare Russell


All aboard the Metro train! Aberdeen parkrun Event number 407, 11th May 2019

Numbers were back up this week as 391 people ran, jogged and walked the course with the benefit of a roster of volunteers and pacers from Metro Aberdeen Running Club. A total of 29 participants were first timers and a whopping 92 recorded new Personal Bests - that’s almost 25% of participants, astounding! Representatives of 26 different clubs took part, with Aberdeen University’s AC Sandy Laing coming in behind an unknown runner for second place in 17.40, and Metro’s own Fiona Rudkin (Brian) in third place overall, and first lady, in 17.43. First junior was Sam Orr of JogScotland Kintore with a shiny PB of 19.46 - possibly aided by Metro’s own junior star Jordan Cruickshank who paced the 20 minute slot. Amazing.


With 92 PB’s it’s impossible to mention every one, but huge congratulations to you all, it’s a magnificent effort. The PB train was led home by Neil Young, slicing 8 seconds off his time to come in with an incredible 18.17 and continued right down the line with Laura-Leigh Murray bringing 24 seconds off her time to come within touching distance of 50 minutes. Terrific achievements from both of you! A special mention has to go to Sonja Finlayson, who scored a massive almost 5-minute course PB after a break away from Aberdeen’s course, to have a perfect time of 30 minutes dead. Wow!

Those reaching milestones were Metro’s own Christina Pilichos, achieving her 50 badge in a fine time of 24.26, and Ali MacIver, doing his bit by pacing 25 minutes to bring in his 250th parkrun, coming in (almost) perfectly in 24.59, chaperoning a total of 5 new shiny PB’s either side of his time on the way. Congratulations! Also achieving a milestone parkrun were Vivien Broughton and Grant Adams, with 50 apiece. Well done to both of you!

If you’ve never thought of pacing at parkrun, it’s well worth doing. Runners are always appreciative of the support, and as pacing aficionado Alan Brown mentioned after the event, pacing others is a great way to help your own pacing in the future. Win-win for all! Any form of volunteering at parkrun brings its own benefits and, in the words of run director Clare Russell, there’s not a single volunteering slot she’s not done, and messed up in some way, and parkrun continues. So there’s nothing to fear!


The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

Clare RUSSELL • Andrew H THOMPSON • Izzie MCDONALD • David MACLENNAN • Suzy THOMPSON • Graham WATSON • Tony MCGARVA • Alasdair MACIVER • Dino ROUSSIAS • Jayne ADDIE • Lana HADDEN • Steven BARRIE • Scott ADAMS • Derek DUNN • Tony LITTLE • William MILNE • Sarah MILNE • Alison MILNE • Laura BARRIE • Dave CORNWELL • Amy MACKIE • Lisa GILL • Bryan MILLS • Kevin MACKIE • Allan LESLIE • Rankin LASCELLES • Jordan CRUICKSHANK • Scott MACLEOD • Adam SWINTON • Paul COXALL • Murray DEWAR • Fiona MIDDLETON • Andrew FERGUSON • Mitchell RENNIE


Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Nicola GAULD who recorded a time of 17:04 on 25th February 2012 (event number 21).
The male record is held by Myles EDWARDS who recorded a time of 15:08 on 2nd May 2015 (event number 190).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 96.88% (19:45) on 27th April 2019 (event number 405).

Aberdeen parkrun started on 8th October 2011. Since then 11,121 participants have completed 83,295 parkruns covering a total distance of 416,475 km, including 14,866 new Personal Bests. A total of 787 individuals have volunteered 5,867 times.

Amy Mackie
Run Reporter


Aberdeen parkrun Event number 406 4th May 2019

Numbers were down this week as only 212 people ran, jogged and walked the course. This could have been due to the return of more wintry conditions, or the Baker Hughes 10k on Sunday that saw an impressive number of parkrunners participating.

We welcomed 23 were first timers and 30 people recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Izzie MCDONALD • Tony MCGARVA • Margaret TURNER • Alan MARRIOTT • Dino ROUSSIAS • Susan COWIE • Alan GRIEVE • Mark MCDONALD • Amy MACKIE • Bryan MILLS • Kevin MACKIE • John DUFF • Fiona MILNE • Graeme HAY • Vivien BROUGHTON • Caiden THOM • Mitchell RENNIE

We have a full roster for 12th May thanks to Metro Aberdeen Running Club. In addition to filling the key roles in the roster, there will also be a range of pacers running from 19 minutes to 36 minutes. Hopefully the weather will be supportive of any PB attempts!

From 25th May onwards our volunteer roster is looking rather sparse. Please consider signing up to volunteer if you’ve not done so for a while. The Run Director will ensure you’re comfortable in any role you choose to take on.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.


Aberdeen parkrun event number 404 run report

Aberdeen parkrun
Event number 404
20th April 2019

Welcome to this week’s run report:

We had all the ingredients for an excellent event

The sun shining, very little wind, the morning warming up great views out to the boats and windfarm in the bay, all the runners had banished the winter running gear and all 394 were captured in the photos taken by Mark McDonald (Marshal at the Stones) on our Facebook page.
But something was missing!
It was like baking cake, tasting and eating it but feeling it lacked something
I could not figure it out what it was?

394 runners turned up to run today
An excellent total for today’s event
We welcomed all our Visitors today from as far as Houston, Morpeth, Cumbria, Perth and Falkirk

The volunteers who made this event happen were:

Alicea BAIN • Alison HAMEL • Bryan MILLS. Caiden THOM • Colin BURNETT • Daniel STRACHAN • Fiona KENNEDY • Graham SNEDDEN • Jim MCCURRACH • Mark MCDONALD • Mitchell RENNIE • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Robert SIM • Rohit SONI • Sarah CRICHTON • Susan COWIE • Tony LITTLE • Vanessa SANTOS

Congratulations to Claudia Scragg on her 200th parkrun today.

Claudia came up all the way from Buckinghamshire to celebrate her 200th run today Claudia has been a big supporter of our event and has been the run director a few times for our event
Great to see her back and the cake was excellent back at the Brig of Don pub after the event.

Chas McKen also reached his 150th Milestone.

Conditions today-- Dry with a very little wind in the faces of the runners on the first 2.5k then tropical conditions on the lower prom?

Did you run well today--did you get a pb or your fastest time of the year or did you just enjoy the weather and your run
We had a total of 69 PBs today, that was out of possible total of 330 parkunners

Well done in achieving a personal best today or running to your best time of the year.

We had a grand total of 64 First timers, which are visitors and runners at their very 1st parkrun event at our event today. Fiona Kennedy did a great job going through the first timer briefing with them all.
We hope all the visitors and first- time runners to our parkrun enjoyed the run and event and you are welcome back anytime
To our first time ever runners at our event today it was great to see there, and you have now started your parkrun journey. Keep it up!

The results are on the web page under the latest results tab and is e-mailed to you once the results are completed and verified.
The 1st one home today was Ronald Gauld in 16:34
2nd back home was James Kirk, with a shiny new PB, in 16:36
3rd back was Jamie Ross, again with a shiny new PB, in 17:08
1st Female back today was Claire Gauld in 21:28
2nd Female Finisher was Anna McNeill in 22:00
3rd Female Finisher was Kirsty Robertson in 22:23

Next week we have a full team of Volunteers
For the weeks after we are in a very good place. Big Thanks to the volunteer co-ordinators in keeping ahead with getting the rota filled for 4 weeks ahead, we have still places to cover in May
We are looking for volunteers so if you can take a turn at helping and supporting our event
Just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator this week at the following aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com to choose your role and date you can volunteer
Brig of Don Pub for post run coffee and the big breakfast is the place to be for the post run chats. excellent numbers back after the event enjoying the service.
It’s free-It’s fun -its Aberdeen parkrun.
Next week it is Carolyn who is your Run Director
Have a good week running -See you on Saturday
Your run reporter
Colin Burnett


RUN REPORT: “WHAT’S THE PERCENTAGE?” Aberdeen parkrun #403, April 13, 2019

Aberdeen parkrun #403, April 13, 2019

A whopping 344 parkrunners joined us for our 403rd edition of Aberdeen parkrun. They came from near & far including our 32 First Timers who hailed from Aberdeen all the way to Forres, Cleethorpes, Leicester, Worthing, Plymouth, & beyond. I had the pleasure of hosting the First Timers' Briefing & was able to forewarn our unsuspecting newbies what was in store from Mother Nature. Hopefully the reward for braving the headwind on the 1st half was the tailwind on the 2nd half. First Timers, we hope you enjoyed your breezy introduction to our beachy~keen course & we look forward to seeing you in the future.
We promise it's not always that windy.

Was the promise of a free ride on the 2nd half enough to light a fire under parkrunners' heels on the 1st half? Apparently, it was a breeze for 53 parkrunners who ran their way to Personal Bests. Whether you're thrilling to the joy of a PB for the first time, have been chasing a PB for a long time, or on a PB roll, it's always a delight to see that "New PB" notation next to your name in the results.
To check out all the results & to see who achieved a coveted PB, sprint on over to:


Quick shout out to Team Robinson's Annie for keeping the PB trend alive in her family. No pressure, Nik.

1st across the Finish Line for the men's category from Giffnock North AAC was Andrew Love in 17:00.
2nd in was Tom Roche in 17:15.
3rd across from Aberdeen University AC was Sandy Laing in 17:26.
Well done all!

1st across the Finish Line for the women's category from Ambleside AC was Carolyn Milne in 20:07.
2nd in from Fife AC was Louise Provan in 21:32 (New PB!).
3rd across the line from Dundee Road Runners AC was Elaine Omand in 22:41.
Kudos ladies!

Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:

JW10: Sophie Imlach 25:54
JW15-17: Prakriti Bhatta 28:56
JW11-14: Lucy Morris 39:19

JM11-14: Drew McDermid 21:18
JM15-17: Hamish Brown 21:52
JM10: Connor Raitt 25:53

For those who haven't printed off your barcode yet, or forgot yours, your name will appear in the results as "Unknown". Last Saturday we had 25 "Unknowns". We love to celebrate your achievements so remember to bring your barcode each time you parkrun, so we can put your name up in lights. Rumour has it....many parkrunners keep a few extra of their barcodes squirreled away for back up. An extra in the glove box in the car, one in the shoe under the insole, an extra in the running jacket pocket.... Where will you stash your extras?

Congratulations to Carolyn Milne who set a new record in the VW60-64 Age Category! She not only blew around the course in an impressive 20:07 to finish first in the Women's Category, but also posted an Age Graded rating of a whopping 95.11%. Carolyn is also Aberdeen parkrun's current Age Graded record holder topping the charts at a number most can only dream of: 96.37%. This astonishing record was set when she ran a remarkable 19:18 on April 8th, 2017.

What is Age Grading?
Check it out at:


Get the scoop on Aberdeen parkrun's Age Graded League at:


A merry band of 18 volunteers donned the High~Vis vests to orchestrate our 403rd edition. Thanks to:

Alison HAMEL • Bryan MILLS • Ceri WILLIAMS • Clare RUSSELL • Cynthia FRY • David MACLENNAN • Jamie COVENTRY • Jim MCCURRACH • John CONNELLY • John DUFF • Louise JENKINS • Margaret TURNER • Mark MCDONALD • Mike MACKAY • Mitchell RENNIE • Neil MCBAIN • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Rohit SONI




Merci beaucoup to Mr. Calm, Cool & Collected Run Director Bryan Mills for taking the reins for this edition. And thanks to newly minted volunteers like Ceri who have recently taken the plunge into the volunteer pool. Volunteering is at the heart of keeping parkrun sustainable & it gives a marvelous insight into how parkrun works from the inside out. As an acknowledgement of volunteers' contributions, they can lay claim to the fancy~schmancy 25 volunteer T-shirt once they've volunteered at parkrun on 25 separate occasions. All the cool kids are doing it.
Ceri, only 23 more to go!

For your chance to be one of the cool kids, check out our future volunteer rosters at:



Congratulations to Stewart Winton who celebrated his 50th parkrun on Saturday! Stewart divides his time amongst parkruns at Ellon (19), Aberdeen (17), & Hazlehead (13). He tossed in a parkrun at Falkirk along the way & voila: 50! On February 11, 2017, Stewart began his parkrun journey at Ellon, added 14 PBs along the way, culminating in his latest PB of 23:02 on October 13, 2018 at Aberdeen parkrun. Stewart, we hope you had a blast breezing your way through your 50th at the beach! Enjoy your 50 milestone T-shirt! Onward ho to your 100th!

Dr Chris Provan reached his 150th milestone. Chris is a GP at one of the medical practices in Aberdeen that are promoting parkrun and similar activities to their patients as part of an initiative with the Royal College of GPs.

Speaking of 100's, Naomi Milne added her 300th parkrun to her list of accomplishments. Though it doesn't trigger a parkrun milestone T-shirt, methinks a 300th parkrun is definitely worthy of mention. Not only has Naomi been parkrunning up a storm, she also has a slew of volunteer credits. 53 to be exact. This speaks volumes (no pun intended...kind of) about how parkrunners enhance their parkrun experience by jumping into the volunteer pool. Naomi has been at Aberdeen parkrun from the get-go. She parkran at our very first edition on October 8, 2011. Since then, 95 of her parkruns have been strewn about the country & beyond. She could probably write a book on parkrun tourism. Hey, now there's an idea, Naomi.... Bet you'd have a ball penning a few tales from Laa~Laa Land.

Join Run Director Graham Snedden & his merry band of volunteers who will keep things hopping for the Easter weekend edition.
Hmmm....Wonder if the Easter Bunny will be there...

Happy parkrunning,
Cynthia Fry

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