Run Report 17th August 2019


Aberdeen parkrun #421, August 17, 2019
Mother Nature was showing off again on Saturday.  We hope she made a good first impression on the 40 First Timers who joined us for a hot lap around the promenade.  In addition to the balmy weather, the scenic beach vistas offered up quite the distraction enroute.   From Londoners to Liverpudlians, parkrun tourists to newbies, we hope all our First Timers enjoyed their Aberdeen parkrun debut.
We look forward to your next visit.  DFYB!
Personally, I was melting by the time I reached the lower prom.  Veering off for a refreshing dip in the North Sea almost got the best of me, but I refrained.  Some of our parkrunners stayed more focused resulting in 33 speed~stars posting new PBs!!   My respect to all of you especially given the extra challenge the hot weather tossed in.  Take a gander at the blistering paces, the PBs, the dawdles & everything from tip~to~tail at:
Congratulations to these frontrunners burning up the pavement on Saturday:
In the Men's Category...
1st across the Finish Line in 16:11 was Robbie Cooman from Fraserburgh RC (PB!).
2nd across the line was one of those stealth runners we dub Mister "Unknown".  We'd love to put your name up in lights.  Next time, DFYB.
3rd across in 16:56 was Ronald Gauld from the Stonehaven Running Club.
In the Women's Category...
1st across the Finish Line in 18:26 was Claire Bruce from Metro Aberdeen RRC.
2nd across in 20:26 was Louise Peet from Metro Aberdeen RRC.
3rd across in 22:16 was Lauren Johnston.
Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:
JW11-14:  Maggie Seward 29:11
JW15-17:  Prakriti Bhatta in 29:41
JW10:  Cassia Soni in 32:59
JM11-14:  Aleksandar Jovcic from Aberdeen AAC in 19:47
JM15-17:  Sam Orr from Jog Scotland Kintore  in 21:52
JM10:  Ritchie Burnett 23:48 (PB!)
T for 10
A junior who completes 10 Saturday 5k parkruns earns a white 10 Club t-shirt.  This week we congratulate  Maggie Seward (JW11-14) who parkran her way into the 10 Club!  She began parkrunning at Aberdeen parkrun on January 12, 2019, has amassed 3 PBs to date, & has completed all 10 of her parkruns at Aberdeen.  Kudos on your accomplishments, Maggie!  Enjoy your journey to the next parkrun t-shirt at....
Congrats to Panos Pliatsikas & Ian Thomson who both completed their 50th parkrun on Saturday.
Panos began parkrunning on April 1, 2017, no foolin'.  He has earned 16 PBs along the way & all 50 of his parkruns have been at Aberdeen parkrun.
Ian began his parkrun journey on June 16, 2018 & has earned 6PBs to date.  49 of his parkruns were at Aberdeen & for a spot of parkrun tourism he ventured up to Bressay.
We look forward to seeing Panos & Ian sporting their 50 t-shirts at the promenade in the near future!
It doesn't trigger a milestone t-shirt but a 200th parkrun is still worthy of mention.  Though Callum Smith has 50 parkruns to go before he sees a new milestone t-shirt in his closet, kudos to Callum on his 200th!   With only 113 of his 200 parkruns at Aberdeen, his parkrun history looks more like a lesson in geography & ABCs.   He seems to be parkrunning his way through the alphabet with only  G, J, N, O, Q, U, V, X, Y, Z missing from his repertoire.   Rumour has it some Scottish "U"s are on the horizon so "U" know what might be in his near future.  In addition to his running feats, Callum has 47 volunteer credits to his name.   Callum, thanks so much for leading by example & showing parkrunning & volunteering can co-exist.  You're a shining example of parkrun's fantastic...
Thank~you to Run Director Mark McDonald back at the helm for another beachy~keen edition.  A special thanks to Jog Scotland Bridge of Don who took over a number of the volunteer roles.  Much appreciated!   Join me in a round of applause for all of this week's volunteers on Team Spirit:
Alan BROWN  •  Alison COWIE  •  Bryan MILLS  •  Callum SMITH  •  Christine BELL  •  Cynthia FRY  •  Danny LYNCH  •  Ian A.C. DOUGLAS  •  Jeny LAM  •  John CONNELLY  •  Linda WATT  •  Mark FINDLAY  •  Mark MCDONALD  •  Mitchell RENNIE  •  Peter GRAHAM  •  Shallene CATTO  •  Simon DIJKER  •  Stephanie FLETT  •  Stewart MACLENNAN
Dare I say that Team Spirit's sunny dispositions brought us some of that fabulous sunny weather at the promenade?
For your chance to join in the fun in the sun with parkrun sign up at:
You just never know who you'll meet while splashing around in the volunteer pool.
This roving Run Reporter was delighted to experience a lucky...
It was a pawsitive pleasure to meet barkrunner "Chance" on Saturday!  Chance had put up his paw to volunteer with Linda on Tail Walking duty.  They posed for pics for me before parkrun, & then quite by chance, I encountered this Dynamic Duo during my cool down.  By then, Team Tail Walk had taken on a 3rd party.  Jovial Jim McCurrach had joined in to help Linda & Chance sweep the field. Jim seemed to be missing a tail of his own, but luckily Chance had enough tail wagging excitement to go around.  By the tail end, 324 parkrunners had made their way over the Finish Line.
As a sidebark to my Chance encounter....
Tail Walker Linda informed me there is a Facebook page called "Barkrun".  It is described as:  "A celebration of our 4 legged friends who partake in Saturday morning parkrun."  Who knew?
And in other chance encounters...
I met a parkrunner who parkruns in his bare feet.  This piqued the interest of this roving Run Reporter & I just had to ask....
Wasn't the pavement hot on the tootsies?
For the answer, be on the lookout for our footloose fellow & ask him yourself.  It's the chance to make a new parkrun friend, broaden your horizons & ponder if you'd like to let footloose.
Will you be giving barefoot parkrunning a try?
Will Mark McDermid, Duncan Lynch & Ramraj Pahari be pushing 50 on the promenade?
Will frontrunner Robbie Cooman choose FABerdeen parkrun for his 100th?
Will our steady~as~a~metronome pacer Alan Brown be parkrunning his 250th?
For the answers to all these questions, join us on Saturday for your chance to encounter Run Director Graham Snedden hosting our next edition of Aberdeen parkrun.
Happy parkrunning,
Cynthia Fry

Run Report 10th August 2019

Run Report 420

I was staying at Crathes Castle for the Geocaching event, unfortunately because the event was on, it meant the parkrun was cancelled. I then looked to see the ones that were around, and as I needed A for the alphabet challenge.
I got up nice and early to make sure I was there on time, not easy when camping. I arrived at 08:15 and grabbed the 2 geocaches nearby. At 08:45 I looked around and didn't see anybody, as a runner ran past I asked if I was in the right place, she said yes and will fill up in half an hour. This was when I learnt that parkrun starts at 09:30 in Scotland, not 09:00 like Wales and England.
This gave me time to walk over towards the beach and see the seals and take some great photos.
When I walked back, I introduced myself to the RD, soon the run started, a nice out and back with a fast finish, with added bonus of a sea view and being a sports fan, a good view of Aberdeen Football Club.
I highly recommend this run and hope to return, thank you for putting this together.
Craig Davidge
Visiting Report Writer

Event number 419 – 3rd August 2019

Strike the pose!

This week the big talking point was the snazzy new speaker system which was generously donated by one of our parkrunners.  People kept asking me for a song a la Britney or Madonna but I wouldn’t force that on anyone!!  Hopefully this new speaker system will mean that you can all hear the announcements much better than before.  We do ask that you spare us 5 minutes each week to listen to the announcements – yes, you may have heard the H&S announcements many times before but one day there may be something that the RD needs to let everyone know about so we’d really appreciate if everyone could listen to them before the run.

This week 323 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests.  Congratulations to you all!

We had two parkrunners reach milestones this week:

100th parkrun – Katrine Sharp

50th parkrun – Steven Luo

Thanks very much to Katrine for bringing along the cake to the Brig o’Don after the run.  It was delicious and I know second helpings were available!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

In the Men's Category...

1st across the finish line was Gareth Haycroft with a new PB of 17:19.

2nd across in 17:33 was Martin Mueller.

3rd across also in 17:33 was Jamie Coventry.

In the Women's Category...

1st across the Finish Line in 18:11 was our course record holder Nicola Gauld.

2nd across in 18:48 was Jade MacLaren

3rd across in 18:56 was Moira Davie.



Well done to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:

JW10:  Melissa Regmi in 26:28

JW11-14:  Aimee Paterson in 32:18

JW15-17:  Ellen Cowie in 33:00

JM10: Jake Ledford in 25:02

JM11-14:  Jake Solomon in a new PB of 23:08!

Of course, our event couldn’t go ahead without our 18 wonderful volunteers:

Mike MACKAY • Clare RUSSELL • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Graham SNEDDEN • Fiona SEWELL • Alison HAMEL • Christopher PROVAN • Rajendra REGMI • Jim MOIR • Jim MCCURRACH • John DUFF • Neil MCBAIN • Laura BROCKIE • Louise JENKINS • Steph BUDGE • Kerri PALMER • Caiden THOM • Martyn CLARK

If you would like to volunteer in future weeks, please check to volunteer roster for our free roles in the coming weeks at and drop us an email

Next parkrunday, Bryan Mills will be “striking the pose” and donning the new speaker headset as RD.  Fingers crossed the forecast rain does not materialise for parkrun!!

Hope to see you again next parkrunday!

Your Run Reporter,


Aberdeen parkrun event number 418 Saturday 27′th July 2019

Aberdeen’s parkrun welcomed 377 people to its sunny course this week, where conditions were near perfect - if a tad on the warm side! 

Of the 377 who ran, jogged and walked the course, 53 were first timers and 47 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part.

We were incredibly lucky to have the services of photographer extraordinaire Tony McGarva this week, there to chronicle everyone’s best ‘game’ face as their efforts on the steamy bottom prom were etched all over their faces! The photos have been posted on the Aberdeen parkrun Facebook page

The event was brought home by first-timer Robbie Cooman, visiting from Fraserburgh RC, in a time of 16:42 - remarkable in that heat! Ron Gauld was close behind in 17:06 and Jim Moir in third in 17:56. First lady was Moira Davie of Forres Harriers in another remarkable time of 19:07. Carolyn Milne was in second, coming very close to matching her age grade record with a time of 19:53 and Metro Aberdeen’s own Alison Pilichos was third in 20:10.
The PB train was brought into the Aberdeen station with Piotr Michalczyk in 18:49, with terrific performances right down the line including what looks suspiciously like a team effort from Newburgh at the 22-minute mark (John Doig and Andrew McNeill take a bow!), Nicola Stewart coming perilously close to sub-25 - well done - and the remarkable Mr Alan Brown, pacing 26 minutes, coming in slightly ahead of schedule and ushering a squad of PB’s all around him on the way. Congratulations to Claire Brownhill, Gary May and Cara Coghill, as well as all the other holders of shiny new PB’s. Great work on a hot day!
We had three of our regular parkrunners reaching milestones:
  • Alison McNeil ran her 100th parkrun
  • Jim McCurrach, marked his 200th parkrun with a volunteering stint as set-up person, which allows him to run as well as volunteer. Jim has now volunteered on 68 different occasions. It was also Jim's 150th parkrun at the Aberdeen event
  • Andrew Cryle reached his 250th parkrun milestone
  • Last but certainly not least Jamie Cassidy reached his 250th parkrun milestone. Jamie was the person behind getting Aberdeen parkrun up and running, excuse the pun, back in 2011 and he was also the original event director at Aberdeen. Jamie was the 894'th person to register with parkrun, to put that into context this week the 6 millionth person signed up with parkrun. Many thanks to Louise (Jamie's wife) for baking the delicious cake to celebrate Jamie's milestone. The parkrunners at the cafe certainly enjoyed it.


Many of our volunteers run as well, but not all roles allow the volunteer to run as well. Today yours truly, on lead bike, then took on the gauntlet Cynthia threw down a few weeks ago, and jumped off my bike to run parkrun and try to catch the tail walker before they finished. Doing this gave me a terrific view of the true spirit of Parkrun - camaraderie, and teamwork. I had Jim offering to help me load and unload my bike, the finish line team watching my bike for me while I set about turning my cycling legs into running ones, and Cynthia herself running the last km of the run with me, as she knows too well how the legs start to struggle at that point. Neil, tail walker, encouraged me as I passed him just before the last marshal, and the finishing line crew were terrific as I got to them, stitch and wanting to be sick, but delighted that I’d done it. So maybe this could become one of the many Parkrun ‘challenges’ that participants can consider!
Also a note on volunteering - today the first placed runner, Robbie, waited until I’d finished running (just over 30 minutes, the cycle warm up did me wonders!) as he wanted to personally thank me for leading him home - he said he’d never run with a lead bike before and felt like he was on the telly! For me, it was terrific to get the feedback from the runners and it’s also a privilege as I would never get to see the ‘sharp end’ of the run otherwise. So if you’re thinking of volunteering, get your name down as I can promise you it’s totally worthwhile and you get so much more back than you put in. I remember always the Run Director’s words on my first parkrun: ‘There’s no role I haven’t taken on, and completely messed up, and Parkrun still happens. So do it’.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Alastair BLAIN • Mike MACKAY • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Clare RUSSELL • Alan BROWN • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Tony MCGARVA • Julie TAYLOR • Hamish MACDONALD • Marie BAXTER • Jamie ROSS • Jim MCCURRACH • David OVENSTONE • Mark MCDONALD • Amy MACKIE • Bryan MILLS • Neil MCBAIN • Caiden THOM • Mitchell RENNIE

Amy Mackie, Lead Bike and Run Report Writer.


RUN REPORT: THE 250 MARK Aberdeen parkrun #417, July 20, 2019

307 keeners joined us on Saturday to enjoy the calm before the storm.
Thank goodness the imminent torrential downpours held off during parkrun so we could make a good impression on our...
They came from near, they came from far.  I had the pleasure of hosting the First Timers' Briefing & welcoming parkrunners from Aberdeen, Ellon, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Livingston & Shetland... just to name a few.  Bressay parkrun's Event Director Kate Wills was amongst our First Timers.  I didn't have a chance to catch up with Kate after parkrun to hear her reviews, but we hope she & all our other First Timers enjoyed our beachy~keen parkrun.  We look forward to your future visits & remember to bring your barcode!
38 of our parkrunners celebrated PBs this week!   Personal Bests are always exciting times so a hearty congratulations to all!
Check out the latest results & see whose names are up in lights with shiny PBs at:
For parkrunners feeling the need for speed, get inspired by these speed~stars:
In the Men's Category...
1st across the Finish Line in 17:09 was Ronald Gauld from the Stonehaven Running Club.
2nd across in 17:32 was Allan Christie.
3rd across in 17:38 was Jamie Ross from the Deeside Runners.
In the Women's Category...
1st across the Finish Line in 21:40 was Alex Shaw.
2nd across in 22:55 was Sophie Shaw from Metro Aberdeen RRC.
3rd across in 23:03 was Karen Fraser.
Well done to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:
JW11-14:  Iona Gibbons 29:22
JW10:  Mia McDermid from Westpark AC in 32:05
JW15-17:   Jessica Fraser-Mackie from Metro Aberdeen RRC in 35:13
JM15-17:  Paul Kowal from Vegan Runners in 18:23 (PB!)
JM11-14:  Kieran Downie from Aberdeen AAC in 21:58
JM10:  Ritchie Burnett 26:32
Kudos to Ellie Smith who parkran her way into the 50 Club on Saturday!  Since beginning her parkrun journey on October 29, 2016, she has completed 49 parkruns at Aberdeen & tossed in a dash of tourism at Hazlehead for good measure.  Add in 3 PBs along the way & now it's time for Ellie to celebrate her achievements with a 50 milestone T-shirt.  Congrats Ellie & now the journey begins to your 100 milestone T-shirt!
A massive congratulations to Mark Ramsey who parkran his 250th on Saturday!  Mark is a familiar face at Aberdeen parkrun having amassed 241 of his runs here.   He tossed in some parkrun tourism with 5 at Hazlehead, 2 at Crathes Castle, 1 at Elgin & 1 at Camperdown to complete the 250 set.  Mark first splashed onto the parkrun scene with 98 other First Timers at the inaugural Aberdeen parkrun on October 8, 2011. On September 22, 2012, he topped the charts with a First Finish time of 18:38.  He has gathered up 9 PBs over the 250 journey with his fastest time clocking an impressive 18:37.  Mark is not content to just whip his way around a parkrun course, he also frequently volunteers.  His tally to date is 83 credits across the various roles, & from the looks of it he's a jack of all trades.  From Barcode Scanner to Run Director, from Pacer to Tail Walker & beyond, Mark has been splashing around in the volunteer pool from the get-go.  What a tremendous catalogue of achievements & contributions.  Mark, we look forward to seeing you sashay along the promenade in your 250 milestone T-shirt!
TEAM FABerdeen!
All parkruns rely on volunteers to orchestrate these free, weekly, timed events.
For our 417th edition, this fabulous cast of characters volunteered their talents:
Alasdair MACIVER  •  Alastair BLAIN  •  Bryan MILLS  •  Caiden THOM  •  Clare RUSSELL  •  Cynthia FRY  •  Fiona MIDDLETON  •  Graeme HAY  •  Jim MCCURRACH  •  John DUFF  •  Kevin MACKIE  •  Malcolm SHENNAN  •  Mark RAMSEY  •  Matt NAIRPOUR  •  Mike MACKAY  •  Mitchell RENNIE  •  Neil MCBAIN  •  Paul Kevin WEBSTER  •  Samantha ROSS  •  Susan DARCY  •  Tony MCGARVA
Many thanks to Run Director Extraordinaire Clare Russell for leading Saturday's team.  And kudos to Clare for ferreting out this nugget of knowledge:  Saturday's 21 volunteers have collectively volunteered in 1110 volunteer roles at parkrun!  Many of our volunteers add to their parkfun by volunteering at other parkruns. This roving reporter spied Neil McBain volunteering over at Duthie junior parkrun on Sunday.  Also spotted parkrun voluntouring at Sunday's Djp were 2 of our Aberdeen parkrun Run Directors, Carolyn Snedden & Fiona Sewell.  It's heartwarming to see so many of our parkrunning family embracing the volunteer spirit & contributing to the success of this phenomenon we call "parkrun".
To join in the fun & to see your name up in lights on the roster check out the openings at:
Rumour has it that a certain #1 front runner was heard saying he should volunteer more often....
I'm just sayin'....Carpe diem!
When your Run Director has tallied up more volunteer days (176) than actual parkruns (175) it deserves a round of applause.  Standing ovation to Clare Russell for all your contributions to parkrun.  You're a star!
Merci, beaucoup to my husband Donald for Co-Lead Biking with me to help guide the way for the front runners.  Lead biking was an absolute breeze what with the weather co-operating, scant sand on the lower prom, & a lovely tail wind for the 2nd half of the course.  Conditions were pretty much superb for Lead Bike duties.  When we glanced back to view the parkrunners we could see the front runner had established himself early on.  As we headed through the u-turn at the half-way point the field wove a colourful ribbon along the top promenade.  One of the perks viewing parkrun from the edge of the saddle is the chance to see the ribbon of runners from the front. In addition to guiding the front runners, the Lead Biker forewarns other prom users that runners are on the approach.  My trusty new bike bell works like a charm to get prom users' attention, & then as we overtake we call out that runners are coming.  Prom users are usually quite accommodating & give a nod or a wave back.  I always think of the Lead Bike as an ambassadorial role & I quite enjoy parkrun from the edge of the saddle.  Highly recommend to anyone contemplating giving this role a try.
Join us when we'll discover if Jamie Cassidy, Andrew Cryle, & Diane Robertson will be chasing down their 250 milestones.
And....inquiring minds want to know if Jim McCurrach will be parkrunning his way over the finish line for his 200th time?
Join in next week's milestone moments when Run Director Extraordinaire Bryan Mills hosts Aberdeen parkrun's 418th edition.
Happy parkrunning,
Cynthia Fry
From the edge of the saddle

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