Aberdeen parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-15 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

RUN REPORT: Event #453, March 14, 2020


Aberdeen parkrun #453, March 14, 2020
1. View to the Left, to the Left...
188 intrepid parkrunners ventured out to take the beach by storm.  What were we all thinking?  Were we thinking this might be our last parkrun for awhile as we face down the possibility of COVID~19 changing everything?  Were we thinking the weather doesn't matter because we're such a hardy lot?  After 275 parkruns at Aberdeen Beach, I've seen pretty much everything Mother Nature can toss at us.  Though this wasn't the worst headwind we've experienced on the top promenade, it certainly did its darnest to vie for top spot.  Mother Nature, think of the first impression you thrust upon our...
4. Fab Fiona Hosted the First Timers' Briefing
Despite the weather, an impressive 19 newbies braved the elements.  Some were locals, whilst others blew in from Tain & Yorkshire.  In spite of the wind blast, we hope you all enjoyed your first foray at Aberdeen parkrun & we look forward to seeing you again.   We promise to put in a requisition to dial down the wind speeds for your next visit.
All this talk of wind leads us to..
3. The Right View
Our sister event up at Hazlehead parkrun played host to a whopping 250 parkrunners compared to Aberdeen's 188.  I suspect some of our Aberdeen parkrunners inadvertently blew up to Hazlehead in one of the wind gusts!  No matter where parkrunners indulged in their parkrun passion, it's great that so many got out to play...
5. Run Reporter out of the Saddle
As Lead Bike, I hopped in the saddle for what I expected would be a challenging battle on the top prom.  Sure enough, Mother Nature threw down the gauntlet & let the wind rip.  Luckily, I had McHusband along for back~up.  The plan?  McHusband, a much stronger cyclist than I, would take the Lead if the front runners left me in their dust.   Though it was a bit of a push for me, we were both able to stay ahead of the front runners.  Once we u~turned into that mega~tailwind on the lower prom, it was smooth sailing in the saddle for the 2nd half.  But not as smooth sailing for the front runners.  Would they recover enough from the wind tunnel test on the 1st half to take full advantage of the tailwind blasting on the 2nd half?  Would their legs respond?  From our perches high in the saddle, we saw the lead in the Men's Category flip.  Rankin Lascelles surged ahead & maintained his lead to nab top spot in our...
8.  Fiona, Donald & John
Men's Category:
1st in was Rankin Lascelles for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 19:01
2nd in was Garry Joss in 19:12
3rd in was Howard Hall in 19:49
Women's Category:
1st in was Heidi Ross in 20:58
2nd in was Jenny Stanning for Rebel PT in 21:08
3rd in was Ailsa Munro in 22:36
Congrats to all our 1,2,3 front runners!
Kudos to Rankin for nabbing his 7th First Finish at Aberdeen parkrun!  He is now rubbing shoulders with Myles Edwards & Broc Drury who also have 7 First Finishes to their credit.  Meanwhile, this is Heidi's 2nd First Finish at Aberdeen parkrun.  Avid number crunchers can check out how Rankin & Heidi stacked up in our Aberdeen parkrun First Finishers' list at:  https://www.parkrun.org.uk/aberdeen/results/firstfinishescount/
Congratulations to these juniors who finished first in the following junior categories:
JM10:  Zacharie Kowal in 24:22
JM11-14:  Drew McDermid in 21:05
JM15-17:  Craig Dickson in 23:46
JW10:  Cassia Soni in 43:36
JW11-14:  Mia McDermid in 33:35
16,830 PBs have been earned at Aberdeen parkrun since our inception on October 8, 2011.  Given last Saturday's ridiculous headwind on the first half of the course, it's a miracle anyone could pull off a Personal Best time.  But miraculous as it may seem, a lucky 7 forged through to produce shiny PBs.
Congratulations to:
Paddy Gibbons:  20:09
Aidan Buckley:  22:29
Maxwell Donaldson:  23:57
Michael Dunn:  24:30
Alli Hutcheon:   27:59
Rachel Monteith:  29:19
Bethan James:  59:49
Check out the Personal Bests & all the rest at:  https://www.parkrun.org.uk/aberdeen/results/latestresults/
Marie King didn't let the weather blow her off course on Saturday.  She chalked up her 50th parkrun earning her entry into the 50 Club!  Marie began her parkrun journey on June 27, 2015 right here at Aberdeen parkrun.  She has accumulated 38 of her parkruns at Aberdeen, 10 at Hazlehead & 2 at Stonehaven.  Not content to just rack up the runarounds, Marie has also been collecting PBs along the way.  14 Personal Bests to be exact with her 26:45 PB at Aberdeen taking top spot.  Congratulations on achieving your 50th milestone,  Marie!  We look forward to seeing you on the runaround in your 50 T~shirt!
100 CLUB
Blazing the trail as an inspiration for us all, junior parkrunner Drew McDermid racked up his 100th parkrun on Saturday!  This enterprising JM11-14 athlete started his parkrun story on June 3, 2017 at Aberdeen parkrun.  His 100 parkruns are comprised of 85 at Aberdeen, 10 at Hazlehead, 3 at Crathes Castle, 1 at Ury Riverside & 1 at Montrose.  Drew has collected 21 PBs along the way with 8 at Aberdeen & 4 at Hazlehead.  So where are his other 9 PBs hiding?  Over at Duthie junior parkrun, of course.  Junior parkruns for 4-14 year olds are held on Sundays at 9:30 at Duthie Park.  Drew has been taking full advantage of the junior opportunities by adding 23 Duthie junior parkruns & 1 Strathmartine junior parkrun to his repertoire.  His PB at Djp's 2k is an amazing 7:24!  Returning to the 5k parkruns, his PB is 20:10 & was earned at Aberdeen parkrun.  Keep this Metro Aberdeen RRC athlete on your radar.  His star is rising!   Congratulations Drew & enjoy your 100 T~shirt!
7. Team Spirit
When I arrived at parkrun I didn't see a soul.
Where was everyone?
And then I spied with my little eye:  A huge gaggle of pink~vested, hat~crested volunteers huddled together in the bird hide.
Who knew you could fit so much Team Spirit in such a small space?  They had all taken refuge from the elements.  I didn't blame them one bit.  The winds were swirling, the clouds were spitting & there was a nip in the air.  Mother Nature was in a snit.
Thanks to all our high~vis heroes for doing battle with the weather so we parkrunners could get our fix.
"Voluncheers" to these 18 volunteers:
Cara-Jane WELSH  •  Caroline FETTES  •  Christine BELL  •  Cynthia FRY  •  David MACLENNAN  •  Derek DUNN  •  Elizabeth KERR  •  Fiona KENNEDY  •  Fiona SEWELL  •  Graham SNEDDEN  •  Jennifer FOSTER  •  Laura MCPHERSON  •  Liam FINLAYSON  •  Mark RAMSEY  •  Mitchell RENNIE  •  Paul Kevin WEBSTER  •  Suzanne MCCOMBIE  •  William SKINNER
Special thanks to recently minted Run Director David for keeping all the ducks in a row.  Not a one of those quackers blew away!  You're a star, David!
We're keen to recruit new volunteers & always welcome back our experienced volunteers.
To splash around with us in the volunteer pool, check out our future rosters:
9. The Cool Kids Chilling with RD David
Stay tuned!
The situation with COVID~19 is constantly evolving.  Our parkrun HQ is monitoring government protocols & hopes to issue more information on UK parkrun status by the end of Wednesday.  There is a dedicated link on our parkrun home page with the most current information on the implications for parkrun events.
The information is also at this link:
Please check our status on our Aberdeen parkrun Facebook page or our web page before heading out next Saturday.
If all systems are go, you'll be treated to Neil McBain styling in the fancy~schmancy Run Director's vest the 2nd time around!
Happy parkrunning, DFYB, & DF2WYH (Don't Forget 2 Wash Your Hands),
Cynthia Fry

Aberdeen parkrun event no: 451


Aberdeen parkrun #451, February 29, 2020





Since the beginning of parkrun at Bushy Park, England in 2004, parkrunday had never fallen on February 29th. 

Last Saturday changed everything...

What a treat Leap Day held in store for our 19 volunteers & 323 parkrunners at Aberdeen parkrun.  After weathering a windy, mixed bag of elements over the past few parkruns, what a joy to shed layers & enjoy a sunny~ish morning at the beach.  The wind was relatively well~behaved along the promenade & serial Aberdeen parkrunners probably found it a breeze.   On the other hand, our First Timers might have been a tad daunted as they faced down the headwind that usually greets us along the top prom.  

Nevertheless, 37 First Timers...





Some of our First Timers were seasoned parkrunners here for a visit, whilst others were making their debut on the parkrun scene.  We welcomed locals from Aberdeen, a contingent from nearby Cove, & folks travelling in from Livingston, & Reading.  What a treat to have the Cove Youth Football Team's U16 Girls pay us a visit.  Their team has been running as part of their training regime & took a leap into our February 29th parkrun!  Well done U16s!  Enjoy your 5k medals your team awarded you.  Nice touch to commemorate the team's achievement!   We hope all our First Timers enjoyed their debut at Aberdeen parkrun & we look forward to seeing you back for future parkfun.  

DFYB (Don't Forget Your Barcode)!

 2. Cove Youth Football Team's U16 Girls

 3. CYFC's 5k Medal



What better time than Leap Day to step back in time to reminisce.  Flashback to February 25, 2012.  Aberdeen parkrun was only 21 editions old when Nicola Gauld became Aberdeen parkrun's Female Record holder with a magical 17:04.  Nicola's record has stood the test of time for an amazing 8 years running!


How did last Saturday's speed~stars stack up against Nicola?  

Let's check out who was...





Men's Category: 

1st in was Martin Mueller in 16:38 (PB!)

2nd in was Ross MacDonald for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 16:40 (PB!)

3rd in was Jamie Ross for Deeside Runners in 17:44



Women's Category:

1st in was Kerry Prise for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 17:35 (PB!)

2nd in was Hannah Cameron for Edinburgh AC in 17:55 (PB!)

3rd in was Zoe Bates for Edinburgh AC in 18:59


Kerry wasn't just our First Lady in, she was also our 3rd in the field just ahead of Jamie.  

Though Nicola Gauld's 17:04 record is safe for now, will 2020 be the year her record is eclipsed?

Time will tell.




It wasn't just fleet of foot front runners lighting up the results with shiny PBs.  

Personal Best times were unfolding in leaps & bounds throughout the field swelling the ranks of... 





That wasn't just the sun shining on Saturday, it was the afterglow from 47 PBers!     A special thanks to our Pacers who helped give some of our PBers a leg up along the way.  Jim Moir blazed the trail as our 20 minute Pacer.  Meanwhile, in honour of February 29th, Kev Mackie leapt into the 29 minute Pacer vest.  PBer Neil McBain commented that 20 minute Pacer Jim & the relatively calm conditions definitely helped him achieve his 19:53.  Beyond pacers & weather conditions, I have no doubt that a lot of focused effort has gone in to achieving these Personal Bests. Congratulations to all our PBers!  Your hard work is paying off!

 4. Neil McBain on his way to a PB

Check out the Personal Bests & all the rest at:



Personal Bests also made headlines in...





Congratulations to these juniors who finished first in the following junior categories:


JM11-14:  Drew McDermid in 20:10 (PB!) 

JM15-17:  Matthew McLullich in 22:58 (PB!)


JW10:  Rebecca Schofield in 35:32 (First Timer!)

JW11-14:  Ruby Masson in 28:30 (First Timer!)

JW15-17:  Janani Mohan in 20:33


 5. The Junior League on the Run



This week, Hannah Cameron's 17:55 ran away with Aberdeen parkrun's record for the SW20-24 Age Category!   Congratulations Hannah!   Equally impressive was that this was her 9th PB over her 15 parkrun history.   As well, Hannah's 82.60% Age Grade placed her 2nd only to First Lady Kerry Prise's 84.17% Age Grade.   These 2 ladies were at the top of the Age Grade % table at Aberdeen parkrun this week.  Kudos for raising the bar high! 





Upon the completion of 50 parkruns, membership in the 50 Club is earned.  

This week we congratulate Ceri Williams, Martin Junor, Thomas Little & Peter Graham who all parkran their 50th at our Leap Day edition.


Leading the way was Lead Biker Ceri Williams.  After Ceri completed his Lead Bike duties, he hopped off the bike & headed out to whip off his 50th parkrun!  What better way to celebrate Leap Day & his 50th parkrun than by adding another "park~athlon" to his resume!  

Ceri's parkrun story began at Aberdeen parkrun on April 7th, 2018.  He has earned 13 PBs along the way.  10 of his PBs have been at Aberdeen where an impressive 22:42 PB tops his stats.  Not content to just stay home, Ceri has dabbled in parkrun tourism with 6 parkruns at Hazlehead, and 1 each at Medina I.O.W., Crathes Castle & Stonehaven.  Add these 9 to his 41 at Aberdeen & his 50 equation is complete.  Volunteering at parkrun has also been on Ceri's agenda.   His leap into the volunteer pool has garnered him 9 total volunteer roles across 5 total distinct volunteer roles. Kudos on your 50th parkrun, Ceri!

 6. Ceri Lead Biking7. Ceri on the Run to his 50th 

Martin Junor debuted on the parkrun scene on November 4, 2017 at Aberdeen.  He completed 48 or his events at Aberdeen & added in some parkrun tourism with 1 each at Elgin & St. Andrews.  6 shiny PBs grace his statistics with the shiniest topping the charts at 18:55.   Congratulations Martin on your leap into the 50 Club! 


Thomas Little began his parkrun journey on January 6, 2018 at Aberdeen.  45 of his events have unfolded at Aberdeen, 2 at Enniskillen and 1 each at Hazlehead, Sedgefield & Victoria.  9 PBs light up his resume with his 18:54 PB at Aberdeen leading the way. Kudos Thomas on gaining entry into the 50 Club!  


Meanwhile, back at the tail end, Tail Walker Peter Graham completed his 50th parkrun whilst shepherding in our final parkrunners.  His charming woofer "Lulu" leapt in to Co~Tail Walk with him.  What a delight to have Lulu's pawsitive energy as part of Team Tail Walker.

Peter began his parkrun journey in a most unique way.  His very 1st parkrun unfolded at our inaugural on October 8, 2011 where he signed on as Tail Runner.  What better way for Peter to celebrate his 50th parkrun than by reprising his role at the tail end!  Consider all the parkrun changes he has witnessed from Tail Running that field of 99 at our 1st edition to Tail Walking our field of 323 at our 451st edition.  Nothing is as constant as change.  Peter probably has some intriguing Aberdeen parkrun tales to tell.  

As for his own parkrun story, his 50 parkruns tally up with 48 at Aberdeen & 1 each at Ellon & Newcastle.  4 Personal Best performances grace his stats with a shiny 23:34 PB lighting the way.  Not content to just run around, Peter has quite the resume of volunteering to his credit with 38 total volunteer roles across 10 total distinct volunteer roles.  Peter has been a Run Director, Lead Biker,  Pacer,  Barcode Scanner & Tail Runner/Walker...just to name a few.  Peter, thanks for all your contributions, & congratulations on your 50th! 

 8. Peter & Lulu pre~parkrun

From tip~to~tail, we extend a hearty welcome to our 4 new members in the 50 Club!  Enjoy sashaying along the promenade in your "50" milestone T~shirts!  

The next milestone is a giant leap to the...


100 CLUB

Ivor Duffus & Joe McCann commemorated Leap Day by earning their way into the 100 Club!  


Ivor began his parkrun journey on January 10, 2015 at Aberdeen.  He has parkrun 86 at Aberdeen & 14 at Hazlehead.  He has racked up 17PBs across the 2 venues with his shiniest PB attained at Aberdeen with an impressive 22:46.  Ivor has also splashed around in our volunteer pool & has 10 total volunteer roles to his credit over the span of 3 total distinct volunteer roles.  


Joe's parkrun story began on December 27, 2014 at Aberdeen.  His 100 unfolded with 93 at Aberdeen, 3 at Queen's, 2 at Enniskillen, and 1 each at Ury & Cootehill.  6 PBs light up his stats with the brightest being his 24:32 PB at Aberdeen.  Joe has also been dipping in the volunteer pool & has 12 total volunteer roles to his credit over the span of 7 total distinct volunteer roles.  


Congratulations Ivor & Joe!  Enjoy sporting your 100 T~shirts as you begin the journey to the next milestone level at 250.





Rumour has it that Mark McDonald leapt at the chance to Run Direct our Leap Day edition.  Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Mark!  

10. Re~Mark~able Run Director Mark

As for the rest of Team Spirit, at first they were a tad jumpy about Leap Day, but once they donned those fancy~schmancy high~vis vests everyone settled in.

Thanks to these 19 fab folks for jumping into the volunteer pool for our Leap Day edition:


Alan BROWN  •  Ceri WILLIAMS  •  Colin BURNETT  •  Cynthia FRY  •  David MACLENNAN  •  David OVENSTONE  •  Derek DUNN  •  Fiona SEWELL  •  Jane GORDON  •  Jim MOIR  •  John LEMON  •  Kevin MACKIE  •  Kristin MCCURRACH  •  Mark MCDONALD  •  Mike MACKAY  •  Mitchell RENNIE  •  Peter GRAHAM  •  Ronan CLANCY  •  Shirley C 





Volunteering is a great way to enhance your parkrun experience.  If you've never given volunteering a try, it's never too late to take a leap into the volunteer pool.    

Check out openings on future rosters at:



        11. Jumpy Team Spirit   



Bless Mother Nature for shining sunlight upon us on Leap Day, especially since many parkruns in the UK were waterlogged, &/or windswept to the point of cancellation.  

As we March into spring weather, wonder what Mother Nature has in store...





Join us on March 7th for our 452nd edition, when Fiona Sewell dons the Run Director's vest for her 41st time!   It's perfect timing to have a woman at the helm as we'll also be joining in parkrun's celebration of International Women's Day.  To help mark the occasion, invite a female friend along to join in the parkrun fun.  What to wear?  The colour theme for the day is purple, so that's the wardrobe sorted.  On March 7th, let's turn the promenade into a parade of purple parkrunners!

Happy parkrunning,

Cynthia Fry

Leaping Reporter~on~the~Run



Run Report #450 – 22 February 2020

Run Report Aberdeen Parkrun #450 - Snow Joke!

Well that was interesting...

After two weeks of being buffeted by Ciara and Dennis, hopes were high as the volunteers began to gather in bright sunlight, a bit nippy but should be a nice run we said, oh how wrong we were.  


A giant black cloud is never a good sign on parkrun day (formerly known as Saturday) but when it becomes evident that it is very definitely heading your way it is especially unwelcome.  As thirty newbies and visitors gathered for the first timers briefing, including those from Cambridge, Derbyshire, Northern Ireland, Italy and Arbroath, that cloud was very definitely lurking, ready to pounce.  A big shout out too to Esther's group of nine from the emergency operating theatres at ARI, six of whom were doing first 5k and raising money for CALM, the suicide prevention charity.


After Run Director extraordinaire Graham, had welcomed everyone and delivered the pre race briefing (always important to listen to) it was up to the start line where a few drops of rain gave no indication of what was to come.  Running towards the back of the pack I had just a couple of minutes to appreciate the sun sparkling bay to my left as I reached the top of the esplanade before that cloud of doom hit.



Horizontal sleet and snow left poor Kev on lead bike fighting to stay upright while us runners were soon drenched to the skin down our right sides.  Pushing on I think we all had just one thought in mind, to get to the turn for a bit of shelter on the way back, just get to the turn. Alas, this week the wind was still pretty bad on the lower level, but hey, at least that meant our left sides got wet too so we evened up!






Our first finishers were Martin Muller and Hannah Mutch in times of 17:24 and 20:24 respectively, while 33 people amazingly found it “snowtivational" and achieved PBs.  Of course as is usually the way, the weather decided to clear up again as soon as most people were through the funnel and our tail walker John finished back in bright sunshine.   



The slightly bedraggled group that made it to a very welcome warm breakfast was also treated to cake from the amazing Cynthia, celebrating her 300th parkrun.  Her fabulous cape made for the occasion was a repurposed umbrella, a true stroke of genius considering the weather.  An awesome achievement from a brilliant member of our parkrun family who’s run reports are always on another level.


Next week is the first ever time a parkrun will fall on February 29th and it won’t happen again until 2048 so don’t miss your chance to bag the date.  Also one for the diary, the following week Aberdeen parkrun will be celebrating International Women's Day with other parkruns all across the country.  So why not bring along a female friend, colleague or family member to run, walk, jog or volunteer on Saturday 7th March. Remember purple is the colour theme of the day so hunt out those purple t-shirts, vests, shorts and leggings and let's have a “parade of purple pounding the prom”!



Aberdeen parkrun #449 – 15 February 2020


1. It All Started With.. (1)

If you thought last Saturday’s parkrun was a windy affair, then you were in for a shock as Storm Dennis decided to challenge our runners strength once more.  261 parkrunners persevered through the headwind on the top promenade and heaved a sigh of relief as the same wind gave a very welcome tailwind on the way back.  An amazing 49 of you managed to record PBs today so you got your reward for enduring the first half!


A huge thank you and round of applause for this week's 22 volunteers who braved the conditions to bring us our weekly parkrun fix in our fab new volunteer vests!

3. Team Spirit In the Pink! (1)

Rosemary LEIPER • Jamie COVENTRY • Peter GRAHAM • Ian A.C. DOUGLAS • Alan BROWN • Fiona SEWELL • Aaron DOBBY • Alan MARRIOTT • Anne MILNE • Simon DIJKER • Jim MOIR • Callum SMITH • Jamie ROSS • Christine BELL • Fiona BEVERLY • Derek DUNN • Ivor DUFFUS • Daniel DUNCAN • Stephanie FLETT • Holly DAWSON • Craig WILSON • John LEMON

4. Marshal Christine in the Pink! 13. Lead Biker Jamie 5. Marshal John in the Pink! 8. Pink Hams _ Funnel Manager Alan,& Timekeepers Fiona & Alan

To see how parkrun works from the inside out, why not jump into the volunteer pool?  We're always keen to welcome new volunteers into the fold.

Check out future openings on our volunteer roster at:


We are looking for barcode scanners and marshals for next week so please get in touch if you can help out.


Amongst our wonderful volunteers this week were 9 pacers from Bridge of Don Jogscotland who battled the conditions to help our parkrunners to new PBs.  Pacing 22mins, 23mins, 25mins, 27 mins, 29mins, 30mins, 31mins, 33 mins, 35 mins and it obviously worked with 49 of our parkrunners achieving new PBs today – Congratulations to you all!

9. Out of the Blue the Pacers Bucked the Pink Trend

To check out the Personal Bests & all the rest, our latest results are at:




This week we welcomed 26 First Timers to Aberdeen parkrun.  Some were debuting on the parkrun scene whilst others were on tour from other parkruns including Edinburgh, Alness and Keswick.  We hope you all enjoyed your run around our scenic promenade despite the less than perfect weather.


Congratulations also to our first finishers as follows

Men's Category:

1st in was Ross MacDonald of Metro Aberdeen RRC in 17:25 (New PB)

2nd in was Martin Mueller in 17:38 (a reversal of last week’s 1-2)

3rd in was Michael Geoghegan in 18:20

Women's Category

1st in was Amy Hudson of Inverness Harriers AAC in 19:37 (first visit to Aberdeen parkrun)

2nd in was Hannah Mutch of Aberdeen AAC in 20:12

3rd in was Janani Mohan of Aberdeen AAC in 20:17



Congratulations to these juniors who finished first in the following junior categories:

JW11-14:  Mia McDermid in 29:55

JW15-17:  Janani Mohan in 20:17

JM10:  Thomas McKenna in 24:34 (New PB!)

JM11-14:  Christopher Cull in 20:06 (New PB!)

JM15-17:  Oscar Forbes in 21:23

Huge congratulations to Jon Allport on his 100th run.  He started his parkrun journey at Aberdeen on 18th February 2017 and his home run is Keswick (a beautiful run along an old railway line and well worth a visit) so we were delighted to see him back to celebrate his 100th run. We hope to see you again in a few years for your 250th run!!


Parkrun research tells us that women are much less likely to participate in parkrun, and we are taking steps to change that. As part of these efforts parkrun are organising a global female-focused parkrun celebration on Saturday 7 March 2020, the day before International Women’s Day.

Aberdeen parkrun are joining parkruns worldwide in a celebration of female participation on this day. We will be

  • Encouraging existing parkrunners to bring along a female friend, family member or a work colleague, especially one who has never been to parkrun before
  • Encouraging everyone to dress in purple (our chosen colour for the day)
  • Filling our volunteer roster with as many women and girls as possible

Let's turn the prom purple on 7 March to mark this special day!

See you next week for our 450th run when our esteemed ED, Graham Snedden, will be donning the RD vest!


Run report writer

All photographs in this report are courtesy of Cynthia Fry and Donald McIntosh.


Aberdeen parkrun #448, February 8, 2020


Aberdeen parkrun #448, February 8, 2020


Saturday's 448th edition left me totally blown away that our volunteers & parkrunners didn't blow away!  What a lulu of a wind!  331 parkrunners persevered through that blasted headwind on the top promenade.  Hope you all treasured that beaut of a tailwind on the return trek on the lower prom.  What a reward for enduring the first half!

How in the heck did Lead Biker Amy not blow off course?

1. Lead Biker Chick Amy

How did Marshals Chas & Hannah maintain vigil at their beachfront posts without blowing into the sea?

11.  Windswept Marshal Hannah

And how did Timekeepers Ally & Alan, and Finish Token Star David keep their fingers nimble enough to perform their duties?

10.  Watch~ing the Time

As for Barcode Scanners Susan, Mark, Mitchell & Andrew, bless you all for keeping your circulation going long enough to scan barcodes & finish tokens.  We parkrunners often get caught up in our 5k quest.  Whilst we end up toasty warm by the end, sometimes we forget about our volunteers quivering in their boots trying to stay bundled up against the wind.


9. Team Ham


A huge round of applause for this week's 20 volunteers who doled out wind~proof...


At the heart of every parkrun are our dedicated volunteers who make parkrun go round!

6. Team Spirit

At the helm this week was RD Neil McBain in his Run Directorial debut.  With seasoned ED/RD Graham Snedden in the wings to assist, Neil & his team of volunteers orchestrated a superb parkrun.

With all the wind warnings swirling, it might have been a tad daunting for Neil to have Mother Nature tampering with his debut in the RD hat.  But cool as a cucumber Neil took it all in stride.  Mother Nature didn't blow off his RD hat even once.

4. Neil's Fancy Schmancy Run Director's Hat

Hmmm....wonder if Neil's 110 parkruns at Aberdeen laid the foundation for dealing with anything the weather gods had to toss at him?  A glimpse at his stats makes for an impressive read.  Neil has amassed a whopping 34 PBs over the run of 163 parkruns since he began on October 1, 2016.  52 of those parkruns were in 2019!  And, Neil is no stranger to volunteering at parkrun.  He has 82 total volunteer roles to his credit over the run of 12 total distinct volunteer roles.

This may be an illuminating revelation to some that parkrunning & parkrun volunteering can co~exist.  But just ask serial volunteers like Neil & I'm confident they'll attest to the fact that volunteering only serves to enhance one's parkrun experience.   A round of applause to Neil for stepping up to the plate to give Run Directing a try.  I see in my future roster crystal ball that Neil's name appears on our March 21st Run Director slot!  Wahoo!  Hope that means Neil found the experience rewarding & that RD~ing will be a recurring role for him.


Thank~you to these fantastic 20 volunteers whose warm team spirit took the edge off the chill in the air on Saturday:


Adrian T MILES  •  Alan BROWN  •  Alan MARRIOTT  •  Alasdair MACIVER  •  Amy MACKIE  •  Andrew THORBURN  •  Carolyn SNEDDEN  •  Chas MCKEN  •  Colin JACK  •  Cynthia FRY  •  David COUTTS  •  Derek DUNN  •  Graham SNEDDEN  •  Hannah MUTCH  •  John LEMON  •  Joseph HIBBS  •  Mark RAMSEY  •  Mitchell RENNIE  •  Neil MCBAIN  •  Susan MACIVER


To see how parkrun ticks from the inside out, why not jump into the volunteer pool?  We're always keen to welcome new volunteers into the fold.

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This week we welcomed 29 First Timers to Aberdeen parkrun.  Some were debuting on the parkrun scene whilst others were on tour from other parkruns.  We hope you all enjoyed your trek around our scenic promenade.  Despite the wind & cool temperature, it was a beautiful sunny day to take in the sea views.  At the First Timers' Briefing, we heard that some of our First Timers were from Bridge of Don, & some were from Stonehaven.  I suspect we had others from further afield who may not have made it in time for the briefing.  Whether you were from near or far, we hope you'll all join us again soon for your 2nd Aberdeen parkrun & your 1st chance at an Aberdeen parkrun...




Congratulations to 40 of our parkrunners who are basking in the glory of a shiny, new PB!  Well done all!  Some of you probably relished having Pacers Joseph, Alan, Colin & Adrian give you a leg up at nabbing your time in the PB spotlight. Thanks Pacers!   You not only keep our PB~seekers on track, but help our non~PBers from slipping into a lallygaggle.


To check out the Personal Bests & all the rest, our latest results are at:






I'm always struck by the contrast between the din of the headwind assaulting the senses on the top prom & the instantaneous calm as we u-turn onto the lower prom.  I wonder if our frontrunners even notice this contrast or are they too busy in their quest for 1,2,3?

Inquiring minds want to know...

In the interim, a massive congratulations to these speed~stars who ran like the wind in the:

Men's Category:

1st in was Martin Mueller in 17:34

2nd in was Ross MacDonald for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 18:10

3rd in was Jamie Coventry for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 18:16

7. Who's on First ~ Men's Cat ~ Martin Mueller

8.  Who's on First Women & JW15-17 ~ Methinks this is Janani Mohan

Women's Category

1st in was Janani Mohan for Aberdeen AAC in 20:12

2nd in was Heidi Ross in 20:57

3rd in was Jennifer Duncan also in 20:57 (PB!)


With Heidi & Jennifer duking it out for 2nd spot & both logging 20:57, it must have been a thrilling finish to watch.  Orkney Running Club's Chelsea Cook would have had a bird's eye view as she landed in at 4th in 21:05.

Well done to all our speed~stars!



Congratulations to these juniors who finished first in the following junior categories:


JW11-14:  Mia McDermid in 29:50

JW15-17:  Janani Mohan in 20:12


JM10:  Jamie Anderson in 30:31 (First Timer!)

JM11-14:  Aidan Buckley in 24:08 (First Timer!)

JM15-17:  Jordan Cruickshank in 19:44


Lovely to see familiar faces like Mia who are regulars over at Duthie junior parkrun (2k) taking on our 5k challenge.  Well done Mia!  And, I'd be remiss if I didn't highlight that Janani wasn't just our 1st finisher in the JW15-17 category, but also our 1st finisher in our field of 142 females!    As for Jamie & Aidan, what a way to celebrate your debuts at Aberdeen parkrun by finishing 1st in your age categories!  Meanwhile, Aberdeen parkrun "veteran" Jordan laid down the fastest time for all our juniors with his 19:44.  Incidentally, his 19:44 also secured him 9th place out of our field of 331!  Impressive feats by all!  Well done!




Juniors who parkrun 10 (5k) parkruns earn a "10" club T~shirt.  Congratulations to Jamie Anderson who racked up his 10th parkrun on Saturday!  Jamie's 10 are comprised of 6 at Ellon, and 1 each at Aberdeen, Ury Riverside, Aviemore & Crathes Castle.  He began parkrunning on August 18, 2018 at Ellon & has collected 2 PBs already.  Methinks we could guarantee Jamie a PB at Aberdeen parkrun if he comes back to visit us on a calm day.  That was quite a windswept experience to toss his way for his debut at our beachy~keen parkrun.  Kudos Jamie for logging your 10th, & this under such windy circumstances.  Recording a 1st place in your JM10 category is icing on the cake!  Banner day all around!


Once parkrunners have 50 parkruns to their credit, they earn the "50" club T~shirt.

Congratulations to Phil Askew, Vaughan Jennings & Gavin Coull who all parkran their 50th on Saturday!

Here's how their stories unfolded:

Phil debuted on the parkrun scene on August 23, 2014.  He has parkrun all 50 of his events at Aberdeen & has 1 shiny PB lighting up his stats.

Vaughan began his parkrun journey at Hazlehead on September 8, 2018 where he has now accumulated 21 parkruns.  He's been indulging in parkrun tourism to make up the balance of his 50 with 7 each at Penrith & Carlisle, 6 at Stonehaven, 5 at Aberdeen, and 1 each at Ellon, Ury Riverside, Crathes Castle & Bestwood Village.  Busy, busy Vaughan found time to earn 12 PBs along the way!

Gavin arrived on the parkrun scene on August 18, 2018.  All 50 of his events have been parkrun at Aberdeen & he's amassed a lucky 13 PBs to date.

Well done to all our newly minted entries into the 50 Club.  Enjoy trotting about in your "50" milestone T~shirts when they arrive!

100 CLUB

Pauline Brown celebrated her 100th parkrun on Saturday!  She debuted on July 28, 2012 at Aberdeen.  Over the course of 98 Aberdeen parkruns she has racked up 13 PBs.  Add in 1 parkrun at Tilgate & 1 at Fort William, & her total tallies to 100.  Congratulations Pauline!  We look forward to seeing you sporting your 100 T~shirt on future runarounds!


For those needing a reminder, or perhaps those who aren't in the know,  please only cross the Finish Line once.  If after you've finished (& had your barcode & Finish Token scanned)  you decide to head back out on course to escort in a fellow parkrunner... that's fabulous!  Love your team spirit!  Just remember as you approach the Finish Line to peel off so you don't cross the Finish Line a 2nd time.  It might not seem like a big deal, but it throws a huge monkey wrench into the results.  If you get caught up in the excitement (it can happen), & cross a 2nd time by accident, just let our Finish Funnel folks know so they can jot a note to adjust the results.


That's parkrun code for "Don't Forget Your Barcode".  But what if you do forget your barcode?  Please parkrun anyway because the bottom line is we want you to get in your exercise.  Once you've crossed the Finish Line & collected your Finish Token, proceed to the Barcode Scanners.  Let them know you don't have your barcode & they'll proceed accordingly.    Unfortunately we can't assign you a time if you've forgotten your barcode, but at least you'll have gotten in your exercise.  It's a great way to jumpstart your day.

And next time?


Tuck a spare barcode in your running jacket.

Always have a back~up plan.


What in the heck is a "Funnel Ducker"?  That's the term given to those who cross the Finish Line, but then duck out of the Finish Funnel without taking a Finish Token.  Each time a parkrunner crosses the Finish Line the Timekeepers record the time.  If you duck out of the Finish Funnel without taking a Finish Token, you'll throw off the results.  Not sure how all this works?  Aficionados of parkrun just love, love, love talking about the nuts & bolts of parkrun, so please do ask questions.


For those who haven't yet indulged in the cafe chat at the Brig O'Don post~parkrun, please join in.

The Pub has designated an area especially for us.

Oodles of parkrunners pop by for a cuppa & a natter.

You just never know who you'll run into!

12. Cafe Apres ~ You just never know who you'll run into...

Don't be shy, give it a try.


Join us when our very own parkrun alphabeteer ~ Fiona Sewell ~ will take the helm to Run Direct our 449th edition!


Happy parkrunning,

Cynthia Fry


13.  Jumpy Reporter


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