Aberdeen parkrun Run Report #468 20th November 2021

Aberdeen parkrun #468, November 20, 2021

The sun was shining & a pretty rainbow was watching over us.
Aberdeen parkrun #468 was counting down to the start.
Who could ask for anything more?
Let's just stop the clock & freeze frame the moment.
Ahhhhh.....Saturday morning bliss.

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
But alas, it wasn't long until Mother Nature capriciously flip-flopped in to...

In a blink of an eye, the sun & rainbow were gone with the wind.
Brrrr, it felt a tad nippy, too.
But heck, weather flip-flops were not enough to put off our 238 parkrunners keen to launch from the start line.

But first things first.
Mark McDonald was polishing up his points to ponder to impart to our...

5. First Timers Hanging on Mark's Every Word

18 First Timers to Aberdeen parkrun joined us from near & far for a prance along our pretty promenade. We hope Mark's brilliant pointers in the First Timers' Briefing helped guide you through your debut at Aberdeen parkrun.
For those parkrunning for their very first time, we hope parkrun will become a regular part of your Saturday mornings. It's a fun way to jumpstart your weekend! Truth be told, it's a tad addictive, so be prepared to be captured by the parkrun bug.
For those First Timers on tour from other parkruns, we hope you take home happy memories of our event.
Thanks to all for joining in the parkfun here at Aberdeen!
Come back soon for an opportunity to challenge yourself to a...

Saturday's mixed bag of weather didn't thwart 26 of our parkrunners from dashing their way to PBs.
Congratulations to these shining speed-stars:
Matthew Tillman, Kris Pas, Francesca Lee, Morven Reid, Connor Raitt, Becky Dunlop, Isla Budge, Stuart Rennie, Miles Atkinson, Anna Ring, Malcolm Neill, Jamie Wilde, Struan Paton, David Duffus, Gillian Simpson, Douglas Garrick, Angela McGarvey, Arran Alcaraz, Pauline Speirs, Daniel Doherty, Anthony Hickling, Judith Ross, Janet Thompson, Mara Mlesnita, Amy Sneddon, & Danielle Hughes.

Check out the Personal Bests & all the rest at:


So who's on 1st?
Though parkrun isn't a race, we still have the fleet-of-foot who feed their need for speed at parkrun.
Here's how the 1,2,3 unfolded in the:

Men's Category:
1st in was Michael Barker for Stonehaven Running Club in 17:17
2nd in was Richard McGaw for Metro Aberdeen RRC in 17:31
3rd in was Jim Moir for in 17:58

Women's Category:
1st in was Francesca Lee in 21:06 (PB!)
2nd in was Gillian Cardno-Strachan for Fraserburgh RC in 21:10
3rd in was Charlotte Bryce in 21:28

Check out who finished first in the following Junior Age Categories:

JM10: Sanskar Koirala in 42:37
JM11-14: Connor Raitt in 23:08 (PB)
JM15-17: Kieran Downie in 19:49

JW10: Emily Dewhurst in 30:55
JW11-14: Sophie Imlach in 22:53

After the completion of 25, 50, 100, 250 & 500 parkruns, parkrunners earn milestone T-shirts. Our juniors have a bonus round. They earn their first milestone T-shirt after parkrunning ten 5k parkruns.
This week we're pleased to welcome these parkrunners to the Milestone Clubs:
Arran Alcaraz, Louise Provan, Trevor Strong, Mhairi Paton, Pauline Thom, Ruth Steele, Francesca Lee, Dawn Knowles, Brenda Nicol, Paul Bowie, & Olga Moroni.

Welcome aboard to Arran Alcaraz!
This JM15-17 athlete began his parkrun story on February 22, 2020 at Aberdeen parkrun. All 10 of his events have been completed here. He's earned 2 PBs along the way including the shiny new 29:03 he earned on Saturday! Congratulations Arran! Time flies and soon you'll find you've parkrun your way to the:

Welcome aboard to Louise Provan, Trevor Strong, Mhairi Paton, Pauline Thom, & Ruth Steel.
Louise's story began on March 27, 2010 at Edinburgh parkrun. 12 of her events have been completed at Aberdeen, 6 at Hazlehead, 3 at Aviemore, and 1 each at Crathes Castle, Camperdown, Edinburgh & Conwy. She has 3 PBs with 21:32 at the top of her list. 1 dip in the volunteer pool rounds out her story. Congratulations on your 25th parkrun, Louise!

Trevor's journey began on August 24, 2019 at Aberdeen parkrun where he completed all 25 of his events. 2 PBs grace his stats with his 25:49 at the top of his chart. A stint as Tail Walker nabbed Trevor his first plunge in the volunteer pool. Congrats on your 25th parkrun, Trevor!

Mhairi began parkrunning on March 14, 2015 at Aberdeen. All 25 of her events have been completed here. She has 2 PBs lighting up her stats with her 28:36 shining the brightest. Kudos on your 25th parkrun, Mhairi!

Pauline started her parkrun story on October 5, 2013 at Aberdeen parkrun. She has completed 16 of her parkruns here at Aberdeen. 9 at Hazlehead round out her 25 total. 6 PBs jump off the page of her stats with her 25:43 at Aberdeen rising to the top. Congratulations on your 25th, Pauline!

Ruth's parkrun journey began on May 6, 2017 at Aberdeen where she has completed all 25 of her events. 4 PBs round out her parkrun history with 35:41 topping her stats. Congrats Ruth on completing your 25th event!

Reaching their 50th milestone are Francesca Lee, Dawn Knowles & Brenda Nicol. Welcome to the 50 Club!
Francesca began parkrunning on November 8, 2014 at Keswick. Her events span from 34 at Keswick, 5 at Penrith, 3 at Aberdeen, 2 at Whinlatter Forest, to 1 each at Dolgellau, Southport, Hazlehead, Whitley Bay, Dunstable Downs, & Aberystwyth. Francesca has earned 5 shiny PBs with her 21:06 at Aberdeen on Saturday shining the brightest. She has jumped into the volunteer pool on 7 occasions. Congrats on reaching your 50th, Francesca!

Dawn's parkrun story started on May 6, 2017 at Hazlehead. She has completed 30 events at Aberdeen, 17 at Ellon and 1 each at Hazlehead, Victoria, & Inverness. 8 PBs jump off the page of her stats with her 27:34 on the Aberdeen course leading the way. Rounding out her stats is her volunteer stint as a pacer. Kudos on your 50th event, Dawn!

Brenda started parkrunning on January 16, 2016 at Aberdeen. 46 of her events have been at Aberdeen & the other 4 have been at Hazlehead. 5 PBs grace her stats with her 33:55 at Aberdeen at the top of the heap. 3 volunteer credits round out her numbers. Well done, Brenda! Onwards & upwards to the next milestone at the:

100 CLUB
This week we welcome Paul Bowie & Olga Moroni to the 100 Club!
Paul began parkrunning on May 27, 2017 at Aberdeen. 98 of his events unfolded at Aberdeen & 2 at Ellon. 12 PBs light up Paul's stats with his 22:30 at Aberdeen rising to the top. Kudos on your 100th event, Paul!

Olga's journey began on February 6, 2016 at Aberdeen where all 100 of her events have been parkrun. She has 5 shiny PBs gracing her stats with her 29:30 taking top spot. Congratulations Olga on your 100th event!

Fraser Clyne, Becky Dunlop, Philip Andrade & Rowena Belding are on the verge of their 25th parkrun milestone. Who else is on course to snap up a Milestone T-shirt next time at parkrun?

Though not a Milestone T-shirt moment it is worthy of note that Aberdeen parkrun's Event Director Graham Snedden will be parkrunning his 300th event next time out. Imagine the number he would be on had it not been for all his volunteering!
Meanwhile, Run Director Colin Burnett is just 2 away from his 400th.

Run Director Extraordinaire Carolyn Snedden & her team of merry volunteers kept spirits high on Saturday. A little chilling rain wasn't going to dampen their spirits!
A standing ovation to these 21 volunteers who orchestrated our 468th edition:

Adrian T MILES • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Chas MCKEN • Cynthia FRY • Donald MCINTOSH • Eilidh CANDLISH • George TAYLOR • Graham SNEDDEN • Hamish MACDONALD • Hannah MUTCH • Jim MCCURRACH • Katie CUNNINGHAM • Kristin MCCURRACH • Mark MCDONALD • Mark RAMSEY • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Rowena CRUICKSHANK • Sally JOHNSON • Syed NAQVI • Tony MCGARVA • Victoria ROBB

8. Team Spirit

Bonus kudos to our multi-tasking Run Director. Not only is Carolyn a master of weathering the elements to keep parkrun unfolding seemingly seamlessly, she is also an accomplished runner. On Sunday, she ran her way to a PB in the Fraserburgh Half Marathon. Fabulous achievement, Carolyn! Hope you can take some time in your busy schedule to bask in the afterglow!

On Saturday we were treated to a trio of Tail Walkers. Kristin & Victoria were escorted around our scenic 5k course by beauteous barkrunner Ted. He did a pawsitively marvelous job of keeping Kristen & Victoria on track. Kudos Ted!
So, what exactly do Tail Walkers do?
Glad you asked.
parkrun HQ defines the Tail Walker role as follows:

"The Tail Walker stays right at the back of the field and should be the last person to cross the finish line ensuring that everyone is accounted for. They are encouraged to carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies. They let any marshal out on the course know that they can collect nearby signs and leave their post. Volunteers undertaking this role receive both a run credit and a volunteer credit."

Thank-you to our Team Tail Walking trio for keeping tabs from the tail end. You're all stars!
Pssst Ted...
Did you know that there's a Facebook page for Barkrunners?

10. Beauteous Barkrunner Ted

9. Barkrunner Tail

Volunteering is a great way to see parkrun from the inside out.
Come join us for a splash around in the volunteer pool!
Check out openings on our future volunteer rosters at:


This week I had the pleasure of volunteering in the Lead Bike role. Special thank-you to McHusband Donald for Co-Lead Biking with me.
The Lead Bike role not only gives a glimpse of what happens at the front of the field, but also a chance to whip around the course at a much faster speed than I'm capable of parkrunning. It's a whole different perspective to see how parkrun unfolds from the front. For those who are contemplating taking on the Lead Bike role but are a tad hesitant.... hop in the saddle for a spin around the course. How fast can you cycle our 5k route? Our current running record at Aberdeen parkrun is 14:37. As long as you can bike the course under that time you'll find the Lead Bike role a breeze. Speaking of breezes, for Lead Bike wannabes it can be helpful to test ride the course under different weather conditions to understand what Mother Nature can toss at you on the prom. My top tips? A loud bell or horn on the bike is helpful to let other prom users know you're on the approach. My most important tip is to position yourself a distance up from the start line so as not to be swarmed by the parkrunning gazelles as they launch. Depending upon how quickly you can get your wheels up to speed, positioning yourself 50-100 metres up from the start line should suffice. Above all, have fun Lead Biking. It's a wheely unique volunteer role!

11. The Edge of the Saddle...Cynthia

12. The Edge of the Saddle... Donald

Join us for our 469th edition when our always-on-point Mark McDonald dons the Run Director's hat for his 9th time leading a volunteer takeover day from JogScotland Bridge of Don.

Happy parkrunning,
Cynthia Fry
Reporting from the Edge of the Saddle


Aberdeen parkrun Run Report #467 13th November 2021

Aberdeen parkrun Run Report – # 467 13/11/21

This week was a slightly different affair from usual, as it was a volunteer takeover! The staff from Cove, Kincorth and Danestone medical practices took on most of the volunteer roles, with some of them being seasoned Parkrunners themselves and some having this as their first experience (and hopefully not their last!). These practices have been part of the “Parkrun Practice” initiative which has been running since 2018 and links a medical practice to a local Parkrun. The aim is to improve both staff and patient wellbeing by the connection, and there are already over 1500 UK practices who have signed up for this! The staff at a Parkrun practice are encouraged to think about suggesting some form of participation at Parkrun to their patients, be that making it around the route, volunteering or cheering on from the side. Staff are also encouraged to attend themselves too and it helps if there is a very enthusiastic lead parkrun practice contact who will remind everyone on Fridays!



The 292 runners/walkers today were treated to some really quite good November Aberdonian conditions, not too windy and only some slight drizzle towards the end which was welcomed by me to help cool off! The course is generally flat with a bit of a hill at the start, but this makes for a great fast finish upon the return, I like how it’s an out and back route so you can see all the other runners and cheer them on. And to confirm that it must have been an alright day, there were an amazing 50+ PB’s that people smashed this week!






After successfully managing to claw my way up a couple of positions with an attempt at a sprint finish, a few other runners at the end were excitedly talking about the views they had had during their own run of the wild dolphins that had come to visit Aberdeen beach. Sadly there are no photos from me of the dolphins as I was clearly too busy during the run spotting familiar faces in the crowd and was focussed on just making it to the finish line in one piece. I will have to simply keep going back every Saturday morning until I see them for myself! However, I can provide photos of the gorgeous volunteer dogs this week. If you join Aberdeen parkrun, not only do you know that it will benefit your health but also that you have a good chance of seeing some animals, land or sea!




Aberdeen parkrun – Run Report #466 – 6th November 2021

Aberdeen parkrun
Run Report #466
Event date 6th November 2021

Thought I would make a comeback and complete a run report after handing the pen on in the distant past.

It has been great to see the reports develop and see the creative aspects of some of our reporters has been wonderful to read.

Special mention to Cynthia Fry who has taken the report to a new level with her superb summaries and insights and with all her research and effort she puts in that they make the run report a great read.

Today’s run looked before we started to be a wet and windy event.
Thankfully the rain stopped prior to the run but it was going to be a tough first 2.5k with a strong head wind on the top promenade till turning beside the bus shelter and getting some of the wind behind on the lower promenade till the finish.


Results today were as follows
213 runners braved the elements
18 First timers today
13 runners achieved a PB— with the conditions we had that was great going.
First male back was Philip Brown running well after his 1st Marathon attempt in Manchester over a month ago. He even remembered his barcode today!
Philip’s time was an impressive 17.57
2nd back was Jamie Ross in 18.26
3rd was Martin Junor in 18-32 telling me before he started, he was taking it easy as had a 10k race next day
First female back was Claire Bruce in an excellent time of 19.05
2nd female back was Frankie Duncan Morris in 20.48
3rd Female back was Elina Zalkalne in 21.12


I wanted to use some of this report to give you a background on what happens during the week in order to run the event each Saturday morning.


The core team of Graham Snedden, Carolyn Snedden, Fiona Sewell and myself must ensure we are organised, and everything is ready for the event.


One of the core team currently takes the role of Volunteer Coordinator and responds to e-mails from runners wanting to volunteer on a certain date and what position they would like to do on the day.
Taking all the additional queries during the week they are also in control of the 6-week roster and must ensure during the week of the next run that there are enough volunteers to host the event on Saturday.
They also send out the volunteer reminder on Thursday to the team of volunteers for the event on Saturday with a reminder of what they are doing at the run and some more instructions now if timekeeping or barcode scanning.
Now that we are using the parkrun virtual app on our phones you need to ensure you download the app, scan your barcode and ensure your phone is fully charged and on airplane mode during the event.
The Run Director for the next run:
Takes the bibs that the volunteers wear each week and ensures they are all washed and folded ready for the next event.
The finish tokens have now to be sorted after 72 hours. The tokens need to be sanitised and sorted and ensure they are all in order and no token is missing or damaged. Any missing ones are notified to the Event Director, Graham and he issues a replacement.
The tokens used to be sorted after the event by the runners who were back for coffee.
The microphone and speaker need to be charged up and defib checked.
The laptop needs to be charged up and your brief for Saturday is ready and you have a list of all your volunteers.


Checks e-mails and responds to parkrun HQ and our ambassador for our event.
This has been more challenging before we returned with updating risk assessments and reviewing our protocol, so we are in line with all other events on returning with all the Covid guidelines.
Now you know it is not a case of just turning up and everything is ready for you to run.
Big thanks to the Core team for all their efforts weekly which are completed in their own time (No we do not have an office!)
It is great we have some new run directors stepping up with Neil and David taking on this role, and to Mark who also helps and supports in this role. Fiona Kennedy is also learning the ropes.
Anyone that wants to run direct would get a buddy to help and support them on the day.

There were 23 volunteers today with Neil McBain at the helm.

1. Volunteers!

4. David MacLennan Hosts the First Timers' Briefing

Huge thanks to all.

At 8.20am the run director will run the course to check the route is clear and safe to run.
Other runners come down at this time for a warmup run and chat around the course.
At 9am the event starts to take shape with all the volunteers in attendance as instructed.
The team of volunteers we had at the weekend were superb with a few of us helping Derek Dunn set up the event and it only took 5 minutes to put the flag and poles and kit out.
Many hands make light work.
This allowed Derek to have a good warmup prior to him running.
Neil had all the volunteers (in a huddle Socially distanced of course) with the volunteer bibs all on and he was going around the team giving out all the instructions to the timers and barcode scanners and others.
The 2 marshals left with signs in hands to go to their respective places on the route the stones or bus shelter.
The rest of the volunteer’s chat to each other and to runners
At 9.20am Neil announces to the runners that there is a first timers briefing behind him with David taking on the role of going over and welcoming first timers and visitors to our event
David did a great job of going over the key points with the first timers and visitors.

Soon after Neil welcomes all the runners and goes over the safety brief which is very important and gets the runners up to the start ready to go.

2. RD Neil McBain

With all the volunteers in place and the lead bike ahead of the pack ready to go and the tail walker at the rear of the pack Neil counts down and sets off the runners with the 3 timers all in sync.
The volunteers then have a socially distanced huddle and we had tea and coffee to warm us up.
It is great time to chat to others and get to know them and is a huge part of being a volunteer.
We have Toby Craik starting his Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and along with support from his dad Iain and the team Toby will be volunteering for the next 12 weeks. We have supported this scheme in the past and have had a few youngsters completing their section of the award at our parkrun. We currently also have George Insley currently as another Duke of Edinburgh volunteer.
In addition we currently have Abbie Malcolm who is a 4th Year Events Management student who is volunteering with us.
Soon it was time to get in our positions ready for all the runners finishing.
Everything went smoothly with all the team setting up to the plate that within 47 minutes all the runners were through.
The finish token was handed out as they finished, some of the runners times checked and the barcode and finishing token scanned and finish token placed in the coloured buckets.

15. Tail Walker Jennifer Taylor

9. Angela Goldie on Finish Token Duty

The 2 marshals were walking in with our tail walker and that was the run completed.
Neil was ensuring the timers downloaded and barcode scanners had downloaded the information ready for Neil to upload and process the results.
The flag and poles and signs were taken down.
Everything else was packed up and handed to the pre-set-up event person for next week and the run director taking the rest of the kit.
Back we went to the Brig of Don Pub where some of the runners go back and enjoy a breakfast and chat with other runners.
Neil then checks and processes the results and soon it is all completed.
Results are uploaded to parkrun HQ, and they soon send out an e-mail to the runners with your finishing time, age graded result and finishing position and how many runs you have completed. For those who have requested a text is also received.
The results are then published, and runners can download and review their result.
It is interesting to watch this process as all the runners scan for others to see how they did on the run.
The volunteers get a separate e-mail thanking them for their contribution and how many times they have now volunteered to get to the new volunteer t-shirts for 25,50,100,250 or 500 volunteering times at parkrun
The Volunteer t-shirts look great and cost £16 for adults and £14 for Juniors when you reach the targets above. Junior also get a t-shirt for 10 volunteers as they do for participating. I see some have already reached some of the targets and got the 100 Volunteer t-shirt. When you reach the target parkrun HQ will e-mail you and you can order the t-shirt.


We had Geoff New from Redway Runners (Milton Keynes) visit us on his parkrun tourism travels this week – he has run 257 parkruns – 164 of which were at different venues. Carolyn and Fiona were comparing notes as they too like a bit of tourism having 83 and 103 venues under their belts (or should we say barcodes!)

11. Comparing Tourism Notes ~ Geoff, Carolyn, & Fiona


I used to give out some running tips on previous reports
My tips for the week are around Injury
It is one of the words that runners do not like to hear.
Do not run when injured.
Take the time to rest.
It is very important you listen to your body
Give your body time to heal and recover.
I know as being injured meantime is a lesson learned.!

It has been very enjoyable to complete the run report and a huge thanks to Cynthia Fry for proving photos of the event from a volunteering perspective.

Hope you enjoy the report and volunteer soon to support our event.
You can see the run director after the run or e-mail in to Aberdeen parkrun office. See the web page under the tab volunteer for more details and the roster is there for you to review and look for a position you can fill for our events each Saturday.
It is fun!

On Saturday the 13th November we have Danestone Medical Practice and Cove and Kincorth Medical Practice taking over and running our event with David McLennan taking the run director role.
Great news that we will be running on Christmas day and New Year’s Day at 9.30am if we can get volunteers in place.

There are no double events on New Year’s Day at any parkrun this year.

Run Reporter 6th November Colin Burnett.


Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a parkrun event on Christmas Day 2021 (Saturday 25th December 2021) and on New Year's Day 2022 (Saturday 1st January 2022). The events will take place at their normal start time of 09:30am.

The events are subject to the usual parkrun guidelines and on this basis the events will only go ahead with sufficient volunteers. Thank you to those who have already volunteered their services and please do email in to: aberdeen@parkrun.com if you can help at either of these special parkruns.

Graham Snedden (Event Director)
Graham with Santa Hat


Aberdeen parkrun: Run Report, 23rd October 2021

For our 464th Aberdeen parkrun we had Run Director Fiona Sewell in the driving seat. True to form, the results were turned around in no time at all! This would have brought delight to our many runners that recorded Personal Bests today. While many of those scoring PBs at Aberdeen are still in the early days of running here, counting their parkruns on two hands, there were also some of our more seasoned runners blasting out times today. They deserve ...


Cheryl Mainland, scoring a PB of 27:32 on her 34th parkrun;

Holly Imperiale, 27:29 on run 23;

Steven Mutch, running 27:04 on his 17th parkrun;

Sonya Ledford, keeping Kyle Ledford within arm's reach as he hit a new PB of 26:11 as a JM10, finishing in 26:18; I'm intrigued as to what will happen when Kyle reaches the magic age of 11!

Philip Andrade recording 26:01 on his 21st run;

Victoria Smart, 46 parkruns and a new PB of 25:41;

Diana MacKenzie, 23:19, parkrun 16;

Rod Agnew, 23:10 on his 17th parkrun;

Keira Watson, 18th run in 22:28;

Marc Nunn finishing in 21:31 on his 47th run;

Nathan Urwin showing youthful potential with 20:44 on his 51st run;

Martin Scott, going sub-20 in 19:41 on run 26;

Graham Reid, chapping on the door of 19 minutes (19:09) - next fine day, Graham?

Piotr Michalczyk, 18:33 on run 24;

Martin Junior, 53 runs and a PB of 18:28;

Jodie Smith, impressively running 18:21 on his 22nd parkrun!

Some amazing times here, great running everyone!


Just as there's always someone last (and unless you volunteer for it, it will never be you) there will always be someone first. The parkrun ethos is that it's a run, not a race, and everyone is welcome whatever their pace.

Today, there were some worthy performances at the sharp end of the field. Let's begin by celebrating the female field where 2 of our 3 top finishers earned PBs today:

1st Female was Hannah Mutch of Aberdeen AAC, a parkrun stalwart with 212 runs under her belt, today Hannah clocked 18:53, her first sub-19 on the Aberdeen course.

2nd Female was Aimee Tawse, Jog Scotland Kintore, today running 19:37, her first sub-20 at Aberdeen, on her 31st parkrun. Given that Aimee is in the JW15-17 category this is unlikely to be her last PB! (I think I may also need to rethink my definition of jogging!)

3rd Female was Vivienne Bruce of Metro Aberdeen, running 21:15; great running from Vivienne.

In the male field we had strong performances from the veterans, showing that age is no barrier to time if you're willing to put the hard work in.

1st Male was Michael Barker, Stonehaven Running Club, in 17:26, great to see Michael running strong today;

2nd Male was Dino Roussias of Metro Aberdeen in 17:50; with a PB of 17:49 and legs recovering from a recent marathon, that PB's due to be blown away soon! Watch this space!

3rd Male was Scott Adams, also of Metro Aberdeen, going sub-18 for the first time at Aberdeen with an new PB of 17:55! Great running Scott!


If I've counted correctly, there were 29 runners today from the Volunteer Clubs. For me, it was the first run outing of my new 100 volunteer club t-shirt. It's super exciting that the run clubs of 25 - newly established - 50, 100, 250 and even 500, are now matched with volunteer t-shirts, and great to see others sporting their new t-shirts too. If you fancy joining the club, remember to apply through your parkrun profile. Check out the website for more information: https://www.parkrun.com/about/our-clubs/ On that note ...


We wouldn't have parkrun without you! Today, we thank the following people:

Fiona Sewell, Derek Dunn, Carolyn Snedden, John Duff, Paul Kevin Webster, Caroline Fettes, David Morrison, David Maclennan, Louise Lawrie, Katie Cunningham, Laura McPherson, David Morrison, Gemma Collins, Sebastien Balmes, Fiona Kennedy, Neil McBain, George Insley and Rosey Leiper.

There are some roles that can even be done while still earning a run credit (First Timers Briefing, Run Report Writer and Tail Walker).


We don't like being injured, but this does free us up for volunteering. You may have clocked Rosey with her 'boot' today in the funnel. We hope your foot heals swiftly in order that you'll be back running soon, Rosey.


Tracking down visitors can be hard work in these days of restrictions around briefing lengths! However, two former Aberdeen regulars, Claudia and Adam Scragg, returned to visit Aberdeen parkrun today finishing their holidays in style before going 'home' to London once more. Thanks for joining us - it's always a pleasure to see you both.


Saving the best for last, we were delighted to see Cassia Soni celebrate her 100th parkrun today!



100 parkruns is a big achievement for anyone and takes commitment. For Cassia, this is particularly impressive as she's 9 years old! Today, as she hit the magical 100, Cassia was joined by her mum, pushing Cassia's younger brother in his buggy, and dad, pulled along by the family dog. A real team effort!




Next week, we've got Colin Burnett stepping up as Run Director once more. There are currently a few vacancies on the roster so if you fancy joining the volunteer team please get in touch by emailing: aberdeen@parkrun.com

Happy running!

Clare Russell (Run Reporter)

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