Aberdeen parkrun Event number 434: 16th November 2019

Feeling the pressure!
It was a lovely day for parkrun, with conditions clear and very little wind to bother runners, joggers and walkers. It was also Inverness marathon winner Isaiah Kosgei’s last visit with us for a bit before he heads back to Kenya, so he treated this lead bike volunteer to a brisk turn out and back on the prom in a time of 16:32. Phew!
In all this week 305 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.
The wonderfully able Alan Brown paced 25 minutes and is undoubtedly partly responsible for the PBS either side of this milestone.

Speaking of milestones, Ross Macdonald hit his 50th parkrun in style with a speedy time of 17:44, joined by Neil McBain hitting the less official but no less milestone of 150 with a shine new PB time of 20:25. Well done to them both, and to all who participated, whether runners, walkers or volunteers and whether on two or the many four-legged visitors there were today. 

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Rosemary LEIPER • Clare RUSSELL • Alan BROWN • Jim MOIR • Steve WILSON • Jane GORDON • Tony LITTLE • Mark MCDONALD • Fiona KENNEDY • Amy MACKIE • Caron SIEVEWRIGHT • Mike SIEVEWRIGHT • Bryan MILLS • Alan SMITH • Mitchell RENNIE • John LEMON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Nicola GAULD who recorded a time of 17:04 on 25th February 2012 (event number 21).
The male record is held by Sean CHALMERS who recorded a time of 15:05 on 8th June 2019 (event number 411).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 100.26% (19:05) on 12th October 2019 (event number 429).

Aberdeen parkrun started on 8th October 2011. Since then 12,145 participants have completed 91,384 parkruns covering a total distance of 456,920 km, including 16,083 new Personal Bests. A total of 908 individuals have volunteered 6,390 times.


Aberdeen parkrun Event 433, 9th November 2019

Attendees at this week’s Aberdeen parkrun had to weather a rather heavy hail shower which left the ground white over, just as the colour had begun to return after the early morning frosts melted away. It was certainly a nippy day, with hail, frost and a frozen puddle ice hazard at the start line to remind us all that winter is most definitely here. There were lots of frozen fingers and toes (particularly for the very hardy barefoot runners!) but once we all set off, the sun came out and everyone soon warmed up. Nature was kind however in there being no wind, and with it holding dry, Aberdeen parkrun should hopefully leave a good memory for our visitors today.


Of the amazingly hardy 311 people who ran, jogged or walked their way around Aberdeen parkrun this week, there were 30 first timers, of whom 13 were completely new to parkrun, with 17 ‘tourist’ visitors from Peterborough, Shetland, London, Invergordon and Blackburn to name a few. Two of our visitors, Amanda and Nigel Walls were actually on a mission to bag a parkrun beginning with ‘U’, but due to a train cancellation instead of Ury they got and an ‘A’ instead. As seasoned tourists, never having run the same parkrun twice, Amanda has certainly left a great memory with this run reporter with her very cosy hand crocheted ‘50’ parkruns woolly hat!


Despite the nippy weather (or perhaps because of it?), 45 happy parkrunners got new PB’s, a great result and many Congratulations to them all. Perhaps the helpful pacing of Alan Brown (24mins) and Joesph Hibbs  (27mins) helped along the way?


Achieving some other Milestone moments were…

50 parkruns – Andy Fehlinger

100 parkruns- Marie McWilliam, Yvonne Millman and Caron Sievewright

And whilst no new shirt will be on its way to him, it is worth mentioning Scott Roy completed his 150thparkun today too.


The speed star finishers this week were:


  1. Michael Barker 17:18
  2. Mr Unknown! (no barcode).
  3. Kai Crawford 17:50 with a new PB.


  1. Aimee Tawse 20:49 with a new PB
  2. Chelsea Cook 20:19
  3. Kirsten Sharpe 21:49


JM10 – Thomas McKenna 30:26

JM11-14 – Kai Crawford 17:50 (PB)

JM 15-17 – Sam Orr 20:08

JW10 – Cassi Soni 38:27

JW11-14 – Aimee Tawse 20:49 (PB)

JW15-17 Prakriti Bhatta 30:00

Very many Congratulations to them all!


This week’s Aberdeen parkrun only took place thanks to the high-vis hero volunteers who kindly gave up their time. A big thank you to  all the volunteers –


Why not challenge yourself to take on a volunteer role, or even a new volunteer role that you may not have done before? It is definitely great fun to do and a great way to meet some of your fellow parkrunners. If you fancy a go just drop an email to Aberdeen@parkrun.comwith the date(s) and role you are interested in.

Happy parkrunning,

Vivien Broughton

Run Reporter


Aberdeen parkrun Event 432: 2nd November 2019

Running in the Rain

This week we welcomed 172 runners to our rather driech and rainy parkrun. The eternal optimist in me thought perhaps we may be getting off lightly as the rain appeared to have lightened for setup. The odd spot appeared during the briefing leading me to rush on and try to get everyone started - nothing worse than getting soaked before the off - and we volunteers then retreated to the sanctuary of the bird hut, van - in Ingrid and Jennifer's case, or car - Esther, listening to the rugby until our first runners descended on the Beach Ballroom. Unfortunately, by the time we were forced back out we were into heavy rain and it was downright miserable, aside from the smiles of our runners.

First Timers

Today, we had 28 first timers running Aberdeen parkrun. Of these, 8 rather impressively joined us for their first ever parkrun! A very warm welcome to the parkrun family goes out to:

John Lemon, Anna Steventon, Norberto Tronca, Doc Mutjaba, Rachel Smillie, Carolyn McAllister, Jaqui Freeman and Tiphannie Craig.

We sincerely hope you've not been put off by the conditions today and will join us again soon.

Visiting Friends

Of the remaining 20 first timers, we had visitors from many other places, the closest being our neighbours from Crathes Castle. Other visitors hailed from: Brighton & Hove, Victoria, Livingston, Vogrie, Edinburgh, Loch Leven, Catford, Highbury Fields, Whythenshawe, Cleethorpes and Lochore Meadows.

Thanks to Graham Riach, Cleethorpes, and Hilary Bennison, Loch Leven, for taking the time to chat. It was lovely seeing you both.


Congratulations to Helen Duguid who completed her 100th parkrun today! Very well done Helen, particularly given that many of these runs have involved pushing a buggy.

Personal Bests

21 runners recorded new Personal Bests today. The stand out PB of the day was for Laurence Leask. In the VM65-69 age category, this was Laurence's 502nd parkrun in total, his 2nd run in Aberdeen. An inspirational performance going to show we're never too old to run a PB, unless of course you were a great runner in your youth, in which case you can probably forget about it!

Congratulations also to: Royston Walker, Nick Ross, Brian Welch, Bogi Vang, Joseph Hibbs, Sarah Lucas, Brian Mathers, Paul Kelman, Neil Macbean, Stewart Sim, Helene Mamet, Erin Stone, Tanya Rennie, David Fawkes, Grace Merriweather, Lorna Barron, Laura Finnigan, Jill Pope, Stephen Inkster and Pearl Black.

This week 172 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers.  and 21 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers. Many thanks to you all for being such a great team today and for coming out in the rain to support the event.

Alastair BLAIN • Esther FOWLER • Margaret SIMPSON • Duncan MUNRO • Clare RUSSELL • Ronnie WILSON • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Graham SNEDDEN • Jamie ROSS • Jonathan QUINN • Jane GORDON • Fiona KENNEDY • Bryan MILLS • Allan CHRISTIE • Ingrid MACHELL • Jennifer CAIN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

Volunteer Appeal

One of our volunteers today, Jennifer, had been roped in by a friend - thanks Ingrid! Although it wasn't the best day for volunteering, it was a positive experience. We'd like to invite more of you to give volunteering a go. Our roster is looking particularly sparse over the coming weeks and without volunteers we don't have a run. Please check out the roster and drop us an e-mail if you'd like to help.



Ellen Cowie, one of our regular runners, joined us today to showcase her hand-crafted bags. These are being sold as part of a school enterprise for Oldmachar Academy. They'll be back on 30th November should anyone wish to support this eco-friendly enterprise.

IMG_62489fcd23d3-675a-4b0e-8a98-da34eee24a79Happy Running!

Clare Russell, Run Director & Run Reporter


Aberdeen parkrun Run Report 26th October 2019 #431


Aberdeen parkrun #431, October 26, 2019





Aberdeen parkrun's 431st edition offered up Hallowe'en treats galore! 


 The sun shone, the wind gods were on sabbatical, & 306 dashing parkrunners were treated to enchanting conditions along our scenic promenade.  Given the promenade's penchant for offering up a wind tunnel, Saturday's calm was quite a delight.  What a warm way to welcome our.... 





Mark McDonald hosted the First Timers' Briefing & welcomed 36 parkrunners to their Aberdeen parkrun debut.  Some were locals, whilst others were visiting from as far away as the always bewitching Inverurie!  In addition, we had visitors from Kettering, Oxford, Shetland & Hungary!  We hope you were all spellbound by our beachy~keen course & will visit again soon.  Though we can't always promise spooktacular weather, we'll always try to be on our...  





Those on a quest for their Personal Best had ideal running conditions on their side.  Congratulations to the 73 parkrunners who were on their best behaviour this week.  73 PBs peppered through the results was quite a magical Hallowe'en treat!


For details of the Personal Bests & all the rest, check our latest results at:  






As Lead Bike, I had the pleasure of blazing the trail for the leaders of the pack.  From early on, front runner Robbie Cooman established a gap.  By the half~way point it was evident a First Finish at Aberdeen parkrun was in his grasp.  By the final 500 metres, & with the 2nd runner more than a minute behind, Robbie had the First Finisher slot tied up in a nice neat bow.  But he didn't rest on his laurels, methinks Robbie sped up as he wound down those final few hundred metres.  I'm a big fan of mad dashes across the Finish Line & Robbie didn't disappoint.  Dash he did, making this the 3rd time he's nabbed the First Finisher title at Aberdeen parkrun!   Inspirational stuff!  

Congrats to Robbie & these following leaders of the pack:


In the Men's Category:

1st in was Robbie Cooman for Fraserburgh RC in 16:23

2nd in was Jamie Ross for Deeside Runners in 17:37

3rd in was Andrew Casey in 17:54 (PB!)  (with Metro's Jamie Coventry nipping at his heels in 17:55!)


In the Women's Category:

1st in was Chelsea Cook from Orkney Running Club in 20:44 (PB!)

2nd in was Ellie Smith in 22:59

3rd in was Laura Barrie from Metro Aberdeen RRC in 23:27





Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:


JW10: Sophie Beaton in 28:48

JW11-14:  Zoe Strachan in 24:36

JW15-17:  Ellen Cowie in 34:15


JM10:  Alex Hendry from Metro Aberdeen RRC in 23:48 (PB!)

JM11-14:  Campbell Dempsey in 29:52

JM15-17:  Callum Nicoll in 22:32 (PB!)





Though parkrun keeps close tabs on our speeds & PBs,  what they really love to champion is participation.  Milestones are recognized with the awarding of parkrun T~shirts at various levels.  In addition to congratulating those reaching their milestones, we also like to give a shout out to those hitting the big numbers.  This week we're celebrating...




50 X 2

Daniel Duncan & Graham Fyfe both celebrated their 50th parkruns on Saturday. 

Daniel began parkrunning at Aberdeen on April 11, 2015.  His 50 parkruns unfolded at Aberdeen 45 times, Ellon 4 times & Hazlehead once.  He's earned 9 shiny PBs along the way & has tossed his name in the volunteer pool 3 times.

Graham's parkrun story began at Hazlehead on April 15, 2017.  7 PBs grace his statistics over the course of 44 Aberdeen parkruns  & 6 Hazlehead parkruns. 

Congratulations Daniel & Graham!  You've both earned your "50" milestone T~shirts!  

Onwards to your next milestone at...





Kudos to Maureen Young on completing her 100th parkrun!  She began parkrunning on January 28, 2017 at Aberdeen & has amassed 68 at Aberdeen, 23 at Ellon, 6 at Hazlehead & 1 each at Edinburgh, Lanark Moor & Cirencester.  Along the way, Maureen tossed in 28 shiny PBs, & 6 volunteer roles across 4 different roles.  Welcome to the 100 Club, Maureen!





Though the 200th parkrun doesn't trigger a milestone T~shirt, it's still worthy of celebration. Congratulations to Gemma Collins on completing her 200th!  She began parkrunning at Aberdeen on May 11, 2013.  Gemma's 200 were comprised of 179 at Aberdeen, 16 at Hazlehead, 3 at Crathes Castle & 2 at Stonehaven with a total of a sweet 16 PBs earned along the way.  Gemma logged in a total of 14 volunteer roles across 6 distinct volunteer roles.  The countdown is now on to capture her 250 milestone T~shirt.  Go, Gemma, go!





A massive congratulations to Roger Appleby who whipped around the course to log his 250th parkrun!  Roger began his parkrun story at Aberdeen on November 24, 2012 & has earned 7 PBs on his journey.  His 250 unfolded with 245 at Aberdeen, 4 at Hazlehead & a royal 1 at Crathes Castle. Roger mixed in volunteering along the way tallying up a total of 16 volunteer roles over 6 distinct roles.  We look forward to seeing Roger sashaying around the promenade in his 250 T~shirt!  Well done Mr. Appleby!


            12. ROGER THAT 


200 & 350

So... what do 200 & 350 have in common?  

Colin Burnett.  

Colin ran his 350th Aberdeen parkrun on Saturday!  His October 8, 2011 parkrun debut coincided with Aberdeen parkrun's debut. Colin has been a familiar face on the promenade ever since.  But that's only part of the story.  A bit of parkrun tourism brings his total parkrun tally to 368!  To add to Saturday's fanfare, he also celebrated his 200th volunteer stint!   Colin's volunteer credits include impressive stats such as Run Reporting 160 times,  hosting the First Timers' Briefing 36 times, & to top things off he's donned the Run Director's hat on 31 occasions.  Above & beyond that magical 200 figure, delving deeper reveals Colin has 269 total volunteer roles to his credit.  Double dipping in the volunteer pool sure adds up!    It's always impressive to see folks combine volunteering with their parkrunning to round out their parkrun experience.  Thanks Colin for all your contributions to parkrun & a huge congrats on your 350th Aberdeen parkrun!  





After casting a magical spell, our bewitching Run Director Carolyn conjured up this enchanting Team Spirit:


Bryan MILLS  •  Carolyn SNEDDEN  •  Catherine SHANKS  •  Colin BURNETT  •  Colin TURNBULL  •  Cynthia FRY  •  Fiona KENNEDY  •  Fiona SEWELL  •  Hamish MACDONALD  •  Jane GORDON  •  Jonathan QUINN  •  June BUCHAN  •  Malcolm MURRAY  •  Mark FINDLAY  •  Mark MCDONALD  •  Mitchell RENNIE  •  Nik ROBINSON  •  Paul Kevin WEBSTER  



What a treat to have this spirited group of volunteers host our Hallowe'en edition. Thanks all!





To jump into our volunteer pool, check out future openings at: 



If you've never volunteered at parkrun, why not make your next parkrun challenge to give it a whirl?  

As for our "seasoned" volunteers, why not challenge yourselves to a role that is new to you?  Just ask Vivien Broughton about trying out new roles.  Last week she debuted her Run Reporting skills at our 430th edition & did a fabulous job!  Kudos Vivien!    





Things went a little batty on the bike on Saturday.  Some sort of spooky spell morphed me into Batgirl!  Bat the question was...could Batgirl perform Lead Bike duties in costume?  A test~ride along the promenade proved a billowing batcape wouldn't block my sight lines.  Bat whilst the batcape could come along for the ride, the batmask was relegated to the sidelines for safety's sake.  Bat even unmasked, this Batgirl revealed the Lead Bike caper was simply super.  Boy, wonder if Batman might Co~Lead Bike with me next Hallowe'en?  Now that would be a Dynamic Duo!!



In other Aberdeen parkrun news, it wasn't just Batgirl under the spell of the...





Others were entranced, too.  Prancing princesses rubbed shoulders with caped crusaders whilst witches cackled incantations.  The bewitching ones cast spells treating 73 parkrunners to PBs!   And rumour has it that the 36 First Timers will be treating themselves to a return visit.  With Hallowe'en treats winning over Hallowe'en tricks, I can hardly wait to see what magic we're treated to....





Join Run Director Extraordinaire Clare Russell with her amazing Team Spirit for our 432nd edition on November 2nd.  



Happy parkrunning,


Cynthia Fry



Run Report #430 – 19th October 2019

When I first thought about going along to a parkrun, I have to admit to finding it a rather daunting thought- would I be good enough? Well, as soon as I joined in I was soon reassured on that point!  ‘good’ is whatever you want it to be, whatever the personal challenge is that you set yourself. For some, the personal challenge (given the very heavy rainfall the previous evening) may have been simply to motivate yourself to get up on a Saturday morning to join your fellow parkrunners; it may have been to jog more of the course or even the whole course for the first time; to run a decent time after time out for injury or to achieve that fantastic new PB. Whatever your personal challenge was, hopefully you achieved it, and if not, there is always next week!

Thankfully the rains held off for this week’s run and nature gave a tailwind boost to everyone on the way out, with just a bit of challenge on the return leg. There were 241 people completing this week’s Aberdeen parkrun, of which 35 (15%) got a new PB. A great result and many Congratulations to you all. Perhaps the helpful tailwind or the inspirational pacing of Alan Brown (25mins) and Mark McDonald  (28mins) helped along the way?

Of the 241 people who ran, jogged or walked their way around the course, there were an amazing 36 First Timers, of whom 17 were completely new to parkrun, with 19 tourists coming a variety of locations as diverse as Glasgow, Dundee, Corby, North Wales, Poland, Australia and, slightly closer to home, Hazlehead! For those who were doing their first ever parkrun, hopefully you enjoyed it, and whatever parkrun number you are on, we all look forward to welcoming you back again in the future.

Achieving some Milestone moments were…

Joining the 50 runs red shirts club - Kris Reid, Duncan Munroe and Mario Bonisolo.

Joining the 100 runs black shirt club - Gavin McLennan.

Worthy mention also goes to Stuart Milne who completed his 150th parkrun, and whilst no new T shirt will be winging its way to him, there was a truly fantastic cake to mark Stuart's achievement kindly shared out at the Brig O’Don post run breakfast afterwards. It tasted as good as it looked too!

Stuart's 150th cake


The speed star finishers this week were:


  1. Isaiah Kosgei 16:53 (another first finisher performance after recently coming first in the Loch Ness marathon)
  2. Philip Nind 17:22 (a first time visitor to Aberdeen parkrun on his 299th run)
  3. Martin Mueller 17:39


  1. Hannah Cameron 19:00
  2. Zoe Bates 19:16
  3. Heidi Ross 20:22


JM10 – Max Pocklington 23:00 (another first time visitor to Aberdeen parkrun)

JM11-14 – Jaejay Catto 22:58

JM 15-17 – Paul Kowal 18:59

JW10 – Ava Sim 39:00

JW11-14 – Erin Stone 26:37 (another PB, the 4th in a row)

JW15-17 Caelae Catto 36:00

Very many Congratulations to them all!

This week’s Aberdeen parkrun only took place thanks to the high-vis hero volunteers who kindly gave up their time. A big thank you to all the volunteers – Malcolm Shennan (RDing for the first time!), Fiona Sewell, Mark Findlay, Mark McDonald, Paul Kevin Webster, Mike Mackay, Samantha Paterson (and Lucy), Kerri Palmer, Jayne Addie, Ronan Clancy, David McLennan, Margaret Turner, Mitchell Rennie, Catherine Shanks, Christine Bell, Paul Bate, Vivien Broughton and Alan Brown.

A special mention also goes to Lucy, a walker with a tail, who kept Samantha company in her Tailwalker role. Lucy’s personal challenge this week was to walk the course as she is rather used to running it I’m told, however it was one she took in her stride and achieved well I noticed.

Why not challenge yourself to take on a volunteer role, or even a new volunteer role that you may not have done before? It is definitely great fun to do and a great way to meet some of your fellow parkrunners. If you fancy a go just drop an email to Aberdeen@parkrun.com with the date(s) and role you are interested in.

Before this run reporter signs off, I will share with you all what my own personal challenge was this week – writing my first ever run report! Challenge completed.


Vivien Broughton

Debutant Run Reporter.

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