Aberdeen parkrun, Event number 437: 7th December 2019

Running the Numbers
This week, a total of 238 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Of these 238, it appears that 235 listened to the briefing (or have done on previous occasions) as only 3 were spotted running on the road. You know who you are - please don't do it. It's dangerous, makes you look like an idiot, and ultimately puts you at unnecessary risk. We will also remove you from the results if anyone around you 'grasses you up!'

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Nicola GAULD who recorded a time of 17:04 on 25th February 2012 (event number 21).
The male record is held by Sean CHALMERS who recorded a time of 15:05 on 8th June 2019 (event number 411).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 100.26% (19:05) on 12th October 2019 (event number 429).

Aberdeen parkrun started on 8th October 2011. Since then 12,243 participants have completed 92,275 parkruns covering a total distance of 461,375 km, including 16,222 new Personal Bests. A total of 911 individuals have volunteered 6,443 times.

A Promising Start from the Walkers

In my enthusiasm to get the runners going, I completely forgot to prime the timers! Thankfully the Walkers (Callum and Irina) were on the ball and both clicked appropriately on my shout of '3, 2, 1, Go!'

From the moment the front runners came in, led by Neil McBain on in his role as Lead Bike, I had a feeling this would be a good week for the results! As Run Director, it never ceases to amaze me how effortless the front runners appear, although at times the graceful glide is betrayed by their doubling over on finishing to catch their breath, throw up, or collapse into the funnel, every last ounce of energy having been expended as they throw it all at the sprint in the last few hundred metres. Today was no exception. Calm conditions and a mild day for this time of year saw our top 2 finishers (Mark Brown and Keith Buchan) earning themselves PBs. Jim Moir, our 3rd finisher, managed to stay just ahead of Craig Peet who most definitely put his foot firmly on the gas, finishing with a very impressive sprint and a PB to boot! I think Craig may have secured that 3rd place had it not been for someone shouting at Jim, 'don't let him catch you!' When I grow up I want to have a sprint finish like these guys!!

Quiet Please!
Thank you for listening to the briefing. Unfortunately the batteries on our microphone failed us and I had to resort to shouting. The volunteers did a sterling job, shepherding everyone in and giving a reminder to simmer down and listen. If we can do this one week, surely we can do it every week. Remember, Santa's looking out to see who's being nice and who's being naughty. All being well, all you 'good' people will be duly rewarded on Christmas Day, maybe even with a PB.

Festive Runs
Our Christmas Day run will be at 9:30 am, the New Year's Day run at 11 am. We are still looking for volunteers for both of these events, so feel free to add your name to the roster or sign up non-running friends or family who might wish to join the occasion.

The Clubs
In the context of running, 'Club' means different things to different people. We had representation from 22 different running clubs this week. We also had lots of representation from our parkrun clubs.

Fourteen runners represented the 250 club, of whom 12 are members of the 25 volunteer club. Between these 14, an impressive 4065 parkruns have been clocked up!

Forty three runners from the 100 club joined us, of whom 9 are members of the volunteer club, and another forty three runners from the 50 club ran, of whom 2 are members of the volunteer club.

Overall, we had 23 runners entitled to wear the purple 25 club t-shirt, with another 7 members of this club in volunteer roles. Volunteers make our world go round so if you've not joined the 'club' yet, please give it due consideration, all the more so if purple is your colour.

A Warm Welcome
We were delighted to have 11 people run their first Aberdeen parkrun with us today, including Daniel Hall from Brockwell parkrun, fresh off the sleeper train from London. We hope you all enjoyed your run and will return again soon!

Two first time volunteers joined the team today: Steve Abel on our Funnel, and Stephen Dionne as our Bus Stop Marshal. Thanks to you both.

We welcomed Shona Candlish to the 50 Club. Shona received her round of applause having shared her achievement with us via her Dad, David Candlish, who joined us from Stirling and gained himself a PB in celebration of the occasion. David's card will be marked as in doing this he bet Shona to the finish! There may be a rematch down the line for this pair.

We'd also like to congratulate the two runners that quietly slipped under the radar to join the Clubs this morning:

Gordon McKechnie, earning his red t-shirt as a new member of the 50 Club; and

Robert Smith, earning his black t-shirt as our latest member of the 100 Club.

The Volunteers: Not all heroes wear their pants outside their trousers!
But maybe we could one week? Let us know what you think!!

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Clare RUSSELL • Alan BROWN • Shirley C • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Mark FINDLAY • Callum WALKER • Rohit SONI • Fiona KENNEDY • Bryan MILLS • Neil MCBAIN • Irina WALKER • Steve ABEL • Kristin MCCURRACH • Joseph HIBBS • Mitchell RENNIE • Stephen DIONNE • John LEMON

Our volunteer roster is full next week (14th December). A little elf tells me this may have something to do with the Lossiemouth Turkey Trot (10 mile race) on Sunday 15th. There are still a few places going for this event should anyone fancy signing up: https://www.entrycentral.com/TurkeyTrot

Thereafter, we've plenty of available opportunities. Should you have an urge to don your cape, wear your pants outside your trousers, or just be a hero incognito, please give us a yell at: aberdeenoffice@parkrun.com

Notable Mentions
Congratulations to the 42 runners that gave it their all today and earned a shiny new Personal Best. For you, Christmas has come early. A few of these PBs stood out. In no particular order they are:

Yvonne Roberston, VW 65-69, earning a PB on her 32nd parkrun and proving once again that age is no barrier to times;

Vivien Broughton, VW 45-49, with a PB on parkrun 77;

Laura Nicoll, VW 35-39, Jog Scotland Hazlehead coach and a regular parkrun volunteer, pushing the pace to PB on her 209th parkrun; and

Lawrence Wattie, VM 45-49, Metro Aberdeen, breaking the elusive 20 minute barrier for the first time on parkrun 71.

Breakfast at the Brig O'Don
As always, Aidan and the team at Brig O'Don did us proud, furnishing us with breakfast and unlimited tea and coffee for the princely sum of £5. Numbers were down on last week, but as always, the men showed that it's good to talk, outlasting the ladies by a country mile. parkrun really is about the social, and this merry band will welcome new faces any time. Please feel free to join us any week should you not already have done so. As with volunteering, everyone is made welcome!


Happy running! Hope to see you all next week.

Clare Russell
Run Reporter and Run Director


Christmas & New Year’s Day parkruns

Our traditional Christmas Day parkrun will take place at 9.30am.

On New Year's Day we will start at 11.00am allowing for runners to do the double of Hazlehead at 9.30am followed by Aberdeen parkrun at 11.00am.51228057_2076979392381249_325784354712190976_o


Aberdeen parkrun Event 432: 2nd November 2019

Running in the Rain

This week we welcomed 172 runners to our rather driech and rainy parkrun. The eternal optimist in me thought perhaps we may be getting off lightly as the rain appeared to have lightened for setup. The odd spot appeared during the briefing leading me to rush on and try to get everyone started - nothing worse than getting soaked before the off - and we volunteers then retreated to the sanctuary of the bird hut, van - in Ingrid and Jennifer's case, or car - Esther, listening to the rugby until our first runners descended on the Beach Ballroom. Unfortunately, by the time we were forced back out we were into heavy rain and it was downright miserable, aside from the smiles of our runners.

First Timers

Today, we had 28 first timers running Aberdeen parkrun. Of these, 8 rather impressively joined us for their first ever parkrun! A very warm welcome to the parkrun family goes out to:

John Lemon, Anna Steventon, Norberto Tronca, Doc Mutjaba, Rachel Smillie, Carolyn McAllister, Jaqui Freeman and Tiphannie Craig.

We sincerely hope you've not been put off by the conditions today and will join us again soon.

Visiting Friends

Of the remaining 20 first timers, we had visitors from many other places, the closest being our neighbours from Crathes Castle. Other visitors hailed from: Brighton & Hove, Victoria, Livingston, Vogrie, Edinburgh, Loch Leven, Catford, Highbury Fields, Whythenshawe, Cleethorpes and Lochore Meadows.

Thanks to Graham Riach, Cleethorpes, and Hilary Bennison, Loch Leven, for taking the time to chat. It was lovely seeing you both.


Congratulations to Helen Duguid who completed her 100th parkrun today! Very well done Helen, particularly given that many of these runs have involved pushing a buggy.

Personal Bests

21 runners recorded new Personal Bests today. The stand out PB of the day was for Laurence Leask. In the VM65-69 age category, this was Laurence's 502nd parkrun in total, his 2nd run in Aberdeen. An inspirational performance going to show we're never too old to run a PB, unless of course you were a great runner in your youth, in which case you can probably forget about it!

Congratulations also to: Royston Walker, Nick Ross, Brian Welch, Bogi Vang, Joseph Hibbs, Sarah Lucas, Brian Mathers, Paul Kelman, Neil Macbean, Stewart Sim, Helene Mamet, Erin Stone, Tanya Rennie, David Fawkes, Grace Merriweather, Lorna Barron, Laura Finnigan, Jill Pope, Stephen Inkster and Pearl Black.

This week 172 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers.  and 21 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers. Many thanks to you all for being such a great team today and for coming out in the rain to support the event.

Alastair BLAIN • Esther FOWLER • Margaret SIMPSON • Duncan MUNRO • Clare RUSSELL • Ronnie WILSON • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Graham SNEDDEN • Jamie ROSS • Jonathan QUINN • Jane GORDON • Fiona KENNEDY • Bryan MILLS • Allan CHRISTIE • Ingrid MACHELL • Jennifer CAIN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

Volunteer Appeal

One of our volunteers today, Jennifer, had been roped in by a friend - thanks Ingrid! Although it wasn't the best day for volunteering, it was a positive experience. We'd like to invite more of you to give volunteering a go. Our roster is looking particularly sparse over the coming weeks and without volunteers we don't have a run. Please check out the roster and drop us an e-mail if you'd like to help.



Ellen Cowie, one of our regular runners, joined us today to showcase her hand-crafted bags. These are being sold as part of a school enterprise for Oldmachar Academy. They'll be back on 30th November should anyone wish to support this eco-friendly enterprise.

IMG_62489fcd23d3-675a-4b0e-8a98-da34eee24a79Happy Running!

Clare Russell, Run Director & Run Reporter


Local Races

As much as we all love our parkrun (who wouldn’t love a free timed run?), some of us all like to engage in the more competitive side of running on occasion. With that in mind, here are a few local (ish) races over the next few months if you’d like something to aim for.

Metro Beach 10k (Tuesday 5th June)


Fraserburgh 10k (10th June)


Peterhead 5k & Half Marathon (17th June)


Stonehaven Half Marathon (1st July)


Peace Coaches Dyce Half Marathon (12th August)


Should you enter, please feel free to sign up for a volunteer slot the day before - entries accepted anytime!!


Christmas Day & New Years Day Runs

Aberdeen parkrun will hold a Christmas Day run at 9.30am on 25th December 2017.

On New Years Day Aberdeen parkrun will be at 11.00am on 1st January 2018.

This will enable the opportunity to do the now traditional double of Hazlehead parkrun at 9.30am to be followed by Aberdeen at 11.00am.


Clan at the castle walks

CLAN Cancer Support are currently in the middle of organising their “CLAN at the Castle” event.
This event takes place at Crathes Castle on the 10th September. There are 3 sponsored walks of different lengths (13miles/5.7 miles/ 1.25 miles - something for all abilities) plus a family fun day in the grounds of Crathes Castle.

If anyone is interested in helping us marshal the walk routes please follow the link to sign up as a marshal is: https://clanlandmarkwalk.wufoo.eu/forms/clan-at-the-castle-volunteer/


Christmas & New Year’s Day parkruns

Our traditional Christmas Day parkrun will take place at 9.30am.

On New Year's Day we will start at 11.00am allowing for runners to do the double of Hazlehead at 9.30am followed by the beach at 11.00am.


Metro Beach 10k – 7th June

The Metro Beach 10k is a friendly event open to all runners. Entries online only at:


Please do join in the fun!


Wildhearts Santa Run

If you're at a loose end this Sunday afternoon (12.45-2.00 approx), the Wildhearts charity are looking for marshals for their Santa run at the beach due to last minute dropouts. If you can help, please contact: carys@wildheartsgroup.com or call/text 07810544817


News & Run Report Event 205, 22nd August 2015

Well,your intrepid run reporter is back after a weeks break from parkrun.

My wife said it was going to be a parkrun detox week without me thinking about parkrun.

We went for breakfast on the Sunday and low and behold on the table across from me was was a guy with his 25 volunteer parkrun t-shirt on

Heaven?? I felt I had to chat to him later at the pool.

Soon we had a pool posse of park runners talking about all things parkrun

i.e. Is there a parkrun in Majorca we could all go to?

We had a very good turnout for today event with 219 runners.

I was your Run Director for today and my team of volunteers did a great job.


My thanks to the volunteers who just take it in their stride and enjoy helping and supporting and even some of the volunteers doing tasks for the first time .



The volunteer rota has filling up well over the past few months and we are on target to get 4 weeks ahead with the rota

We played Volunteer Bingo today for  a try to encourage volunteering

One of the volunteers Emily picked the numbers at random before the run and we put the numbers in the envelope and once the run had started opened the envelope and you won by whatever the number thaat matched the finishing token you received when you finished the run --You were a winner?

Hannah Mutch,Martin Cilia,Neil Roberts,Kyle Mckee,Alan Ross,Jemma Collins,Claudia Scragg,Kerry Thomas,Taryn McDonald

You are now encouraged to volunteer for an event to help and support our event.

In case you do not know the e-mail to volunteer it is the following


Thanks to Fiona for last week and handing the reigns over to me during the week with notes on how to improve our event.

Thanks to Clare for processing the results for me.

Congratulations to Ally Sutherland and Tony McGarva and Helen Paddon on their 100th Aberdeen parkruns today and joining the ever growing band of the 100 club

T-shirts to follow soon?

Ruairidh Campbell was first finisher in  time of 16.42

Well done to Ruairidh. A previous winner at our event.

2nd finisher was  Unknown. Well done that Unknown runner?? Was that you? No barcode??

3rd Finisher was Gideon Emmerson in a time of  18.07

Nicola Gauld was the first female finisher with a time of 17.44

Well done to Nicola and good to see you returning to form.

2nd Female finisher was Hannah Mutch in a time of 20.19

3rd Female Finisher was Jennifer Robertson in a time of 20.47

We had 26 first timers and 4 others from other parkruns from participating today and we had a good total of 36  Pbs

Thanks to the Miller family from Molden ,Essex for their kind words on our event after the run.


Where do you the best information about running ??

Books ,searching the web are options but the best information you will receive is going for Coffee after the parkrun to Satrosphere

You will gain more valuable information and tips on running,recovering and training from fellow runners

So if you are reading the run report why don't you go for a coffee and a chat after the parkrun on Saturday

It would great to see more of the runners go for coffee and support the new caterers who have a very good range of products.

Well done to Mark Ramsey,David Langdan, Mark Findlay, Rajendra Regmi and Bill Skinner,Ronald Gauld,Jim Tole and and Andrew Thompson who ran the Aberdeen Mile on Union street on Saturday

Some even had a run at our parkrun before the race

Must have been using the parkrun as a warm up guys?

Your news run reporter

Colin Burnett

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