Run Report 374, 1st December 2018

Mud, mud, glorious mud

Run Report 374, 1st December 2018

This week we got back to the real muddy Abingdon that we know and love.  As we ran around or through the puddles and waded across the far paddy field we forgot about the rutted nightmare of the summer parkruns.

Of course, as serious runners know, the Abingdon course is the ideal training surface.  The experts tell us that we shouldn't train on flat hard surfaces.  Uneven surfaces exercise foot and ankle muscles that we didn't know we had.  In the very dry summer deep cracks appeared in the far field, as the mud dried out.  The edges of these cracks broke down leaving a very rough surface.  Tiring of this excellent training, I looked forward to rain that would soften the mud so that thousands of tiny feet could level out the surface.  When the puddles get deeper and the mud thicker I will yearn for a dry summer.

Rain also enables us to see who the real runners are.  They have mud splashed all up their backs.  Slower runners have a lower mud line.  At the back of the field we relax, admire the scenery and finish relatively clean.

Fastest this week was Roy Schumacher and fastest lady was Sarah Dudgeon.  Best age grader was Jane Fabes with 82%.  There were nine first timers, four tourists, ten personal bests and eight unknowns in a total of 199 runners.

John Last