Event no. 378

Report by Leah, helped by Les Newell

You may not know me but you will have heard me at the start of a parkrun. My name is Leah and because I get so excited about parkrun, I like to bark very loudly during the last moments of the pre-run announcements. I am at parkrun every week unless I am on holiday or my human is too hungover.

Once we were allowed to go, I made my usual dash for the lock. 400m at a pace Roger Bannister would have been proud of. Once I realise there is no one to chase, I like to slow down and enjoy the parkrun experience. There were still a few reindeer and Santa hats to be seen but most of the humans had returned to relative normality.

Abingdon parkrun #378
Photo: John Harvey

Like many of the humans, I don’t really enjoy running past the finishing field to start a 2nd lap. I decided to stop today and walk a bit, but soon got going again. Once past the lock for the second time, I start my run for home, through the mud, round the field, through some more mud and then along the final track to the finish. After parkrun I headed to Java as normal, where I listen to the humans talk about injuries, illness and football.

Here are today’s parkrun numbers. There were a total of 349 runners, an incredible 51 ‘First timers’ and 19 runners achieving PBs. From a personal point of view, today is my 200th parkrun and that means I’ve run 1,000,000 metres!

I have a PB of 17:00 (I’m still not happy with the timekeepers that day!) from when I was a much younger dog. Those days maybe gone but I still enjoy my weekly 5k. I did manage to finish as first dog today, knocking spots off the Dalmation!

I would like to thank all of this week’s volunteers, Lily BOWER, Helen BOWER, Alistair BUCKLEY, Rose BUCKLEY, Robert CLEGG, Lucy HAMILTON, Maria HAMILTON, John HARVEY, Denis HOULDEY, Tony LONG, Chris LYON, Zebedee MARSH, Skye MCSORLEY, Emma MOORE, James MOORE, Yolanda OWEN, Ben REYNOLDS, Stephen SADLER, Dominic SEMPLE, Fiona SEMPLE, Mike SHEPHERD, Susan VEITCH and Clive WILLCOCK.

However, I would especially like to thank John STYLES who always buys me a cheese croissant after my run. My favourite part of the week!