New Year

We will be hosting an event on New Years Day



We will be hosting an event of Xmas day


International Womens Day

Evening Everyone

Albert parkrun will you be staging a special event for International Women's Day on Saturday 7th March 2020. We have toyed with lots of approaches and decided just to keep it simple(purple, green and white theme)

This event ties in with national parkrun promotion and the event will be supported by the This Girl Can campaign, and parkrun UK partners Sport England.

We are asking everyone to bring another female along to parkrun. Although if you normally bring your wife don't bring your girlfriends too


International Womens Day

Just a quick heads up we will be having a female focused event on 7th march to celebrate IWD.


Volunteering over the next few weeks

Its Xmas time. The time of about giving an hour of your time to volunteer???

So what spaces do we have
21st Dec: 2 timers, tags, barcode scanner, funnel manager

25th Dec: 2 timers, 2 tags, 2 barcode scanners, 1 funnel manager, 4 to 6 marshals

28th Dec: 2 timers, 2 tags, 1 funnel manager, 6 marshals

1st Jan(10.30): 2 timers and 1 timekeeping support, 4 tags, 4 barcode scanners, 8 to 10 marshals, 4 supporting around finish, 1 funnel manager


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