Announcing….. the Alice Holt parkrun HALL OF FAME

The Alice Holt parkrun HALL OF FAME
To celebrate our seventh birthday on November 16th 2019, we have decided to create the Alice Holt parkrun HALL OF FAME.

It’s a simple idea. It's a place where we can all celebrate the people who have been special to the story of Alice Holt parkrun over its history.

Each anniversary (November) we will ask you all for nominations for names of people who in the previous year have done exceptional things relating to our parkrun.
They can be nominated for any reason. It can be for their running, their volunteering or for their outstanding friendship. It could be for their triumph over personal challenges like ill-health, or for the support they have shown others in difficult times.
In short, you can nominate for anything you consider to be admirable about their involvement in Alice Holt parkrun.

If YOU would like to nominate someone then please EMAIL us at;
Write the words ‘HALL OF FAME’ in the title bar and then explain who your nomination is and why.
Nominations MUST BE WITH US BY Wednesday November 13th.
The current AHpr Core team will select the best nominations for addition into the Alice Holt parkrun HALL OF FAME.

We cannot guarantee every nomination will be selected to join the HALL OF FAME, but every reasonable nomination stands a strong chance of acceptance.

You don’t have to tell your nominee that you have nominated them, but if they are selected we will e-mail you and then we would like you to personally tell them the good news.

In addition, all new Alice Holt HALL OF FAME members will be announced in the pre-run briefing on our Seventh anniversary run on November 16th.

One last thing – we already have our Founder members of the Hall of Fame, so no need to nominate any of these people.
They are people in one of these categories;
• Former members of the Core Volunteer team
• Won Running awards under the old Points system
• Won Volunteering awards at previous anniversaries

That means the Founder members of the Alice Holt parkrun HALL OF FAME are:
Conrad JOOSTE, Martin BUSHELL, Paula PATTERSON, Sarah WATSON, Mark WATSON, Roger RAYMOND, Steve TILL, Victoria DICK, Louise DAVIES, Emma MARTIN (Towersey), Ian CARLEY, Sue CULLUM, Damien PROBETT, Tim CUMMINS, Annabel TAVERNER, Colin ADDISON, Douglas BLYTH, Tony EGAN, Jane MOORE, Elaine ROACHE, R. Lucy BROWN, Caroline FREEMAN

Current members of the Core Volunteer team will automatically join the HALL OF FAME if and when they step down, so no need to nominate them either. They are;
Andy CLEGG, Craig TATE-GRIMES, Lisa BLAYDEN, Rupert HOLLOM, Dan DAVIES, Charlie BRAKE, Geoff BROWN, Kathy BROWN, Linda TYLER, Jo JAMES and our two newest Core Team recruits Steve LAVERY and Rachel ADAMS.

We would love to hear stories of who you would like us all to acknowledge so please – DON’T BE SHY :)


345th Alice Holt parkrun run report

26 Oct 2019

The route from Bishop’s Waltham to the historic Alice Holt took me through the beautiful, almost traffic-free South Downs National Park to the north-east corner of Hampshire.  Neither had I previously been to Alice Holt and nor had I any idea where it was; in fact, it’s not even marked on any of my road maps, but postcodes and satnavs are wonderful things!  Having read a little about the parkrun I had an idea what to expect, but what I discovered when my journey took me to the car park in Alice Holt Forest was the most picturesque forest parkrun meeting point of the twenty-three different ones I’ve been to so far.

Of all the parkruns I’ve done, the facilities were as good as any and I would describe them as excellent.  There is even a large shelter where the pre-run briefing is held and you can leave your belongings there to remain dry while you set off on your run.  This was a well-organised event, as they all seem to be, but as a volunteer here myself I can of course take no credit as Run Report Writer.  However, one thing stood out as a ‘first’ in my experience of twenty-four runs as a volunteer in various roles was that I was sent a timetable the day before the event, by the Volunteer Coordinator, of the different times that the volunteers would be required to turn up for their different duties.  That was a nice touch, although in my role I would have little impact, whatever time I arrived.  Then there was that curse for all parkrun organisers whereby people take their tokens away, either because they have forgotten or they would like a souvenir, so signs are placed strategically reminding potential culprits to return them!

I particularly liked the start of this run, partly because I didn’t find it cramped for people like me who start in the middle, but mainly because it sets off down a long slope, so it sets you up more gently for the long run ahead as opposed to uphill starts, or even the flat.  Consequently your first kilometre is a fast one.  However, there is payback, because I’ve not yet been on any run where the entire course is downhill!  This payback comes in the guise of Dragon Hill!  In fairness, we were warned of it at the briefing when the Run Director advised us to save some energy for it.  He wasn’t wrong!  Overall, the course could be described as undulating, but I had the distinct impression – entirely wrong of course, that there was more downhill than up, and I liked that too.

Weather-wise, the rain threatened but never quite materialised.  There had obviously been plenty, but the nature of the hard-core-cum-gravel forest trail made this a really good all-seasons course, with very little puddling or mud, which you could easily dodge if you felt so inclined.  Winds of 40 mph were forecast, but even at 24 mph it was a windy day, but deep in this forest we were mostly oblivious to it, so all-in-all, short of doing an indoor 5k I’d say it was about as good as it gets in those conditions.

I had read that parking charges were steep, but for parkrunners they are not, there being a concession on Saturday mornings when £2.00 will allow you to stay and relax after the run in the forest café, a few yards from the finish, until 10:30.  Not only that, if you show your barcode there is a 10% discount on anything you buy.

Finally, I must say thank you to all the volunteers who make this event possible.  To those of you who haven’t yet considered volunteering, there are many roles you can undertake without losing the opportunity to run, if that’s what may be holding you back, both before the event and after, and even if it was only one in ten it is a great help and is always very much appreciated.  There is always good instruction, nice people, the tasks are simple but essential and you get the feeling of putting a little something back for what you have just taken away.  I’ve actually enjoyed it – why not give it a try!

This week's results can be found at latest results

Dennis Spencer
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16 November - Alice Holt parkrun's 7th Birthday

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327th Alice Holt parkrun Run Report

Alice Holt take over by HBAC 8th June 2019

On Saturday 8th June 2019 Alice Holt parkrun hosted a “takeover” by Haslemere Border Athletics Club.
The club flags were flying in the wind and as many volunteer roles as possible were undertaken by members of HBAC – this gives the club volunteers a chance to see what goes on 'behind the scenes' at parkrun and hopefully enjoy it so much, they'll want to come back and volunteer again! Some members were in the club vests and t shirts running the course, there was a complete mixture of speeds, ages and abilities represented, much like parkrun itself!

After the main run brief by RD Lisa, the Chairman of HBAC, Bob Monteath talked a little about the history of the club, how it has been going for 60 years and a bit about what HBAC has to offer. It is very friendly; inclusive and provides a wide range of running opportunities ranging from straightforward recreational running to competitive races of all distances, road and off road.
My son Max and I have only been members of HBAC for a few months and although we both regularly volunteer and have done over 50 parkruns each (many at Alice Holt) we have never taken part as club members. Both are completely inclusive, and we feel as equally welcome at training night as we do on a Saturday morning at 9am when its “parkrunday”.
Alice Holt parkrun is a beautiful forest trail with many undulating surfaces, and as we had recently had rain, was not without its share of muddy puddles. It is always interesting to see who are the splashers and who are the avoiders, I’m afraid I am very much a splasher, apologies to anyone running near me!
Another thing parkrun is famous for is cake at the finish, Alice Holt and HBAC did not disappoint, cake was in abundance, washed down by a hot fresh coffee in the café.
There were 327 people taking part at this event, 11 of which it was their very first parkrun. 57 runners achieved a new course PB (including myself and Max!) with the first finisher, Richard Lovejoy crossing the line in 18.08 minutes. David Jarrett was the first male HBAC runner at 19.06 and Philomel Bennet the first female in 22.06.
Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning morning to help this wonderful event to happen. If you would like any more information on HBAC please go to


Thanks to the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: David BATEMAN, Philomel BENNETT, Helen BLAKELEY, Lisa BLAYDEN, Thomas BURR, Frederik BURR, Evelyn BURR, Mike CATHCART, Paul CROAD, Marco DE CAPRIO, Tom DELLAR, Kathryn Marie ELMER, Lorraine HERRING, Rupert HOLLOM, Jo JAMES, Stephen KING, Jake LOWRY, Robert MONTEATH, Deborah PARRY, Dominic PERKINS, Suzanne PERKINS, Kathryn POWELL, David ROY, Karen SINCLAIR, Andrew STEELE, Craig TATE-GRIMES, Ann VARNES, Clair WADEY, Andrew WAREHAM, Rebecca WAREHAM, Nick WHISHAW, Tim WHISHAW, Christine WILLIAMS

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parkrunner Discount Did you know if you show your athlete barcode in the Alice Holt cafe you can get a 10% discount? Why not stay after your run and have a chat with your fellow parkrunners or volunteers!
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Alice Holt parkrun #320 run report

Alice Holt parkrun # 320, a birthday surprise!

Guest Run Report Writer: Laura Hodge

Home parkrun: Ashton Court (Bristol) 

This week called for a special bit of tourism and Alice Holt certainly did not disappoint. 

We set off from Bristol on Friday night for a surprise weekend away I’d organised for my better half’s birthday.  Thankfully his royal birthday-ness (Carl) has a simple request each year, parkrun tourism, so it’s up to me to pick a suitably fabulous destination. 

I’d picked Alice Holt parkrun this year as it’s got a great reputation and has been on Carl’s wish list for while.  Managing to keep the location under wraps was madea bit easier when Carl fell asleep en route, this meant come Saturday morning he still had no idea where we were!

Arriving at Alice Holt in the morning a very happy birthday boy and I received a super warm welcome from Dan and the team.  The friendly atmosphere of the run shone through, an Easter Egg hunt for the under 11’s had also been organised – I decided perhaps I was a little too tall to sneak some chocolate! 

So to the run, what a beautiful course!  Running through stunning woodland paths in beautiful sunshine, it’s easy to see how Alice Holt has a reputation as a ‘must do’ course.  The route is varied and has a few nice hills to get the heart rate up!  My favourite moment was about 4k in, on a downhill stretch the sun beaming throughsurrounding trees creating a stunning effect.  It’smoments like that which remind me why I love parkrun and love tourism.  

After the run we sat outside the café and enjoyed a delicious post parkrun brekkie.  Continuing the birthday celebrations, I settled on the large Lumberjack’ option for Carl but he was eventually defeated!  A quality breakfast is a must-have so Alice Holt really does tick all the boxes.

Here we go, lining up in the sunshine3EF12A04-3AE9-4B78-AC68-296273AEB513

On to the results:

50 wonderful people did their first Alice Holt parkrun, and of those 21 were running their very first parkrun ever – welcome to the family!

A big well done to Jenny BRAIN who completed her 50th run and Richard ‘Shep’ SHEPPARD ran his 100th Alice Holt parkrun – congratulations!

Last but not least, special thank you goes to this week’s dream team of volunteers, without whom Alice Holtparkrun could not take place:

Caroline FISHER  •  Carys DAVIES  •  Charles WALTERS  •  Cyra PARKES  •  Dan DAVIES  •  Douglas BLYTH  •  Emma HILL  •  Geoff BROWN  •  Isabel JAMES  •  Janet HEYS  •  Jo JAMES  •  Justin CLARKE  •  Laura HODGE  •  Libby MALLETT  •  Nicky HILL  •  Peter MALLETT  •  Phil BUCKLEY  •  Stephen LAVERY  •  Susan HAMMOND  •  Terry STEADMAN  •  Trevor NASH

If you would like to get involved contact the team through the Facebook page or email  You can also now pop your name down on the volunteering board at the start/finish area each week.

Thank you all again for the warm welcome, can’t wait to return!

Laura Hodge


This week's results can be found at latest results

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Your Core Team:- Craig - Andy - Geoff - Kathy - Sarah - Mark - Dan - Lisa - Rupert - Charlie - Paula
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parkrunner Discount Did you know if you show your athlete barcode in the Alice Holt cafe you can get a 10% discount? Why not stay after your run and have a chat with your fellow parkrunners or volunteers!
Groovy wristbands/plastic barcodes Are you a frequent parkrunner, or does your barcode regularly fail to scan or you're having problems with your printer? If so, you should consider getting some wristbands or barcodes. Make our scanners lives easier and be the envy of all of your parkrunner chums!


313th Alice Holt parkrun Run Report

A is for Alice Holt

It’s 7am on Saturday morning and there’s definitely a reason to wake up. You’re thinking parkrun, right? Well, yes (and then cake to follow!) As I keenly messaged my parkrun group of friends bright and early, the classic slogan, ‘parkrunday – previously known as Saturday’, I think they sensed my excitement as 9 of us got ready, car pooled and went on a road trip to embark on our A-Z tourism.

We’re all from Portsmouth so we’ve had the luxury of many a flat waterside parkrun should you ever venture our way for your tourism! Southsea is the joint flattest parkrun in the UK if you fancy getting your S and, very easily, a parkrun PB, but in our case, we ran for the hills! And may I say, what an absolutely stunning parkrun you have. We left in glorious sunlight and then seemed to enter a film set of atmospheric mist, serenity and beautiful dogs!

After a brilliant first timers’ briefing, we set off amongst the 312 parkrunners; and there’s something quite exhilarating that comes with not knowing where you are, the more you lose you bearings*, the more thrilling the run.
*only within the parameters of parkrun!

The volunteers couldn’t have been lovelier and more supportive and the whole experience was one of the best. Chatting, running and laughing with your best friends in a haven of tranquillity and natural beauty is no doubt one of life’s precious moments. To take yourself away from the hubbub of a city and the noise pollution of a motorway should never be underestimated as it’s evidently food for the soul and no doubt a reliever of stress, not to mention the generous giver of endorphins.

As our group gradually finished and waited for our friend tail walking, we congregated at the top of the hill to cheer people on for the last stretch. Huge congratulations to all of the first timers - an amazing effort to begin your parkrun journey with a route with many inclines but so many strong finishes! I hope you come back, and how lucky you are to have this as your hometown parkrun - there’s no doubt we’ll be back! But for now, on to our B…Bognor! I miss you already, Alice Holt. Thank you for welcoming us with your big conifer arms!

Alice Holt 1

Alice Holt 2

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