Milestones, smile-stones, it’s-been-a-while-stones

Paul Sinton-Hewitt, the founder of parkrun, has said that, whenever he visits a parkrun, he looks for the t-shirts – for the milestone runners, walkers and volunteers who have earned their white, red, black, green, blue and mauve insignia.

And so, while parkrun briefings are kept short and there can be no milestone mentions, we thought it would be an idea to celebrate those who have reached such a point in the last four weeks. After all, you’ve probably been waiting a while to get there!

(I have included non-t-shirt milestones, as I think you all deserve it! And I hope that I have identified everyone, but huge apologies if I have missed you.)

On 24th July, Jackie Smith ran her 50th parkrun. Jackie has run 48 of her (now) 51 parkruns at Alice Holt.

On 31st July, Christopher Millard, Paul Naish and David Harvey all did their 50th, Andrew Danson ran his 200th, and Annette Davies ran her 250th. Christopher has completed 48 of his 50 at Alice Holt; Paul has done 49 of 50 here; David 34 of 51; Andrew 171 of his 203; and Annette, wife of occasional Run Director Dan (349 parkruns) and mother of Carys (202) and Oscar (246), has run 161 of her 252 at Alice Holt! Come on, guys, show a bit of commitment!!

Annette was on 249 for over 16 months!

On 7th August, Marlon Driver ran his 150th parkrun, running 45 of his 151 here.

And on 14th August, Daniel Clayton, who is a JM10, ran his 50th parkrun, 41 of those at Alice Holt, with a best time of 29:23. Great work, young man!

David Johnston ran his 100th parkrun that day with 93 coming at Alice Holt. Dave Dring ran his 150th, 131 of those here. Terry Steadman ran his 200th with 182 of those coming at Alice Holt.

Also on that day, Gabriella Till ran her 250th with 157 of those coming at Alice Holt. I have a little inside knowledge here, and so I can pay tribute to the dedication that she, like so many young parkrunners, has shown – foregoing a student’s traditional Saturday morning lie-in to schlepp across Bath to run – as well as performing the New Year’s Day Double for seven consecutive years!

And Nick Whishaw did his 300th run, with 236 of those coming here. A familiar figure at Alice Holt, Nick is known for his genial, urbane presence and, more disconcertingly, his whoops of delight when tackling Dragon Hill!

The dedication implicit in these achievements speaks for itself. Very well done, everyone!