Melanie’s Run Report

Alice Holt Run Report (the special one) #377

Alice Holt is a 2-lap multi-terrain course comprised of woodland trails and cycle paths. Its pretty undulating too and unless you are feeling 100% you are gonna struggle on the ups and when I mean ups I mean hilly. These are mainly in the second half and one ‘blaster’ just before the end which really sucked the energy outta me before the final finish shute. That having been said there are several affirmation boards like Pause & Learn to distract you on your way so you can ‘pause’ and really soak up the atmosphere and forestry after doing the lung busting downs and killer up hills.
As much as I enjoyed ‘the route’ it was definitely an “off day” for me as I unusually struggled to get round the course but was determined to do it nonetheless as it was a special one. For those with the 5k App may has noticed there is a Fibonacci Sequence of numbers which correspond to certain Parkrun Event ‘days’ and today was an important one as it was #377 which is the penultimate sequence on the Fibonacci Code! more info here:
Finally we were advised that parking was £2:00 till 10:30 alas I wish more like £3:00 for 1 hour weekends but if you wanna spend a day and go for a walk after the run the price hike is quite considerable. But that's another story for another time. Alice Holt are a friendly bunch and they got the finish tokens down to a t. So my verdict 9/10 for course & volunteers I shall be back just can’t say when!
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