Melanie’s Run Report

Alice Holt Run Report (the special one) #377

Alice Holt is a 2-lap multi-terrain course comprised of woodland trails and cycle paths. Its pretty undulating too and unless you are feeling 100% you are gonna struggle on the ups and when I mean ups I mean hilly. These are mainly in the second half and one ‘blaster’ just before the end which really sucked the energy outta me before the final finish shute. That having been said there are several affirmation boards like Pause & Learn to distract you on your way so you can ‘pause’ and really soak up the atmosphere and forestry after doing the lung busting downs and killer up hills.
As much as I enjoyed ‘the route’ it was definitely an “off day” for me as I unusually struggled to get round the course but was determined to do it nonetheless as it was a special one. For those with the 5k App may has noticed there is a Fibonacci Sequence of numbers which correspond to certain Parkrun Event ‘days’ and today was an important one as it was #377 which is the penultimate sequence on the Fibonacci Code! more info here:
Finally we were advised that parking was £2:00 till 10:30 alas I wish more like £3:00 for 1 hour weekends but if you wanna spend a day and go for a walk after the run the price hike is quite considerable. But that's another story for another time. Alice Holt are a friendly bunch and they got the finish tokens down to a t. So my verdict 9/10 for course & volunteers I shall be back just can’t say when!

Milestones, smile-stones, it’s-been-a-while-stones

Paul Sinton-Hewitt, the founder of parkrun, has said that, whenever he visits a parkrun, he looks for the t-shirts – for the milestone runners, walkers and volunteers who have earned their white, red, black, green, blue and mauve insignia.

And so, while parkrun briefings are kept short and there can be no milestone mentions, we thought it would be an idea to celebrate those who have reached such a point in the last four weeks. After all, you’ve probably been waiting a while to get there!

(I have included non-t-shirt milestones, as I think you all deserve it! And I hope that I have identified everyone, but huge apologies if I have missed you.)

On 24th July, Jackie Smith ran her 50th parkrun. Jackie has run 48 of her (now) 51 parkruns at Alice Holt.

On 31st July, Christopher Millard, Paul Naish and David Harvey all did their 50th, Andrew Danson ran his 200th, and Annette Davies ran her 250th. Christopher has completed 48 of his 50 at Alice Holt; Paul has done 49 of 50 here; David 34 of 51; Andrew 171 of his 203; and Annette, wife of occasional Run Director Dan (349 parkruns) and mother of Carys (202) and Oscar (246), has run 161 of her 252 at Alice Holt! Come on, guys, show a bit of commitment!!

Annette was on 249 for over 16 months!

On 7th August, Marlon Driver ran his 150th parkrun, running 45 of his 151 here.

And on 14th August, Daniel Clayton, who is a JM10, ran his 50th parkrun, 41 of those at Alice Holt, with a best time of 29:23. Great work, young man!

David Johnston ran his 100th parkrun that day with 93 coming at Alice Holt. Dave Dring ran his 150th, 131 of those here. Terry Steadman ran his 200th with 182 of those coming at Alice Holt.

Also on that day, Gabriella Till ran her 250th with 157 of those coming at Alice Holt. I have a little inside knowledge here, and so I can pay tribute to the dedication that she, like so many young parkrunners, has shown – foregoing a student’s traditional Saturday morning lie-in to schlepp across Bath to run – as well as performing the New Year’s Day Double for seven consecutive years!

And Nick Whishaw did his 300th run, with 236 of those coming here. A familiar figure at Alice Holt, Nick is known for his genial, urbane presence and, more disconcertingly, his whoops of delight when tackling Dragon Hill!

The dedication implicit in these achievements speaks for itself. Very well done, everyone!


parkrun – restarted, rethought, reclad, resonant

by Steve Till

When we crossed the finish line of Alice Holt parkrun on 14 th March 2020, little did we think that it would be 16 long months before we could do so again. The storm at 5 o’clock on Saturday morning even made some fear that our scheduled 24th July return might be delayed further, but the thunder and lightning turned out really to be God’s celebratory drumroll and strobe effects, to usher in the restart of parkrun in England.

Parking at 8:30, one wondered what it would be like – the same but different, and perhaps even a bit emotional. Well, unlike before, we were encouraged to remain socially distanced; the briefing was briefer than before; and there were expected finish times posted along the start area, so that participants could seed themselves sensibly and minimise bunching and overtaking.


The volunteers did have very smart new pink hi-vis – that was different! And then, almost before any emotions could take hold, we were off – right on time.


The course remained the same, with the forest still as green and welcoming as ever. Weaving through it in our kaleidoscope of t-shirts, we were indeed the prodigals in our amazing technicolour dream-coats, returning to the home parkrun we know and love. Soon after halfway, inevitably, was Dragon Hill. Disappointed that the Alice Holt parkrun Core Team had not taken the opportunity of the lockdown hiatus to lop a bit off the top, we were breathing fire long before then anyway.


Our thighs singed and our hamstrings scorched by the beast, we stretched out down past the Gruffalo before finishing once more up the infamous last hill and throwing ourselves into the mercy of the funnel’s welcoming arms.

Finish tokens taken, we were scanned by phone app this time before wandering off in search of coffee, cake and further camaraderie. Catherine Timson was first finisher for the females, followed by Jennifer Cooper and Kate Larmer. The men were led home by Harry Boyd, Hamish MacLean and Sam Dring. Lockdown has had a multitude of effects on all of us – mentally, physically and emotionally – and it has been heartening to see politicians and sports leaders from time to time acknowledging the important part that parkrun plays in many lives – in all three of those vital dimensions.


In its most simple terms, lockdown has led some people to exercise more and some less. And the results are plain to see – in the results! I cannot name every personal best, but a few that caught the eye were Colin Addison, Nicky Hill and Ben Dakin. It was Colin’s 244 th parkrun at Alice Holt, and he beat his PB today by 22 seconds. His previous one
was set in 2014!

Nicky has run at Alice Holt 131 times, and today took 46 seconds off her two-year-old personal best. And Ben, one of our younger runners, took a whisker shy of two minutes off his PB today, leaving him on the brink of breaking 20 minutes. Well done to everyone who set a personal best or participated for the first time today.

More than that, well done to everyone who finished, and an even bigger well done and thank you to our volunteers. The event simply could not go on every week without volunteers, so please do consider putting yourself forward for a role from time to time. It is great fun; it is super-friendly; and it makes you feel great. But, as we all know, parkrun is so much more than just a physical outing. It exercises bodies, yes, but it also offers a meeting of minds, a lifting of spirits and an aligning of hearts. We meet old friends; we make new ones; we cheer each other on; we smile; we chat; we connect.

That is why it is so important.

And that is why it is emotional.

A friend of mine got the 6am ferry over from the Isle of Wight, where she had recently moved from Alton, because she did not want to miss the Alice Holt restart – proudly wearing her 250 t-shirt for the first time, into the bargain!

Another friend who had buried her mother the week before, made sure she attended – to honour the memory and to put down a baseline for her own restarted fitness campaign.
People I had not seen since 14 th March 2020 smiled, waved and immediately struck up the warmest and most animated of conversations, as though the intervening 16 months had never happened.

And two ladies towards the back of the field jokingly called for the defibrillator as they finished. It was their first run, they said, and, wow, what about those hills, but they would be back. Those are the sort of reactions that parkrun inspires. In my humble opinion, there are very few events in human life were everything is positive, where there are only winners, and where everyone goes away enriched – enriched perhaps by a new personal best, maybe because they ran all of the way up Dragon Hill for the first time, or perhaps just because of a lovely coffee and chat afterwards, or maybe even because of something as simple as a kind word from a stranger as they passed on the trail.

Oh parkrun, for all of those positive reasons, and so many more, how we’ve missed you – and we’ll never take you for granted again!


327th Alice Holt parkrun Run Report

Alice Holt take over by HBAC 8th June 2019

On Saturday 8th June 2019 Alice Holt parkrun hosted a “takeover” by Haslemere Border Athletics Club.
The club flags were flying in the wind and as many volunteer roles as possible were undertaken by members of HBAC – this gives the club volunteers a chance to see what goes on 'behind the scenes' at parkrun and hopefully enjoy it so much, they'll want to come back and volunteer again! Some members were in the club vests and t shirts running the course, there was a complete mixture of speeds, ages and abilities represented, much like parkrun itself!

After the main run brief by RD Lisa, the Chairman of HBAC, Bob Monteath talked a little about the history of the club, how it has been going for 60 years and a bit about what HBAC has to offer. It is very friendly; inclusive and provides a wide range of running opportunities ranging from straightforward recreational running to competitive races of all distances, road and off road.
My son Max and I have only been members of HBAC for a few months and although we both regularly volunteer and have done over 50 parkruns each (many at Alice Holt) we have never taken part as club members. Both are completely inclusive, and we feel as equally welcome at training night as we do on a Saturday morning at 9am when its “parkrunday”.
Alice Holt parkrun is a beautiful forest trail with many undulating surfaces, and as we had recently had rain, was not without its share of muddy puddles. It is always interesting to see who are the splashers and who are the avoiders, I’m afraid I am very much a splasher, apologies to anyone running near me!
Another thing parkrun is famous for is cake at the finish, Alice Holt and HBAC did not disappoint, cake was in abundance, washed down by a hot fresh coffee in the café.
There were 327 people taking part at this event, 11 of which it was their very first parkrun. 57 runners achieved a new course PB (including myself and Max!) with the first finisher, Richard Lovejoy crossing the line in 18.08 minutes. David Jarrett was the first male HBAC runner at 19.06 and Philomel Bennet the first female in 22.06.
Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning morning to help this wonderful event to happen. If you would like any more information on HBAC please go to


Thanks to the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: David BATEMAN, Philomel BENNETT, Helen BLAKELEY, Lisa BLAYDEN, Thomas BURR, Frederik BURR, Evelyn BURR, Mike CATHCART, Paul CROAD, Marco DE CAPRIO, Tom DELLAR, Kathryn Marie ELMER, Lorraine HERRING, Rupert HOLLOM, Jo JAMES, Stephen KING, Jake LOWRY, Robert MONTEATH, Deborah PARRY, Dominic PERKINS, Suzanne PERKINS, Kathryn POWELL, David ROY, Karen SINCLAIR, Andrew STEELE, Craig TATE-GRIMES, Ann VARNES, Clair WADEY, Andrew WAREHAM, Rebecca WAREHAM, Nick WHISHAW, Tim WHISHAW, Christine WILLIAMS

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Alice Holt parkrun #320 run report

Alice Holt parkrun # 320, a birthday surprise!

Guest Run Report Writer: Laura Hodge

Home parkrun: Ashton Court (Bristol) 

This week called for a special bit of tourism and Alice Holt certainly did not disappoint. 

We set off from Bristol on Friday night for a surprise weekend away I’d organised for my better half’s birthday.  Thankfully his royal birthday-ness (Carl) has a simple request each year, parkrun tourism, so it’s up to me to pick a suitably fabulous destination. 

I’d picked Alice Holt parkrun this year as it’s got a great reputation and has been on Carl’s wish list for while.  Managing to keep the location under wraps was madea bit easier when Carl fell asleep en route, this meant come Saturday morning he still had no idea where we were!

Arriving at Alice Holt in the morning a very happy birthday boy and I received a super warm welcome from Dan and the team.  The friendly atmosphere of the run shone through, an Easter Egg hunt for the under 11’s had also been organised – I decided perhaps I was a little too tall to sneak some chocolate! 

So to the run, what a beautiful course!  Running through stunning woodland paths in beautiful sunshine, it’s easy to see how Alice Holt has a reputation as a ‘must do’ course.  The route is varied and has a few nice hills to get the heart rate up!  My favourite moment was about 4k in, on a downhill stretch the sun beaming throughsurrounding trees creating a stunning effect.  It’smoments like that which remind me why I love parkrun and love tourism.  

After the run we sat outside the café and enjoyed a delicious post parkrun brekkie.  Continuing the birthday celebrations, I settled on the large Lumberjack’ option for Carl but he was eventually defeated!  A quality breakfast is a must-have so Alice Holt really does tick all the boxes.

Here we go, lining up in the sunshine3EF12A04-3AE9-4B78-AC68-296273AEB513

On to the results:

50 wonderful people did their first Alice Holt parkrun, and of those 21 were running their very first parkrun ever – welcome to the family!

A big well done to Jenny BRAIN who completed her 50th run and Richard ‘Shep’ SHEPPARD ran his 100th Alice Holt parkrun – congratulations!

Last but not least, special thank you goes to this week’s dream team of volunteers, without whom Alice Holtparkrun could not take place:

Caroline FISHER  •  Carys DAVIES  •  Charles WALTERS  •  Cyra PARKES  •  Dan DAVIES  •  Douglas BLYTH  •  Emma HILL  •  Geoff BROWN  •  Isabel JAMES  •  Janet HEYS  •  Jo JAMES  •  Justin CLARKE  •  Laura HODGE  •  Libby MALLETT  •  Nicky HILL  •  Peter MALLETT  •  Phil BUCKLEY  •  Stephen LAVERY  •  Susan HAMMOND  •  Terry STEADMAN  •  Trevor NASH

If you would like to get involved contact the team through the Facebook page or email  You can also now pop your name down on the volunteering board at the start/finish area each week.

Thank you all again for the warm welcome, can’t wait to return!

Laura Hodge


This week's results can be found at latest results

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313th Alice Holt parkrun Run Report

A is for Alice Holt

It’s 7am on Saturday morning and there’s definitely a reason to wake up. You’re thinking parkrun, right? Well, yes (and then cake to follow!) As I keenly messaged my parkrun group of friends bright and early, the classic slogan, ‘parkrunday – previously known as Saturday’, I think they sensed my excitement as 9 of us got ready, car pooled and went on a road trip to embark on our A-Z tourism.

We’re all from Portsmouth so we’ve had the luxury of many a flat waterside parkrun should you ever venture our way for your tourism! Southsea is the joint flattest parkrun in the UK if you fancy getting your S and, very easily, a parkrun PB, but in our case, we ran for the hills! And may I say, what an absolutely stunning parkrun you have. We left in glorious sunlight and then seemed to enter a film set of atmospheric mist, serenity and beautiful dogs!

After a brilliant first timers’ briefing, we set off amongst the 312 parkrunners; and there’s something quite exhilarating that comes with not knowing where you are, the more you lose you bearings*, the more thrilling the run.
*only within the parameters of parkrun!

The volunteers couldn’t have been lovelier and more supportive and the whole experience was one of the best. Chatting, running and laughing with your best friends in a haven of tranquillity and natural beauty is no doubt one of life’s precious moments. To take yourself away from the hubbub of a city and the noise pollution of a motorway should never be underestimated as it’s evidently food for the soul and no doubt a reliever of stress, not to mention the generous giver of endorphins.

As our group gradually finished and waited for our friend tail walking, we congregated at the top of the hill to cheer people on for the last stretch. Huge congratulations to all of the first timers - an amazing effort to begin your parkrun journey with a route with many inclines but so many strong finishes! I hope you come back, and how lucky you are to have this as your hometown parkrun - there’s no doubt we’ll be back! But for now, on to our B…Bognor! I miss you already, Alice Holt. Thank you for welcoming us with your big conifer arms!

Alice Holt 1

Alice Holt 2


308th Alice Holt parkrun run report

The Life of a Tourist

The days of a lie-in on a Saturday are a distant memory. You know you’ve become a true parkrun tourist addict when your Saturday morning alarm clock is set earlier than your alarm clock for getting up for work in the week – though let’s be honest, it’s far easier to get up for a parkrun than it is for the daily grind! This week, it was Alice Holt to obtain an A for the Alphabet challenge (complete one parkrun starting with every letter of the alphabet).

A 5am alarm clock, throw on the running gear, a quick breakfast, run for the bus and before you know it you’re on the 06:53 train from Waterloo darting its way to the middle of Hampshire, a mere 75km journey this week. We’re due to arrive in Bentley, a small Hampshire village, at 08:02, but there is still a 3km walk to get to the start as well so the schedule is another tight one, but we’ve been here many times before!

Eventually pulling into Bentley Station at 08:08 means we’re already a little behind so the key at this point is to take the correct turn out of the station. What looks like a road on Google Maps, turns out to be a path over the train tracks itself. Thankfully, a reassuring sign on the other side of the tracks points us on our way.

Alice Holt signpost the path to Alice Holt

We follow some trails and the “Yellow road” and, finally, relief, as we arrive at the starting point with 15 mins to spare. Overall, it’s a good 35 minute walk from the train but is certainly possible to visit Alice Holt by train.

The crowd is building and the conversations are already following. Regulars busy catching up with each other for perhaps the first time this year, uber-tourists in their distinctive cowls introducing themselves to each other and swapping tales of their madcap parkrun adventures and the amazing volunteers busily preparing for the event ahead.

In total, there are an aesthetically pleasing 333 runners this week, ably supported by the 27 volunteers. A fair sized chunk of us head over to the first timers run briefing. There are a very impressive 22 runners completing their first ever parkrun today (welcome to you all) and another 29 First Timers at Alice Holt. There are a few groans when we’re warned about Dragon Hill (so named as it drags on for ages) but we’re all keen to get started if only to keep the chilly morning at bay.

run briefing

On to the Run Briefing and there are some impressive Milestones this week. I can’t remember them all but two really stood out. Ben DAKIN running his 200th parkrun today. Hugely impressive given he’s in the JM11-14 category, he must’ve been born running!

Huge congratulations to Alice Holt regulars Ian CARLEY and Cyra PARKES who recently visited Zandvlei parkrun in South Africa for their Z and got engaged. The power of parkrun knows no bounds! Very many congratulations to you both!

On to the run itself. Alice Holt consists of a shorter first loop, followed by a longer loop. It’s a tough course with an elevation of 277ft. The surroundings are stunning, but it’s hard to enjoy the forest at its finest with all the hills to contend with.

running through the woods dragon hill

Not only that, the hills seem to get harder as the run progresses. This course really does require you to leave something in reserve for the final stages. Also in the closing stages are a few figures appearing randomly in the forest. The Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s Child, Stick Man, Owl and Rat were all spotted whilst gasping for breath.

running through the woods stick man

Fortunately though there are some flat sections too and a few opportunities to take photos on the way around. I’m not sure I’d want to wander to far of course on this run, you could easily get lost in these trees whilst whistling “Robin Hood, Robin Hood”.

the trees at Alice Holt

Finishing the run is always the goal, and it feels great to complete this one, especially after completing a few flatter courses recently. As always, the fantastic and supportive volunteers really do help you get to the finish!

The Life of a Tourist means you get to see some great parts of the country you would never otherwise visit. I’m certainly glad we visited Alice Holt today and hope one day to return here and explore the area again. Until the next time, keep on running!

Some statistics from this week:

This week 333 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 51 were first timers and an incredible 91 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:
Andrew CALDWELL • Andy CLEGG • Ben O'CONNOR • Carmen MCTERNAN • Cheryl SACKS • Cyra PARKES • Douglas BLYTH • Folusho OLUSANYA • Gary JAMES • Geoff BROWN • Harvey WICKHAM • Helen WALTERS • Hugo WERNHAM • Isabel JAMES • Jess WYATT • Jo JAMES • Kate MARSHALL • Katie SNELSON • Kerry SCOTT • Libby MALLETT • Lisa BLAYDEN • Mary HEARN • Michael CROFT • Robert CLARK • Rupert HOLLOM • Sam WICKHAM • Stephen LAVERY

This week's results can be found at latest results

Robert Clark & Folusho Olusanya
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307th Alice Holt parkrun run report

Alice Holt parkrun #307, 5 January 2019

A great day of running, jogging and walking was enjoyed by 366 Alice Holt parkrunners in the venue’s 307th event. This was the 14th highest, helped in a very small part by me and 10 other Finch Coasters descending on this lovely venue to do a bit of mass running club parkrun tourism. This was my first run here and I loved it! Alice Holt was one of 581 UK parkruns this weekend, which saw a new record of 168,413 parkrunners participating alongside 13,248 vital volunteers. Talking of high-viz heroes, we had 25 of them this week to ensure that the event can take place. Thank you all! If you would like to help make Alice Holt parkrun happen, the team would really appreciate your help. You can get involved using this email address -

Today was the 307th Alice Holt parkrun. Some famous, rather random and perhaps useless facts about other 307 include:

  • 33 parkrunners have run exactly 307 parkruns
  • Charlotte MARIOSA finished in 307th place today in a time of 35:01
  • The Peugeot 307 was awarded the European Car of the Year title in 2002
  • The 307th ever parkrun to start was Doncaster parkrun in September 2013
  • Francesco Totti scored 307 goals for his only team, Roma

Welcome to the 67 parkrunners who ran their first ever Alice Holt parkrun today. Of those, 30 were brand new to the parkrun family participating in their first (of hopefully many more) parkruns. James HUMPHREY, Geoff LOWRY, Daniel DAWSON, Rebecca HURLOCK, Rachel Eleanor MURRELL, Mike PINK, Claire ASTON, Suzanne ECKFORD, Amy SORRELL, Ella AYLING, Matthew GREGORY, Caitlin SMITH, Andrew PAPWORTH. Ian WILKES, Kerri WILKES, Toby ARROWSMITH, Matt ARROWSMITH, Katie AMBROSE, George CLACK, Peter CLACK, Thomas FRANCIS, Gary CRESSWELL, Lucy HANBURY, Elizabeth HANBURY, Graham KING, Wayne FORSTER, Caleb KING, Linda DICKER, Tegan DOBBS, Catherine IRVING join 43,685 people who became parkrunners somewhere in the world this weekend.

At the other end of the spectrum we were joined by six runners who have completed more than 250 parkruns. Timothy CUMMINS (360), Darko CALINA (346), Victoria DICK (338), Terry COPELAND (330), Neil BAUSOR (311), Geoff BROWN (274) and Ben O'CONNOR (258). Amazing and thank you for joining us.

Jon FAIRS was first finisher today in his 13th Alice Holt parkrun. This was the ninth time Jon had finished in this position on this course. Sarah Hill was first female finisher in 2nd place overall and also earning her the highest age grade of the day with 81.87%. Thomas TAYLOR was first junior home with a time of 21:14 and a shiny new PB.

75 very clever Alice Holt parkrunners managed to set a new PB today. Well done to you all! Howard INNS can now order his 100 t-shirt after Saturday’s run. Well done Howard. Four juniors got their 10 landmark. Well done Edward NICHOLLS, Anabel FICHARDT, Arun MENDUM and Oliver RUSSELL. Lots of running clubs were represented today including 35 Farnham Runners, 16 Haslemere Border and 11 Finch Coasters.

This week's results can be found at latest results

Paul Jenkins
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parkrunner Discount Did you know if you show your athlete barcode in the Alice Holt cafe you can get a 10% discount? Why not stay after your run and have a chat with your fellow parkrunners or volunteers!
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306th Alice Holt parkrun run report

Alice Holt parkrun #306, New Year’s Day, 1 January 2019

It wasn’t that many years ago, if you’d told me I would happily get up early on a brisk Saturday morning in January, and go for a 5km run before breakfast, and that there might be a few hills involved, I’d have laughed in your face. And then gone back to sleep. These days, however, I seem to be a changed person. Something has happened to me. Well, parkrun has happened to me.

So there I was this lovely New Year’s Day 2019, along with hundreds of other similarly enthused people, clearly not too many sore heads among us from New Year’s Eve revelling (or at least extremely well disguised, if there were any!), at Alice Holt Forest. For some, this was their second parkrun of the New Year already, as this is that most hallowed of days in the parkrun calendar, the only day when you can complete TWO parkruns in one day. Runners and volunteers alike had hot-footed it from nearby parkruns that started at 9am, for the Alice Holt parkrun at 10:30. For me, we’d come straight from visiting friends for New Year’s Eve, and couldn’t make a 9am event, but 10:30 was the perfect time to get my 2019 running habit underway. Meeting up with a fellow parkrun tourist Lesley (we enjoy visiting as many different parkrun events as we can, having met on the UK parkrun tourists’ Facebook page) who had just completed Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun at 9am, we listened attentively to the First Timers Briefing (déjà vu for Lesley, as the lady giving the briefing had just done the same duty at Hogmoor Inclosure as well - that’s a dedicated volunteer!) to learn of the course route and usual parkrun protocol notices. Many yellow ‘cow cowls’ and ‘cow bob’ hats were to be seen among the field, the universal symbol of membership of the unofficial UK parkrun tourists’ group – it’s a great way of introducing yourself to fellow runners who have completed at least 20 different parkrun events.

Then on to the main pre-run briefing by the Run Director. He acknowledged many visiting runners, including some from Australia, and there were rounds of applause for many with birthdays or doing milestone runs (Ginette EMMONDS and Joanna O'CONNOR did their 100th run, Millie SAKER, Matt SAKER, Daniel HARE and Michael LOVEGROVE ran their 50th and Michelle RIVETT was running at her 200th different parkrun location).

New Years' Day Run Briefing

This is exactly the kind of warm-up motivation that a field of a few hundred runners need to fire them up for the next 5km. And then off we ran, in to the forest paths of Alice Holt Forest. The park itself is beautiful, and the sun came out as we got underway. The course takes you along a mixture of stony trail paths and dirt trails through the forest, with some stunning wooden sculptures that form a Gruffalo trail which kids love to explore, and there were many families out enjoying the park too on this fine day.

The first lap is slightly shorter, and just before we reached 2km the familiar sight of the visitor centre and volunteer team in their glorious hi-vis appeared through the trees as we reached the clearing. On to the second (longer lap) we take an extended route through the forest this time. We had been warned – there is a fairly substantial hill on the second lap of the course. They weren’t wrong! That hill, though, was somewhat gracefully masked by the course taking a turn into the bright sunlight as we approached it, meaning you couldn’t quite see how long it was, and the feel of warm sunshine on our faces was lovely. The undulating paths provide a great balance of gentle downhill sections, where you can get a good running rhythm going, and some challenging uphill sections. Those taking part in their second parkrun of the day are to be particularly admired, to be tackling those hills after about 7km of running already that morning! And so to the finish… a relief to come out of the trees into the clearing to the encouragement of the volunteer team and getting to the finish funnel… and no surprise that the café in the Visitor Centre was full to the brim of happy parkrunners, refuelling with some delicious breakfast fayre – from pastries or porridge to full English breakfasts (New Year’s parkrunners’ breakfast of champions), comparing parkrunning notes and discussing different events.

I’m always delighted by the atmosphere and camaraderie of parkrun wherever I go. Alice Holt on New Year’s Day is no exception and was made even more enjoyable I think by the numbers of people there, the atmosphere of the event, the friendships being made and extended on this celebratory day, and by the enthusiasm and support of all the volunteers. I thoroughly enjoyed Alice Holt and will definitely visit again sometime.

I have been filming some of my recent parkruns on a GoPro, with time-lapse footage, so that potential parkrun participants can see the various courses and terrains before they visit and get some idea of the variety of events. Here’s my GoPro time-lapse from Alice Holt this morning: (and all the others I have uploaded are on the same playlist).


A new attendance record of 523 at Alice Holt beating the previous record of 464.

268 People ran at Alice Holt after completing a parkrun earlier in the day. Runners came from the following locations:

Hogmoor Inclosure (151)
Rushmoor (84)
Guildford (17)
Basingstoke (14)
Dinton Pastures (1)
Winchester (1)

There were 150 first timers and 41 runners recorded new personal bests at Alice Holt, of whom 14 were running their second run of the day. A special mention goes out to the following runners who recorded PBs at both of their events on NYD!


Special mention also goes to the following runners:
Victoria DICK – Most consistent time for both runs on NYD - 3 second difference!
Jack HOUGHTON - Biggest improvement in time - 14:47 faster at Alice Holt than Guildford
Richard HAMMER & James WHITE - Furthest Travelled (Dinton Pastures and Winchester respectively)

This week's results can be found at latest results

Helen Rees
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303rd Alice Holt parkrun run report

Tourism at Alice Holt

This weekend I was visiting my brother in Alton. I didn't want to miss my weekly parkrun fix so he suggested I have a go at the Alice Holt parkrun, I believe he has done it once himself and my nephew had done it 3 times. My 2 local parkruns at home, one is a flattish there and back and the other is a double looper with few inclines in it. So I was interested to see what Alice Holt was like, last time I came down in summer it was cancelled and I tried Hogmoor Inclosure, an undulated sand track parkrun, not my favourite.

I arrived at the forest in time to introduce myself to run director, and listen to all the briefings. Started off enjoying the pleasant surroundings. Then after mile 1 discovered Dragon Hill, steeper hill than I'm used to, took my time up the hill and continued on around rest of course, wasn't bothered about time was enjoying the experience of trying different parkrun. Everyone was really friendly and helpful and route was scenic but challenging will definitely do it next time I'm down now I know what to expect. Loved the added bonus of 10% off at cafe so I enjoyed hot chocolate and toast after run.

This week's results can be found at latest results

Claire Johnson
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Your Core Team:- Paula - Geoff - Kathy - Sarah - Mark - Craig - Dan - Lisa - Rupert - Andy
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parkrunner Discount Did you know if you show your athlete barcode in the Alice Holt cafe you can get a 10% discount? Why not stay after your run and have a chat with your fellow parkrunners or volunteers!
Groovy wristbands/plastic barcodes Are you a frequent parkrunner, or does your barcode regularly fail to scan or you're having problems with your printer? If so, you should consider getting some wristbands or barcodes. Make our scanners lives easier and be the envy of all of your parkrunner chums!

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