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Please be advised that new parking restrictions will apply on the small crescent-shaped parking area near the exit from Alexandra Palace station. This will be on days when Spurs are playing at home, and is connected with the shuttle bus service to the new stadium. It appears that the temporary restriction will apply throughout the day, so you may risk a penalty if you park in the coned area. Just a warning!


Event 371- 13th April 2019 Time for a coffee!

Great excitement this week as we trialled the attendance of Daniel Molloy's cafe2U mobile coffee shop. Last time we had a coffee van at Ally Pally parkrun, it had closed down before I finished timekeeping, so I was in the queue early, and enjoying my soya latte while 353 people were out running the summer course. Let's hope we can make this a regular feature.

It was a perfect day for running, bright and sunny with a spring nip in the air and even an April shower. We welcomed 41 people visiting us for the first time, and there were 37 new PBs.

Many thanks to the 15 volunteers who made it possible. Don't forget that the summer course needs more volunteers than the winter course to keep everyone safe. Ideally we need a minimum of 15 per week to manage the event safely and efficiently.

Results were as follows:

Fastest Men: Stephen Fabes 18.02, Jason Lawrence 19.28, David Dugdale 19.37

Fastest Women: Sue Rust 22.11, Amelia Allen 23.37, Nicola Vallins 23.55

Fastest Juniors: Ben Ryan 22.56, Sara Rourke 24.23, Hamish Parkin 24.44

Best age grade: Helen Mayer 80.93%, Mike Hurford 80.85%, Caroline White 80.56%

Congratulations to those who achieved a milestone run this week: Joel Romaner and Anne Ramsden 150, Gaby Johnson 100, Jude Habib and Tania Skelli 50. Well done!



Event 363- 16th February 2019 Another historic occasion

When 49 runners and 5 volunteers met to run the first ever Ally Pally parkrun on 3rd Dec 2011, who would have thought that the event would see its 50,000th finisher? But today we reached this milestone with 308 spirited runners and 20 very efficient volunteers.

Unfortunately, finisher 124 failed to register a barcode, so the 50,000th finisher is officially Unknown, although the word on the street is that the elusive runner was Matthew Riley. Congratulations to him for this completely random achievement!

Congratulations also to those who reached a personal milestone, Ally Pally stalwarts, David Pratt on his 50th parkrun, and Andy Hall and Rolf Greg on their 150th.

The weather was fine with a springlike feel, although I had a minor panic the night before when I consulted the weather forecast to see a predicted temperature of -5 degrees; fortunately this was in Reykjavik where I was last weekend!  Ground conditions at Ally Pally were certainly drier than last week, but still not dry enough to revert to the summer course.

Results were as follows:-

Fastest men:  Matthew Devlin 17.17 (in his first appearance at Ally Pally), Will Frost 17.53 (inspired perhaps by achieving his 100th last time?), Matthew Munro 18.15 (also doing his first at Ally Pally)

Fastest women:- Rebecca Bunting 18.17 (in fourth position overall), Kat Alpe 19.55, Jennifer Wing 22,27

Fastest Juniors:- Charlie Johnston 19.30, Janak Subberwal 21.19, Ben Ryan 21.45

Best age grade: Rebecca Bunting 81.77%, Helen Mayer 81.55%, Mike Hurford 81.26% (all Ally Pally regular champions in the age grade stakes)

Many thanks to all the volunteers for doing the technical work necessary to produce everyone's results and to keep us safe during the run, as well as doing all the practical preparation and clearing away.

Here's to the next 10,000 finishers at Ally Pally




Ally Pally parkrun CANCELLED – 2nd February 2019

Please be advised that we inspected the course at dusk today and have decided to cancel the run on Saturday 2nd February due to snow and ice on all our courses (main and alternatives) making it unsafe for parkrunners and volunteers. Apologies for any inconvenience caused but the health and safety of parkrunners and volunteers must come first. Please forward this message onto anyone who is thinking of coming to avoid disappointment.

Our plan is to return next week 9th February (weather permitting)!

Ally Pally parkrun team


Whoop Whoop its the sound……..


Whoop Whoop its the sound........

As many of you well know, parkrun does seem to attract the more middle aged participant. So I have started this report with the well known words of 90s Hip Hop act, KRS One, and say hi and welcome to some officers from the Met; the police service not the Opera. They visited us this morning as part of community outrreach work. Alas my request that they taser parkrunners allowing their dog off the leash was politely declined but they have said they will be visiting again and next time they might bring their running gear

Hello to Chris Speers who completed his 100 today and of course all the volunteers who helped wrangle over 370 parkrunners to the finish line today.

As always thanks to everyone who took part and see you all next week,




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