We interrupt this parkrun

As we are all too well aware Saturday 21st March will see a complete suspension of parkruns across the planet. We all know why, and we all know that anyone turning up at 9.00 on a Saturday morning to run the course will be going against everything that parkrun has asked of us. 

So ... what to do? There is the promise of the Great Big parkrun Quiz - as previously shared - and a variety of virtual events elsewhere. We are going cautiously into this but we will be monitoring our Twitter (@AlPalparkrun), Facebook (Ally Pally parkrun) and Instagram (allypallyparkrun) feeds between 8.55 (pre-run briefing) and 10.00 or whenever the tail walker finishes. If you want to post on social media then please tag us with #allypallyparkrun and we will try to get a community feel going. We are all aware that parkrun is for many people more than just the run but is the opportunity to meet other people, and to have a chat and a laugh outside of normal life. So if you are feeling a bit bereft please do join us. Let us know if you have been for a run, jog, or walk, or if you have any keep fit tips, or just a picture of you and your coffee. 

We’ll see how it goes and try to keep our little community going over the weeks ahead. If you have any ideas in this area do let us know.

In the meantime look after yourselves and look forward to Ally Pally parkrun 415 whenever that may be.

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