Whoop Whoop its the sound……..


Whoop Whoop its the sound........

As many of you well know, parkrun does seem to attract the more middle aged participant. So I have started this report with the well known words of 90s Hip Hop act, KRS One, and say hi and welcome to some officers from the Met; the police service not the Opera. They visited us this morning as part of community outrreach work. Alas my request that they taser parkrunners allowing their dog off the leash was politely declined but they have said they will be visiting again and next time they might bring their running gear

Hello to Chris Speers who completed his 100 today and of course all the volunteers who helped wrangle over 370 parkrunners to the finish line today.

As always thanks to everyone who took part and see you all next week,





Running with resolution – Event #358

A combination of new year's resolutions and perfect running conditions ensured a strong turnout for our run this morning - 331 runners and a full complement of volunteers.  Our 47 registered first timers included 17 parkrun debuts. As a first Saturday in the month, this was a paced event, so special thanks to all our pacers who together covered every time from 22 to 33 minutes.  New year's resolutions apply as much to organisers - hence getting this report written and published on the day of the event!

The most quotable statistic of the day has to be the number of new Personal Bests: 79 - very nearly a third (actually 32%) of the participants who had run here before.  I imagine it was partly down to the conditions, and partly the impact of having pacers to chase. Well done to all, whatever the reason.  Special mention among the PBs has to go to Archangelo Power, who has run here over 150 times.

Looking at individual fastest times - the first three home were Tom Cowling (18:03), Thomas Avery (18:28) and Marcus Craven (19:03) - two PBs and a first timer between them. In fact the first six were all first timers (2) or PBs (4) - so Paul Collyer in 7th was the first person to finish without setting a new personal best time!

The first woman to finish was Lily Woolcock (21:05), followed by Monique Sapla (21:38) and Jennifer Wing (21:46). Monique and Jennifer both featured in a rare cluster of very close finishers - 15 runners within 20 seconds between 21:30 and 21:50 - stress testing our timers and token handlers at the finish line even before the first pacer came home.  They of course passed the test!

Although the first Saturday of the new year traditionally has a high turnout, the following weekend has always (bar one year) been even higher. So keep up the resolutions and the training - and see you next week!



Happy New Year – Event 357- 01/01/2019

The New Year's resolutions got off to a great start as 270 people completed Ally Pally parkrun on 1st Jan. Most enjoyed an extra hour's lie-in before our 10am start, but a small band were gluttons for punishment and came hot-foot to the start line after already running a 9am parkrun elsewhere. Well done to all, and keep it up.
We were honoured to welcome Mark Presland from Great Lines who was completing his 100th parkrun, and Jose Zalabardo, Oliver Nicholls and Kim Noble who were all achieving their 50th.
Results were as follows:
Fastest men: Kit Grierson (17.29), Unknown runner, Michael Cockings (18.31)
Fastest women: Rebecca Bunting (18.20, 3rd overall), Lily Woolcock (21.33), Cheryl Sacks (21.53)
Fastest juniors: Eric Beale (21.17 and a PB), Joe Ewbank (21.23), Ben Ryan (22.01)
Best age grade: Rebecca Bunting (81.55%), Gavin Evans (80.79%), Mike Hurford (80.03%)
Many thanks to all the volunteers who made the run possible.
Back to normal this Saturday, which will be a paced event.


Ally Pally #355: Elves and milestones

A grand total of 234 parkrunners enjoyed lovely winter running conditions to complete the 355th running of Ally Pally. Well marshalled by elves, the runners included not just a Santa (really good effort, Dominic!) and Ken from Brisbane (now that’s proper tourism!) but also two Ally Pally regulars completing significant milestones.

Richard Nichols ran the first Ally Pally parkrun on 3rd December 2011 and today completed his 250th run, an impressive 238 of which have been here at Ally Pally. Completing his 100th run today was Nick Ryan, an almost ever-present with the rest of the Ryan family at Ally Pally in the last couple of years. Well done both!

Also acknowledged was Matthew Sheldon who recently completed 100 volunteering stints – another fantastic effort.

A big thanks as ever to all the volunteers who made today’s run and all the other Ally Pally parkruns possible. If you’d like to volunteer any time in the next few weeks – Sat 29th Dec (9am), Tues 1st Jan (10am) or Sat 5th Jan (back to 9am – pacers also wanted for this event!), please send an email to allypallyhelpers@parkrun.com.

If you’d like to see which parkruns in London or elsewhere are holding events on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, check the Christmas & New Year Compendium at www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events.

The only thing left is to wish all Ally Pally parkrunners a very Happy Christmas!


Baby it’s cold outside.

At last we come to the time of year when we separate the parkrunners from the also ran's. With a gentle but cold breeze most of us volunteers lost the use of our fingers  through numbing cold by about 8:55h! But no matter, the parkrun went ahead. Although the cold weather thinned the herd down to the most committed park runners we were delighted with a field of 219 runners who braved the cold. These were not just the club runners who live to run and stride around the course like antelope. Also us mere mortal parkrunners who are just trying to burn off last night's chocolate biscuits showed up in large numbers. In my humble opinion its the getting out on a Saturday morning when you can, whatever the weather, that makes you a committed parkrunner. This morning I was proud to see so many of you out for your weekly dose of parkrun.

We will be running as normal on the Saturdays during the holidays and have a New Years parkrun at 10:00h 1/Jan/19. We will not be doing an event on Christmas day but I believe some local parkruns will happen on Christmas day so check their websites for details.

Until next time have a good few weeks .



Ally Pally parkrun 346 – 06/10/2018

A big welcome to all those who joined us for the 346th Ally Pally parkrun.  We had extra volunteer support from London Heathside - some of our regular runners belong to this club and it was great to meet more of them.  Also a big thank you to our pacers today - this meant it was particularly valued having more hands on deck.  If you would like to volunteer next week, please get in contact.

If anyone finds a front door key around the start / finish area, please let us know and we have a phone handed in last week (and other less exciting lost property too - please check!)

Always good to meet friends old and new.  Glad we missed the rain,

Until next week, Rosie




An interesting day for ally pally parkrun

Today was an interesting day for ally pally parkrun. The preparations for the Kaleidoscope festival next week have already started and this meant we had to use the emergency summer course. Our ED Catherine first had to herd over 300 parkrunners to the new start-line; which did feel a little like she was leading one of the many marches that London played host to this week. (Chanting: ‘What do we want? A PB. When do we want it? Today’). For those of you that know our normal course we just used the bottom half of the normal summer course meaning that the steep climb on the muddy slope and the equally steep decent back were cut out. It turns out the omission of both these challenging sections were enormously popular. The good news is that the more accommodating course combined with a clearly very serious/committed runner resulted in a new course record of 15:42, congratulations Paul Martelletti.
For the rest of us mere mortals we must give a shout out to Charlene from Tooting and Clapham group who visited us today to do her one hundredth park run. Congratulations also to Kitty who celebrated her tenth birthday with a her tenth parkrun, and tourists from Washington DC and the Pineto parkrun in Rome.
And finally a massive thanks to Di and Marc for helping Lizzi out.

There is no parkrun in ally pally next week, 21-7-18, as we will be basking in the majesty of the Flaming Lips who are headlining the Kaleidoscope festival taking place in the park. Personally I think I need to visit Finsbury park as the internet tells me its my “nenyd” (nearest event not yet done) and it adds F to my alphabet, but I do like a visit to Hampstead Heath. Oh, Decisions! Decisions!



Event 327 12th May 2018

Weather and conditions were good as 320 parkrunners completed the summer course, with the essential help of a strong team of 18 volunteers. Thanks to the numbers of people volunteering in advance, we were able to provide marshals on the course throughout the event, which creates a much safer environment, so well done to the volunteers.

Results were as follows:

Overall and male finishers :  1st Philip Nind         2nd Peter Gould       3rd Nathan Martin

Female finishers   1st  Gabrielle Taylor (junior)   2nd Katherine Hipwell   3rd Gail Mackie

Juniors    1st Daniel Geiger      2nd Eric Beale       3rd Joe Ewbank

Age Grade   1st Helen Mayer   2nd Mike Hurford     3rd Sue Eedle

Advance warning:  There will be no Ally Pally parkrun on 21st July, due to the Kaleidoscope Festival in the park.

We seem to be missing tokens  11 so , if you have it please bring it back.





It’s May already

A lovely sunny day for our record number of runners and walkers. 376 crossed the finish line, happy, hot and a small splattering of mud, led by our monthly pacers who paced beautifully and on time. I heard quite a few positive comments. So well done pacers.

Our fist three over the line were

Gary Towers
Peter Gould
Joseph Mckeown

Our first three females were

Jennifer Wing
Tammela Platt
Alice Waddingham

and a PB from our first junior Daniel Geiger.

What a lovely morning for Dominic Smith and Thomas Griffiths to run their 100th, Jenny Coombs to ran her 50th. Congratulations to you all.

A massive thank you to our band of volunteers, as we say every week and it is still true, without you there would be no parkrun. There was a moment of panic this morning when I thought there would be only 3 volunteers doing all the jobs, timer in one hand, scanner in the other and marshalling the corners, but luckily we had a few on the day offers so crisis averted. That said, a massive thank you to Matthew Sheldon, who did the first runners briefing, sorted the pacers and then ran home to get his watch so he could pace and then helped at the end. You certainly earned your breakfast !!

If you can volunteer and let us know before Saturday, it would help greatly and avoid high blood pressure for the Run Director. To volunteer just email allypallyhelpers@parkrun.com

One small favour, actually a big one, if you have gone home with any of our position barcodes, can you please return them.

Have a great week, only 7 more sleeps til the next parkrun.



Event 324 – 21st April 2018

Event 324 was full of a record breaking (well for Ally Pally anyway) 356 parkrunners, 39 of which were joining us for the first time, who welcomed the return to the summer course. The sun was out and they were ready along with 20 volunteers. Whilst most of the course was firm underfoot, one area in the woods was extremely muddy. Thank you to everyone for following instructions and running in single file through this point, it made for a safe and fun event.

Milestones and celebrations

Edie Viljoen (parkrun junior) – 10th parkrun – a great achievement!
A special good luck goes to all those running the London Marathon.

Run Results
Male placings:
1. Ben Norris – 17:30
2. Chris Mattinson – 19:44
3. David Dugdale – 20:12

Female placings:
1. Amy Hadley (first timer – 28th overall) – 22:47
2. Angharad Harris (first timer – 53rd overall) – 24:11
3. Louise Dwyer (first timer – 61st overall) – 24:28

Even though the summer course is found to be more challenging, there were still 10 personal best times achieved.


Thank you as always to our brilliant volunteers who make the event possible:

Andres Arana Garcia
Janet Smith
William Griffiths
Matthew Sheldon
Bethan Sheldon
Wendy Appleby
Tim Fletcher
David Houlton
Dominic Smith
Ed Tytherleigh
Shane Langan
Clare Goodman
Stephanie Burns
Cassidy Ashworth
Andy Dawson
Louie Mekler
Haleema Stone
Musa Stone
Sean Marsh

Become a volunteer at least three times a year. If you are worried about the tasks, don't be as they are all very simple and you will receive a briefing on the day. Please also encourage your friends and family to get involved. Anyone interested should get in touch with us at allypallyhelpers@parkrun.com. We also have a signup sheet on our event days. We would love to hear from you!

See you soon!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/allypallyparkrun
Twitter: @AlPal_parkrun

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