Event 345 29th September

The weather was dry and bright, and those able to look around as they ran had a beautiful view of the palace from the bottom of the field.
Congratulations to Bethany Wright and Joanna Kerr Williams who both chose this ideal day to achieve their 50 milestone.
Many thanks to all the volunteers, including some who responded to an appeal from the start line to take on scanning (Sarah Johnson, if you see this, please let us have your barcode ID so we can credit you).
Top results were as follows:-
Men: Ed Spencer 18.06, William Griffiths 18.25, Rory Wagstaff 18.44
Women: Kath Hipwell 23.29, Gail Mackie 23.35, Michelle Brister 24.22
Juniors: Benjamin Simanowitz 22.09, Ben Ryan 22.14, Eric Beale 22.28
Age grade: Mike Hurford 80.24%, Caroline White 78,97%, Lee Connor 74.75%
The lost property bag was opened as a free-for-all and the residual items have been taken to a charity shop. It immediately filled up again with a fresh lot of lost property, so please check it if you left anything behind this week. If you left anything prior to that, feel free to cruise the charity shops of Muswell Hill!
This Saturday is International Parkrun Day, and we are looking forward to a full quota of volunteers as our local Heathside Running Club are volunteering en masse. It is also Pacing Week, so you can challenge yourselves even more than usual.
See you there


Event 344 22nd September

In spite of heavy winds, the course was remarkably clear of obstructions, other than numerous conkers, and it was a pleasant day for running.
Thanks to a highly-skilled team of volunteers, 362 runners were able to take part, including visitors from as far away as Poland, Edinburgh and Gloucestershire.
First men home were Darryl Davison 17.54 (4th time in 4 runs at ally pally), Ed Spencer 18.00 and Joel Northcott 18.48.
First ladies were Bethan Everson 20.32 (first run at ally pally), Sue Rust 21.17 and Lily Woolcock 21.20
Fastest juniors were Ben Ryan 22.36, Charlie Johnston 23.43 and Franklin Ashworth 23.54.
Best age grades were Mike Hurford 79.50%, Caroline White 78.97%, and Carl Heap 74.13%
Well done to May Edmondson who cracked last week's anagram competition. "Bored mice at noon" translated to the well-known parkrun phrase or saying "No barcode, no time".
Many thanks to volunteers Louis Mekler and Vincent Azmi, who have recently completed their 6-month Duke of Edinburgh award volunteering slots with us.
Weather permitting, the lost property bag will be "free for all" next week, so if you want a new wardrobe, arrive early.


A series of uneventful events.


For various reasons I will not bore you with, today was my first attendance at a Parkrun for five weeks (and yes I am suffering from both withdrawal symptoms and weight gain). The last time I acted as run director(RD) we had to do an emergency course change at the last minute. So I was hoping for an uneventful morning and it appears that the gods of Parkrun saw fit to smile upon us today.

The course was dry, the ground soft enough to place course flags in it easily, the weather was clement and the Parkrunners were, as always, delightful. We had some milestones; congratulations to Rob Shulman who reached 100 while Peter and Anthony reached 50. Also a special hello to the parents who brought their adult daughter to a Parkrun while here on a visit from the Arrow Valley. I bet your daughter thought she had outgrown being dragged out of bed on a Saturday morning to do stuff when she flew the nest. I hope she enjoyed her first Parkrun and that we see her at many more in the future.



25th August 2018- Event 340 Locals reunited, and travellers from afar

It was a beautiful morning for our Bank Holiday weekend run, which saw the return of some ally pally locals from summer travels and from our enforced bit of parkrun tourism last week, when we were cancelled.

Our numbers were swelled by tourists from as far away as South Africa, Wales, Dublin, Wigan and Brighton, to name but a few. We were slightly low on volunteers, but thanks to people stepping in at the last minute, we managed to get by.

Special thanks to Cass Ashworth, finishing his 6-month stint as a Duke of Edinburgh volunteer; he has been a great addition to the volunteer team, and we hope to see him remain with us as a runner.

Results were as follows:

Fastest men : Ed Boden 18.35 , IJuan Eugenio Iglesias 18.50, Andrew Edge 19.27

Fastest women: Eilidh Wagstaff 21.13, Hayley Young 24.45, Caroline White 25.16

Fastest juniors: Daniel Geiger 20.09, Hugo Cox 20.56, Theo Boden 22.50

Best age grades: Helen Mayer 80.38%, Mike Hurford 79.30%, Adri Hartveld 77.80%

We will be culling the lost property in the next few weeks, so , if you think you have lost anything, please check the bag next week, after which it will be a free-for-all and/or charity shop trip for the remainder.



Ally Pally parkrun – 2nd June 2018


Ally Pally parkrun is such a lovely beginning to the weekend - or at least that’s what I hope the 32 first timers thought.  To my surprise, the midges didn’t eat me and hopefully not the 294 people who covered the lovely summer course with its variety of mud (baked hard and soggy) grass, slopes and flat, ably helped by our wonderful volunteers – covering every job imaginable, from pacing to packing up.  Maybe it was a pacer who helped you keep going, or the cheers - thank you all very much to all the volunteers.  Is 33 a record?  Not sure, but it made my life much easier and hopefully next week will be equally plentiful (and it's me again!). 


Congratulations to David Sheldon for reaching his 50th, milestone (v proud of my boy!) to the 41 PB's and hope to see you next week.  If you're finding it harder to run in the heat, remember to be kind to yourself - I'm still slowly chasing my PB from 2014!




Event 329 – 26th May 2018

Conditions were good for the summer course, and 337 runners completed allypally parkrun today.

An unknown runner stormed home in 18.01, but unfortunately did  not bring his barcode. 2nd was Ed Spencer and 3rd Matthew Cockerill

For the women, Jane Faram came in in 19.59 in her first run at allypally. Lily Woolcock was 2nd and Ruth Forbes 3rd.

Fastest junior was Stanley Brown, visiting from Finsbury Park, in 20.52, followed by Daniel Geiger and Joe Ewbank.

Best Age Grade scores were Helen Mayer with 80.44% ,  Caroline White and Matthew Cockerill.

Congratulations to Pippa Faulkes who was completing her 100 milestone

Many thanks to all the volunteers without whom this wouldn't be possible.



Found card 12th May

A  lost card was handed in today, possibly belonging to GH, If you have missed it, please could you email allypallyoffice@parkrun.com



Did you know about….Victory for Catherine

Catherine Edeam, your allypally parkrun lead director, set herself a new standard recently, when doing another 'double' marathoner. On September 29th, she ran the Berlin Marathon, setting a new personal Best time of 3.32.36. One week later, as seems to be her habit, she did the whole 26.2 mile thing again - but this time over a far more challenging course at the Isle of Wight. The results? She stormed through to win the women's race by a margin of 13 minutes, in 3.36.04! A hearty congratulations from all of us at allypally parkrun goes to Catherine, who was obviously pleased that her training had paid dividends.


Catherine Does the double

Our race director and the lead of the core team Catherine Edeam achieved a super milestone in her running this month by completing two marathons back-to-back over the bank holiday. Perhaps overcoming fifty-two milestones would be a more appropriate way of describing this incredible success.

True to her word and commitment, following a promise in December 2012 she had made to herself, the ultimate prize of achieving two marathons in as many days somewhat tentatively hung in front of her at times over the four months she set herself to prepare.

Training was never going to be easy. Let’s face it not many people could imagine doing one - never mind two marathons - ever - and this was to be in just two days.

The first hurdle was the snow and ice, which came in the middle of her build up to the challenge. Juggling a full time job plus 4 or 5 extra evenings a week as an aerobics instructor, the target was seemingly moving further and further away as days then weeks of frozen out conditions passed by (remember all the cancelled parkruns!!!?).

There was no turning back for Catherine though, who returned to a her self-styled training regime and began again to clock up mile after mile on Saturdays and Sundays, running 10, 13, and 15 miles back-to-back in a schedule befitting of only the most resilient. In the final few weeks she was hitting 20 mile runs on both weekend days, as well as somehow managing to participate or volunteer at our parkrun at Ally Pally.

Time moved on, and with one week to go, Catherine was perfectly poised for the attempt, with all her training completed on time. She did the right thing, what some say is the hardest step of all, and took a break in the final lead up. She knew it was going to have to be a matter of not just easing off, but preserving every single ounce of energy for this incredible double. “In fact I did barely anything that week” she told me.

Carbo’ loaded and race ready, Catherine stood robust on the line - first it was to be Richmond Park Marathon on Sunday 5th May. It was the first warm weekend of the year, and the sun rose high in the sky during the race whilst Catherine blazed through incredibly - at least until mile 23. At this point the tough trails and terrain of the park that had previously been second nature to her (being a regular at Ally Pally, what else would you expect?) suddenly told a different story and she knew that the fast time she was heading for was going to have to be compromised slightly. Overall second female at this point, she dropped to 4th before crossing the line in 3 hours 39 minutes. It was still a PB although she had wanted bigger glory; painfully witnessing two females steal places from her so late in the race. She was not beaten yet though.

Now just imagine having been through near hell and back over 26.2miles of hills and turns in the first heat of the year. You are devastated at the late stages of the race by dropping two places, you get home, wake up the next morning, and, while your legs feel like they just don’t want to move never mind run - you then have to do exactly the same thing again. And she did. It was back to the start line for another go at the marathon. This was her second comeuppance. An opportunity to obliterate any negative thoughts about her previous achievement that may have been lurking in her mind which was already set on achieving only the highest standards. Keeping herself well watered between events and continuing to carbo’ load with nutritional drinks, she hauled herself through the Milton Keynes event, never looking back. “This time”, she told me, “it was just a matter of keeping going. I knew I just had to complete - it was definitely not the time to look for a PB again!”.

The conditions were again going to test her though, as the temperature soared into the mid-20’s, forcing her to dig deep into her reserves. In what must have seemed an endless 4 hours 25 minutes on top of months of training, planning and the metaphoric and literal roller-coaster race of the previous day, she pressed on, totally unforgiving to her head and legs, and finally reached her ultimate destination - as the champion of 52.4 miles of racing in just two days!

Well done Catherine - for the record, that’s nearly 17 park runs - it would take the most frequent of all parkrunners four months to do this. Truly amazing! But then we are all at least a bit special at Ally Pally,...so come and join us...whether you just want to watch, help out, just get around or run with the wind...there’s a place for everyone. And if you’re lucky you can probably even get to meet Catherine in person.


Allypally parkrun – Event 58 02/02/13


Due to a technical error we were unfortunately unable to record times for those runners who finished in positions 12 -50. Please accept our apologies for this.

If you recorded your own time please could you email us at allypallyhelpers@parkrun.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Barcode
  • Finish position
  • Time

This will help us to fill in the gaps, and by doing so you will also help those runners who didn't record their time ( but know their position) to estimate their time. Please can you email us with this information before 7pm on Tuesday 5th February.

Once again please accept our apologies for this malfunction.


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