By the rivers of Babylon- Event 411 – 8th Feb 2020

Despite Thames Water setting up a substantial encampment at the start area, the course retains it's own waterjump to keep runners on their toes. Thankfully, the temperature was mild so no skating was required this week, and 330 runners completed the course.
We welcomed visitors from various other parkruns including Fantastic Mr Fox on Tour from Maldon. We are expecting a whale and a dolphin next week.
Congratulations to everyone for your stoicism and good humour in dealing with the current environmental problems on the course.
Unfortunately, on behalf of the management we need to raise 3 issues of concern:-
1. For 2 weeks running we have received complaints that slower less experienced runners have been pushed when being lapped by faster runners. We appreciate the difficulties with the top path being constricted by mud and water. However, we need to remind all runners of the following:-
Parkrun is a run not a race
It is a community event and not a running club.
It is totally unacceptable for anyone to be pushed/barged/moved aside by another runner. Where this happens by accident, the onus is on the pusher to stop and check the pushee is OK.
Please be considerate to other runners and park users. There is more to parkrun than a PB.
2. As mentioned at the briefing, a volunteer had their bike stolen from under our noses last week. We therefore need to remind people that items left at the start are left at your own risk. If you come by bike (which is encouraged), please lock up your bike to a tree, where it will not be in the way of runners. If you leave a bag at the start, please take any valuables out and take them with you on the run. If you park your car in the vicinity, do not leave any valuables in it.
3. In spite of us mentioning this every week, our position tokens are constantly depleted by people taking them away. A set of tokens costs over £100 to replace; please stop it.

On a more positive note, we are are building up a fantastic group of regular volunteers, who are confident in doing a range of tasks. So today we are celebrating them. Thanks to Sarah and Andres on timers, Rupert, Wendy and Pippa on tokens, Shay managing the funnel, Ruth doing the Beginners briefing, Vix, Roger, Ceri, Sophie, Jenny, Susan and Stephen marshalling, Jess, Sonia and Tom scanning, Anne and Rodger token-sorting, Stephanie tail-walking and Shane helping pack the trolley. We are always delighted to welcome new volunteers.
Many thanks


Ally Pally parkrun 407

Ally Pally parkrun 407

Another Saturday, another new record attendance of 444 as we benefited from all those January resolutions on what is becoming a traditional weekend for high numbers We weren’t the only ones with over 80 parkruns and junior parkruns hitting new heights, including several of our neighbours. A warm welcome to the 33 new parkrunners who joined us. We hope you will soon be doing that “difficult” second run or walk. If you really try you could just about qualify for a red milestone T-shirt by the end of the year!

Bearing in mind that our attendances tend to rise by the odd two or three we have to give huge thanks to our volunteers who had to cope with an additional 38 parkrunners over last week’s record. An emergency double funnel was instituted at short notice and seems to have worked well. Thank you to everyone who helped by following instructions. A slight shuffling of the positions had to be dealt with during processing, but everyone got the right time. Please remember that once you have crossed the line you need to stay in the funnel and collect a finish token. Ducking out of the funnel causes a lot of headaches for the results processors as the timings and positions get out of synch. If you don’t want your time recorded either don’t cross the line, or just take a token and hand it in at the sorting table.

With these higher numbers it would be great to have a few more volunteers so that we can manage the finish area and keep marshals out on the course for whole event. If you are new to parkrun you can opt in to receive our volunteer emails via the link in your results email or via the Ally Pally parkrun website.

Joining our 33 newbies were 45 first time visitors, who were equally welcome. There were 38 PBs recorded in what were still testing conditions, although not as testing as the Metropolitan League cross country course held later in the day. If you see any photos do not fear - we do not use that particular hill! Our top path is muddy and narrow enough as it is, and Storm Brendan won’t have helped with things for this coming week. (Although as I write the sun is actually shining!)

Congratulations to the following on reaching milestones:
10 parkruns (junior): Alexandra Staebe, Johnny Reeves
50 parkruns: Diane Saxby, Matthew Hopley
100 parkruns: Kate Howe, Mark Colwill

Our first finishers were:
1 Al Pelmont 17:41
2 Chris Palfreman 19:03
3 Leo Burningham 19:17

First female finishers were:
45 Lia Tibenham-Crofts (JW15-17) 22:50 (New PB)
55 Claire Morris 23:16 (First time at AP)
84 Lottie Higgins 24:30

First juniors were:
11 Janak Subberwal (JM11-14) 20:54
24 Eli Jay (JM15-17) 21:46 (First parkrun)
38 Ben Ryan (JM11-14) 22:23

Our top age grades were:
Mike Hurford (VM60-64) 80.77%
Leo Burningham (VM50-54) 77.70%
Tal Pelmont (SM18-19) 74.55%

All the details can be found here:

If you are reading this with a view to visiting us in the near future, or if your route involves arriving via Alexandra Palace station then please be aware that East Coast Upgrade works are taking place. Crucially this means there is no service to AP over the weekends of 25-26 January and 29 February-1 March. Other weekends will have amended services, including this week. Check before travelling! At least Tottenham are away so we don’t need to worry about parking restrictions.

Fingers crossed for more sunshine and a lot less rain - and a full volunteer roster.



A New Years Double

Ally Pally parkrun 405 & 406

As is our custom we saw the New Year in with two parkruns in quick succession which not only gave a number of people the chance to do the New Years Day double but also saw our first Saturday event of the year set a new attendance record. We have also been blessed with a good turnout of volunteers at both events and would love to see this become a trend in the weeks and months ahead.

We, like many other events up and down the country, have been affected by the very wet winter and it is to everyone’s credit that a sensible approach is being taken on the narrower and more treacherous parts of the course. We have had a few falls so do take care, and once again we thank those who stop to help their fellow parkrunners and in some cases abandon their own runs to give assistance. Fortunately everyone has been able to leave under their own steam.

Event 405 - 1st January
We had 274 finishers of whom 35 did a double combining a 9.00 run at Grovelands (21) or Highbury Fields (14) with us. In addition at least one of our volunteers did a run/volunteer double. Amongst the doublers was young David Sheldon following firmly in the family tradition and clocking up his 99th & 100th runs. We were joined by 14 new parkrunners and 55 first time visitors. A very creditable 32 PBs were recorded given the date and the conditions.

The following recorded milestones:
10 parkruns (junior): Lia Tibenham-Crofts
50 parkruns: Matthew Cartledge, Sarah McPake
100 parkruns: David Sheldon

25 volunteering events: Christian Sailer

Our first finishers were:
1 Carl Fiford 17:50 (New PB)
2 Peter Gould 17:58
3 Luke Kavanagh 18:31

First female finishers were:
8 Rachel Thomas 19:18 (First time at AP)
51 Tallulah Jeffes (JW15-17) 22:56
56 Lia Tibenham-Crofts (JW15-17) 23:05

First juniors were:
13 Harry Glyn (JM11-14) 19:35 (First time at AP)
23 Samuel Lindsell (JM11-14) 20:37 (First time at AP)
51 Tallulah Jeffes (JW15-17) 22:56

Our age grade top three were:
Sue Eedle (VW60-64) 78.68%
Mike Hurford (VM60-64) 78.40%
Ed Boden (VM45-49) 77.70%

Which brings us to event 406 (4th January) and although a large number of participants was expected it is unlikely that anyone thought there would be a record turnout. Rather neatly we had 406 finishers thus beating our previous high (set last June) by two. This event was also notable for the high number of pacers covering nearly every minute between 20 & 40. Despite the congestion on the upper path they helped 43 of our finishers to a PB. Starting the new year with a first ever parkrun were 18 beginners and we had 40 more experienced participants making their first visit. As usual we hope you will join us again soon. Slightly disappointing was the 44 unknowns.

We had one milestone with John Hillan reaching 10 parkruns (junior). Congratulations also go to Andrew Thomas who set a new age category record of 17:22 in the SM18-19 category.

Our first finishers were:
1 Andrew Thomas 17:22 (First time at AP)
2 Samuel Anderson 17:51 (First time at AP)
3 Thomas Grimley 18:33

First female finishers were:
23 Eilidh Wagstaff 21:22
47 Anna Cawdron 22:31
51 Lia Tibenham-Crofts (JW15-17) 22:53 (New PB)

Our first juniors were:
9 Janak Subberwal (JM11-14) 19:51
16 Charlie Johnston (JM15-17) 20:25
39 Matthew Sheldon (JM11-14) 22:02

Our age grade top three were:
Caroline White (VW60-64) 80.89%
Leo Burningham (VM50-54) 79.14%
Mike Hurford (VM60-64) 77.15%

Congratulations to all those named above and to every single person who has run, jogged, walked, and volunteered so far this year. Here’s to the next 50 weeks!

All our respults can be found here:



Event 404- running off the Christmas dinner

There was a slightly lower turnout of 214 runners but this was a  comfortable number for the small band of very efficient volunteers who offered their services.

The weather was pleasantly mild, but conditions still muddy.

First runner home was Spike Blake (J11-14) with a storming run. He was followed by Doug Rendle and Matt Collins.

First three ladies were Mimi Black (J15-17, in 9th place overall), Alana Mann and Lia Tibenham-Crofts (J15-17)

We celebrated a special milestone as Matthew Sheldon reached his 250th parkrun, while still in the J11-14 category. Matthew also has over 100 volunteering credits, and is one of the few people able to fold up the parkrun banner, so is a great example to us all. He also brought cake!

Two other Ally Pally stalwarts flew under the radar as they also achieved special milestones, Lee Connor on 200 and Susan Delgado on 100, and  Anja Richter achieved her 50th. Congratulations to them all.

The New Year resolutions can get off to a good start at our next event which is on New Year's Day. Please note the later start time of 10am.


Event 345 29th September

The weather was dry and bright, and those able to look around as they ran had a beautiful view of the palace from the bottom of the field.
Congratulations to Bethany Wright and Joanna Kerr Williams who both chose this ideal day to achieve their 50 milestone.
Many thanks to all the volunteers, including some who responded to an appeal from the start line to take on scanning (Sarah Johnson, if you see this, please let us have your barcode ID so we can credit you).
Top results were as follows:-
Men: Ed Spencer 18.06, William Griffiths 18.25, Rory Wagstaff 18.44
Women: Kath Hipwell 23.29, Gail Mackie 23.35, Michelle Brister 24.22
Juniors: Benjamin Simanowitz 22.09, Ben Ryan 22.14, Eric Beale 22.28
Age grade: Mike Hurford 80.24%, Caroline White 78,97%, Lee Connor 74.75%
The lost property bag was opened as a free-for-all and the residual items have been taken to a charity shop. It immediately filled up again with a fresh lot of lost property, so please check it if you left anything behind this week. If you left anything prior to that, feel free to cruise the charity shops of Muswell Hill!
This Saturday is International Parkrun Day, and we are looking forward to a full quota of volunteers as our local Heathside Running Club are volunteering en masse. It is also Pacing Week, so you can challenge yourselves even more than usual.
See you there


Event 344 22nd September

In spite of heavy winds, the course was remarkably clear of obstructions, other than numerous conkers, and it was a pleasant day for running.
Thanks to a highly-skilled team of volunteers, 362 runners were able to take part, including visitors from as far away as Poland, Edinburgh and Gloucestershire.
First men home were Darryl Davison 17.54 (4th time in 4 runs at ally pally), Ed Spencer 18.00 and Joel Northcott 18.48.
First ladies were Bethan Everson 20.32 (first run at ally pally), Sue Rust 21.17 and Lily Woolcock 21.20
Fastest juniors were Ben Ryan 22.36, Charlie Johnston 23.43 and Franklin Ashworth 23.54.
Best age grades were Mike Hurford 79.50%, Caroline White 78.97%, and Carl Heap 74.13%
Well done to May Edmondson who cracked last week's anagram competition. "Bored mice at noon" translated to the well-known parkrun phrase or saying "No barcode, no time".
Many thanks to volunteers Louis Mekler and Vincent Azmi, who have recently completed their 6-month Duke of Edinburgh award volunteering slots with us.
Weather permitting, the lost property bag will be "free for all" next week, so if you want a new wardrobe, arrive early.


A series of uneventful events.


For various reasons I will not bore you with, today was my first attendance at a Parkrun for five weeks (and yes I am suffering from both withdrawal symptoms and weight gain). The last time I acted as run director(RD) we had to do an emergency course change at the last minute. So I was hoping for an uneventful morning and it appears that the gods of Parkrun saw fit to smile upon us today.

The course was dry, the ground soft enough to place course flags in it easily, the weather was clement and the Parkrunners were, as always, delightful. We had some milestones; congratulations to Rob Shulman who reached 100 while Peter and Anthony reached 50. Also a special hello to the parents who brought their adult daughter to a Parkrun while here on a visit from the Arrow Valley. I bet your daughter thought she had outgrown being dragged out of bed on a Saturday morning to do stuff when she flew the nest. I hope she enjoyed her first Parkrun and that we see her at many more in the future.



25th August 2018- Event 340 Locals reunited, and travellers from afar

It was a beautiful morning for our Bank Holiday weekend run, which saw the return of some ally pally locals from summer travels and from our enforced bit of parkrun tourism last week, when we were cancelled.

Our numbers were swelled by tourists from as far away as South Africa, Wales, Dublin, Wigan and Brighton, to name but a few. We were slightly low on volunteers, but thanks to people stepping in at the last minute, we managed to get by.

Special thanks to Cass Ashworth, finishing his 6-month stint as a Duke of Edinburgh volunteer; he has been a great addition to the volunteer team, and we hope to see him remain with us as a runner.

Results were as follows:

Fastest men : Ed Boden 18.35 , IJuan Eugenio Iglesias 18.50, Andrew Edge 19.27

Fastest women: Eilidh Wagstaff 21.13, Hayley Young 24.45, Caroline White 25.16

Fastest juniors: Daniel Geiger 20.09, Hugo Cox 20.56, Theo Boden 22.50

Best age grades: Helen Mayer 80.38%, Mike Hurford 79.30%, Adri Hartveld 77.80%

We will be culling the lost property in the next few weeks, so , if you think you have lost anything, please check the bag next week, after which it will be a free-for-all and/or charity shop trip for the remainder.



Ally Pally parkrun – 2nd June 2018


Ally Pally parkrun is such a lovely beginning to the weekend - or at least that’s what I hope the 32 first timers thought.  To my surprise, the midges didn’t eat me and hopefully not the 294 people who covered the lovely summer course with its variety of mud (baked hard and soggy) grass, slopes and flat, ably helped by our wonderful volunteers – covering every job imaginable, from pacing to packing up.  Maybe it was a pacer who helped you keep going, or the cheers - thank you all very much to all the volunteers.  Is 33 a record?  Not sure, but it made my life much easier and hopefully next week will be equally plentiful (and it's me again!). 


Congratulations to David Sheldon for reaching his 50th, milestone (v proud of my boy!) to the 41 PB's and hope to see you next week.  If you're finding it harder to run in the heat, remember to be kind to yourself - I'm still slowly chasing my PB from 2014!




Event 329 – 26th May 2018

Conditions were good for the summer course, and 337 runners completed allypally parkrun today.

An unknown runner stormed home in 18.01, but unfortunately did  not bring his barcode. 2nd was Ed Spencer and 3rd Matthew Cockerill

For the women, Jane Faram came in in 19.59 in her first run at allypally. Lily Woolcock was 2nd and Ruth Forbes 3rd.

Fastest junior was Stanley Brown, visiting from Finsbury Park, in 20.52, followed by Daniel Geiger and Joe Ewbank.

Best Age Grade scores were Helen Mayer with 80.44% ,  Caroline White and Matthew Cockerill.

Congratulations to Pippa Faulkes who was completing her 100 milestone

Many thanks to all the volunteers without whom this wouldn't be possible.


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