Ally Pally parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-08 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Ally Pally parkrun over the festive season

We will be holding events on the following dates:

Saturday 21st December 2019 at 9.00am as usual

Wednesday 25th December 2019 – NO EVENT

Saturday 28th December 2019 at 9.00am as usual

Wednesday 1st January 2020 at 10.00am - New Year’s Day parkrun - There will be an extra parkrun on New Year’s Day so why not join us and start 2020 with your parkrun family! Please be advised that the event will start at the later time of 10.00am.

Saturday 4th January 2020 at 9.00am as usual

It would be great to have a good turnout for all the events over the festive period so please do come and join us and spread the word to all your family, friends and colleagues. Also don’t forget to bring your barcode as these events will count towards your t-shirt count.

We will need volunteers for each of these events, so please get in touch with us at if you're willing to help out!

Thanks to all parkrunners and volunteers for their continued support throughout the year. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Ally Pally parkrun team


A poem for Catherine

If you were on the start line for our Anniversary event on 7th December you will have heard the news that after eight years Catherine is stepping away from being our Event Director. We will have more about this in our run report but in the meantime here is the poem that Jan Smith wrote in Catherine’s honour. So if you weren’t there or missed out on all the words then here you go ...

Catherine Edeam
She runs like a dream
5Ks just a stroll
Though good for the soul
She’s a marathon vet
An ultra - No sweat
She’ll do it with ease
And another one please

Supple and lithe
And not one to skive
She’s here every week
Stylish and chic
Her volunteer tally
Here at Ally Pally
Three hundred and four
No one has done more

If 5k makes you queasy
She’ll make it seem easy
No one is greater
As our motivator
She’s such a friend
To those at the end
Shouting her praise
To the waifs and the strays

If you want advice
Shell be there in a trice
On your knees or your shoes
Or which stretch to choose
For your D of E
She’ll asses you for free
Do as you’re told
You’ll soon have your gold

As a pacer we’re pvoudest
That she is the loudest
Her encouraging shouting
Dispels all self doubting
Her knowledge is vast
To help you go fast
Should your confidence flicker
She’ll make you go quicker

Thanks to this pioneer
We’re aII gathered here
Without our great founder
We’d all of us flounder
For fervour and loyalty
She’s true parkrun royalty
Most inspiring of chiefs
True to parkrun beliefs

But now its all ending
Her remits extending
We know she’s a flyer
Who’s born to go higher
As she follows her quest
We wish her the best
From the depths of our heart
Though we’re sad to part

As we cross the line
Let’s crack open the wine
As we raise a toast
To the one we love most
It’s not a platitude
Our deepest gratitude
From all your team
To Catherine Edeam



Ally Pally parkrun 400

Assembling for the start of Ally Pally parkrun 400

Ally Pally parkrun 400

Rather neatly our 400th event turned to be the final event of our 8th year due to the following week’s cancellation. Look out for a few anniversary related facts and figures in due course, but in the meantime and with apologies for the delay, here is a brief look back at Ally Pally parkrun 400.

Conditions were still tricky in places on the top path, but elsewhere it was all pretty good and again we had a cool, but dry morning. No real matters of import need reporting, although there was a cheer when a cycling parkrunner was reunited with the key to his bicycle lock! Matched by the cheer for a very small parkrunner crossing the line after most others had left.

We had 301 finishers with 11 beginners and 22 first time visitors joining us. Well done to the 58 who achieved a PB. Our thanks go, as ever, to all those who donned the yellow waistcoats and made it all possible.

Congratulations to the following on reaching milestones:
50 parkruns: Jonathan Halliwell, Nike Siffre

Our first finishers were:
1 Thomas Grimley 18:15 (New PB)
2 Leo Burningham 18:20
3 Ed Boden 18:22

First female finishers were:
42 Sophie McKeeman 22:25 (New PB)
58 Raphaela Papadakis 23:29
39 Anna Cawdron 23:29 (First parkrun)

First juniors were:
11 Janak Subberwal (JM11-14) 20:24
15 Roger Wilcox (JM15-17) 20:47
17 Eric Beale (JM11-14) 20:52 (New PB)

Our top age grades were:
Helen Mayer (VW65-69) 81.76%
Leo Burningham (VM50-54) 81.73%
Ed Boden (VM45-49) 79.67%

All the details can be found here.

Join us on December 7th when we start our fifth century of events and celebrate the 8th anniversary of the founding of Ally Pally parkrun. Be sure to arrive early for the pre-event speeches and presentations, and stay on afterwards for the cake and conversation.


Ally Pally parkrun 399


Ally Pally parkrun 399

After another wet week it was not so much a case of tiptoeing through the tulips but through the mud under grey but dry skies. On the whole everyone was terribly British and formed an orderly queue at the new single file section on the upper path. This has come to replace the bridge for those of us back in the pack. No doubt up at the pointy end they don’t have such issues. A polite “sorry” was heard on the second lap as one of the leaders hurtled past with a certain amount of splashing. Despite the inevitable hold ups this all causes we somehow managed to record 43 PBs amongst our 312 finishers.

As well as thanking all our volunteers for making it all possible we must note those who stopped to assist an injured parkrunner, and those who looked after her at the finish area. Fortunately the runner was able to leave under her own steam after the event.

We had a few finish tokens returned at the start, thanks to those who brought them back. Please do remember to return them once you have been scanned

We had 6 new parkrunners and 21 first time visitors join us. Hope you enjoyed it and that we will see you again soon. It’s always nice to see mentions and pictures on social media.

Congratulations to the following on reaching milestones:
25 volunteering events: Caroline Fletcher
10 parkruns (junior): Leila England
50 parkruns: Jacqueline Megitt, Peter Newsom, Simon Crine
100 parkruns: Keith Weir, Kim Burton

Our first finishers were:
1 Thomas Grimley 18:37
2 Rebecca Bunting 19:05
3 James Powell 19:05

First female finishers were:
2 Rebecca Bunting 19:05
11 Sara Black 20:56
39 Emma Davis 23:09 (First time at AP)

First juniors were:
5 Roger Wilcox (JM15-17) 19:48 (New PB)
12 Oscar Polack (JM15-17) 21:06 (New PB)
42 Gus Kendall (JM10) 23:16

Our top age grades were:
Rebecca Bunting (VW35-39) 78.60%
Sara Black (VW45-49) 76.59%
Costume Stavrianakis (VM45-49) 72.34%

All the details can be found here:

A reminder that we have our 8th anniversary event on December 7th when we hope to see as many of you as possible as this will be a very special event, apart from the cakes and pacers. No need to run, just be there!

In the meantime we have event number 400 to look forward to, followed by a week off to get ready for the party!


8th Anniversary Event – 7th December 2019

Ally Pally parkrun will be celebrating it's 8th Anniversary on Saturday 7th December 2019.

It would be great to see faces from the past and present, whether to run or volunteer, joining us in the celebrations. There will be a short presentation before the run which will be a pacing event. We would appreciate if people could bring cake, biscuits, refreshments e.t.c. to share in order to celebrate.

Volunteer pacers need to know the Ally Pally course well and run evenly paced well within their comfort zone (ideally a couple of minutes outside of your current PB pace) and will need to wear a hi viz vest. If you can help as a pacer please send us an email ( telling us your name, athlete ID and preferred pacing time between 20-40 minutes.

Please spread the word to your fellow parkrunners, family, friends and colleagues.

Hope to see many of you there!

Ally Pally parkrun Team