parkrun #120

There was an air of excitement at Alness parkrun today, Karen Penny (The penny rolls on walking Britain and Ireland) was taking a detour from her adventure to join us.  Her incredible adventure is taking her 6000 miles over 3 years to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK. You can follow her adventures on social media.


Karen Penny

This week we had plenty of volunteers so I grabbed the opportunity to run.

After a route check first thing I headed into the park to set up, it was a little windy, bright, dry and freezing cold! I was super excited about running and I think I might have mentioned it 1 or 100 times to anyone who would listen.


9.30 and we are off... keeping in the middle of the pack so I don't get carried we headed down to the trees, in my head I kept saying not too fast don't look at Richie or Alan, you won't enjoy it if you are trying to keep up! down the river path and under the underpass and hello wind! it pushed us down the pier where we saw the Alness cone and Martin the photographer hanging onto the pier for dear life. It was stunning down there - check out the great photos Martin took on our Facebook page.


The Alness cone

On the way back I didn't really feel the benefit of the wind my pace slowed a bit as I high fived everyone I could on the way back up with smiles and hello's for all our marshals. Running up by the river feeling not too much like I might die as I came into the park and up to the funnel I think I managed to smile at the lovely core team who were cheering me on.

I even managed a selfie frame photo at the end - still smiling


Check out this weeks results, there were still 8 PB's and 77 hardcore runners! Well done everyone.

Also a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who happily froze while waiting for us runners to finish just to get a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in Cafe Piccante.