parkrun #122

International Women's Day parkrun

Well after 2 cancelled weeks due to the weather it was soooo good to get back to normal and have the run on again. Pretty sure we have only ever cancelled four times in well over 2 years of events and then 2 in the last 2 weeks! But today - perfect conditions – still a little bit muddy in places, particularly through the woods, but superb weather after the rain stopped just as the run started and the sun came out with almost no wind (very unusual for the pier to be perfectly still) but all participants were appreciative I’m sure. 

To celebrate International Womens Day the Run Director duties were taken on by a man (me) for the day to allow our (almost unique to Park Run) all Woman Run Director team to actually run their own course !! The exceptions was Alison (who ran Stellenbosch Park Run in South Africa as she was away on holiday). Being the first Saturday of the month it was also Pacer week and all 5 pacers were women which obviously paid off as there were 17 PB’s this week – excellent stuff. Thank you to Cat (21 minute pace), Aileen (25 minute), Alison Simpson (visitor from Livingston)(28 minute)), Adele (30 minute) and Kirsty (35 minute) all of whom ran under their pace target - brilliant !!!

Our CONE seems to be getting increasingly popular with many laughs at the half way point and some visitors even wanting pictures with the lucky Pier Marshall – we love it !!!! We also had some visitor runners up who were doing the Inverness Half Marathon the following day (including one (Maciej Dubanowski)) who kindly acted as Marshal at point 4 for us and everything seemed to go smoothly as there were plenty of happy and smiling faces at the finish. Congratulations also to Frazer (11) and Finlay (7) who ran with Janice (their grandma) to add to the things they are doing to raise some funds to buy their aunt a better wheelchair to help her with her Huntingtons condition – well done both.

Lastly, thanks to Martin Caldwell for taking some great photos of you runners and the support staff around the course. All in all, great to be back with the event on and next week - back to normal with women running things – YES !!!!!