Andover parkrun is cancelled on 2021-01-23 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run Report – 469

Run Report – Andover parkrun 14/03/2020

For the second week in a row we were on our newly amended course, which consisted of a short lap and a long lap with a trip to our old friend the barrier. The course posed a problem for some of the frontrunners this time as they went the wrong way up the field, which resulted in me running down the field in my wellies in order to divert the next wave. A memorable experience for me I hope that the 340 runners and walkers also enjoyed it. The number of participants included 31 first timers 9 of whom completed their very first parkrun.

There were milestones in many different categories on Saturday. Congratulations to Amelia Noble for her 10th run, Lyndsey Kelly and Molly Carter for their 50th and also to Theo Channer, Jonathan Gwynn & Nick Collier for their 100th. All equally magnificent achievements. Many thanks to Nick, who celebrated by providing a big box of chocolates and to Rebekah Searle who brought flapjacks along.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Colin STOKES • Steve TURNEY • David CLEGHORN • Julie JACOBS • Helen JUDE • Ali PAY • Jade NEWSUM • Bas JACOBS • Kathleen WEYERS • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Alice BLOOR • Patrick CLARKE • Adam EARLEY • Louise BROWN

It was a brilliant performance by everyone involved and we couldn’t do it without them.

The conditions today resulted in 35 new personal bests. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week.

I write this after hearing the news that parkrun (alongside all similar events) has been temporarily cancelled due to the coronavirus. All the normal experiences that we take for granted, such as seeing running friends week to week, encouraging others around the course and clapping the volunteers and milestones are all things that we will look forward to doing again soon. In the meantime, stay safe and remain with those that you love. Hopefully it will not be too long before we return.





Event 468 run report

After a month of parkruns named after storms in the wind and rain, it was great to have conditions more suited to running. The course had taken on a lot of water in that time and needed resting in places. 352 of you were the first to run, jog or walk our new route consisting of a shorter first lap, followed by a longer second with a trip to the barrier and back. This route should take away the worst of the mud, a bit more tarmac, and more opportunities to see and encourage fellow runners and friends. It was great to receive so many positive comments afterwards and we aim to keep this route for the near future and as always will be monitoring the course.

For 31 of you the new route and better conditions helped achieve your fastest time at Andover, well done all of you. Without the long slog up the far side of the field a lot of comments said the route felt shorter, thats great but i can assure everyone it is exactly 5 km as i walked it twice with a measuring wheel in the week.

This weekend  parkrun joined with This Girl Can to celebrate  International Womens Day. This was another opportunity to bring a colleague, friend or family member along to parkrun. Welcome to 31 new runners to Andover parkrun especially 12 of you who made this week your first ever parkrun. We welcome first timers every week and always have a first timers brief, so if you couldnt make this week there is always next week.

Congratulations to James Baker and Peter Lock on reaching 50 parkruns and earning the red milestone t-shirt, and Kirsty North on 250 parkruns earning the coveted green milestone t-shirt, a great achievement.

It was fantastic to see so many new milestone t-shirts being worn with pride at this months photo.

I left the best to last so thank you to our amazing team of volunteers, all 28 of you not only did an amazing job but help create that friendly supportive atmosphere we love at Andover. You can volunteer at any age, 9 of this weeks volunteers are at school and all were brilliant. Under 11s do need to be accompanied by an adult. If you would like to give it a go check the roster at and send us a message when and what you would like to do at or our facebook page.

Enjoy your week




Event number 467 – 29th February 2020

Welcome everyone to this week’s special Leap Day run report. I’ve been coming to Andover parkrun for over 8 years now and I’ve not seen the park so waterlogged. I hope conditions improve soon. Despite the poor weather everyone finished without injury which is great. So well done to everyone who completed today’s Andover parkrun, a great effort.
Today 297 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 19 were first timers and 6 amazingly recorded new Personal Bests.
We are very grateful to our 21 marvellous volunteers who done a fantastic job in such horrible conditions making this week’s event possible. Our wonderful volunteers this week were: Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Sheila OLDACRE • Lewis JONES • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Ian BEVERIDGE • Wendy BEVERIDGE • Oliver NOY • Kathleen MOORE • Maurice KING • William TAVERNER • Bas JACOBS • Kathleen WEYERS • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Jack SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Patrick CLARKE • Louise BROWN • Martin KAIRYS.
A few Milestone T-Shirts reached today, so, congratulations to:
Giovanni JENSEN Jr 10th parkrun, Cheryl MORGAN 50th parkrun and Kirsty MARCHMENT 100th parkrun.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Andover parkrun Results Page.
That’s all folks. Hope to see you all next Saturday.


Run Report – Event #466

Wind, rain, mud. At the moment it wouldn’t be parkrun without them! A great effort by everyone, and there were plenty of smiles when it was all over ….

Thank you to the fabulous team of volunteers:

Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Simon EGGINGTON • Carole BURGESS • Colin STOKES • Ian BEVERIDGE • Kelly STOKES • Steve BRETT • William TAVERNER • Bas JACOBS • Kerry WARDELL • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Amelie SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Patrick CLARKE • Emma SHERMAN • Julie KALTON • Louise BROWN • George CHINN

Congratulations to Oliver Hicklin, Renee Broad and Jack Poynter who all reached their 50th parkrun – you’ll soon be able to claim your red milestone T-shirt.

See you all again on Saturday!




Run Report: Andover parkrun 465

Another weekend, another storm! This time it was Storm Dennis making an appearance, but we were very lucky to miss most of the foul weather on Saturday morning. Due to the storm there had been a number of cancellations, so we had plenty of visitors enjoying our course (at its most slippery - how five of you managed a PB is quite remarkable) - in all we had 40 first timers this week; I hope to see you again soon. We only had to make a few minor alterations to the course to accommodate the windy conditions, but we are very lucky to have a location that allows us to hold our event under most circumstances.

We had quite a few milestones reached this week, with Tom and Katie visiting from Winchester and Southampton respectively to complete their 100th parkrun at Andover. There were a few home grown 50s (Paul Miller, Lorraine Flaherty and Lucy Jones) and a special shout out goes to Julie McCabe for completing her 250th parkrun. Well done to you all, it’s great to see people coming back to parkrun each week.

As always, many thanks to the brilliant team of volunteers that braved the storm so that we could hold our event:

Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Lewis JONES • Colin STOKES • David CLEGHORN • Julie JACOBS • Oliver NOY • Jade NEWSUM • Laura HIGDON • Stephanie BENNETT • William TAVERNER • Bas JACOBS • Kerry WARDELL • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Kyle BECKETT • Rebecca MCCOY • Alice BLOOR • Patrick CLARKE • Julie KALTON • Jasmine KALTON • Rose NOY • Louise BROWN • George CHINN

You worked together brilliantly, so much so that I was able to process the results in record time up at McDonald’s (some of you may have spotted your text or e-mail confirming your time a little earlier this week). If you’d like to volunteer with us just drop us a message or e-mail and we’ll give you all the information you need, and will be on hand to provide training and support on the day.

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