Event 448 Run Report

It was always going to be a low turn out with England in the rugby World Cup final and it being half term but to add to that heavy rain and 50 mph winds really tested the urge to stay at home in a warm bed. It was great to see 134 of you brave the conditions and potentially getting your highest finishing position, and a magnificent team of smiling volunteers who we all really appreciated. We were joined by 17 first timers to Andover which included 3 making their parkrun debut.

Well done to Adam, Andrew and Louise who achieved pbs, if you can do it in those conditions then there are certainly more to come.

Harry Pannell earned his red 50 milestone t-shirt.

It wasn’t a day for hanging around at the start, ok I forgot the milestone t-shirt monthly photo so we will do it next week. I think getting started at 9.02 was appreciated though. We always aim to do the first timer brief at 8.50, the main brief at 8.55 and get going as soon after 9.00 as possible, please arrive in good time.

We were treated to some blue sky and sunshine at the end. Thank you Ali for tailwalking at the last minute.

A great big thank you as everyone remembered their barcodes meaning no unknown runners on the results and no missing tokens. Perfect timekeeping and barcode scanning all matched up with Rebekah’s number checking, results finished at 10.36.

We process the results upstairs in McDonalds once everything is packed up and put away. Feel free to join us for a coffee and a chat and maybe help with  the token sorting.

See you all next week and if you would like to volunteer send us a message.