Run Report 452

Run Report – Andover parkrun 30/11/2019

It was very cold on Saturday, but the weather did not deter the 279 runners and walkers. The number included 30 first timers to our event, with 13 completing their first ever parkrun. I hope that their experience was a positive one.

Congratulations to Sandra Blowers on completing her 100th parkrun and to young George Noy for his 10th. It was also nice to see Andover regular Jim Dundas get to his 400th parkrun. Not an official milestone, but mightily impressive.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Lewis JONES • Colin STOKES • Phil NORTH • Ian BEVERIDGE • Wendy BEVERIDGE • Kelly STOKES • Les BLOUNT • Lucy OTTLEY • Oliver NOY • Jade NEWSUM • Amanda SCOTT • Carolyn THOMSON EASTER • Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER • Bas JACOBS • Jack SEARLE • Miles HUGHES • Alice BLOOR • Paris JONATHAN • Yana OTHMAN • Louise BROWN • Martin KAIRYS

It was a brilliant performance by everyone involved, particularly in the cold weather. My hands were freezing and I was fortunate to be able to put gloves on, unlike many of the volunteers. I would like to give a mention to fellow RD Ian, who took over the results processing (helping Ruaridh) as I had to dash off.  There are a number of runs coming up, as we are staging additional events on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, so please check the volunteer roster and please support us in volunteering if you can. To do so please speak to a Run Director, message us on our Facebook page or email us at

The conditions today resulted in 20 new personal bests, which is good going. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week.

We will be staging another pacer event at Andover on 14th December. This is where some volunteers will be running to a specific time (e.g. 30 mins). This is a great way for you to try to beat that previous PB or set a fastest time for the year, should you wish to have a go. We will announce the pacers and times designated during the week.