New Year’s Day Report (Aka Event number 458)

As many of you know, parkrun allows you to take part in two events on New Year’s Day. Many of you that joined us at 9am (almost on the dot!) went on to complete one of the later events held at Eastleigh or Newbury. This included our very own Lewis Jones who completed his 400th parkrun at Newbury – congratulations on this achievement!

We welcomed 48 tourists to Andover this week and 11 first timers who are new to parkrun, we hope to see you all at another Andover event soon.

A massive thank you to everyone that volunteered during the busy Christmas and New Year period, your support has been very much appreciated.

This week’s magnificent volunteers were;

Ian OLDACRE • Sheila OLDACRE • Lewis JONES • Melody HUGHES • Gaynor BRINDLEY • Steve BRETT • Carolyn THOMSON EASTER • Bas JACOBS • Kathleen WEYERS • Ian MORRISON • Kyle BECKETT • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Catherine MASSEY • Elizabeth MASSEY • Alice BLOOR • Tracey MASSEY • Helen KILBY • Louise BROWN

We had one T-Shirt milestone this week; congratulations Andrew Gow on your 50th parkrun.

Many of you know how much Simon loves his statistics, so I’m sure he’ll be very interested to see how our numbers have increased year on year for New Year’s Day:

2013 – 46

2014 – 79

2015 – 101

2016 – 147

2017 – 182

2018 – 211

2019 – 313

2020 – 335

See you all on Saturday and if you would like to volunteer, then please do get in touch.