Run Report Event #460

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - no, not Christmas again!

I mean January; that busy first month of the year full of resolutions, plans, and for some, the RED (run every day) challenge. If you made coming to parkrun one of your resolutions then well done, you’ve taken the first step in joining a fantastically welcoming community. Run or walk, do a bit of both, we really don’t mind! 24 first timers this week took the plunge and did their first parkrun, we really hope you enjoyed our course and that you will return, whether that’s next Saturday, two weeks’ time, next month, whenever - we’ll be here.

Thank you to this week’s hi-viz heroes:
Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Lewis JONES • Simon EGGINGTON • Sandra BLOWERS • Colin STOKES • Matthew JEFFERY • Julie JACOBS • Andrew JONES • Steve BRETT • Carolyn THOMSON EASTER • Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER • Claire MCGILVRAY • Nicola JOHNSON • Karen COOK • Colin YOUNGER • Bas JACOBS • Kerry WARDELL • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Anna MCGILVRAY • Jennie COOK • Jane WHITING • Louise BROWN • Martin KAIRYS • Chloe HUGUENIN MAGUIRE

Congratulations to Jacob Kealey who achieved his junior 10 T-shirt, and Colin Cool, Alan Hockley, Joanne Walsh, Julie Kalton who all reached 50 parkruns. Also, congratulations to Nina Reynolds, whose black 100 T-shirt will be on its way soon, and to Dennis Doney who ran his 250th parkrun.

To those 31 parkrunners who achieved a new PB, hats off to you in the muddy conditions - great running.

Shall we do it all again next Saturday? Why not!