Run Report – 469

Run Report – Andover parkrun 14/03/2020

For the second week in a row we were on our newly amended course, which consisted of a short lap and a long lap with a trip to our old friend the barrier. The course posed a problem for some of the frontrunners this time as they went the wrong way up the field, which resulted in me running down the field in my wellies in order to divert the next wave. A memorable experience for me I hope that the 340 runners and walkers also enjoyed it. The number of participants included 31 first timers 9 of whom completed their very first parkrun.

There were milestones in many different categories on Saturday. Congratulations to Amelia Noble for her 10th run, Lyndsey Kelly and Molly Carter for their 50th and also to Theo Channer, Jonathan Gwynn & Nick Collier for their 100th. All equally magnificent achievements. Many thanks to Nick, who celebrated by providing a big box of chocolates and to Rebekah Searle who brought flapjacks along.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Colin STOKES • Steve TURNEY • David CLEGHORN • Julie JACOBS • Helen JUDE • Ali PAY • Jade NEWSUM • Bas JACOBS • Kathleen WEYERS • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Alice BLOOR • Patrick CLARKE • Adam EARLEY • Louise BROWN

It was a brilliant performance by everyone involved and we couldn’t do it without them.

The conditions today resulted in 35 new personal bests. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week.

I write this after hearing the news that parkrun (alongside all similar events) has been temporarily cancelled due to the coronavirus. All the normal experiences that we take for granted, such as seeing running friends week to week, encouraging others around the course and clapping the volunteers and milestones are all things that we will look forward to doing again soon. In the meantime, stay safe and remain with those that you love. Hopefully it will not be too long before we return.




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