Andover parkrun number 68

Mist and moisture was the order of the day at 9am this Saturday. The Andover runners, walkers and joggers surprised me yet again with a great turnout on a pretty grey and soggy day.

And in difficult conditions there were some inspirational results out there. Solomon Lane cemented his growing reputation and has firmly moved from “one to watch for the future” to someone who has definitely arrived. Another victory for him in a cracking time of 18:11. And Kirsty Coltart recorded her first win in 4 appearances by finishing in another great time of 20:10, with a PB to boot.


What other highlights were there? Matt Morton finishing in yet another top 10 finish, Dougie Brisco gradually returning to form and fitness, Rob King sneaking ahead of colleague and fellow teacher Ian Oldacre for a PB, and Amanda Tattersall once again, chipping away at her PB.

A few other mentions – Matt Jones and Linda Wiltshire, Matt for missing his PB by 4 seconds despite a herculean finish, and Linda for missing hers by the merest 2 seconds.


And some special mentions for some special people. Andover regulars Luke Pierce, Kevin Warters , Jan North and of course2011/12 ladies annual points winner Sarah Jones all celebrated their 50th parkrun this week. T-shirts on the way ladies and gents!

And embarrassingly, of all the people to forget to mention, I forget my very own 9 year old niece – Anna Simmonds, who celebrated her 10th parkrun this weekend. Congratulations Anna, t-shirt on the way!

Thanks to all my volunteers this week: Jon Greenhalgh, Paul North, Kevin Warters, Sarah Jones, Martin Welsh, Matt Lane and Mark Curtis.

NEXT WEEK IS HALLOWEEN week, so fancy dress please folks (if you want to, that is!).

Oh and one more thing. Please, please, please, try to remember your barcodes!

Here is a feast of stats for you in the meantime. Happy running.



Men's placings:
Solomon LANE (JM15-19) of Andover AC, was first over the line in 18:11 - 5th time in 24 appearances.
Harry FITZPATRICK (JM15-19) of Andover AC, was second over the line in 19:11.
Robert James CLIFFE (VM45-49) of Andover AC, was third over the line in 19:17 - Was first to finish once before.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Mark CURTIS (Andover AC) 1167 pts.
Philip NORTH (Unattached) 1024 pts.
James MASTERS (Unattached) 972 pts.

Women's placings:
Kirsty COLTART (VW35-39) (Unattached) was first (7th overall) over the line in 20:10 - first time in 4 appearances.
Caitlin KILLICK (JW14) of Andover AC, was second (24th overall) over the line in 23:42.
Olivia MILLS (JW14) of Andover AC, was third (27th overall) over the line in 24:42.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Jan NORTH (Unattached) 1053 pts.
Patricia COLLYER (Unattached) 997 pts.
Ruth KAY (Unattached) 975 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Kirsty COLTART (VW35-39) was graded 75.37 % for the time 20:10 (7th overall).
Solomon LANE (JM15-19) was graded 75.34 % for the time 18:11 (first overall).
Robert James CLIFFE (VM45-49) was graded 75.28 % for the time 19:17 (third overall).

This week there were 84 runners, of whom 9 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 6 different athletics clubs took part.

Andover parkrun started on 16th July 2011, and since then 976 different runners, including participants from 71 athletics clubs, have completed 4,943 runs covering a total distance of 24,715 km, and there have been 1,184 new Personal Bests.

The Women's course record is held by Sandra BOWERS who ran in a time of 17:29 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 15).
The Men's course record is held by Richard WARD who ran in a time of 16:11 on 5th June 2012 (event number 48).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sandra BOWERS who recorded a 86.08 % run (17:29) on 22nd October 2011 (event number 15).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Andover parkrun Results Page.


parkrun report for run 67

So we started the run by welcoming on board Simon Eggington as our new Run Director and wishing him a Happy 40th Birthday from us all!

Another birthday boy of the week preceded to be the first finisher matching his amazing PB of 18.10, well done Mark Curtis and Happy Birthday to you too. First lady was a first timer, Sarah Jane King, welcome Sarah and well done.

In total 75 runners crossed the finish line on Saturday, 8 first timers and 17 PB’s which is just amazing considering the stodgy ground in parts.  Jan North is still holding her ground at the top of the points table for the Ladies with Patricia Collyer catching up in second and Ruth Kay in third, Mark Curtis is first in the men’s with Philip North second and Jim Masters third.

A HUGE thank you to my volunteers this week, Jim Masters set up the course and took it down, Gaynor Brindly was on Numbers, Ian Griffin was timer and Karen Baggott on Registration, your help was very much appreciated and it was lovely to get to know you all a little better!

Don’t forget we can’t have parkrun without you volunteering, if you want to volunteer please email us at

Look forward to seeing you all there again soon.




parkrun event 65 guest report writer!

Andover Parkrun 65 under the joyous Command of The Briley family, assisted with borderline German efficiency by Rob West saw 102 runners make the start line (101 of them comfortably did so while Parkrun regular Kevin Hughes did not) Those of us who frequent Charlton on a Saturday morning have become used to  the sight of Kevin (A charming man who runs like a Velociraptor) emerging from the hedgerow with only seconds to spare, but on this occasion having decided to jog to the start to build up his endurance, he spectacularly misjudged the distance and belatedly crossed the start line already looking like he had run a marathon in full 12th Century battle armour whilst carrying a walrus.


Peter Mitchell was Top Gun in the race itself, his Third victory coming in a time of 17.37 (A time I had achieved myself only 2 days before...

although that was at the wheel of a Toyota Corrolla) with the ever reliable dominator of the Male Points Table Mark Curtis (18.36) coming in Second. In Third place was the leading lady Alexandra Cook in a magnificent time of 18.57. Of the 102 runners, 14 were first timers and a mighty 28 set Personal Bests. The most notable of these however was that of Ian Griffin (Or Rob Griffith as he was hailed by Jason, not 9 seconds after being told his correct name) who marked the occasion of his 50th Parkrun with a new best time. Well done Grifter.


Other memorable moments included Race Director Jon Simmonds announcing boldly that he was in no mood to run and that he would tell anyone to "Get stuffed" if they tried to run with him or suggest sub 8 minute miles, only to fold like a cheap deckchair minutes later when current Women's Points Champion Sarah Jones suggested that very thing. They promptly chatted their way round effortlessly in 23 minutes and I descended into a fog of bitterness as I am unable to speak beyond the First Two corners of Lap One.


There is a fabulous community that exists around The Parkrun, we see the same faces and nod cool acknowledgments as we make our way to the start, we watch in awe as Simon Eggington seems to pick up new clients every week with cars that need fixing, we love how Jan North sounds as if she is having a crisis whilst running uphill and we love how loyal everyone has become towards 9 A.M. Saturday morning.


On behalf of all of us good runners and bad, I say Thank You to Jon, Helen, Gemma (And even Jason despite the fact that he fails to notice me when anything without a Y chromosome hoves into view) It is a wonderful thing you have done and we are collectively in your debt.

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parkrun number 64 report



Was this the last time we would run in the warm sunshine this year? Who knows, but a lot of runners took advantage of the short grass and the dry conditions to post personal bests AGAIN! We are rapidly becoming a parkrun where runners bury themselves to get a PB! An incredible TWENTY FOUR personal bests again. And a lot of people who came mighty close to a PB (you know who you are!).


Another win by Solomon Lane this Saturday, who has well and truly eclipsed his dad now and joined the elite “sub 18” runners at Andover parkrun. Mind you, Matt came close to recording a new PB for Andover, just 7 seconds in it.

A first timer crossed the line first in the women’s standings – congratulations to Sarah Kemp who finished in a mighty fine time of 20:38.


Many thanks to my volunteers many of whom stepped in at the last minute (literally) when we had a mini volunteer crisis: Gemma Coombes, Charlie Simmonds, Matt Lane, Andy Wright, Mark Curtis and Sam Latham.

Thanks also to Trevor Baggott who has taken away our starting flag to fix! (and congratulations on your PB Trevor).



Official stats below:

Men's placings:
Solomon LANE (JM15-19) of Andover AC, was first over the line in 17:40 - 4th time in 23 appearances.
Mark CURTIS (VM45-49) of Andover AC, was second over the line in 18:58 - Has been first to finish on 13 previous occassions.
John AXTELL (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 19:05.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Mark CURTIS (Andover AC) 868 pts.
Philip NORTH (Unattached) 692 pts.
James MASTERS (Unattached) 666 pts.

Women's placings:
Sarah Louise KEMP (SW25-29) of City of Salisbury A & RC, was first (9th overall) over the line in 20:38 - first appearance.
Louisa VERE (SW25-29) of Thames Turbo Triathlon, was second (13th overall) over the line in 20:47 - Has been first to finish on 2 previous occassions.
Fleur SAMS (JW14) of I I F, was third (27th overall) over the line in 22:32.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Sam LATHAM (Unattached) 829 pts.
Patricia COLLYER (Unattached) 726 pts.
Ruth KAY (Unattached) 703 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Solomon LANE (JM15-19) was graded 77.55 % for the time 17:40 (first overall).
Franklyn YOUNG (VM50-54) was graded 76.90 % for the time 19:20 (6th overall).
Mark CURTIS (VM45-49) was graded 75.31 % for the time 18:58 (second overall).

This week there were 99 runners, of whom 13 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different athletics clubs took part.

Andover parkrun started on 16th July 2011, and since then 940 different runners, including participants from 70 athletics clubs, have completed 4,615 runs covering a total distance of 23,075 km, and there have been 1,108 new Personal Bests.

The Women's course record is held by Sandra BOWERS who ran in a time of 17:29 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 15).
The Men's course record is held by Richard WARD who ran in a time of 16:11 on 5th June 2012 (event number 48).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sandra BOWERS who recorded a 86.08 % run (17:29) on 22nd October 2011 (event number 15).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Andover parkrun Results Page.

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What a lovely day for a parkrun!

Another fun parkrun with 83 of you finishing which is a great turnout, the weather was perfect for it just a case of avoiding fishermen on the way round but who doesn’t like a challenge!

Congratulations to Tom for being the first male finisher and for becoming a member of the 10 parkrun club the week before and to Anna Mac for being the first lady to finish with a PB, well done!

All together 21 of you recorded Personal Bests on Saturday which is amazing, well done to all of you, and we had 10 first timers, 3 of whom are part Andover U12s Indoor Cricket Team to raise money for expert coaching they each had to raise a minimum of £15 cover the coaching, well done to Ella Davies, Abbi Loader and Kaci Macarthur!

And congratulations to Jim Dundas for running his 50th parkrun on Saturday, your t-shirt will be with you shortly Jim!

And of course, I must thank my volunteers, Helen Davis, Paul North, Greg England, Jim Master and Mark Neil, Mark kindly took the photos which are on our Flickr page, I’ll also be posting them to Facebook soon.

Don’t forget, we can’t keep parkrun going without YOUR help, if you’d like to be put on the volunteer rota please email us

See you all soon





over 90 again, great stuff

This week there were 93 runners, of whom 13 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 7 different athletics clubs took part.

Andover parkrun started on 16th July 2011, and since then 916 different runners, including participants from 70 athletics clubs, have completed 4,337 runs covering a total distance of 21,685 km, and there have been 1,023 new Personal Bests.

Well done today everyone, especially to our first timers, hope you felt very welcome. Well done to Stephen Uren, Katy and kids who are all putting in serious efforts each week on this, the very start of their fitness and running journey. Keep up the good fight folks.

Thanks to all my volunteers today. All were very efficient. The volunter proram is down at the moment, but you will get your points when its back up online.

See you all next week.  If you can help. then just mail me fromyour results email.



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Andover parkrun number 59 run report

Good job parkruns are at 9am as the air was already sultry and warm as another Andover parkrun got underway this Saturday. We topped the 100 mark again, for the fourth time, with 103 runners competing.

First off, we presented 50 t-shirts to Matt Jones and Matt Morton, both loyal servants to Andover parkrun, with the overwhelming majority of their results coming from the Andover course. In the photo, from left to right are Andover parkrun legends Lewis Jones, Matt Jones, Matt Morton, Simon Eggington and Kevin Hughes; all sporting their 50 t-shirts.


Solomon Lane cemented his position as a regular winner with his third victory in his 21st appearance at Andover, now well and truly moving ahead of his dad! Pete Mitchell and Mark Curtis made it a 1-2-3 for Andover Athletics Club. In the women’s competition, Emma Dunham recorded her first victory at Andover, with last year’s annual points competition winner Sarah Jones coming in 2nd and proud mother Kathy Lane recording a new PB to come in third.

Mark Curtis has assumed his familiar position at the top of the men’s points competition, with Sam Latham ahead in the women’s.


This week saw 14 first timers to Andover (welcome!) and 20 new personal bests.


A few other mentions:

Stephen Uren – great first run Stephen, and so glad you managed to stay the course after being tempted to stop after lap 1. The benchmark has now been set for you to improve!

Jim Masters – a massive PB by over 30 seconds for Jim who successfully has come back from injury.

Rob Bryan – a huge welcome back to Rob who suffered a terrible motorbike accident last year and who’s journey back to running has been a long and painful one.

Lewis Jones – hope the ankle improves Lew. Didn’t stop your trademark finish though.

Linda Wiltshire – well done for staying the course!


And I can’t not mention my own nephew and niece: little Jacob Simmonds, aged 7, who almost abandoned his run on the first lap and began heading back to the start before having second thoughts and continuing on, not only finishing but eclipsing his PB with 32:42 – think what you could do without that extra 400 metres you unnecessarily did Jake! And Anna Simmonds, aged 9, returning to parkrun after an absence of 6 months and recording a very respectable time of 30:46.


Here’s an interesting stat to motivate you: Andover parkrun has now recorded 978 personal best since that fateful opening event on 16th July 2011. Can we make it 1000 PBs this Saturday?



What a beautiful day for a run!

This week saw our third highest attendance of 104 runners, not sure if it was the weather or the Olympic fever spreading, who knows but it was brilliant none the less!

Well done to our first in Ryan Brooking who returned to Andover in the hope of running it in sub 17 minutes, well done for managing this with a time of 16.57, I hope now you’ve achieved your goal it doesn’t mean we won’t see you again! This was one of 32 recorded PB’s today, amazing work everyone who achieved a PB, great work!
We also welcomed 18 first timers to Andover parkrun this week, especially birthday girl (apologies but I have to name two as I know it’s one of you two!) Marie-Louise Grange or Emma Whitehead, and for coming along after your birthday celebrations the night before. And a massive congratulations to Linda Wiltshire for completing her first ever 5k, huge congratulations on this achievement!
A massive thank you to my volunteers this week, Philip North, Jan North, Sarah Rolfe, Simon Kempster Helen Davis and Sam Latham. Without you all volunteering we couldn’t run Andover parkrun, also, you get 100 points for doing so, what better reason, all you have to do is email us and we’ll be in touch.
The weekend of 18th & 19th August marks “Join In”, this is a scheme to encourage people to try a new sport. Andover parkrun is part of this, invite your friends and family to come and try it out, whatever your ability, whatever you're age come and give it a go, all you have to do is register at  and print your barcode, easy! For more information on "Join In" like them on facebook or go to their website
See you all again soon!



No 56 – Great Turnout

Wow - gorgeous weather and a fantastic turnout. I wasn't sure how many of you would come, due to the late Olympics ceremony the night before, but 90 of you were raring to go!

Well done to the first 3 runners, all first timers - Eliot Haimes, Ian Stott and Matthew Cook respectively.

89 of you completed the run with 24 first timers - well done guys and a whopping 22 Pb's.

Sarah Rolfe who had to pull up after one lap due to a niggle in her hip offered to help me out with registration which was a godsend as we had to write down quite a few names due to the barcodes not wanting to scan properly.

Thanks to my fab volunteers - Parsonage, Hannah and Matt Leese and Eggy, thanks for offering to pick up the cones with the assistance of Matt and Lewis Jones - much appreciated guys :)

See you again soon.




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Happy birthday to us!


Yes, the Run Directors woke up to unseasonal (or rather, seasonal) sunshine. The first birthday beckoned, and with balloons, banners, guest stars, cakes and prizes, it promised to be a full on and busy Andover parkrun. So, I arrived at 8am to find Gemma already there. Andy Wright was there soon after, ready to set up the course. We were just waiting on Jay and Helen to arrive with the stuff.
They arrived. No stuff.
It was then, at 8.30am and a 15 minute drive from home, that I realised with a sinking feeling that “the stuff” was still in my garage at home. Today of all days.
So my long suffering wife dragged my children out of their slumber and delivered “the stuff” at 8.50am and I hastily borrowed Dan Mason’s bike and shot off to mark out the course.
In the meantime, you were all busy gathering at the start line in various degrees of fancy dress.
I breathlessly arrived back to hear Jay ruthlessly ribbing me about my oversight. Fair dos. Quick pats on the back for Matt Morton -his 50th parkrun and his birthday, selfishly trying to steal Andover parkrun’s limelight ;o) - and Matt Jones for also celebrating his 50th parkrun too.
Anyway, on with the presentations. The annual points winners were:
Sarah Jones (female points winner)
Jan North (female points runner up)
Mark Curtis (male points winner)
Kevin Hughes (male points runner up)
Solomon Lane (junior points winner)
Well done to all ! Everyone’s points have been reset now so we look forward to a closely fought 2012/2013 competition.
Our guest stars for the day were Paul Sinton-Hewitt, owner and creator of parkrun, and general all-round running good egg; and Sir George Young, local MP.
Sir George Young got the run underway and the reverse course was in action! Kevin Hughes, flushed with success at being named the male points runner up, elected to run the course backwards, thus facing the same way he would normally. Good effort Kev!
It quickly became clear that Chris Neil was intent on posting a fast time and crossed the line alone and unchallenged in 17:07. Mark Curtis and Solomon Lane came in 2nd and 3rd to pick up their annual points trophies shortly afterwards. Kate Towerton and Anna Mac were 1st and 2nd in the ladies run.
There were some extra special performances out there (were they helped by the somewhat “creative” nature of the reverse course or not? We shall never know). Namely, a trio of PBs in 5th, 6th and 7th place for David Hartley, Dan Mason and Andy Fifield. Mark Eggington seems to be getting faster and faster, now beginning to challenge the big boys, with a time well under 22 minutes. Sarah Goodwin, John Mockford, Martin Foster, Josephine Palmer, Lance Mitchell, Elaine Rolfe, Hilary Partington, Shell Smith and Amanda Tattersall all posted PBs too – good work guys. Now repeat it when we revert the course to the right way round!
Welcome to our 23 first timers, many of whom were juniors – hope to see you again soon!
We wanted to get either 118 runners (to match the fancy dress theme of the Run Directors) or 125 or above to make it a record week. We just slipped short of the target, achieving 122 runners but it was an absolutely brilliant way to spend a morning and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
On another note, Rob West (result number 56) was the lucky number to be drawn out of the hat to receive the July Sweatshop monthly prize of a new pair of trainers. You will get an e-mail with your voucher at the end of the month, Rob. As of August, the prize will return to being given to the outstanding runner/volunteer of the month.
Many of us indulged in some elite level cake eating at the Portway Inn afterwards, swapping stories with the affable Mr Sinton-Hewitt.
Photos, courtesy of Hilary Briley and Martin Welsh, will be online soon!
Thanks to our volunteers for the week – the 4 RDs, Hilary Briley, Martin Welsh and Sheila Oldacre.
A final word of thanks – to everyone, for making Andover parkrun the community event that it is. Sir George Young was right when he said that we can ALL be proud of ourselves, down to the last runner/walker, for creating and maintaining such a fantastic way to start a Saturday morning.
See you next Saturday when we are hoping for a repeat of the weather.
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