Run Report Event 441

Andover parkrun #441 – 14 September 2019

What a lovely Saturday for a parkrun. 359 of you joined us in the surprising September sunshine for the two-lap run, jog or walk around Charlton Lakes. The conditions were almost perfect if it hadn’t had been so hot by the end! There was little breeze and the rain that had been out in force earlier in the week, fortunately stayed away. Congratulations to Mike Webber, who came in first for the first time in 18:34 and Abi Woolaston who was first female in 19:01.

We were joined by a number of tourists from Chichester, Harlow, Salisbury and Norwich and 29 first timers. Welcome to Andover parkrun and we hope to see you again soon. Having touristed elsewhere, believe me when I tell you that Andover is one of the best parkruns around. We are fortunate that we do not have things called hills incorporated into our 5k, like some others.

Even though it was warm, 54 of you achieved PBs (personal bests). Special congratulations to 12 year old Joshua Rodwell who earned his 50 parkrun milestone t-shirt. Thank you to his family who provided us with fruit and cakes afterwards to celebrate his achievement. It was a pleasure to chat to Joshua’s Dad to find out about the positive impact that parkrun has had on their family life and how much Joshua enjoys it. Having a child of the same age myself who can’t get up in time for parkrun, I take my hats off to all children who participate week in week out.

Talking of children, it was particularly noticeable this week how many children were assisting with the volunteering. All of them were greeting the parkrunners with smiles, hi-fives and words of encouragement, which is always very much appreciated (especially when you feel like you are flagging). Rebekah Searle, was one of them who yesterday celebrated her 50th volunteering stint. Special thanks to all of our 26 volunteers: Ian BEVERIDGEZacharius BURTONDavid CLEGHORNGraham COOKAlice CORNEYAndrea DASHWOODChristopher EDWARDSAnn EGGINGTONSimon EGGINGTONJulia FITZPATRICKJayne FLEMINGEmmeline FRYEROliver FRYERBas JACOBSParis JONATHANKaren KILWORTHClaire MCGILVRAYAnna MCGILVRAYAmelie OTHMANJack SEARLERaymond SEARLEChristina SEARLERebekah SEARLEKelly STOKESColin STOKESShaun WILDGOOSE. If you would like to volunteer at a future parkrun, please email: New volunteers are always welcome and training is provided.

There are many parkrunners who have milestones coming up next weekend so we look forward to seeing you and everyone else next parkrun day, formerly known as Saturday.

Have a good week.



Andover parkrun 437

Run Report – Andover parkrun 17/08/2019

We were very lucky with the weather today. After the filthy recent conditions, bright sunshine greeted the 381 glorious runners and walkers at Andover. The number included 44 first timers to our event, with some completing their first ever parkrun. I hope that everyone had a good time and I enjoyed talking with several tourists that had lovely things to say about their visit. Positive feedback is always appreciated.

Congratulations to the young Harrison’s, Jack and Charley on completing their 10th parkruns. Well done to Pete Harrison for stage managing the situation so well. Congratulations also to parkrun tourist James Rodliff, who ran his 50th parkrun with us today.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Graham COOK • Roger BURROWS • Julie JACOBS • Helen JUDE • Linda BARTON • Ann EGGINGTON • Gemma MERRITT • Juliette WARBURTON • Kathleen MOORE • Jane DYSON • Bas JACOBS • Rebekah SEARLE • Kirsty MARCHMENT • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Trevor LEWIS • Devon STEWART

It was a flawless performance by everyone involved and it makes the Run Director role an easy one. I would like to mention Beccy and Charlie McCoy, who shadowed me throughout the morning. I do like an audience, so I hope that I did not milk it too much. Beccy and Charlie recently joined the RD team at Andover and were preparing for their first parkrun in charge, which will be on 31st August. I am sure that they will do a brilliant job. If you can support us in volunteering, please message us on our Facebook page or email us at

The conditions today resulted in 43 new personal bests. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week.

May everyone wallow in loveliness until next Saturday




8th Birthday Run report

Run report – Andover Parkrun #433
Happy 8th Birthday Andover Parkrun
What an honour it is, to write my first run report on Andover's birthday; I hope I don’t let you down as the bar has been set very high!
Well there ain’t no party like a parkrun party. Thank you to those who celebrated in true party style by dressing up for the occasion. The person dressed as a shaggy dog must have been pleased that the temperature was slightly cooler today , running in that costume!
So Andover Parkrun started 8 years ago today. Thank goodness that it did because it has brought so much to our local community over the years. Dame Kelly Holmes echoed that in the BBC programme “The Power of Parkrun" on Monday night when she emphasised the positive effects of Parkrun on people's mental wellbeing as well as the physical benefits. Andover has always been so welcoming, whether you are 10 years old or 95, or run it in 17 mins or walk it in an hour. Parkrun is for everyone and certainly becomes a way of life every Saturday at 9am. I personally wouldn't be without it now.
Andover Parkrun now attracts considerably more people than it did back in 2011, when around 100 people would turn up every week. In the 432 events, 8,789 people have pounded around Charlton Lakes and there have been weeks where over 400 pairs of feet have completed our two lap course.
So today the birthday 2019 honours were as follows:
Volunteers of the year: Bas Jacobs and Colin Stokes
Junior volunteer of the year: Rebekah Searle
Parkrunners of the year: Becky and Charlie McCoy
Junior parkrunner of the year: Toby Brawn
Today, 391 people walked, ran or jogged the course. The rain that had been threatening us all week held off and it was much cooler than the past few very hot Saturdays (although the sun did make an appearance). This must have helped 38 of you to achieve PBs this week – well done to you.
Andover welcomed 29 first timers this week. We hope that it is your first parkrun of many. Before you know it, you'll be reaching a milestone like these did today. Congratulations to Jo Craggs (250), Roger Bertram (100), Kate Finlayson (50) and Grace Davis (10). We look forward to seeing you wearing your milestone t-shirts soon. A special mention also goes to Rosie Davies who visited the Andover course today before her own 2pm wedding!
And last but by no means least, special thanks to the 27 volunteers that made today happen: (infact where would we be without these very special people cheering us on, setting up the course, processing the results, scanning barcodes etc?):
Enjoy your week and see you next Saturday (unless you're on holiday nowhere near a parkrun like me – I won’t make that mistake again!)


Event 431- Run Report

A very warm and sunny parkrun morning saw 392 runners and walkers complete our two lap course. Thank you to our incredible team of volunteers who all did a fantastic job.

A warm welcome to the 23 first timers to Andover, if you were visiting or it was your first parkrun ever, I hope you enjoyed it and will be back soon.

The warm conditions didn't stop 41 of you recording a personal best, congratulations.

We had a number of milestones reached, Robert Cliffe his 250 green t-shirt, Jemima Drummond, Jasper Valler and Thom Huggins their 50 red t-shirt, and Oscar Gailer his white junior 10 t-shirt. Congratulations all of you.

Andover parkrun is run 100% by volunteers and we really appreciate every one of you. If you have never volunteered give it a go, all the roles are straight forward and enjoyable. We understand how important peoples run is on a Saturday morning but there are still some roles you can do both, course set up and check, tail walker, token sorting or write a run report . You can view the volunteer roster at and send us a message when you would like to volunteer and what role you would like to do.

We are now just two Saturdays away from our 8th birthday, I hope you can all make it on the 20th July.

See you next week.






Andover parkrun 430

Run Report – Andover parkrun 29/06/2019

What an absolute scorcher. 24 degrees greeted the magnificent 362 runners and walkers on Saturday and continued to rise during the event. A few people commented that it was the hottest Andover parkrun that they could remember. There won’t be many runs like this, so I hope that everyone enjoyed the experience.

There were many t-shirt milestones today. Congratulations to Leigh Drummond and Nick Wall on completing their 50th parkruns. Kathleen Weyers and Jenny Casson ran their 100th (well done to the BADAS.SS team for their white glove tribute). Dougie Brisco joined the 250 club and celebrated by providing 400 satsumas, a table and a bin to put the peelings in, which was a nice touch. Kathleen also brought chocolates, so there was a nice variety for the finished runners to choose from. I hope that everyone looks forward to the relevant coloured shirt that they have earned.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Sheila OLDACRE • Sandra BLOWERS • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • David CLEGHORN • Margaret JONES • Kelly STOKES • Helen JUDE • Alice CORNEY • Ann EGGINGTON • Kathleen MOORE • Tracy GREEN • Trevor LEWIS • Armelle BRYANT • Amelie OTHMAN

It was another terrific performance from all concerned and it was lovely to have some first-time volunteers, who I hope enjoyed that side of parkrun. If you can support us, please message us on our Facebook page or email us at

The heat resulted in some sensible running, but there were still 27 new personal bests. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week.

Our birthday parkrun will take place on 20th July, which means that there are 2 more opportunities to beat your best time this year. See you on Saturday.




Event 429 Run Report

Run Report – Andover parkrun 22/06/2019

What glorious weather we had for our lovely parkrun. The warm sun lured 351 runners and walkers from their beds to tread our course. I hope that everyone enjoyed their time with us. We even had an event taking place in the lower half of the field, so people could get a good view of the runners going past, although they were probably trying to get a view of Bas.

Congratulations to Oliver Hartnell on completing his 10th parkrun and to Toby Brawn and my good friend Pat Hunt on completing their 50th parkruns. All wonderful achievements and magnificent white and red respectively milestone shirts have been well earned. Toby celebrated his milestone by crossing the line first and Oliver celebrated with a new PB.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Luke PIERCE • Janice COOK • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Graham COOK • Roger BURROWS • David CLEGHORN • Margaret JONES • Helen JUDE • Stephen STROUD • Kev YOUNG • Kathleen MOORE • Bas JACOBS • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Amelie SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Victoria WEISS • Lucille SNOW

It was a great performance by everyone, particularly as I had to make some last minute adjustments. I would like to mention Roger Burrows, who switched from barcode scanner to timekeeper. Steve Stroud, who took on the barcode scanner role after running and to the magnificent ladies on finish tokens, Kathleen Moore and Lucille Snow, who had a great time. I don’t know if they had met each other before, but they got on very well. Meeting and talking with other parkrunners is one of the benefits of volunteering. If you can support us, please message us on our Facebook page or email us at

The conditions today resulted in 54 new personal bests. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week.

Our birthday parkrun will take place on 20th July. It would be great to see you there. We will be 8 years old, so not far off a 10 milestone shirt.




Event 425 Run Report

441 runners and walkers started the bank holiday weekend with a 5km at Andover parkrun. We had 48 first timers which were made up of tourists and 32 first time ever parkrunners. It was great to see friends and family join John and Susie for a pre wedding run, congratulations to you both.

The warm and dry conditions allowed for 76 personal bests including some great performances from our younger runners. Toby Brawn dipped into the 16s for the first time, Ava Jude, Ruaridh Thomson Easter and Oscar Thompson all producing great performances.

Two milestone t-shirts earned this week, Rebecca Watkins the red 50 and Rob Bryan the green 250. Don't forget tomorrow is our monthly photo, if you have received a new milestone t-shirt since the last photo wear it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also parkrun practice pledge day which will see nearly 2000 GPs and thousands more practice staff taking part at local parkruns. Over 1000 GP practices are now partnered with local parkruns. Andover is partnered with St Marys Surgery, Castle Practice and are in the process of welcoming Andover Health Centre. We look forward to seeing lots of you in the morning.

A fantastic team of volunteers made everything run like clock work and results were published with no issues. If you would like to volunteer have a look at the roster at and send us a message of what you would like to do.

We are fast approaching our 8th birthday, so keep the 20th July free, fancy dress and cakes are always welcome.

See you all in the morning and don't forget your barcode.







Run Report – Event 422

405 runners and walkers were welcomed to Andover parkrun by a fantastic team of volunteers and some sunshine. With lots of local races on over the bank holiday it gave lots of you the chance to do some volunteering and what a great job you all did. We had marshals all around the course, did you get to hit the power up boards (well done girls).

We had 58 first timers to Andover with 24 of you your first experience of parkrun altogether. I hope you enjoyed it and come and join us again soon.

The dry conditions are producing lots of personal bests, 66 this week. Toby Brawn was one of those being first home in just over 17 and a half minutes. Steve Stroud, Jake Dinkele and William Jude all with outstanding gains. Well done if you were one of the 66.

Milestone t-shirts earned this week were Amelia Jephcott and Miles Yates (white junior 10),Sam carter and Alex Morgan (red 50), and Nick Mackey (black 100),well done all of you.

It looks like it is going to be a dry parkrun tomorrow and we have a full quota of volunteers. I am sure Janice will get her run report out quicker than me so keep a look out for it.



Run Report 421 270419

Run Report – Andover parkrun 27/04/2019

To say that Saturday was not as warm as recent weeks would be an understatement. It was cold and we were greeted by near typhoon like conditions. It certainly made the course set up challenging, but we did have some fun chasing down rogue apparatus that decided to have a wander. The weather did not deter 303 runners and walkers who enjoyed one side of the field, but the other side not so much, particularly when pushing to the finish on the second lap.

Congratulations to Suraj Gurung and Tom McComb on completing their 100th parkruns. A wonderful achievement and magnificent black milestone shirts have been well earned.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Emma POTTER • Alan MCMULLAN • Colin STOKES • Ian BEVERIDGE • Julie DINKELE • Carolyn THOMSON EASTER • Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER • Bas JACOBS • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Amelie SEARLE • Trena HUGGINS • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Alice BLOOR • Benjamin HUGGINS • Katelin LOVELL • Paris JONATHAN

It was a great performance by everyone, particularly in the cold. Some volunteers decided to wear woolly hats, which appeared to be a wise choice. The run went very smoothly however and the results were processed by young Ruaridh in record time. Volunteering is great fun and If you can support us, please message us on our Facebook page or email us at

The tricky windy conditions in the field resulted in fewer personal bests. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week. Just think how much faster you can run in better conditions.

Please can parkrunners remember to only cross the finish line once and when both laps of the course have been completed.




Andover parkrun 417

Spring finally arrived. All the parkruns in the cold and wet paid off on a morning like this. Absolutely glorious weather greeted us on Saturday and it was great to see 430 runners and walkers with us on our amended course. That was our third highest attendance and the eighth time we topped 400. The 500 mark may be achieved this year if we continue like this.

Congratulations to William Barraclough on completing his 50th parkrun. A magnificent red milestone shirt has been well earned.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Matthew MORTON • Simon EGGINGTON • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Steve TURNEY • Graham COOK • Les BLOUNT • Sandra Marilyn DONEY • Helen JUDE • Karen CAREY • Annabel DONEY • Jez HOLMAN • Ann EGGINGTON • David HORNE • Laura HIGDON • Michelle YOUNGER • Bas JACOBS • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Paris JONATHAN

It was a superb performance by everyone. I would like to pick out Matt Morton for doubling up as a Marshal and as the photographer for the day. It was also lovely to see Paris Jonathan joining us for his Duke of Edinburgh Silver award. Jonathan will be with us for 6 months and said to me afterwards how much he enjoyed giving finish tokens out. It was a struggle getting a full volunteer roster this week. If you can support us, please do as it is such a big help. The roster for Saturday is a bit short and the subsequent weeks, so if you can help please message us on our Facebook page or email us at

The perfect course conditions were good for quick times and a whopping 92 participants took advantage and created new personal bests. Congratulations to everyone that achieved this feat.



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