Event number 467 – 29th February 2020

Welcome everyone to this week’s special Leap Day run report. I’ve been coming to Andover parkrun for over 8 years now and I’ve not seen the park so waterlogged. I hope conditions improve soon. Despite the poor weather everyone finished without injury which is great. So well done to everyone who completed today’s Andover parkrun, a great effort.
Today 297 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 19 were first timers and 6 amazingly recorded new Personal Bests.
We are very grateful to our 21 marvellous volunteers who done a fantastic job in such horrible conditions making this week’s event possible. Our wonderful volunteers this week were: Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Sheila OLDACRE • Lewis JONES • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Ian BEVERIDGE • Wendy BEVERIDGE • Oliver NOY • Kathleen MOORE • Maurice KING • William TAVERNER • Bas JACOBS • Kathleen WEYERS • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Jack SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Patrick CLARKE • Louise BROWN • Martin KAIRYS.
A few Milestone T-Shirts reached today, so, congratulations to:
Giovanni JENSEN Jr 10th parkrun, Cheryl MORGAN 50th parkrun and Kirsty MARCHMENT 100th parkrun.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Andover parkrun Results Page.
That’s all folks. Hope to see you all next Saturday.


Run Report – Event #466

Wind, rain, mud. At the moment it wouldn’t be parkrun without them! A great effort by everyone, and there were plenty of smiles when it was all over ….

Thank you to the fabulous team of volunteers:

Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Simon EGGINGTON • Carole BURGESS • Colin STOKES • Ian BEVERIDGE • Kelly STOKES • Steve BRETT • William TAVERNER • Bas JACOBS • Kerry WARDELL • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Amelie SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Patrick CLARKE • Emma SHERMAN • Julie KALTON • Louise BROWN • George CHINN

Congratulations to Oliver Hicklin, Renee Broad and Jack Poynter who all reached their 50th parkrun – you’ll soon be able to claim your red milestone T-shirt.

See you all again on Saturday!




Run Report: Andover parkrun 465

Another weekend, another storm! This time it was Storm Dennis making an appearance, but we were very lucky to miss most of the foul weather on Saturday morning. Due to the storm there had been a number of cancellations, so we had plenty of visitors enjoying our course (at its most slippery - how five of you managed a PB is quite remarkable) - in all we had 40 first timers this week; I hope to see you again soon. We only had to make a few minor alterations to the course to accommodate the windy conditions, but we are very lucky to have a location that allows us to hold our event under most circumstances.

We had quite a few milestones reached this week, with Tom and Katie visiting from Winchester and Southampton respectively to complete their 100th parkrun at Andover. There were a few home grown 50s (Paul Miller, Lorraine Flaherty and Lucy Jones) and a special shout out goes to Julie McCabe for completing her 250th parkrun. Well done to you all, it’s great to see people coming back to parkrun each week.

As always, many thanks to the brilliant team of volunteers that braved the storm so that we could hold our event:

Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Lewis JONES • Colin STOKES • David CLEGHORN • Julie JACOBS • Oliver NOY • Jade NEWSUM • Laura HIGDON • Stephanie BENNETT • William TAVERNER • Bas JACOBS • Kerry WARDELL • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Kyle BECKETT • Rebecca MCCOY • Alice BLOOR • Patrick CLARKE • Julie KALTON • Jasmine KALTON • Rose NOY • Louise BROWN • George CHINN

You worked together brilliantly, so much so that I was able to process the results in record time up at McDonald’s (some of you may have spotted your text or e-mail confirming your time a little earlier this week). If you’d like to volunteer with us just drop us a message or e-mail and we’ll give you all the information you need, and will be on hand to provide training and support on the day.


8th February 2020 # 464 

Today’s run report has been written by Alison who visited Andover parkrun today - it’s a fantastic write up, thank you Alison, we hope to see you again soon!


So this morning I checked that Storm Ciara was still safely over the Atlantic before I set off across Salisbury Plain and up the A303 to visit Andover parkrun. I was very early. I have to rely on getting lost at least once (good think parkrun has marshals and cones!), and despite the simplest of routes I ended up touring the one way system through the industrial estate twice before spotting the sign for the leisure centre.

In a nearly empty car park (still very early) the first person I got talking to was the fabulous Cheryl Angell. A true parkrun angel as we got chatting and she gave me a very informative first timers briefing as we walked some of the course.

It wasn’t long before 428 of us were gathered in the middle of a muddy field and 25 brand new first timers to parkrun were welcomed. I am impressed with that. And what is just as impressive is the 18 parkrunners who were back this week for their 2nd parkrun. And many of them did a pb. Congratulations.

Before the 3,2,1, all 33 tourists were welcomed as well. A pretty mixed bunch of us had arrived from Leicester, Chelmsford, Lee-on-the-Solent, Eastleigh, Chipping Sodbury, Rushmoor, Darlington, Winchester, Bracknell, Newbury and then there was me, from Southwick Country Park parkrun near Trowbridge.

With blue skies and not too cold, we set off en masse across aforementioned very muddy field by the rugby pitches. By the time we arrived on the tarred path I was carrying extra weight on my muddy shoes and had a slightly rocky sensation as the mud settled unevenly in the treads. It seemed to level out eventually as we meandered along a lovely route by a lake and over two bridges. There were some very noisy Canada geese and some lovely wading birds and I completely forgot to look for the otters although if they had any sense they would have taken to the water rather than watch several hundred people sprinting, jogging or walking round their park. We passed two fishermen on one side of the lake though I suspect the fish had also taken cover.

For much of the route i followed along behind a lad celebrating his birthday by running as a sumo wrestler. He still beat me!
2 laps is a nice way to do 5k when you are a tourist. By the time you are on the second lap you know you must be over half way. Hilariously (I think) the second lap took us back across the muddy field to accumulate more mud on my shoes and I again had to adjust to the rather inconsistent levels!
On the second lap I noticed the couple cheering us on over their fence at the bottom of their garden. What lovely thing to do. That and all the fabulous 28 volunteers who kept us on track added up to a win win morning.

I managed to run the whole 5k and was very happy. I didn’t do a pb but 55 others did. Tremendous achievement. And I got to catch up with Cheryl at the end which meant we got to talk about trying to meet up at another parkrun next week. Parkrun friends are awesome and parkrun communities are especially special. It doesn’t matter how you do your 5k or whether you are supporting others to achieve theirs, Saturdays before parkrun were no where near as fun as they are now. Thank you to everyone at Andover parkrun this morning for being so welcoming and I hope everyone keeps safe during Storm Ciara and has a good week.

By Alison Bremner


Event number 461 – 18th January 2020

Welcome everyone to this week’s run report. Despite the recent rain we had a dry sunny morning and no wind, bridges a bit slippy, but everyone finished without injury which is great.   So well done to everyone who completed today’s Andover parkrun. This week 468 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers and 68 recorded new Personal Bests.

We are very grateful to our 22 marvellous volunteers who made this week’s event possible. Our wonderful volunteers this week were: Bas JACOBS  •  Charlie MCCOY  •  Chloe HUGUENIN MAGUIRE  •  Colin COOL  •  Colin STOKES  •  Colin YOUNGER  •  Helen KILBY  •  Ian BEVERIDGE  •  Ian OLDACRE  •  James MASTERS  •  Julie JACOBS  •  Kathleen MOORE  •  Louise BROWN  •  Martin KAIRYS  •  Maurice KING  •  Nick GRACE  •  Nicola JOHNSON  •  Oliver NOY  •  Paul KEALEY  •  Rebecca MCCOY  •  Steve BRETT  •  Wendy BEVERIDGE.

A few Milestone T-Shirts reached today, so, congratulations to: Martin BUCKLEY 50th parkrun, Frank WALKER 50th parkrun, Jenny MORRISON 100th parkrun, Mark HOLDWAY 100th parkrun and Dil EDINGO 100th parkrun. Not a T-Shirt Milestone but well done to John COMPTON who reached his 200th parkrun today.

That’s all folks. Hope to see you all next Saturday.



Run Report Event #460

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - no, not Christmas again!

I mean January; that busy first month of the year full of resolutions, plans, and for some, the RED (run every day) challenge. If you made coming to parkrun one of your resolutions then well done, you’ve taken the first step in joining a fantastically welcoming community. Run or walk, do a bit of both, we really don’t mind! 24 first timers this week took the plunge and did their first parkrun, we really hope you enjoyed our course and that you will return, whether that’s next Saturday, two weeks’ time, next month, whenever - we’ll be here.

Thank you to this week’s hi-viz heroes:
Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Lewis JONES • Simon EGGINGTON • Sandra BLOWERS • Colin STOKES • Matthew JEFFERY • Julie JACOBS • Andrew JONES • Steve BRETT • Carolyn THOMSON EASTER • Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER • Claire MCGILVRAY • Nicola JOHNSON • Karen COOK • Colin YOUNGER • Bas JACOBS • Kerry WARDELL • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Anna MCGILVRAY • Jennie COOK • Jane WHITING • Louise BROWN • Martin KAIRYS • Chloe HUGUENIN MAGUIRE

Congratulations to Jacob Kealey who achieved his junior 10 T-shirt, and Colin Cool, Alan Hockley, Joanne Walsh, Julie Kalton who all reached 50 parkruns. Also, congratulations to Nina Reynolds, whose black 100 T-shirt will be on its way soon, and to Dennis Doney who ran his 250th parkrun.

To those 31 parkrunners who achieved a new PB, hats off to you in the muddy conditions - great running.

Shall we do it all again next Saturday? Why not!




Run Report 457

Run Report – Andover parkrun 28/12/2019

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas. It was lovely to see 342 parkrunners running or walking off their festive food. The number included 31 first timers, 7 of whom completed their very first parkrun. I hope that everyone enjoyed the sticky, muddy conditions of our winter course enough to return. It was lovely to see Mr Marmite, Matt Lane pay us a visit a week after completing his 500th parkrun. Happy Birthday to BADAS.SS Colin Younger. Not bad at all for 75.

There were numerous magnificent milestones on Saturday. All milestones are important to all that achieve them and the parkrunners and their milestones are below

10 – George Massey, Sophie Warner, Jacob Warner

50 – Guy Terry, Martin Pearce, Trish McCarthy

100 – Colin Hannah, Kathleen Moore, Shaun Wildgoose, Clare Price

250 – Jodie Warr, Matthew Warr

Some fine stage management took place, as juniors Jacob & Sophie Warner ran their 10th parkrun together and Jodie & Matthew Warr completed their 250th together alongside Trish McCarthy (Jodie’s Mum) for her 50th. It was great to see families enjoying parkrun together. Well done Shaun Wildgoose, who ran in costume to celebrate his 100th run.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Simon EGGINGTON • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Ian BEVERIDGE • Gaynor BRINDLEY • Kelly STOKES • Helen JUDE • Stephen STROUD • Steve BRETT • Kev YOUNG • Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER • Claire MCGILVRAY • Julia FITZPATRICK • Ava JUDE • Fraser MCGILVRAY • Christina SEARLE • Amelie SEARLE • William JUDE • Raymond SEARLE • Anna MCGILVRAY • Kyle BECKETT • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Alice BLOOR • Helen KILBY • Louise BROWN • Martin KAIRYS

It was another match-winning performance by everyone involved. I would like to mention the McGilvray family for doing a great job handing out the finish tokens. There are 2 runs coming up in the next week, as we are staging an additional event on New Year’s Day, so please check the volunteer roster and please support us in volunteering if you can. To do so please speak to a Run Director, message us on our Facebook page or email us at andoverhelpers@parkrun.com.

The conditions today resulted in 18 new personal bests, which is good going. Congratulations to everyone that achieved it this week.

The New Year’s Day parkrun will start at 9 and we will do our best to get it started on time. Please note that the toilets and the car parks will not be open, so please park on the industrial estate and give yourselves plenty of time to get to the start on time. On this day you have the rare opportunity to participate in 2 parkruns, as there will be some events starting at 10:30. Look online to find the events near to you that offers this opportunity.

If we do not see you on Wednesday, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year from the team at Andover parkrun. Thank you for changing our lives for the better and we hope to see you at Andover in 2020





The Christmas Day Run report

What a fantastic Christmas Day parkrun, the sun was shining, the course after all the recent rain was good and no chilling breeze. We forget sometimes how lucky we are to run around the beautiful lakes, which lots of our visitors commented how they enjoyed the course and the atmosphere.

338 runners and walkers joined us making this our largest Christmas Day parkrun. We were joined by visitors from local parkruns at Salisbury and Winchester who unfortunately were called off, as well as Swindon, Aberdeen and Australia. We hope we helped to make Christmas Day a special one and please come back and see us again.

People visiting family and friends meant we had 55 first timers to Andover, and for 10 of you what a great day to do your first ever parkrun.

Thank you to everyone who dressed up, adorned Santa hats and Christmas jumpers it made for quite a spectacle.

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day parkruns are not compulsory for teams to do, so can I say a massive thank you to all the Andover team for putting them on and for all the amazing volunteers that not only make it possible but create such a fantastic atmosphere. You are all fantastic and what parkrun is all about, thanks Tim and John who barcode scanned while visiting from Aberdeen.

The good conditions and wanting to get home to open presents and cook the dinner earned 27 of you personal bests. Well done Kerry Wardell breaking 30 mins for the first time and Alice Corney smashing the 40 minute barrier.

Congratulations to all those that earned their milestone t-shirt this week. Sheila Oldacre 250th, Jack Dundas and Mary Clarke 100th, Matt Hardy and Rebecca Holt 50th, and Anna McGilvray 10th (junior). We look forward to seeing you in those milestone t-shirts in the new year.

A quick reminder that the carpark and toilets will be shut tomorrow and New Year’s Day. Please Park on the industrial estate not blocking any entrances.

Also if you are new to parkrun, New Year’s Day is the only day of the year where you can run two parkruns. We will be at the normal time of 9 am with some of the other local parkruns starting at 10.30. Please check their websites for details and cancellations.

send us a message if you are able to volunteer on New Year’s Day.

See you tomorrow in all your new running gear.




Event number 455 – 21st December 2019

Welcome everyone to this week’s run report. Despite the recent rain we had a dry morning and no wind which always helps. We returned to the Winter Course which changes it round a bit. So well done to everyone who completed today’s Andover parkrun. This week 262 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests.

We are very grateful to our 24 marvellous volunteers who made this week’s event possible. Our wonderful volunteers this week were: Bas JACOBS  •  Charlie MCCOY  •  Christina SEARLE  •  Colin STOKES  •  Colin YOUNGER  •  Gaynor BRINDLEY  •  Ian BEVERIDGE  •  Janice COOK  •  Jeff BIRKS  •  Jenny CASSON  •  Julie JACOBS  •  Karl GAILER  •  Kathleen WEYERS  •  Kelly STOKES  •  Kelvin MASON  •  Kerry WARDELL  •  Louise BROWN  •  Martin HUGHES  •  Martin KAIRYS  •  Matthew BENNETT  •  Maurice KING  •  Rebecca MCCOY  •  Simon EGGINGTON  •  Wendy BEVERIDGE.

A few Milestone T-Shirts reached today, so, congratulations to: Marianna SAWYER (Jr) 10th parkrun, Mike WEBBER 50th parkrun and Victoria BROWN 50th parkrun.

Please note Andover parkrun will be doing special parkruns on Christmas Day and New Years Day, both 9am start. Saturday 28th December and Saturday 4th of January will also be held as normal. Also note during the Festive Period the Pavilion toilets and car parks will be closed. If you are joining us 25th December, 28th December, January 1st please park in the industrial estate and arrive early as you will have a longer walk to the start.

That’s all folks. Hope to see you all on Christmas Day.



Run Report – Event #453

This week, 309 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests.   If you were one of our first timers this week, well done on completing your first of what will hopefully be many - once you start it can become quite addictive!  If you were one of our lovely tourists, thank you for joining us at Andover.  We hope you enjoyed our course and that you will visit us again.

A team of 19 volunteers made this week’s parkrun possible:

Ian OLDACRE • Martin HUGHES • Simon EGGINGTON • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Ian BEVERIDGE • David CLEGHORN • Julie JACOBS • Kev YOUNG • Karen COOK • Hayleigh POOLE • Bas JACOBS • Rebekah SEARLE • Jack SEARLE • Atholl FINLAYSON • Kyle BECKETT • Jennie COOK • Martin KAIRYS

Well done to our milestone T-shirt achievers this week, Julia Fitzpatrick, Hannah Thomson and Gemma Sayer; all will be sporting their new 50th t-shirts at a parkrun soon.  We do keep an eye on any upcoming T-shirt milestones to add to our briefing shout out, but please do get in touch if yours is coming up soon!

Don’t forget our pacer event next week (14th December), and keep an eye on our Facebook page for information about this and the Christmas and New Years’ Day extra parkruns.

See you next Saturday.



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