Grace Wright – Arrow Valley #357 – Run Report 27-4-19

After last weekend’s glorious Easter sunshine, 367 hardy souls braved the cold and blustery conditions thanks to Storm Hannah and ran, jogged or walked their way around Arrow Valley’s two lap lakeside course.
Despite the drab conditions, as usual at AVPR everyone was happy and excited to be getting their weekend off to a good start with fresh air, a bit of exercise, a chat with their fellow runners and a well deserved cup of tea and cake afterwards in the café.
Today there were a lot of runners completing big milestones. A special well done to the following athletes:
10 runs
• Peter GOLBY
50 runs
• Andrew BENNETT
• Paul ELVY
• Grace WRIGHT

Becky Selfie board
100 runs
• Michelle FIDLER

Michelle 100th
200 runs (!)

Hollie pacing
We ran from the alternative start today due to the presence of the fun fair. Although often thought of as a slightly slower than our usual start, nonetheless there were 43 fantastic PBs achieved today. The high number of PBs was perhaps due today being the last run of the month and therefore pacer week. Runners were spurred on by blue-vested volunteer pacers as well as being cheered on by our fantastic High-Viz heroes.
The first three gents home this week were:
1. Unknown (remember your bar code folks!)
2. Mark APPLETON in 17.19
3. Ben CRONE in 18.37.
The first three ladies were:
1. Natasha DENT in 21.06 (a great new PB for Natasha)
2. Ellie PARDY in 21.51
3. Melanie HEPKE in 22.33.

pair of runners by lake
39 parkrunners completed their first event at Arrow Valley today of which 16 people were first timers at parkrun. Thank you to those who picked Arrow Valley for your first ever parkrun – we loved welcoming you today.
This was run 357 at Arrow Valley and in position number 357 was Janet CRIPPS in a time of 46.12 – well done Janet!
This weekend marks the 39th London Marathon event with thousands of runners due to hit the streets of the capital raising money for a number of fantastic charities. One runner who has been hitting the headlines this week is 85 year old Ken Jones who has participated in every single London Marathon since its conception and who will be the oldest competitor in this year’s race. Here at Arrow Valley we are delighted to see runners of all ages amongst our number and a special shout out this week goes to the following runners in the VM70-74 and VW70-74 categories who show that age is but a number:
1. Bill GROOM in 99th position with a time of 25.46.
2. Francis MONK in 156th position with a time of 27.52.
3. Doug RICHARDS in 191st position with a time of 29.10
4. Marlane PRICE in 303rd position with a time of 35.20 (fabulous PB Marlane!)
5. Margaret CAMPION in 341st position with a time of 39.19.
Ken Jones’ top tip for other runners is to try and run with others because ‘they’ll encourage you and you’ll make a lot of friends’. With that, I think Ken has absolutely hit the nail on the head and captured the essence of what parkrun is about. Today marked my 50th parkrun milestone and I came along with my friend Hannah OWEN. Hannah dragged a very reluctant me along to my first ever parkrun in 2016 and it would be fair to say that running was not my favourite of activities. Three years on and running is now one of my favourite hobbies and I always look forward to my Saturday morning parkrun. I have met so many interesting people and made a lot of friends through parkrun and through running so a big THANK YOU to Hannah for introducing me to parkrun and THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers at parkrun today for encouraging me and all the other runners along the course.
A massive good luck to all those Arrow Valleyers taking part in the London Marathon tomorrow and also the Shakespeare Marathon and Half Marathon – we look forward to hearing about it next week!
Grace (A1994773)


Arrow Valley parkrun – ‘Overrun with Christmas spirit’ #338 – 22/12/2018

What an amazing event this morning's parkrun was. The weather was chilly, but it was dry and bright, which made for perfect running and volunteering conditions. A fantastic 356 people took part in the event - 19 first-timers, a whopping 34 new PB's and some great milestones too – just brilliant!

Many participants and volunteers sported superb festive costumes, totally embracing the Christmas spirit. There was also a festive food table with lots of goodies and an all-round feeling of festive good cheer. Here's a few of the fab costumes we spotted.
Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018
Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018
Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018

Mark and I offered to write this run report because we wanted to share with you what a difference volunteering and running at Arrow Valley parkrun has made to our lives.
Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018
This time last year we didn't even know parkrun existed! We thought PB stood for pigs in blankets and had no idea that just down the road from us was this wonderful free event called parkrun. An event where amazing people venture out in wind, rain, snow, sleet and shine to volunteer so that parkrun can happen. An event where anyone can run or walk around a 5k route in safety and even better get a time at the end of it (provided you've got your barcode that is). It's a totally inclusive event where many of the volunteers are also the runners and it's just amazing that it's right here on our doorstep – who knew.

If you'd known us a year ago we were very different people. We were couch potatoes, neither of us had run in years. If I'm being completely honest I was suffering with my mental health and well-being and Mark wasn't in great shape either. What a difference a few short months can make. I ran my first parkrun on the 28 April 2018 and, for those who don't know, I'm visually impaired so always run with a guide. You can read about my first parkrun here if you want to. Mark ran his first parkrun on the 14 July 2018 and he ran it with me because my guide runner was injured.
Arrow Valley parkrun has been a regular feature in our lives ever since and we've met so many amazing and inspirational people because of it. What's struck us about the running community is how inclusive and supportive it is. Everyone just wants to help and support each other – which is amazing. Over the last few months people have come to know us, shouting out hello's whether we are running or volunteering, we both run regularly in the week too now and we both feel so much better for it.

Since starting at parkrun, many people have also stepped in to support me because of my visual impairment. There's always someone who'll make sure I'm safe with a supporter if Mark runs and I don't. Another thing that's totally blown me away are the people who run with me as my guide. They give so much and I honestly don't think they realise what a huge difference it makes to my life as without them I wouldn't be able to run at all - it's just amazing.
It's also lovely catching up with our new running family afterwards for a cuppa too. Our Saturday mornings are not the same if we can't make it and we just wanted to say thank you! Especially to the core team and to everyone who has helped us, made us feel so very welcome and made us part of the parkrun family.

Merry Christmas to you all and a very happy and healthy New Year too.

As well as Mark and myself, the volunteers were: Liz ADEY, Rashida BASHIR, Christopher BIRD, Raymond BOYLE, Neil BROWN, Clare CARMEN, Beth DRISSELL, Sally EVANS, Norma FOX, Wendy GARDNER, Dylan GOULD, Melba JONES, Adam KNOWLES, Gary MANDERS, Pamela MORETON, Willow MUGGLESTONE, Katie MULHALL, Hannah PRZYBYLAK, Stephen REA, Robert SARGENT, Nick SECKER, Abigail SWARBRICK, Simon TAYLOR, Andy TERRY, Philip THOMAS, Katie THORLEY, Leigh WALTON, Ian WIDDOWS, Paula WIDDOWS, Ricky YOUNG – THANK YOU!


Arrow Valley Christmas Day parkrun 09:30am

Thank you to everyone that gave a little bit back and committed to filling the volunteer rosters up to Christmas Day. We really appreciate all of your help.

We are delighted to confirm that Arrow Valley will be hosting a Christmas Day parkrun starting at 09:30
IMG_0165A festive occasion and we look forward to the many santa's, elves and reindeers galloping around the park... even inflatable snowmen..!! IMG_0166

Wishing you all well for the Festive season and please remember that the volunteer roster is for life, not just Christmas.


David Harrison Run Report – Event #332 – 10-11-18

What a cracker!
The Arrow Valley parkrun just goes from strength to strength. A record number of 518 runners took part, including Nick Brown who was visiting from Atlanta, USA.
The conditions were perfect for running. The rain showers had cleared, replaced by beautiful sunny conditions and a nice temperature of 9 degrees centigrade. A beautiful Autumnal morning. The lake looked magnificent, reflecting all shades of yellow, orange, red and brown from the surrounding trees. Multi-coloured leaves floated down on the runners like confetti creating a picturesque setting.
I don’t know whether it was the Autumn sunshine but everyone seemed to be on top form, with lots of smiling faces and happy banter. It was AVPR at its very best.
IMG_8588Milestones The numbers were swelled by huge turnouts from two local running clubs, Redditch STARS and Kingfisher Harriers and with supporters of runners with significant milestones. In fact an Arrow Valley record attendance of 518 was recorded in the results.  Congratulations to Tim Harrison (200th run), Steven Singh Sadhra (100th run), Gary Tomkinson, Graham Tomkinson and Meg Parker (50th run) and Chloe Lynch (10th run). It was fun to see a large group of friends, dressed in red outfits and lots of balloons, celebrating Meg’s milestone. IMG_8587

Adam Peacock finished first in an impressive 16.08, which apparently was the 20th fastest park run time in the UK this Saturday. Well done Adam!

In second position was Adam Hill in 17.25 who just edged out Mark Lawlor by 2 seconds. Joanne Smith was the first lady to finish in a time of 20.06, followed in by Becki Timmings in 20.14 and Rachael Davies in 20.57. 47 PBs were achieved, not bad considering how many runners there were today. The important thing was that every single runner appeared to have a great time and everyone came back happy and pumped up for the weekend. Don’t you just love the parkrun?!

Redditch STARS parkrun Challenge Final Today was also the final of the Redditch STARS parkrun Challenge, a knock-out competition started in February and organised by Ian Widdows. Draws were made at random and a handicap system was applied using each entrants best time from 2017 as a baseline. This created a level playing field and rewarded runners who made the greatest progress and improvement. Virtually every runner improved their times and so many PBs were achieved. At the quarter-final stage, the handicap system was adjusted to take into account the latest PBs which made the competition even more exciting. The final was a battle of the Zoe’s. Using the handicap times, Zoe Newman had to run 90 seconds faster than Zoe Neale to claim the crown in the final. We were tracking the gap at various stages of the run and predicting a close finish. Zoe Newman went off like a rocket, paced by Carl Newman, opening up a lead of 37 seconds at half-way. Zoe Neale, paced by Cathy Richardson and Richie Ellison hung in there. At the last corner opposite the visitor centre, Zoe Newman had a 91 second lead and was on course to win by 1 second but Zoe Neale dug deep and sprinted to the line to triumph by just 2 seconds. The girls hugged each other at the end, had pictures taken together and sat next to each other helping to sort out the finishing tokens afterwards, still not certain of the result until the times had been processed. They knew it was close and had to wait nervously before the competition result was announced. In the end Zoe Neale was the champion but both girls were winners, not just for the incredible improvement made but also in the spirit that they had approached the competition. A real credit to their club and to the AVPR community. IMG_8585

Just for the record, Zoe Newman achieved 4 PBs in 2018, improving from 32.57 to 28.06 and knocking 47 seconds off her previous PB in the final. Zoe Neale achieved 8 PBs improving from 40.45 to 29.34 and knocking a massive 61 seconds off her previous PB in the final, breaking 30 minutes for the first time. To think that Zoe only graduated from the Couch to 5K programme at the end of 2017 shows the progress she has made. Well done to both Zoe’s.
Stuart Beasley came in third-place with a time of 23.22 from Anthony White who finished an honourable 4th place.
IMG_8586Volunteers A big thank you to the marvellous volunteers who gave the runners so much encouragement and worked hard both before and after the event to make it such a success. IMG_8589

This week’s volunteers included:
Adam KNOWLES • Andy TERRY • Colin DRISSELL • Chris ROSS • Christopher BIRD • Claire JAKEMAN • Clare GRENNAN • Corin ELLIOTT • David HARRISON • Dylan GOULD • Emma SHANNON • Glenn LACEY • Guy WALTON • Ian WIDDOWS • Jo COLLINS • Jo PECK • Katie MULHALL • Liz ADEY • Matthew VAS • Melissa WOOD • Michelle TAYLOR • Nick HAYNES • Paige WOOD • Pamela MORETON • Paul ADEY • Raymond BOYLE • Robert SARGENT • Sonia STOCKWIN • Steve ELLIOTT • Trenten ROBERTS • Willow MUGGLESTONE • Zoe NEALE • Zoe NEWMAN



No Event on New Years Day

The team at Arrow Valley have decided to decline the opportunity to host a New Year Day parkrun. The team love to celebrate on New Years Eve and we hope you enjoy the occasion too.


Arrow Valley Parkrun #330 27-10-2018 by David Harrison

Six full hours after the 'witching' hour, the clock ticked around to 9 am, otherwise known as the Dead of Night' to teenagers, 419 runners lined up for the Arrow Valley 'Spooktacula' to appease the Spirits.  Looking at the state of some of them they had been drinking plenty of spirits last night.

Event 330 - 1

It had been hoped to offer a sacrificial virgin but the search was in vain as you don't find many of those in Redditch.  Fittingly, there was a chill in the air and if you listened carefully enough you could hear Wagner's 'The Ride of the Valkyries' dancing across the Stitch Meadow.

Unverified reports suggested that there were some mysterious tourists in attendance from Gravesend, Coffinswell, Devil's Dyke, Upper and Lower Slaughter.

Event 330 - 3


The runners gathered to listen to the briefing given by the Clare 'Pussy-Cat' Grennan.  You could see that the spooks were huddled in groups including Zombies, Vampires, Skeletons and there were several Mummies in attendance.  An eerie silence descended over the participants like a blanket as they waited for the run to begin.  It was broken by the roar of the monsters and blood curdling screams of the masses as the race started.

Event 330- 6

The marvellous Marshals were in place at strategic points to encourage the runners and point them in the right direction.  This was particularly important as the Headless Horseman from Headless Cross were in danger of taking a wrong turn into the Forbidden Forest.

Event 330 - 2
Some of the runners were slow, dead slow, and some were fast, frighteningly fast.  Non mores so than the mightiest of monsters.  Typhon (aka Chris 'Batman' Lockhart) who showed super-human strength, stamina and speed, accompanied by the three-headed hell-hound, Cereberus (aka Ronan), completing the course in an amazing PB time of 16 minutes and 7 seconds.

Event 330- 6


A clutch of mortals, running for their lives, or maybe just trying to keep warm, sped over the finishing line ahead of the first ghost, Sammy Taaffe (who also won the prize for the spook with the most vowels in his surname).

Event 330 - 7

There was no denying that the ghosts were the fastest, followed by the witches and then the vampires who were no doubt in a hurry to get back to their coffins before the sun burst through.  Predictably, the Mummies were hampered by their bandages and bringing up the rear were the Zombies who shuffled around as fast as they could go; not bad considering that they had only just risen from their graves.  Just ahead, in honour of the festival of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) was a well-known gentleman doing the 'Monster Mash', it was the Graveyard Flash (Well done Ken).

The runners came streaming in, relentlessly stomping home.  All the heroes made it to the end, thankfully unscathed and living to fight another day.


Thank you to all of the volunteers who turned out on such a cold day and who made this event happen: William ALDRIDGE, Richard BANKS, Rashida BASHIR, Scott BEVERLEY, Raymond BOYLE, Diane Mary BRIAN, Victoria CARUANA, Janet CRIPPS, Natalie CUTLER, Barry DREW, Paul EDWARDS, Clare GRENNAN, David HARRISON, Anita HARTLEY, Alison HIGGINS, Adam KNOWLES, Rebecca MOORE, Pamela MORETON, Willow MUGGLESTONE, Katie MULHALL, David OLDAKER, Stephen REA, Andy SCOTT, David SNAPE, Lauren SYKES, Kate SYKES, Andy TERRY, Katie THORLEY, Pauline TIMMINGS, Lizzie TOVEY, Mark TOVEY, Rhona ULYETT, Matthew VAS, Mark WEAFER, Clare WEAVER, Ian WIDDOWS, Paula WIDDOWS, Shantell WILLMOTT.


Thank you to the pacers who did a great job: Scott BEVERLEY, Richard BANKS, Mark WEAFER, Andrew WAREING, Ricky YOUNG, David SNAPE, Diane BRIAN, Katie THORLEY, Anita HARTLEY, Kate SYKES, Clare GRENNAN and Natalie CUTLER.

Personal Bests

There were an incredible 92 PBs.  Were they inspired by the pacers, running fast just to keep warm or petrified by the presence of spooks? Who knows? Any PB is a great achievement but it is even more sweeter if you finish in the first 10 or when it dips under one of the notable benchmarks, so congratulations to:

Chris Lockhart 16.07, Oscar Barbour 16.33, Phil Wells 18.41, Frazer Slade 19.15 and Ellie Burrell 23.48 who all finished in the top 10 for male and female categories and Richard Kemp 24.45 (on 64th parkrun), Simon Smart, 24.53, Michelle Taylor 29.24, Ken McMullan 29.44, Paula Widdows 29.49 (on 83rd parkrun!), Eleanor England 39.54, Claire Reid 39.12, Lynda Aharp 39.37, Monica Smith 39.38 who all dipped under the time benchmarks.

Event 330


Congratulations also to the following runners who reached important milestones:

50 runs: Richard Latham, Richard Banks and Kelly-Rose Rignall

10 runs: Ryan Oldfield



Arrow Valley parkrun #327 – 06-10-2018 – Kevin Tomkinson

International parkrun day was celebrated at the lake as 322 people ran and walked 2 laps of the lake cheered along by 42 volunteers in yellow. It was my 20th visit to the Arrow Valley parkrun and I was celebrating a completely parkrun milestone of reaching 1000 parkrun miles. 3.11 (miles) x 322 (parkruns) = just over 1000 miles so I reckon somewhere between the playground and the right turn after the bollard in the path 1000 miles came up. Thank you for the shout out at the start Rachel, I did hear it but I had lost all the people I came to the park with in the morning as I was trying to find somewhere to put my jumper!!

In the end I put it in the bottom of the buggy and my niece pinned the sign she had made onto my back and we headed to the start. I ran lap 1 with my niece who then decided she wanted to take her coat off. Wondering what she was going to do with it I took it off her and planned to wrap it round my waist. Thankfully I saw Tanya from Brueton who was supporting and she took it off me. We came up to some other runners and I got past but she decided she didn't want to keep up with me anymore and I ploughed on to the hill on my own. I managed to hold it together on the hill, keeping my pace steady, I think I managed to say "thank you" to the mini marshals at the top – if not, my apologies, your support was excellent!
IMG_7762  Coming back to the café I knew a course PB was possible and I thought about sprinting from the turn which I started to do however I hadn't realised the finish had changed and it was now further away from the corner! My sprint slowed and I seemed to shuffle to the line. When the times came through I had my quickest Arrow Valley parkrun beating my 1st attempt in 2013! Hooray! IMG_7759  As many of you know parkrun was started 14 years ago by Paul Sinton-Hewitt with the 1st run taking place in Bushy Park. 13 took part that day. What has taken place since has been amazing with new events starting all the time which is reaching new communities and starting new communities in towns and cities and country parks around the country. How many of the participants on Saturday have booked a holiday in the UK (or further afield) and looked at the parkrun website to see where the nearest run is? I know I do, much to the bemusement of my parents and in the old days my wife who used to roll her eyes about my requests for a weekend away just to run for 30 minutes around a park she had never heard of! Highlight for me of these requests has to be insisting she got up on her birthday in 2013 to run at Gorleston near Great Yarmouth – if you haven't run it and are away in this direction I recommend it, stunning on a sunny day! However the accommodation we were staying in, I was so happy to get out for a few hours (it wasn't the best) So thank you to the Core Team for delivering Arrow Valley parkrun which continues to be free and available to all. Thanks also to Paul Sinton-Hewitt who came up with this simple idea which gets us out of bed every Saturday morning to see our friends running around the lake

Volunteers This week there were 42 heroes in yellow, thank you to - Kevin TOMKINSON • Jenni TOMKINSON • Dylan GOULD • Gary KING • Gavin MOORHEAD • Mike GRIFFITHS • Richard GALLOIS • Rachel DAVIES • David OLDAKER • Liz ADEY • Rachel GOULD • Ricky YOUNG • Joanne MEYRICK • Alison BOLTON • Donna KING • Ria CANTELO-BPND • Elizabeth GRIFFITHS • Ian WIDDOWS • Paula WIDDOWS • Maureen MOORHEAD • Dean CLAPHAM • Sally EVANS • Lynda GREEN • Malcolm GREEN • Jo ABBOTTS • Trudie TAYLOR • Rashida BASHIR • Helen SMITH • Mark BRINDLEY • Paula BRINDLEY • Stephen REA • Dawn ELWELL-SUTTON • Mike ELWELL-SUTTON • Scott BEVERLEY • Karin AITKEN • Simon TAYLOR • Kate CHAMBERLAIN • Dylan SMITH • Janet GOODYEAR • Willow GREEN • Amelia SMITH • Olivia SMITH IMG_7760

Celebrations this week Congratulations to the following Arrow Valley parkrunners who entered one of the parkrun clubs at the event 25 volunteer club - Richard GALLOIS - 50 club – Angela LUCAS, Carl ORDIDGE, Hugo BEATTIE, Rebecca LUCAS Angela 50th pr5 random stats from Arrow Valley parkrun this week This was event 327. In 327th position was no one! Today was the 14th parkrun anniversary. In 14th position was Wayne KETCHER who completed his 99th parkrun in 20:54 42 new PB's this week. In 42nd position was Leigh MILTON who completed his 1st parkrun in 23:37 The average run time for the event (overall) is 28:54. This was matched by 1 person this week – Sam LEWIS Position number of the week = 101 – James WHITEHOUSE who completed his 5th parkrun in 26:35 PB's This week there was 42 personal bests recorded. Here is a list of the parkrunners with over 50 runs who achieved a PB this week – Kevin TOMKINSON - 25:34 - 322 parkruns Ian P COOPER - 22:50 - 283 parkruns Jenni TOMKINSON - 28:15 - 206 parkruns Jane NOCK - 26:38 - 97 parkruns Lauren HEVEY - 26:11 - 67 parkruns Well done to all achieving a PB this week First timers 35 first timers took part this week, for 17 of them this was their 1st parkrun. Well done to all the 1st timers, hope you enjoyed your parkrun Official Report This week 322 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 35 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part. IMG_7761

The female record is held by Becky STRAW who recorded a time of 17:49 on 23rd August 2014 (event number 110), and by Kristen FINDLEY who also recorded a time of 17:49 on 25th July 2015 (event number 159).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:08 on 10th September 2016 (event number 219).
The Age Grade course record is held by Bronwen G CARDY who recorded 94.03% (21:14) on 12th September 2015 (event number 166).

Arrow Valley parkrun started on 14th July 2012. Since then 9,376 participants have completed 86,663 parkruns covering a total distance of 433,315 km, including 15,154 new Personal Bests.

Did you know?

Arrow Valley parkrun now has 7652 registered parkrunners

Kevin (A190125)


Run Report 29/09/2018 – Event # 326 by Terri Powell

My home event Sandwell Valley parkrun was cancelled today and having briefly met some of the runners and volunteers when they kicked off their charity 8.5 parkruns in one day with us a couple of weeks back, I thought I would repay the favour by joining Arrow Valley for a spot of parkrun tourism. I was joined by another of our regular volunteers Neil Langley and we were both wearing our bright lime green t-shirts displaying “Sandwell Valley parkrun volunteers on tour” on the back of them.
We both volunteer quite regularly, so don’t often get the chance to run and this was an ideal opportunity for us and one that we both thoroughly enjoyed.
As we walked towards the start, both Neil and I felt positively chilly in the tree cover of the car park and pathways but soon warmed up when we arrived at the bright sunlit field in readiness for the start where it was obvious that there was going to be a big turnout.
IMG_7510A quick hello to a couple of people I recognised, briefings completed and we were off on a really pleasant two lap course of the lake. A few of you certainly noticed us as you kindly said hello and had a quick chat with us on the way around which is always very welcoming and very nice of you to take the time so we thank you for that. The last Saturday in the month here also means that it is pacer’s week. A total of fourteen pacers in sky blue vests helped out and a staggering 100 PB’s were achieved. IMG_7509
Well done to the pacers and to all those with a new PB this week.
A few quick statistics for you:
38 first timers to Arrow Valley, 19 of which were first timers to parkrun
15 parkrunners completed their 2nd ever parkrun, 10 of which achieved new PB’s
15 parkrunners completed their 3rd ever parkrun, 9 of which achieved new PB’s
31 junior parkrunners, 6 of which were first timers and 3 of which have completed 100+ parkruns
50th parkrun milestones – Pauline Timmings and Rob Cooper
100th parkrun milestones - Angela Bligh and Lorraine Hyde
150th parkrun event – Joshua Wiseman
307th parkrun event – Clive Rose which was also his 170th Arrow Valley event
34 of the parkrunners today have already achieved their 25th volunteering milestone

After the event, Neil and I stopped at the café and we gave a little bit back by token sorting. We were joined by Rosanna Palmer who has become a bit of regular at Arrow Valley having started C25K earlier in the year with Lickey End Striders and Karen Hurrell from Haigh Woodland parkrun who was attending a course nearby. In all we sorted a total of 437 finishing tokens in readiness for you all to do it again next week.
The final mention is to the Hi-Viz heroes who enable this to happen so a big THANK YOU to
Heather Baldwin, Richard Banks, Scott Beverley, Christopher Bird, Alison Bolton, Bill Bradley, Joshua Bradley, Diane Mary Brian, Mark Brindley, Sula Broad, Eleanor Broad, Sharon Colfer, Rachel Davies, Paul Egan, Malcolm Green, Clare Grennan, Rory Hancock, Tim Harrison, Anita Hartley, Nick Harwood, Hollie Heffernan, Ian Hurst, Jo Knight, Neil Langley, Robert Morris, Jessica Nielsen, Rosanne Palmer, Elizabeth Paterson, Terri Rose Powell, Stephen Rea, Nick Secker, Emma Shannon, Olivia Smith, Helen Smith, Amelia Smith, Simon Taylor, Dawn Teague, Katie Thorley, Emma Tisdell, Lizzie Tovey, Mark Tovey, Christopher Weaver, Ian Widdows, Paula Widdows, Shantell Willmott, Ricky Young And Karen Hurrel.

Thank you to Mark Brindley for the photos within this Run report.



Run Report 22-9-18 Event #325 – Rebecca Spencer

My Saturday run at Arrow Valley parkrun was a defining parkrun moment for me; it was the parkrun which confirmed that, as suspected, my parkrun obsession has turned me into a ‘parkrun tourist’.

I live in London and have been parkrunning for about 2 years. In this time I have reached my 50th milestone, become a Run Director, and helped set up a local parkrun. Recently I have been trying to explore more parkruns in London (currently there are 53 parkruns in Greater London). However, this weekend I was due to come to Redditch on Saturday for a family event; troubled at the idea of missing parkrun, I decided to get the train up on Friday instead of Saturday, to stay at my cousin’s flat & use Saturday morning to visit Redditch’s local parkrun; Arrow Valley!

The friendly atmosphere of Arrow Valley was evident as soon as I entered the park. Runners and volunteers chatted to one another, before an excellent briefing by the Run Director, Clare. The course was fantastically well marshalled with enthusiastic and encouraging volunteers who made the route even more enjoyable. It was lovely to run alongside such a stunning lake; the first lap passed quickly and as soon as I was on the second lap I was on the home stretch (the beauty of a 2-lap course!).

I stopped at the cafe after for a coffee & it was great to see so many Arrow Valley parkrunners there. It was such a friendly atmosphere and a great start to my weekend.

I also felt privileged to be part of a parkrun which marked five (wow!) incredible milestones:

Dave BUTLER – 100th parkrun
Andrew COWLEY – 100th parkrun
David KINGS – 100th parkrun
Sula BROAD – 50th parkrun
John TOMLINSON – 50th parkrun
Dave Butler's 100th parkrun

Congratulations to these guys. What brilliant achievements!

I would also say a special Congratulations to the following people:


These amazing people ran their first ever parkrun on Saturday. This is arguably one of the most significant parkrun milestones. Hopefully this is the start of a happy & healthy parkrun addiction for you all...

Thank you Arrow Valley runners and volunteers for such a great parkrun, and for my baptism as a fully-fledged parkrun tourist!

Rebecca Spencer
(Run Director - Clapham Common parkrun)


VI Guide Runners at Arrow Valley

At Arrow Valley we pride ourselves upon being proactive in the visually impaired running community.
We have a number of enthusiastic VI guides that are waiting to assist anyone that requires it.
If you would like a guide to assist you at Arrow Valley parkrun please contact us in advance of the event by email:

We will find a guide to assist you in your running, jogging or walking endeavours.
Lizzie parkrun

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