International Women’s Day parkrun – March 7th 2020

Our research shows us that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate in parkrun events all over the world.

So come along and wave the flag for the women of the world.



****Christmas Day parkrun (09:00) ****

Following the succesful campaign to fill all the December volunteer rosters, Arrow Valley are delighted to confirm a Christmas Day parkrun.
Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018

Please come along and enjoy the festive occassion and enjoy the community spirit.  Many will be running in Santa, reindeer or elf outfits and merryness will abound. Arrow Valley parkrun, Christmas Day

We would still love to see you if your not running as you could give us a hand with a volunteer role and put that warm glow into your heart.

Arrow Valley parkrun Christmas Day 2018


Arrow Valley Christmas Day parkrun 09:30am

Thank you to everyone that gave a little bit back and committed to filling the volunteer rosters up to Christmas Day. We really appreciate all of your help.

We are delighted to confirm that Arrow Valley will be hosting a Christmas Day parkrun starting at 09:30
IMG_0165A festive occasion and we look forward to the many santa's, elves and reindeers galloping around the park... even inflatable snowmen..!! IMG_0166

Wishing you all well for the Festive season and please remember that the volunteer roster is for life, not just Christmas.


No Event on New Years Day

The team at Arrow Valley have decided to decline the opportunity to host a New Year Day parkrun. The team love to celebrate on New Years Eve and we hope you enjoy the occasion too.


Kingfisher Harriers Takeover 14th April 2018

Saturday 14-4-18 will be awash with the bright glow of orange as the Harriers swoop in and encourage us to walk, jog or run the course.

The takeover is part of an initiative to strengthen community bonds and we trust the event will be received in the spirit intended.
Have a great orange Saturday.


Event Cancellation – 3rd March 2018

After completing a preliminary course assessment the weather has continued to deteriorate in the 5 hours since. The team had concerns over travel and static volunteers exposure to cold and have taken the decision to cancel.

We have left it as long as we could before confirming the decision to give the event a fair chance but hopefully early notification will prevent unnecessary travel to Arrow Valley.

Have a great week and see you next Saturday for our favourite run, walk or jog of the week. If you would like to help with delivery of the event please review the future roster to see where you could add your magic.

Kind regards, Dylan & The Core Team


New Core Team Members

We are delighted to announce the addition of Ruth Burton & Clare Grennan to the Arrow Valley Core Team. Both are experienced parkrunners and core volunteers and well known faces at Arrow Valley. They bring an enthusiasm and dynamic from Hanbury Hall and Wythall where they both helped within the core teams. Please could everyone support them both in their volunteering and Run Director duties.

Thank you Ruth & Clare it is good to have you on board.


Kingfisher Harriers Event Takeover 3rd June 2017

This Saturday, Kingfisher Harriers will be taking over delivery of Arrow Valley parkrun. The event is sure to be a colourful display of orange as The Harriers encourage runners, walkers & joggers around the course. 184-8Q1A0238 The takeover is part of an initiative to strengthen community bonds and we trust the event will be received in the spirit intended. The Core team look forward to more fabulous takeovers in the coming weeks and are excited for Orange Saturday.


Droning On With Aerial Photography 13th May 2017

Just a quick announcement that we are lucky to have a professional drone pilot as our official photographer this week! Thanks to Darren Mansell who set the ball in motion or rather the drone into flight.

Richard Parsons is a qualified & certified drone pilot and thanks to special one-time permission from Redditch Council we will be able to get a birds eye view of the running around the beautiful Arrow Valley Lake.

Richard says: "With regards to the parkrun on 13th May. We will be performing up to 3 separate Visual Line of Site (VLOS) flights to provide aerial footage of the runners. Parsons Aerial Photography are fully qualified and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (ID:3611) to perform Aerial Work using Drones on a commercial basis. We abide by the strict rules set out in the Air Navigation Order CAP393, specifically Articles 94,95 and Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK CAP722. We have Liability Insurance in place. Before the event we will undertake a remote Pre Deployment Survey to ensure that there are no immediate reasons that we cannot perform the task. Following that we will then conduct an on site survey including a risk assessment.

We will not conduct a flight unless we are confident that it can be made safely.

We are very excited about what should be an amazing video and fingers crossed we get the weather for it. See you Saturday for more parkrun fun #DFYB


Updated Links – Local Affiliated Running Clubs

The links have been updated to include local affiliated running clubs. Redditch is lucky to be served by so many different options and we are grateful for the members support with volunteering at Arrow Valley parkrun.


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