Run Report #342 16th October 2021

Ashford parkrun 16/10/2021 | #342

On what started out as a chilly day, 25 people volunteered to make it possible for 250 people to run, walk, jog or jeff today’s event at Victoria Park in Ashford. 28 for the first time at Ashford and 11 of those for their first ever parkrun - welcome to parkrun!.

The two lap course is on good tarmac and a great running surface with only the finish funnel at the end on grass. Rarely cancelled, a modified route used if there is ice. It seems a fairly quick course with only the one short hill to climb each lap (it isn’t steep at all by the way).

After a briefing by Peter ROWLEY near the new looking wooden “hut” at the finish point, run director Terry (Fred) SELLEN set us off from the start point a very short distance away.

The first male finisher was William DAVIES with a time of 17:15, a first timer at the event. The first female finisher was Saffy WALTON with a time of 20:34, who also got the highest age grade of 82.50%, another first timer at Ashford.

An amazing 52 people got new Personal Bests today, well done to: Zoltan BALOGH, James BARNEY, Daniel BAYLES, Beth BENSTEAD, Phil BRIGHTON, Thomas BRIGHTON, Sean CALNAN, Denise CHITTENDEN, Dylan DAVIDSON-DANIEL, Jared DOBSON, Robert EATON, Isaac EMMERICH, Louise EMMERICH, Oscar EMMERICH, Paige EMMERICH, Jack EVANS, Katie FARRIS, Anna FLOCKETT, Carl FRASER, Gavin HART, Chris HASELTINE, David HENDERSON, Ben HEWITT, Mark HOSEA, Christina HOWSE, Grace KNIGHT, Karla LARNDER, Khagendra LAWATI, Matt LEMON, Sharon MASON, Darren MILLS, William MITCHELL, Oliver NASH, Sally NEWING, Jo REECE, Frank REMIGIO, Corinne RIX, Tara ROOT-HICKS, Karen ROSS, Stephen RUMSEY, Amy STIMPSON, Kevan STRAND, Kirsty THEOBALD, Rebecca THORNE, Clint TOWNSEND, Paul VERLINDEN, Haden VIDLER, Tom WADDINGHAM, Gary WAGHORN, Antony WICKEN, Suzi WICKEN

David WINSTON got closest to the average course time of 29:02 by completing his 99th event at Ashford parkrun in 28:59 and very close to earning the “Single-ton” challenge - 100 hundred runs at the same event. (see Running Challenges

Coffee and cake is close by from a coffee van in the park, toilets are available near the tennis courts, and some parking is available using the Ashford Indoor Bowls Centre entrance - although there is also free parking (limited to 2 hours) on Jemmett Road.

Volunteers have an equally amazing time at parkrun and again filled all required positions needed for a safe event to take place. Summoning up the courage to volunteer in the first place can seem daunting, but there is support, opportunities to practice, and the volunteers are friendly and helpful. Volunteering really is just as much fun as going around the course.

Don’t forget your barcode!


A&D Take Over – Run Report – 02/10/21 #340

Ashford & District RRC do parkrun!

Ashford parkrun number 340 saw a sea of blue at Victoria Park, with A&D club runners out in force taking over all of this week’s volunteer roles.

Run Director Julie Foster set the 210 participants off around the slightly moist course to be cheered on by more marshals than she knew what to do with! Despite the dampness underfoot, the rain held off to allow 28 of you to record a shiny new PB this week. We also welcomed 25 runners to Ashford for the first time, 17 of whom were taking part in their first ever parkrun. A very well done to you all and we look forward to seeing you again.

Two runners – Shane Snowwolf and Mike Conway – achieved their milestone 100 parkruns this week, with Maria Vukoja celebrating her 50th parkrun. Congratulations to all 3 of you and we look forward to seeing you in your new milestone t-shirts very soon.

Ian King of Ashford AC took the spoils this week with a victorious time of 17:44, a new PB for him and an excellent time. He was followed home by young Luke Draper in a time of 18:28 – also a new PB. An unknown runner finished in 3rd place.

Ava Chappell also of Ashford AC took first place for the ladies, securing a top 10 finish overall in a time of 20:08. Second for the ladies was Kim Hainsworth and third was Rose Clapton – both celebrating new personal bests for the course.

If anyone saw how much fun A&D members were having in their volunteer roles this week and wants to have a piece of the action then sign up!

New volunteers are always welcomed, it’s what keeps our parkrun going, so please speak to a member of the team or email to get involved.


Ashford parkrun #333 14/0/2021

So, another Saturday arrives, and it would not be parkrun with a few curve balls thrown in at the last moment.

Thank you for the response on our late call for a key volunteer position.

The day started well with the sight of the “The Coffee Box” being set up and the RD getting his coffee in before the hoards arrive.

The purple Hi-Viz volunteers turned up as usual with a smile on their faces ready to cheer and make your run enjoyable.

Again the 1st time briefing looked large with 26 people and of those 16 had never done a parkrun so welcome to the family.

Off to the start we went, with feedback from the runners we changed where the RD did the safety briefing and thank you for the being quiet while the RD spoke.

And now the watch says 9am and asking if our timers were ready. (Both first timers with the app) and off the runners go towards the fountain.

So, the usual RD challenge starts asking the volunteers who will be around the finishing area how many runners have we got. This week’s winner was Kevin Shannon with 237, just 4 out.

Well, what a finish it was this week between Aiden and Trevor, watching them slug it out over the last 240 meters, with Aiden (New PB) just pipping Trevor.

It was also good to see everyone else battle between friends / family and against yourself, a constant stream of happy faces pleased or just happy to finish.

And link a blink in the eye the run was over, and everything packed up ready for next week and the park was again silent form runners.

Thank you again to all the volunteers, why not be a hero and join us one morning soon.

Thank you, Tamsin for the photos this week
This Weeks Pictures

Here are the stats of the day:
This week 233 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests.
The event was made possible by 22 volunteers:

Edwin BARTLETT • Kevin SHANNON • Robert CARPENTER • Tamsin RITCHIE • Simon JACKSON • Lisa FULCHER • Terry (Fred) SELLEN • Ann FIDGE • John FIDGE • James BOOTH • Emma STANDEN • Deborah WARREN • Peter BROOM • Mo BETTS • Shane SNOWWOLF • Paul MCDONNELL • Graham CAHILL • Linda-Jean DELPORT • Marie SHANNON • Michael STAVELEY • Jasper CHIPPERFIELD • Jason CALDWELL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the This Weeks Results

Simon Jackson
Run Director


Saturday 31st July 2021 #331

So the week after the worry of lightening / storm we had the worry of a gapping hole taking up the whole of the path.

We conducted a risk assessment and decided it was ok to run, we just needed a couple of extra volunteers which after reaching out we has some come forward.

The Park looked busier this morning, I think the weather last week did not help and people waiting to see what the response was like for the first parkrun back.

The volunteer again turned up and put the pink Hi-Viz on and dispatched to there allocated placed to support you and make you safe.

The first-time briefing looked busy, well in fact 42 of you, we may need to look at splitting into smaller groups.

In general, the runners were still adhering to social distancing and remembering the contents of the videos we did.

Report back from the set-up team said already to go

So off to the start we went, with people getting themselves into there time orders. The speech was short and sharp as per the covid framework

And of the runners went towards the gapping hole. Thank you to the volunteers in that position that made sure you got round the obstacle safely

And before we knew it the first running was bearing down on the finish at quite a speed., so congratulations to Marshal as the first back and was outside the course record by 15 seconds!!

Soon the timers and scanners were recording the run of people who had run / jogged and walked.

Please when you run into the finish tunnel “PLEASE” stay in your position and “DO NOT” duck under the tape. By people doing that cause issues with the result processing when the position you crossed the line and the position token do not match and then we have issues then trying to work out the position and times for the later runners.

I must say congratulations to Jill for her timekeeping today, she was unsure of using the app but has taken to it like a duck to water. I hope many other of you will come and have a go.

Congratulations must go to our blind runner Rick Newman and his Guide Don Dewar who managed the course without too many obstacles

Here are the stats of the day:

This week 237 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 42 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Edwin BARTLETT • Lee STANDEN • Robert CARPENTER • Simon JACKSON • Lisa FULCHER • Justine WEARN • Robert YOUNG • Jill HUMPHREYS • Colin HOWELLS • James BOOTH • Emma STANDEN • Peter ROWLEY • Katie IGGULDEN EXON • Gavin HART • Charlotte COX • Peter BROOM • Graham CAHILL • Linda-Jean DELPORT • Paula HART • Julie NICHOLSON • Kay DEVEREAUX • Michelle ROWLES • Henry ROWLES

Simon Jackson
Run Director


parkrun Returns #330

Well after 497 days we all gathered again in Victoria Park to again do parkrun.

It had been a busy week for your Event Directors making sure we have everything in place within in the new Covid framework. We had posted videos and its was good to hear the feedback and people adhered to it.

Saturday morning arrived, after so many weeks I awoke to the sounds of heavy rain and some rumblings of thunder, what else is there to test us. Had a few messages to ask if it was still going ahead, my phone was hot looking at weather / thunderstorm / rain charts and direction of winds etc

After loading the car, I made my way to Victoria Park for 7:45, gave us a chance to look at the course and towards the heavens to see what the great British weather can do for us.

Edwin and Derek were ready to start setting the course out, I made my way to the Coffee Box to get a wake-up drink. So, there I was standing in the middle of an open space looking into the sky, hoping things will change.

Terry was about on his phone taking to Radio Kent about how wonderful it was to be back, also enjoying a cup of coffee.

I’m still checking my phone to see if I needed to cancel, something I could do without but it’s all about safety.

Then from different paths in the park the wonderful volunteers started to appear. There were given the new purple high-Viz and their drinks token for a free cuppa, from the Coffee Box, for their help on the first day back. Landyards / Walkie Talkies handed out and the marshals dispatched to the various places. Timers and scanners were making sure the phones were ok with the new app.

Report back from the set-up team said already to go and the weather also perked up a bit, it was meant to be.

As this was the first day back, we had no idea of numbers, it could be over whelming or people may still be cautious.

So off to the start we went, with people getting themselves into there time orders. The speech was short and sharp as per the Covid framework

And off they went, the RD gave a sign of relief that, so it has gone to plan (so far), the timers and scanners wandered back towards the finish area, some went off to get there coffee. The rest of us, just looking out across the course watching a long line of runners / waling stretching out, playing our usual game of “Guess the Number”

Roughly 8 minutes from the Go we saw our lead runner (We are a two-lap course) coming past us off on there second loop and after that a steady stream of people with different facial expressions, some happy some wondering why they were there!!!

And before we knew it the first running was bearing down on the finish, so congratulations to Trevor as the first back. Soon the timers and scanners were recording the run of people. Well done to Sophie (previous record holder), for being the first lady.

There was now a steady stream of people coming through the funnel, some people had forgotten to stay in the correct order and other trying to duck out, but our funnel manager soon put them right.

The tail walker finished and so the new process of uploading starts. First it was the timers scanning the event QR code and bingo it was posted into the cloud.

We had a scanners huddle and went through the process together, of the 5 scanner 4, went first time, the 5th we had to shut the app down and redo and it seemed to work. All so much easier.

The signs that were set out at the start have been collect and stored for future week.

People are still in the park keeping social distancing catching up on 18th month worth of gossip.

I again stood in the open space and looked across the park, you would not really know we had been there. Time to load the car, and then go an get a coffee and cake and relax.

Home them to post the results.

All chilled now until next Saturday and we go again.

Photos can be found here.

Here are the stats of the day:
This week 165 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 24 were first timers and 21 recorded new Personal Bests.
The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Edwin BARTLETT • Robert CARPENTER • Julie FOSTER • Simon JACKSON • Lisa FULCHER • Philip BOOTH • Terry (Fred) SELLEN • Jill HUMPHREYS • Vicky STEVENSON • James BOOTH • Emma STANDEN • Alison WATERS • Callum WATERS • Peter ROWLEY • Cris FRANCIS • Hazel FORRESTER • Jayne HATTON • Mo BETTS • Shane SNOWWOLF • Paul DIDDAMS • Kathryn TIERNAN • Rachel FORRESTER • Derek NELSON • Sharni COPHAM • Marie SHANNON

Simon Jackson
Run Director

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