Ashford Parkrun 289, May 25th 2019

So, lovely running conditions,  very light shower early on to settle the dust on the route, 296 eager parkrunners, loads of brilliant volunteers – what could go wrong?!!

As it happens with Jill back from hols and eager to time anything on two legs that moved, Emma and daughter playing catch with the finish tokens and Lee marshalling the scanners like a General in battle it was, for me, a remarkably calm morning. No sure if the 296 devoted parkrunners thought the same as they gave their all as usual and came up with 38 pbs.

Big welcome to all the visitors today. Especially chuffed that a group from Walmer and Deal decided that our course was worth a try although they might have been a bit shocked that there was a hill!

The theme of the day was ‘encouraging others'. There seemed to be lots of back slapping and ‘thought your split time was great today (???)’ as well as ‘brilliant job’ at the finish so maybe it worked, except for Becca who again thought she was rubbish!

Fantastic shift put in by Edwin (and helper Justin, of course) again today. Not only does he arrive first to set up the course, he then goes and runs it (289 and counting), stays and packs up as well as inventing new bits of kit every week! What a star. Bit disappointed he doesn't take the tokens home to sort though!! Only joking.

A few stats to finish; 17 participant completed  their 1stparkrun ever, 27 visited us for the first time, 10 did their 2ndparkrun (got the bug now!), the age range of runners was JM10 to VM 80-84 (no that wasn't me!). Other big hitters in the list are Bijendra Singh who has completed 110 in the SM 18-19 group, Tom Green who's  done 79 in the JM 11-14 and Owen Tierman who has now completed 49 in the same group as Tom.

Keep it up boys and girls see you soon x



Run Report #288 by a First Timer

Father and Son first time out

Talking with my son, William, he told me how much he enjoyed distance running at school and that he wanted to do some Cross-Country running.

I did some research and was delighted to find a local parkrun at Ashford’s Victoria Park. My wife was more than a little surprised when I set the alarm for 08:00 on Saturday morning but I wanted to make sure we arrived in good time.

The morning was bright and crisp, and we were surprised to arrive and find such a large group of people coming together around the start line. Apparently, Ashford parkrun regularly has 250-300 runners. William and I agreed a meeting point at the end of the course, I expected to walk one lap and meet him when he finished. We all ambled over to the start line and after a brief countdown the runners set off. I waited for everyone to pass and started ambling along at the back enjoying the sunshine. At this point a man in a pink marshal’s jacket asked me if I was doing the parkrun, I laughed and explained I was having a walk whilst my son completed the run. Simon quickly took me under his wing explaining that he was the “tail walker” who’s job it was to ensure all the runners are safe. Together we headed off and I was struck by how diverse the pace of the participants was, whilst some were off in the distance in the blink of an eye others walked just ahead of us chatting. This was a real plus as one of my anxieties had been that everyone would be an accomplished runner.

The course was well signposted and as we approached the stage where runners were coming back towards us, I was able to wave to my son as he came back the other way at least a kilometre ahead already! It was amazing how many runners Simon knew by name and there was an amazing sense of camaraderie as all the runners supported each other whether they be at the front or the back. As we rounded the next corner we passed a marshal clapping and encouraging every runner as they passed, again the sense of support and community was palpable. Along the next straight we were lapped for the first, of many, times by another much faster father and son team “He’s really flying today!!” was the only comment made as they rushed past.

It was as we entered the final 3rd of the circuit that, William, came running past. It was great to see him doing so well and enjoying the run so much. For me this seemed the perfect excuse I needed to make an exit at the end of the first lap. I think Simon could sense this and he started to prompt me about doing the whole 5km combined with gentle encouragement that I was doing well. As we climbed the gentle incline towards the finishing line I resolved that I would do the second lap and complete the 5km challenge.

We passed many runners now heading home but they all thanked us for bringing up the rear and encouraged us on our way. We started collecting signs and markers, thanking marshals as they packed away. We continued round until we caught up with a lady and her children, it was inspiring to see how she had brought them out and was determined to get round, before long she had managed to galvanise them again and they pulled away from us. At the end I was both pleased and embarrassed to be clapped over the finish line with the words “well done you’re under the hour mark” ringing in my ears.

My thanks to all the runners for their positivity and mutual support and a huge thank-you to all the volunteers, especially Simon, who make the event possible. I look forward to returning soon.


The Stats - Event number #288, 18th May 2019

This week 254 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 34 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Edwin BARTLETT • Lee STANDEN • Richard GIBSON-VENNER • Simon JACKSON • Robert YOUNG • Claire GOODWIN • Ann FIDGE • James BOOTH • Emma STANDEN • Michele SADLER • Keara ISTEED • Peter ROWLEY • Nicole OSBORNE • Hazel TURNER • Geoff STEED • Gavin HART • Paul PILCHER • Veronica ROBERTS • Owen TIERNAN • Kathryn TIERNAN • Jamie BARTLETT • Derek NELSON • Lily MANSFIELD • Gavin WILLIAMS • Andrew LAWRENCE • S GARDNER



Run Report Event #285

Run Report 27th April 2019

On the eve of the Virgin London Marathon, Ashford’s Victoria Park welcomed 277 participants for the event. It was a windy and chilly morning which made a pleasant temperature for runners, but cold for the marshal's.

When its colder most runners seem to run faster.
Edwin and Derek had set up and inspected the course.

Three participants celebrated their special 50 or 100 runs. Nikki James with her 100 Runs, Rebekah Oliver with 50 Runs, and myself Shane with a combined double of 50 Runs and 50 Volunteer Days.

I decided that I would not only tie these up but also, I paced 26 Minutes.

Run Director Simon Jackson, started the 285th Ashford parkrun It was a congested but fairly fast-moving start to the run as we ran the parkrun decline for the first time.

We all then followed the East to West section of the course, passing the T junction and headed towards the Far End Point turn around.

Obviously as we headed towards the Far End Point, the faster runners were coming towards us on the left land side while we were on the right.

As the course for Ashford is a fairly flat except for the Victoria Park Hill, once you get past the turn-around point you are able to run steady to the T Junction that runs alongside Watercress fields.

At the basketball hoops after you turn right you reach the bottom of the hill. This is the time when I focus my eyes at the top of the hill, take it steady, and power myself towards that next goal, the peak of the hill.

After you have got to the top of the hill you follow the left-hand bend and the time keeper (sometimes) calls out your time as you pass them.

With the finish area in front of you, you turn right and at with the black gates (lamp post) ahead, you merge onto the parkrun decline and repeat the same course as before for lap 2.

When I reached the fountain, I was on course for a predicted finish time of 25:20 so I had to slow my pace down a little.

I said thank you to all the marshals from here to the Far End Point turnaround .it must have been really cold at that point due to the lack of sun there. I normally feel cold there as the wind blows through the trees at the far point.

I looked at my watch and saw that I had unintentionally slowed my pace and it said I was running at estimated finish time of 27 minutes. I had to buckle down and push ahead, I turned right onto the watercress fields section, half way along it I was pleased to see that I had made up the difference and set to get a time of about 25:30 so I kept my pace and run towards the hill.

At the top of the hill, I just had the ‘Long Sprint In’, I had some runners following me and as I came into the left-hand track opposite the Black Gates (lamp post), I looked at my watch and I was approximately 30-40 seconds too quick for my 26:00 pace target. I slowed up again and told others to go for it on the sprint finish. I tried to hang around before the finish line for ten seconds or so on the sprint in. I wanted to go through the finish line at dead on 26: but official time was 26:01

The marshals were very supportive and it is good to run and appreciate their roles, I tend to alternate Volunteering and Running whenever I can.

This rounded off a great two months of running for me. I had raced 6 races including my first marathon, Brighton Marathon 2019 making a total of 95.5 miles in the period 3rd March through to 19th April 2019.

Thank you to Simon the Run-Director, the Timekeepers, Scanners all the marshals and other key volunteers.

Shane Snowwolf

This week 277 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 52 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:



Run Report 20-04-2019

It was a beautiful morning but made up of two temperatures! In the shade it was chilly but in the sun it was hot! We had 299 runners not quite reaching my forecast of 304!


It was good to welcome lots of first time at Ashford runners and several visitors from other areas.  I met up with a young guy who normally runs at Harrow Lodge and who had run  Folkestone 10 mile on Friday and had stayed overnight to run at Ashford. We were “blessed” with the return of Jason from the deepest darkest North and he “paced” Becca – not sure she felt the love! We also welcomed runners from Glasgow, Kingston, Eastbourne and High Wycombe.


All in all a lovely morning with no problems – apart from the sun on the scanners which caused a few delays but we hope to address that by moving into the shade.


Happy Easter to you all



Ashford Fit Club Take Over

Ashford parkrun
Event number 282
6th April 2019


It was Ashford Fit Clubs turn to take over parkrun on Saturday morning and they did it in style by providing plenty of volunteers, enthusiasm, smiles and cake!! There was even a hint of some workout routines in order to keep warm! It was a great morning with a great atmosphere and even the cooler weather didn't deter 285 people from walking and running the course.

Once the briefing had finished it was time to make our way to the start line and get moving. It was my first time as RD at the adult event and so I have never really seen the front of the start line go off as I am normally at the back and boy do those front runners go off at some speed.  However, I do have to point out though, and as is also mentioned in the speech that it is a shared park, so we are not the only users of the space and we have a responsibility to be polite and courteous to other users who may not be 'park running'. 

When I first started running parkrun a few years ago it was a big achievement when we finally got to 100 runners and of course this has increased massively since then. This means there is now a big mixed bag of people including those who run regularly, those who run when they can, those who have their own personal challenges, those who have decided to include a 5k run as part of their new fitness routine, those who want to walk 5k and that's the beauty of parkrun. It is inclusive of everyone, whether you walk, run or sprint, so please bear this in mind that if you are running faster then the person infront of you, they might not necessarily be aware that you are there, coming up behind them, especially if you are sprinting so please do make sure that everyone has enough space so as not to cause injury to anyone. If you are approaching someone it is your responsibility to move around them.  We like this event to run as risk free as is possible! 

I had the pleasure of speaking to a few people who were interested in volunteering over the next few weeks, which is great.  I can assure you that nothing is too hard or difficult so please do come forward and put your name down as without volunteers then the event cannot happen. With lots of races and events coming up over the next few weeks the roster is looking a little bare "</p

Please find the pictures and videos taken and the following location.

Rachel RD.


This week 285 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 70 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 36 volunteers:

Edwin BARTLETT • Lesley MOODY • Terry (Fred) SELLEN • Faye Elizabeth SELLEN • Chris HALES • Amanda JAMES • Rebecca JAMES • Jill HUMPHREYS • Rachel JENKINS • Vicky STEVENSON • James BOOTH • Keara ISTEED • Keith LYNN • Peter ROWLEY • Phoebe Ruth SELLEN • Cris FRANCIS • Filiz SALIH • Pauline TALLETT • Jayne HATTON • Wendy BARKER • Fiona MARGERISON • Paul DIDDAMS • Rachel KUSKE • Kayleigh HATTON • Lisa JONES • Amy MCVITTIE • Melanie PAYNE • Oliver PERHAM • Nicola FRAPE • Laura HOLMES • Sarah DIXON • Wayne DIXON • Reece EDMONDS • Beth GOODBUN • Tracy WAPLE • Kirsty HARBIGE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ashford parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Lisa DOBRISKEY who recorded a time of 18:07 on 12th August 2017 (event number 196).
The male record is held by Marshall SMITH who recorded a time of 15:43 on 30th March 2019 (event number 281).
The Age Grade course record is held by William THOMPSON who recorded 88.14% (21:13) on 24th May 2014 (event number 31).

Ashford parkrun started on 26th October 2013. Since then 5,994 participants have completed 49,390 parkruns covering a total distance of 246,950 km, including 9,445 new Personal Bests. A total of 699 individuals have volunteered 5,319 times.

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