Ashford Tri Club Takeover

What is a parkrun?

From the parkrun website – “ such a simple concept: turn up every Saturday and walk, run or jog 5k”

Saturday - check

305 turned up in what can only be described as challenging conditions – respect to y’all

Of those 305, 28 of you were first timers and here’s hoping for improved weather for your next time and we all know – there WILL be a next time .

47 of you were clearly on a mission and achieved personal bests-  kudos to y’all

Talking of missions- the parkrun mission statement is “to create a happy healthier planet”

47 volunteers helped work towards this including a new role of “cake marshal”.

All cake is of course healthy after a 5k run walk, run or jog and I heard the cheese straws were particularly nice!

To the 14 of you called “unknown” – this message will self destruct in 5 seconds – Your mission should you choose to accept it is “Don’t forget your barcode” hopefully not impossible

27 clubs were represented today and hopefully you noticed or indeed followed someone dressed in ATC blue.

16 of our members stepped up to pace today and congrats to y’all . There are too many names to type but you know who you are

Blue is our official colour and not a reflection of todays chill factor.


Should you wish to find out more “about the Blue “ please go to


Here you can find details of our award winning Hythe Bay Tri which we can proudly say won British Triathlon South East Club event of 2018. This is seen as an introduction to Triathlon event and if you enjoyed the support and cake today then we can ensure a repeat in May (Sadly no pacers tho ) and a possible improvement in the weather


Finally, thank you for attending today and for taking the time to read this.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please walk, run or jog safe .