Ashford Parkrun 289, May 25th 2019

So, lovely running conditions,  very light shower early on to settle the dust on the route, 296 eager parkrunners, loads of brilliant volunteers – what could go wrong?!!

As it happens with Jill back from hols and eager to time anything on two legs that moved, Emma and daughter playing catch with the finish tokens and Lee marshalling the scanners like a General in battle it was, for me, a remarkably calm morning. No sure if the 296 devoted parkrunners thought the same as they gave their all as usual and came up with 38 pbs.

Big welcome to all the visitors today. Especially chuffed that a group from Walmer and Deal decided that our course was worth a try although they might have been a bit shocked that there was a hill!

The theme of the day was ‘encouraging others'. There seemed to be lots of back slapping and ‘thought your split time was great today (???)’ as well as ‘brilliant job’ at the finish so maybe it worked, except for Becca who again thought she was rubbish!

Fantastic shift put in by Edwin (and helper Justin, of course) again today. Not only does he arrive first to set up the course, he then goes and runs it (289 and counting), stays and packs up as well as inventing new bits of kit every week! What a star. Bit disappointed he doesn't take the tokens home to sort though!! Only joking.

A few stats to finish; 17 participant completed  their 1stparkrun ever, 27 visited us for the first time, 10 did their 2ndparkrun (got the bug now!), the age range of runners was JM10 to VM 80-84 (no that wasn't me!). Other big hitters in the list are Bijendra Singh who has completed 110 in the SM 18-19 group, Tom Green who's  done 79 in the JM 11-14 and Owen Tierman who has now completed 49 in the same group as Tom.

Keep it up boys and girls see you soon x