Tail Walker Report: 29/06/19

A very hot Saturday morning saw us arriving for our first time tail walking. 2 excited boys had bought their own tails with them. After making sure we'd got everything we needed (& enough drink) we lined up for the start.

After a slow start (a certain pickle decided he needed to try & walk) we got going. The first lap was spent saying hi to the other marshal's & checking where all the signs were to be collected.

The front runners caught us up quickly & were fab at moving around us. Once onto the second lap we started collecting the signs without too many arguments about who was carrying what.

A quick race from the junction to the basketball hoops them a run up the hill collected the last few signs. Peter then ran the triangle to finish while James had his own attempt.

Thank you to all the runners who hi-5'd or cheered the boys on & the other marshal's who helped us collect the signs. Definitely something we can do again.

Just a quick plug to finish, James is doing parkrun on 13/7 with Becks pushing him to raise funds for outdoor equipment at the Wyvern school.