Run Report 13th July 2019

It was a deceivingly warm morning to welcome Ashford Fit Club to the park for their takeover event.  Most of the volunteers today were members of the club who came along to help cheer, clap and whoop everyone around the course.  It was a very busy event and we welcomed staff members from Wyvern school who were doing a sponsored run, Egerton running club who were completing their couch to 5k programme, tourists as well as our regular runners and WE HAD OUR LARGEST ATTENDENCE EVER!! 375 tokens were handed out giving me a mild panic attack that we would run out! 

It was a great morning and lots of positive feedback was received, everyone seemed to be especially positive about the cake that had been provided, but someone also said to me that they didn't realise parkrun was held here but now they do they will be coming more regularly especially as it was so friendly and welcoming and another quote of 'everyone really had such a brilliant morning'  so my job as RD was complete knowing that so many people enjoyed themselves whether they ran, walked, volunteered or just cheered.

The event couldn't run without volunteers though and the next few weeks are looking a bit bare so if you fancy giving it a go and/or helping out, send the office an email.  Full training is given for any job that requires it (none of it is hard) and see it from a different perspective.

Remember though NO PARKRUN next week due to the Create festival taking place in the park.

Have a good week and we will see you in 2 weeks.

Run Director