It’s Raining Rs . .

R is for running, rugby, red letter days, and rain. It also introduces the relish of a first visit to Ashton Court parkrun, with the privilege of writing the run report as a guest. In this region, the rugby will speak for itself, but the Ashton Court running, the red letter days, and that rain, all deserve a mention.
2019-11-02 RK AC 012

The puddles on the road don't really do justice to the volume of rain that fell before our parkrun, which is just as well, given that we'd anticipated running, not swimming (photo: Rich Kenington)
The running was scenic and strongly autumnal. The Ashton Court Estate is beautiful, and lends itself to a rewarding run with challenge and safety in equal measure. Conversations out on the course were as friendly and supportive as those that had peppered the initial welcome, the first timers’ briefing, and the run briefing.
2019-11-02 RK AC 075

Although Ashton Court estate looks lovely whatever the weather, these autumn shades are always special (photo: Rich Kenington)
Red letter days were in abundance and shared between early finishers, first timers at Ashton Court, and those who had a PB, or reached a milestone today. The male and female first finishers were Andrew Barrington and Emily Strathdee; in second place in each category were Jake Stephens and Tanya Chowdhury; in third place were Jonny Reep and Jo Temple. Shirley Clegg achieved the morning's highest age grade with her score of 79.86%.
2019-11-02 RK AC 038

The first 3 male finishers - Andrew Barrington, Jake Stephens and Jonny Reep. Andrew and Jake were both running here for the first time, and although this was Jonny's 5th visit, it was his first since 2017 (photo: Rich Kenington)
Reaching milestones were Cora Lambourne, a junior who ran her 10th 5k parkrun; Sue House, who was visiting us from Pomphrey Hill parkrun, completed her 50th parkrun; Ness Collenette finished her 200th event and Daniel Morgan reached the dizzy heights of 400 parkruns completed! Congratulations to all four!
2019-11-02 RK AC 377

Vicky Pyne leads the way, with Ness Collenette in the red 50 parkrun club top, and Sarah Duppa-Whyte just behind Vicky. Ness is in the final kilometre of her 200th parkrun - all but two of which have been here at Ashton Court (photo: Rich Kenington)
Those who achieved personal bests were: Claire Phillips, Alex Kelly, Stanton Wilcox, Patrick Stonehewer, Andy Tripp, Astrid Blee, Elizabeth Anne Spence, George Nikou, Katie McRoberts, Pete Spain, Cora Lambourne, Craig Blackmore, Sue House, Jackie Urwin, Lee Masters, Tania Tatum, Sapphire Evans, and Deborah Blackmore.
2019-11-02 RK AC 414

It's almost as if she knew: Sapphire Evans, not far from the finish line and on her way to her first pb since June, reducing her best time by 34 seconds and beating 41 minutes for the first time with her time of 40:40. Not far behind is Deborah Blackmore, who usually runs at Andover parkrun and was visiting us for the second time today. (photo: Rich Kenington)
Enjoying a different kind of red letter day were those taking part in their first ever parkrun - welcome to: Chris Hutchens, William Hoffman, Zoe Davidson, Sarah Moody, Georgina Innes-Myers, Stephen Crichton, Sarah Marrow, Anna Marrow.
2019-11-02 RK AC 411

Anna and Sarah Marrow seemed to enjoy their first ever parkruns and we hope we see them again soon (photo: Rich Kenington)
And the following parkrunners enjoyed yet another kind of red letter day, visiting Ashton Court parkrun for the first time:
Andrew Barrington, Jake Stephens, Emily Strathdee, Ben Brooke-Taylor, Georgia Palmer, Carl Orme, Sophie Harvey-Rich, Laura Hutchens, Stuart Morrison, Peter Cleaves, Russell Cox, Lily Brooke-Taylor, Archie Makepeace, Alan Makepeace, Caroline Scraggs, Nicki Ashworth, Sally Palmer, Jennifer Griggs, James Phillips, Evelyn Phillips, Mark Pritchard, Mark Palmer, Debbie Ringham, Stefan Chilcott, Katie Pownall, Sarah Holloway, Ruth Pritchard, Alice Cullingworth, Pat Kimpton, Simon Kimpton, Tara Phillips, and Ian Flint.
2019-11-02 430 P a S

This week's "What took you so long award" (no prize, it's just for fun) is shared by Pat and Simon Kimpton (the first Kimptons ever to darken our finish line). Pat had run 450 parkruns elsewhere before joining us for the first time, and Simon 485! Thanks for popping in, it was good to see you again! (photos: Rich Kenington)
As well as appearing in more than one of the red letter lists above, Cora Lambourne has a birthday coming up – what a time she’s having!

Having mentioned the running and the red letter days, it is now time to consider today’s rain. The forecast was severe, and some other local parkruns were cancelled due to flooding. Today’s Ashton Court volunteers, however, maintained a sunnyside-up mood throughout this morning’s event. Not only was the weather slightly better than expected, but these hi-vis heroes know that the hilly profile of their course is the perfect antidote to lowland flooding!
2019-11-02 RK AC 366

Here's sunnyside-up Drew McLellan, one of our happy hi-vis heroes this morning (photo: Rich Kenington)
It was lovely to visit today, and a pleasure to write this week’s run report.
2019-11-02 RK AC 389

Proudly wearing her 25 volunteer club parkrun t-shirt is our guest report writer Ruth Pritchard - thank you Ruth for your thoughtful and kind words today - and thank you everyone else for playing nicely! (photo: Rich Kenington)

Report by Ruth Pritchard visiting from Birkenhead parkrun

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