“We’re merely one tree . . .”

“We’re merely one tree with various types, shapes and sizes of leaves that all wave differently in the breeze”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (15)

Our course marshals set off up the hill to their various positions . . (photo: Sarah Jones)
There is nothing better than visiting Ashton Court on a crisp autumn morning in November when the sun is glistening on the turning leaves, displaying their rich vivid colours as they fall from branch to ground carpeting the frosty grass in a bright quilt, before without warning they dance around in the breeze.
2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (38)

The first-timers briefing went well . . (photo: Sarah Jones)
Run 431, wasn’t quite blessed with this image, the early dry morning turning somewhat wet, windy and extremely wintery. However a carnival of bright, colours, like autumn leaves gathered under the tree in anticipation of the ascent up the hill.
2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (48)

And away they go! First finisher James Pyke is on the left of the front row (photo: Sarah Jones)
Run Directors, Rich and Tony, swept everyone to the start and with a sudden spirited gust they were away, a flurrying burst of bright energy striding along purposefully in one direction and all with the same goal.
2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (91)

Disappearing into the Autumn gloom (photo: Sarah Jones)
Like a tornado James Pyke was the first of 376 runners to finish in a time of 17.35, recording a new pb and knocking a remarkable 1.04 from his previous best time.
Thomas William Stone having completed 220 parkruns elsewhere before finding Ashton Court blew in with a time of 18.40 finishing in third position.
2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (98)

Here's Thomas William Stone, whose home event is Leamington parkrun, flying towards winning our "What took you so long award" (no prize, it's just for fun) (photo: Sarah Jones)
First female to breeze over the line was Tanya Chowdhury with a new pb in 20.49 taking 30 seconds off her previous best which was recorded on 13/09/2014.
2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (114)

Marcus Kropacsy, close to completing his 300th parkrun, just ahead of Tanya Chowdhury, today's first female finisher. Nirpal Singh Gillar follows (photos: Sarah Jones)
Another to record a pb on her 231st run was Gill Atwill taking off 12 seconds since her last pb on 28/09/2013. Gill ran at the first parkrun here back in April 2011.
2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (212)

Specs off, shoe lace undone - nothing was slowing Gill Atwill down this morning! (photo: Sarah Jones)
I know Liz Shepperd will be delighted with her new pb on her 29th run, her time down by 1.20, Liz and husband Michael having become regulars here since January.

There were a total of 37 pbs today, congratulations to all of you.

2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (305)

This was Liz Shepperd's 12th personal best this year, and her time of 44:17 took her below 45 minutes for the first time (photo: Sarah Jones)

There were 26 first timers here from other parkruns and 20 first timers new to parkrun. I know everyone at Ashton Court hoped you enjoyed your visit and unlike leaves that fall in autumn, you will not fall away but return very soon.

2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (228)

Congratulations to Hayley and Rob Beaver on completing their first parkrun - hope we see you again soon (photo: Sarah Jones)

As always a special mention to the 27 volunteers who made parkrun happen, their sunny smiles and cheery disposition definitely not indicative of the inclement weather. High fives aplenty, clapping, cheering and encouraging every participant.

2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (217)

4th in line is Richard Harding, about to complete his 200th parkrun (photo: Sarah Jones)

It is a breath of fresh air to be a tail walker, and along with Gina Jennings I witnessed the delightful determination of everyone as they made their unique way, in their own special time, along the branches and roots of Ashton Court parkrun.

2019-11-09_SJ_AC431 (317)

Tail walkers Louise Nikou and Gina Jennings approach the final bend - at this time of year a stunning sight if you have the strength left to appreciate it! (photo: Sarah Jones)

Just like leaves, all types, shapes and sizes, waving differently in the breeze.......


Report by Louise Nikou, Tail Walker

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