(not)parkrun, week 02


parkrun’s recent (not)parkrun idea looks as if it might catch on, especially here at Ashton Court, which we’re delighted ~ if not surprised ~ to see.
uk totals
The (not)parkrun week runs from Monday to Sunday, and during week 1, 74 of us whose home parkrun is Ashton Court registered 114 (not)parkruns. By the end of week 2 on Sunday 28 June, 73 of us had posted 117 (not)parkruns.
global totals
Of course during week 1 all 74 for of us were (not)parkrun first-timers, and in week 2, 50 of us returned and were joined by 23 (not)parkrun first-timers.
ac totals
19 of the 50 who returned during week 2 recorded faster times and are shown in the results with (not)parkrun pbs.
ac new totals
Across the UK during week 1, 17,578 (not)parkruns were completed by 13,520 parkrunners. We were thrilled to see that our total of 114 (not)parkruns was the 4th highest recorded on behalf of any parkrun, not only in the UK but all over the world!
01 result summary
The numbers rose a little during week 2, when 20,215 (not)parkruns were recorded by 15,094 parkrunners. This time we were 8th in the table, although we only missed 5th place by 5 (not)parkruns!
02 result summary
Of particular interest to the Brocklesbys, Goudes and Keningtons of the world is that ahead of us are 2 parkruns in the East Riding, and 1 in Yorkshire’s capital city.

Hull parkrunners registered 162 (not)parkruns last week: those from Beverley Westwood registered 135, and those from York parkrun posted another 121. Hull and Beverley are only 7 miles apart, and York Racecourse is another 28 miles up the road from Beverley Westwood.
But I digress! Back here at home, Andrew Thomas leads the way, having registered 13 (not)parkruns by midnight on Sunday. Hard on his heels are Tim Carr with 12, Roger Brocklesby with 10, Louise Nikou with 8 and Marie Malloy with 7.
ac not how many
In terms of times, not only has Paul Stuart recorded the fastest (not)parkrun time posted by an Ashton Court parkrunner of 20:02, he’s run that same time in both his (not)parkruns to-date. No pressure whatsoever then Paul, in week 3!

Shaun Popel’s recorded 20:22, Andrew Capel 20:27 and Marcus Kropacsy 20:40.
ac not times m
Laura Piper leads the way for the females with 24:17, and the only other female to get below 25 minutes is Elena Thode Minguet, who recorded 24:30. Knocking on the sub 25 minute door are Janet O’Connell (25:13), Helen Sawyer (25:14), Marie Malloy (25:16) and Cathryn Hoffmann (25:36).
ac not times f2
Paul Stuart sits (panting, presumably) on top of the age-grade ladder, having recorded 73.63%. Twice!

Next is Janet O’Connell, who scored 71.78%, then Martin Gillett with 71.34%, Alan Wilcox (70.57%), Caroline Potter (69.92%) and Helen Sawyer (69.88%). Worth mentioning that Martin Gillett’s in the V75-79 age category, and his time was 28:09.
ac age grades m
ac age grades f
Paul Stuart's achievement in completing both his (not)parkruns in the same time means of course that he missed out on a (not)parkrun pb by just 1 second, which meant that "only" 19 of the 50 returning (not)parkrunners recorded a faster time in week 2 than week 1. Congratulations to all of you!
2020-06-27 jd

Flying feet uphill? No wonder Jane Duffus recorded a (not)pb on Saturday! (photo: Rich Kenington)
There's a feeling around that while we're unable to run our own little parkrun with its hill in the middle, this is a good time to seek out 5k routes with no uphills involved. Perhaps a combination of flat and downhill, or better still, entirely downhill.

I found that this isn't as simple as it sounds, mostly because of the need to get to the top of whichever summit you've decided to tumble down, before you can commence tumbling. And having become used to 2½k downhill, when the final kilometre is flat it's hard work.

It's "fun" finding out though, and I know others have been more successful than me in employing gravity to finish faster!
Whether it's parkrun, not-parkrun or (not)parkrun, the main thing is that it's fun to walk and run. It's great to see 5 (not)parkrunners in our (not)results who haven't yet taken part in a parkrun, and I hope that whenever we are able to chase one another up and down the hill once more they'll come along and join us.

It's also been a nice surprise to see names like Niall Hoskin and Martin Brasher in these (not)results ~ parkrunners we've not see in real life for far too long and who we'd love to welcome back once this hiatus is behind us.
Of course no parkrun of any kind is complete without a Tail Walker, and so we must thank Melanie Young for unselfishly filling that role in both our (not)parkrun weeks.
Thank you all for joining in. Let's keep having parkrun/not-parkrun/(not)parkrun fun, keep safe and well, and carry on being socially sensible
2020-06-28 hill

Ashton Court estate on Sunday evening (photo: Rich Kenington)

Report by Rich Kenington, 2 (not)parkruns last week | 5 (not)parkruns total