(not)parkrun, week 04

I love seeing how many Ashton Court parkrunners are getting out and running or walking at least 5k each week and posting our times to parkrun’s (not)parkrun results pages.
uk totals
global totals
We continue to be consistent in one respect, as the number of us recording (not)parkruns has been 74, then 73, then 76, and during the past week, 78.

The number of (not)parkruns each of us records is on the rise though, having moved from 114 to 117, then 143, to 148 last week.
ac totals
Having seen 78 of us record 148 (not)parkruns, Ashton Court parkrun is in 5th place in the UK for the 3rd consecutive week for how many (not)parkruns we’ve recorded. We’ve climbed up from 14th position to 9th in terms of how many of us took part last week.
result summary
Numbers of (not)parkrunners and (not) parkruns across the UK were both down by over 1,000 last week. Despite that, it’s still amazing to think that over 14,000 individuals recorded almost 20,000 5k times during those 7 days.
ac new totals
15 of the 78 who took part last week were doing so for the first time, and of the remaining 63 of us, 26 each achieved one pb during the week.

One of us recorded 2 (not)parkrun pbs. Congratulations to our most senior (not)parkrunner ~ Martin Gillett ~ who recorded 2 pbs last week, bringing his (not)parkrun time down from 28:09 to 27:10 on Monday and then 26:35 on Saturday.
2019-12-14 mg
Seen at Ashton Court parkrun # 436 on 14 December last year is Martin Gillett (photo: Rich Kenington)
12 of us have now recorded 10 or more (not)parkruns. The same 6 names remain at the top of the list, but the other half dozen are snapping at their heels!
ac not how many
We had just 1 (not)parkrun of under 20 minutes recorded last week when Dan Jones joined in the (not)parkrun fun for the first time with his 19:36.
ac not times m
Meanwhile 2 females just squeezed inside 24 minutes ~ Kate Hoffen by 3 seconds on her 1st (not)parkrun ~ and Isabel Hoskin with 1 second to spare and a huge (not)parkrun pb, down from 27:55 previously.
ac not times f
I should have known better than to challenge Anne Dockery to achieve an age grade score of over 95% last week, as Anne’s response was to do just that by recording a time of 24:11 and scoring 95.18%.

Great stuff, Anne, and this week my lips are sealed!
ac age grades f

ac age grades m

There’s been a good deal of downhill running take place in recent weeks, which is probably harder on the legs ~ if not the lungs ~ than half up and half down. Caroline Potter and Louise Nikou both recorded breathtaking times and high age grade scores by starting at the top and belting down as quickly as possible.

Some of us who had already tried this method gave our legs a rest this week!
ac not how many ran how many
ac not how many ran each week

You’ll find many more numbers to digest in the accompanying graphics.

club members


As I write this 6 more (not)parkruns have been recorded by Ashton Court parkrunners, and 3 of them ~ Shaun Popel, Roger Brocklesby and Graham Phelps ~ seem to have had quiet weekends as they’ve already registered (not)parkrun pbs. Shaun was the first of the 3, giving me the chance to apologise for misspelling his first name on one of the graphics last week.
2020-07-09 gravel hill

A familiar Ashton Court parkrun sight, seen last Thursday afternoon. It's probably most appreciated when glanced back at over one's right shoulder (photo: Rich Kenington)
Well done to us all for getting out and whizzing round some 5ks in the last 7 days, from debut boy Dan Jones to our indefatigable Tail Walker Melanie Young, and the 76 of us in between.

Keep it up, and make sure I’ve got something to write about next Monday morning! Have a safe week.


Report by Rich Kenington, 7 (not)parkruns last week | 18 (not)parkruns total


(not)parkrun, week 03


It looks like (not)parkrun’s here to stay for a while, and here at Ashton Court parkrun we’ve taken to it like a duck might have taken to all the recent rain.
uk totals
global totals
We’re remarkably consistent in one aspect, as following the 1st 2 weeks when 74 and then 73 of us recorded (not)parkruns, there were 76 of us who did so last week. Meanwhile the number of (not)parkruns each of us records is on the rise, having moved from 114 to 117 and last week, up to 143.
ac new totals
Which means we’re still in 5th place in the UK in terms of how many (not)parkruns folk from Ashton Court parkrun have recorded. We’ve slipped down to 14th position in terms of how many of us participated last week.
result summary
14 of the 76 who took part last week were doing so for the first time, and 36 of the remaining 62 of us each achieved at least one pb during the week.
ac new totals
The same 5 names are at the top of the list of how many (not)parkruns have been completed ~ Andrew Thomas, Tim Carr, Roger Brocklesby, Louise Nikou and Marie Malloy ~ and as one other Ashton Court parkrunner has joined them in double figures he’s been added to the list as well.
ac not how many
I mentioned last week that Paul Stuart had recorded a time of 20:02 for his (not)parkrun in week 1, and then in week 2 too. Could Paul repeat the feat in week 3?

And no, he couldn’t, because this time he recorded 19:39, which is brilliant of course and yet “only” puts Paul in 2nd place on last week’s (not)podium, since Marcus Kropacsy recorded a breathtaking 19:03 for his (not)parkrun.

For context, Marcus’ time is 14 seconds slower than his best ever Ashton Court time, and Paul’s is 5 seconds faster than his best. Great running by both.

Shaun Popel meanwhile took the “if you can’t beat them, join them” option, and recorded 20:22 for the 2nd consecutive week.
ac not times m
Liz Hill made her (not)parkrun debut last week ~ the 100th Ashton Court parkrunner to do so ~ and recorded 23:21, just 5 seconds short of her Ashton Court pb.

On Saturday morning I saw Katie Waterson flying across Ashton Avenue Bridge, and as she went by, she gasped “can’t stop, think I’m on for a good time”. Katie got that right as she recorded 23:30, 56 seconds quicker than her Ashton Court pb!
2020-07-04 kw

Here's Katie Waterson, on her way to exceeding her expectations (photo: Rich Kenington)
In last week's report I mentioned that Elena Thode Minguet was one of two females to beat 25 minutes. During the last week, Elena’s beaten 24 minutes twice and now has a (not)parkrun pb of 23:37 ~ 15 seconds faster than her pb at Ashton Court parkrun.
ac not times f
If there were to be a “race” for the best ever (not)parkrun age grade, it’s over! Last week Anne Dockery joined in and recorded 24:20, and being in the VW70-74 age category, Anne’s score of 94.59% is the (not)parkrun equivalent of taking the bat and ball home!

What a wonderful performance! Those of us who know Anne also know that if there were a prize for this sort of thing, no-one would deserve it more. I’m looking forward to reporting a score of over 95% in the coming weeks!
ac age grades f
ac age grades m
I’ve focussed on the fastest and the highest, because to be honest it's easier, and there are only 7 days in most weeks after all. But huge congratulations go to every one of the 111 of us from Ashton Court parkrun who’ve recorded a (not)parkrun in the last 3 weeks.
ac not how many ran how many
ac not how many ran each week
The weather’s been a bit rubbish (is it really July?) and for many of us, having to cope with the current situation makes it easier to stay indoors rather than get changed, get out and get breathless!

So let’s all reach round and pat ourselves on the back!
2020-07-02 trees

A couple of familiar Ashton Court trees on Thursday afternoon (photo: Rich Kenington)
At the time of writing there are already 13 (not)parkruns on the board for this week, including 4 first timers and 2 pbs. No doubt there’ll be plenty more to write about in 7 days’ time.

nz one time only
1986-09-01 queenstown gardens

Part of the course at Queenstown parkrun, on New Zealand's South Island, follows the footpath around the trees on the peninsula jutting out into Lake Wakatipu. The mountains beyond ~ Cecil Peak on the left, Walter Peak to the right ~ are a little higher than we're accustomed to at Ashton Court, being 1,978m and 1,800m high respectively (photo: Rich Kenington, 1986-09-01)

Thanks as always for joining in with this (not)parkrun fun ~ in particular Melanie Young who once again took on the role of Tail Walker this week!

Let's all have the best week we possibly can, and see you next time!

Report by Rich Kenington, 6 (not)parkruns last week | 11 (not)parkruns total


(not)parkrun, week 02


parkrun’s recent (not)parkrun idea looks as if it might catch on, especially here at Ashton Court, which we’re delighted ~ if not surprised ~ to see.
uk totals
The (not)parkrun week runs from Monday to Sunday, and during week 1, 74 of us whose home parkrun is Ashton Court registered 114 (not)parkruns. By the end of week 2 on Sunday 28 June, 73 of us had posted 117 (not)parkruns.
global totals
Of course during week 1 all 74 for of us were (not)parkrun first-timers, and in week 2, 50 of us returned and were joined by 23 (not)parkrun first-timers.
ac totals
19 of the 50 who returned during week 2 recorded faster times and are shown in the results with (not)parkrun pbs.
ac new totals
Across the UK during week 1, 17,578 (not)parkruns were completed by 13,520 parkrunners. We were thrilled to see that our total of 114 (not)parkruns was the 4th highest recorded on behalf of any parkrun, not only in the UK but all over the world!
01 result summary
The numbers rose a little during week 2, when 20,215 (not)parkruns were recorded by 15,094 parkrunners. This time we were 8th in the table, although we only missed 5th place by 5 (not)parkruns!
02 result summary
Of particular interest to the Brocklesbys, Goudes and Keningtons of the world is that ahead of us are 2 parkruns in the East Riding, and 1 in Yorkshire’s capital city.

Hull parkrunners registered 162 (not)parkruns last week: those from Beverley Westwood registered 135, and those from York parkrun posted another 121. Hull and Beverley are only 7 miles apart, and York Racecourse is another 28 miles up the road from Beverley Westwood.
But I digress! Back here at home, Andrew Thomas leads the way, having registered 13 (not)parkruns by midnight on Sunday. Hard on his heels are Tim Carr with 12, Roger Brocklesby with 10, Louise Nikou with 8 and Marie Malloy with 7.
ac not how many
In terms of times, not only has Paul Stuart recorded the fastest (not)parkrun time posted by an Ashton Court parkrunner of 20:02, he’s run that same time in both his (not)parkruns to-date. No pressure whatsoever then Paul, in week 3!

Shaun Popel’s recorded 20:22, Andrew Capel 20:27 and Marcus Kropacsy 20:40.
ac not times m
Laura Piper leads the way for the females with 24:17, and the only other female to get below 25 minutes is Elena Thode Minguet, who recorded 24:30. Knocking on the sub 25 minute door are Janet O’Connell (25:13), Helen Sawyer (25:14), Marie Malloy (25:16) and Cathryn Hoffmann (25:36).
ac not times f2
Paul Stuart sits (panting, presumably) on top of the age-grade ladder, having recorded 73.63%. Twice!

Next is Janet O’Connell, who scored 71.78%, then Martin Gillett with 71.34%, Alan Wilcox (70.57%), Caroline Potter (69.92%) and Helen Sawyer (69.88%). Worth mentioning that Martin Gillett’s in the V75-79 age category, and his time was 28:09.
ac age grades m
ac age grades f
Paul Stuart's achievement in completing both his (not)parkruns in the same time means of course that he missed out on a (not)parkrun pb by just 1 second, which meant that "only" 19 of the 50 returning (not)parkrunners recorded a faster time in week 2 than week 1. Congratulations to all of you!
2020-06-27 jd

Flying feet uphill? No wonder Jane Duffus recorded a (not)pb on Saturday! (photo: Rich Kenington)
There's a feeling around that while we're unable to run our own little parkrun with its hill in the middle, this is a good time to seek out 5k routes with no uphills involved. Perhaps a combination of flat and downhill, or better still, entirely downhill.

I found that this isn't as simple as it sounds, mostly because of the need to get to the top of whichever summit you've decided to tumble down, before you can commence tumbling. And having become used to 2½k downhill, when the final kilometre is flat it's hard work.

It's "fun" finding out though, and I know others have been more successful than me in employing gravity to finish faster!
Whether it's parkrun, not-parkrun or (not)parkrun, the main thing is that it's fun to walk and run. It's great to see 5 (not)parkrunners in our (not)results who haven't yet taken part in a parkrun, and I hope that whenever we are able to chase one another up and down the hill once more they'll come along and join us.

It's also been a nice surprise to see names like Niall Hoskin and Martin Brasher in these (not)results ~ parkrunners we've not see in real life for far too long and who we'd love to welcome back once this hiatus is behind us.
Of course no parkrun of any kind is complete without a Tail Walker, and so we must thank Melanie Young for unselfishly filling that role in both our (not)parkrun weeks.
Thank you all for joining in. Let's keep having parkrun/not-parkrun/(not)parkrun fun, keep safe and well, and carry on being socially sensible
2020-06-28 hill

Ashton Court estate on Sunday evening (photo: Rich Kenington)

Report by Rich Kenington, 2 (not)parkruns last week | 5 (not)parkruns total


Ashton Court parkrun’s Class of Year Seven


First day of the new term

Having ended Year Six with 495 finishers at our 301st event we then started Year Seven with 549 finishers, all made possible by 22 volunteer. The new year began with 386 parkrunners who were at Ashton Court parkrun for at least the 2nd time, 64 who had forgotten their barcode, and 99 who had never been here before.
2017-04-22 nf start

And we're off again! Event number 302 is under way, and Year Seven has begun (photo: Nigel Fletcher)
Of those 99, 23 were at their very 1st parkrun ~ 14 females and 9 males ~ and the remaining 76 ~ 34 females and 42 males ~ had taken part in parkruns elsewhere and were visiting us for the 1st time.
2017-04-22 nf first first fin

Here's Year Seven's first first timer, Aidan Noble, about to finish 4th in 17:55 (photo: Nigel Fletcher)
386 parkrunners ~ 172 female and 214 male ~ could have achieved a pb that morning, and almost 30% of them did, as between them 48 females and 65 males chalked up 113 personal bests. 2 parkrunners (1 of each) equalled their pbs, and 2 others (also 1 of each) missed equalling them by 1 second.

Only 1 of the 4 is a regular at Ashton Court ~ Peter Almond ~ and when he equalled his pb of 21:44 it was almost 11 months after he’d set it. Since then Peter has finished 66 more Ashton Court parkruns and the closest he’s got to his pb is 21:57. I know the feeling of time slipping away, Peter, but keep aiming high!
2017-04-22 nf pa

Peter Almond charging down the hill to equal his personal best (photo: Nigel Fletcher)
Our wonderful volunteers

It’s only thanks to the 322 different parkrunners who volunteered a total of 1,281 times that we were able to stage our 51 parkruns in Year Seven.

They share 218 different first names, including 9 Davids, 7 Andrews, 6 Simons and 4 Emmas, 4 Janes, 4 Rachels, 4 Ruths and 4 Sarahs.
2017-04-22 nf nh

Shortly before event 302 started Run Director Niall Hoskin explains how to make something work to Francesca Knapper, Julia Cook and Rachel Pinchin (photo: Nigel Fletcher)
New friends, new parkrunners ~ the Class of Year Seven

Year Seven saw 3,308 people ~ 1,357 female, 1,952 male ~ take part in Ashton Court parkrun for the first time. 813 had never participated in a parkrun before, and although the remaining 2,495 had, this was the 1st time they’d come to see us.

375 of these newcomers returned the following week, another 187 did so after a fortnight and 94 after 3 weeks. 507 of them waited more than 11 weeks before returning and 1,905 are still making their minds up about it.

2 of the 507 came along to our 302nd event; 1 waited 139 events before returning, the 2nd waited 140. Of course, this means they returned at our 441st and 442nd events respectively, not long before our most recent parkrun. So, Kate Whitehouse and Elaine Beckett, if you should somehow find this, please don’t let this enforced break between parkruns discourage you and come back as soon as you feel like it once we’re back in our Saturday morning routine.

Kizzy Holliday was a newcomer to our 303rd event and she waited 138 weeks to return to our 441st, having been to Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun the week before. Since number 441 Kizzy’s been back to the salty sea air of CSF parkrun 3 more times, and hopefully will also continue parkrunning after this unwanted break.
2017-04-22 nf long wait

Reasonably certain that the flyer on the right is Kate Whitehouse, who we hope to see back at parkrun when the current situation is behind us (photo: Nigel Fletcher)
Our Class of Year Seven consisted of 142 aged 10 or under, 235 aged between 11 and 19, 873 in their 20s, 925 in their 30s, 634 in their 40s, 381 in their 50s, 105 in their 60s, 12 in their 70s and 1 in their 80s. 46 of these had a significant birthday during the year and changed age group.

During the year all these new parkrunners completed 6,768 parkruns here at Ashton Court. 1 of them ~ Vyki Shaw ~ took part in 38 of Year Seven’s 51 events, Robin Webster and Marie Bailey both finished 35 of them, Ross Anderson 32 and Francesca Roe and Will Harris both 30.
2017-12-30 336 rk mb

Enjoying herself at event number 336 ~ the one between Christmas and New Year ~ is Marie Bailey (photo: Rich Kenington)
In total there are now 27 Year Sevensters in our unofficial 50 Ashton Court parkrun club, with 3 teetering on the brink of membership on 49. Looking at the global parkrun clubs, 12 Ashton Court juniors from Year Seven have joined the junior 10 parkrun club, and 3 of them have gone on to become members of the 50 parkrun club.

59 grown-ups have also become members of the 50 club, with Vyki Shaw having been the 1st from Year Seven, and the 424th Ashton Court parkrunner overall to qualify for a red parkrun top. The most recent to qualify for membership are Callum Moore and Katrina Darke, who both did so at our 447th event and became the 694th and 695th of us from Ashton Court parkrun to join.
2018-01-27 se vp

The first Year Sevenster to join the parkrun 50 club ~ Vyki Shaw ~ looking very focussed at event 341 (photo: Suze Eyles)
Although there are now 4 of our Year Sevensters in the 100 parkrun club, 3 of them had already taken part in a few parkruns before their 1st run here. So the 1st, and to date sole Year Sevenster to have qualified for a black parkrun top having 1st run a parkrun here is Jenny Griggs, who achieved this goal at our 442nd parkrun and is the 314th Ashton Courter to get there!
2018-04-14 351 job jg

And on the left is the first ~ and only ~ Year Sevenster to have joined the parkrun 100 club ~ Jenny Griggs ~ here Tail Walking with Gill Atwill and one of our Duke of Edinburgh Award teenagers at event 351 (photo: John O'Brien)
1 Year Sevenster, ~ Jeremy Lowe ~ has, as I’ve said, finished 88 Ashton Court parkruns. Not having run a parkrun anywhere else, Jeremy has a 100% record. Will Harris and Robin Webster, who have both run away from home just once, have a 99% AC record, (Will with 94 out of 95, Robin 89 out of 90). And Sharon Eaves, who has run 65 of her 72 parkruns at home, has an attendance record of fractionally above 90%.
2018-02-17 344 sj jl

Seen at event number 344 is Jeremy Lowe, keeping company with Kim Forbes (photo: Sarah Jones)
Leading the way for personal bests by Year Sevensters in Year Seven was Francesca Roe, who achieved 12 of them! 2 parkrunners, Chris Doonan and Brendan Boyce, both ran 10 pbs this year, and Michael Lawrence, Marie Bailey and Paul Turner each ran 9. 4 more individuals ran 8 pbs, 5 ran 7, 16 ran 6, 25 ran 5, 40 ran 4, 81 ran 3 and 184 ran 2 pbs. 456 other Year Sevensters ran 1 each, meaning that 817 members of the Class of Year Seven ran 1,574 personal bests.
2017-09-23 rk fr

This is Frankie Roe at event 322, who ran with us on 30 occasions during Year Seven and achieved 12 pbs along the way (photo: Rich Kenington)
There were 3 Year Sevensters who finished in the same position 4 times during their 1st year; Johnny Suttle (1st), David Eagon (4th) and Edmund Willatts (6th).

5 of their classmates filled the same finish position 3 times; Andrea Jenn (231st), Robin Webster (173rd), Tony Myers (91st) and Stuart Ellis (66th). Another 77 members of the Class of Seven finished in the same place twice.
2017-07-01 311 rk rw

High on the hill at event 311 and Robin Webster's 3rd parkrun. Robin would finish in 25:57, and then equal that time the following Saturday. This was the 2nd of Robin's 5 pbs in Year Seven (photo: Rich Kenington)
2 of our Year Sevensters, Jemma Harfield and Sarah Jenkins, occupied the same gender finish position 5 times; 7th and 13th respectively.
2017-09-23 rk jh

Jemma Harfield is currently on 99 parkruns and is perhaps looking forward to the re-start more than most. This is event 322, 1 of the 23 of our parkruns Jemma took part in during Year Seven, and 1 of the 5 times she finished 7th female (photo: Rich Kenington)
7 others did so 4 times; Marie Bailey (95th), Elaine Inker (155th), David Eagon (4th), Stuart Ellis (65th), Johnny Suttle (1st), Edmund Willatts (6th) and Rosie Hattersley (1st).

Anne Dockery scored the highest age grade by a Year Sevenster during Year Seven, when she finished our 352nd event in 26:51 in 1, of her final runs in the VW65-69 category and scored 81.56%.

A month later Anne, having become a member of the VW70-74 category, finished event number 356 12 seconds faster and scored 83.55%. Clouds and silver linings!
2018-04-21 352 dm ad

It's quicker if you smile! And as Anne Dockery never seems to stop smiling, perhaps that's why she runs so quickly! This is event 352 and Anne's on her way to a pb of 26:51. The pb only lasted 2 parkruns and Anne's now beaten that time on 10 occasions (photo: Drew McLellan)
Year Seven ~ altogether now

Year Seven’s 51 parkruns were enjoyed by 5,723 different known parkrunners, who completed 21,798 parkruns during the year. Our 5,723 consisted of 3,128 females and 2,595 males.

Of the 21,798 parkruns 8,539 were completed by females, 11,002 by males and 2,257 by finishers without barcodes.

All those different parkruns were completed in 2,083 different time values, from 16:10 and 18:38 at the front end to 139:55 ~ more about the latter later.

There were 29 different female first finishers, with Amy Partridge filling that place 6 times. Chrissie Wellington, Rosie Hattersley and Kelly Dicks each finished 1st 4 times, Nicola Brookland and Jane Faram did so 3 times, and Marie Malloy, Kate Darbyshire, Sarah Everett and Alice Doggrell did so twice. Another 19 females finished 1st once.
2017-10-14 325 dj ap

Well on her way to one of her 6 first finishes, at event 325, is Amy Partridge (photo: Dan Jones)
The most frequent first female finish time was 20:46, which was achieved 3 times, twice by Amy Partridge and once by Chrissie Wellington.
2017-07-01 311 rk cw

Chrissie Wellington loves running and she loves smiling, and she's very good at both. Here Chrissie's on her way to finish 7th overall in 19:12 (photo: Rich Kenington)
As for the males, we saw 31 different male 1st finishers, with Jarlath McKenna and David Awde leading the way by finishing first 6 times each, Johnny Suttle and Matthew Battensby 4 times, Alex Crossland 3 times, and John Cox and Leon Rumble twice each. 24 other males finished first once each.

Swiftest of all was course record holder Jarlath McKenna, with 16:10 at event 309. 8 males beat 17 minutes 14 times overall ~ Jarlath McKenna and David Awde 4 times each, Maciej Bialogonski, Thomas Niner, Alex Crossland, Max Walker, Oliver Beale and Benjamin Tickner once each, and we timed 57 male finishes of between 17:00 and 17:59.
2018-02-17 344 sj tn

It's a first time first finish for Thomas Niner, on his only visit to Ashton Court, at parkrun number 344 (photo: Sarah Jones)
2 females beat 19 minutes ~ Nicola Brookland 3 times and Chrissie Wellington once. Rosie Hattersley (4 times); Chrissie Wellington (2); Emma Pooley, Evita Gonzalez Szamocki, Katrine Louise Svane, Kelly Dicks and Olivia Sadler (once each) all finished in times between 19:00 and 19:59.

This was Emma Pooley's 1st ever parkrun and she finished 6th overall, in 19:10, at event 346. Her time is the 13th fastest recorded by a female at Ashton Court (photo: Geoff Keogh)
Year Seven’s fastest first-timers are all mentioned above; Thomas with 16:35 at event 344 and Max at event 352 with 16;42, and Olympic cycling medal winner Emma (19:10 at event 346) and Katrine Louise (19:16 at event 306).
2017-05-20 306 dm kls

Making this running lark look very easy ~ which of course, it ought to be ~ is Katrine Louise Svane, on her way to finishing first female on her first(and only) run with us. Katrine's time of 19:16 is the 19th fastest of all our female finish times (photo: Drew McLellan)
The average finish time in Year Seven was 28:48, the median was 27.53 and the time we recorded most often was 24:45, on 36 occasions!

Desmond Jones, Alex Williams and Paul Hodges each finished in 24:45 twice, and there 7 parkruns when 2 finishers recorded this particular time.

Here's one of our Run Directors Paul Hodges, on the way to one of his two 24:45 finishes, this one at event 345 (photo: Sarah Jones)
Eliot Hames, Robin Webster and Ross Anderson each finished in the same time 3 times; respectively 19:06, 25:43 and 25:48, but of those 3 only Ross scored the same age grade 3 times ~ 53.68%, with Tim Constable matching Ross’s achievement with 3 scores of 58.34%.
2017-06-17 309 job ra

One of the Class of Year Seven is Ross Anderson, at event 309. Ross would go on to finish events 342, 344 and 345 all in the same time of 25:48, with a blip of 27:29 at event 343 (photo: John O'Brien)
782 females and 1,005 males ~ 1,787 parkrunners ~ achieved 3,131 pbs in Year Seven ~ 1,361 by females and 1,770 by males.

The most pbs achieved this year was 14, by Naina Burgess who during Year Seven sped up from 38:35 to 27:28.
2018-02-03 342 dj nb

A 13th pb in Year Seven wasn't at all unlucky for Naina Burgess ~ here leading the pack on her way to 27:40 at event 342 ~ as 2 parkruns later Naina beat that time by 14 seconds for pb number 14 (photo: Dan Jones)
Francesca Roe, as we know, ran 12 pbs, starting at 31:25 and working her way down to 25:04. Then came Graham Grew, whose 11 pbs brought his best down from 25:54 to 23:48. Chris Doonan lowered his best from 25:05 to 20:21 with 10 pbs on the way, and one of our juniors, Brendan Boyce, who took his best from 25:36 to 21:05, again with 10 pbs.

5 parkrunners ran 9 pbs, 7 achieved 8, another 7 achieved 7, 27 ran 6, 42 ran 5, 69 ran 4, 141 ran 3, 369 ran 2 and 1,138 each ran 1 personal best during Year Seven.
2018-04-21 352 dm gg
Enjoying the sunshine at event 352 is Graham Grew (photo: Drew McLellan)
327 parkrunners finished in the same position twice, 43 did so 3 times, 15 on 4 occasions, and Simon Cardnell finished 2nd 5 times, with Jarlath McKenna and David Awde both finishing 1st 6 times.

Marie Malloy finished 64th on 4 occasions, the same number of times that Christine Burren finished 186th.

This is event 345, the 25th of the 30 parkruns that Year Sevenster Will Harris completed this year (photo: Sarah Jones)
Moving on to gender finish position, 4 parkrunners finished in the same place 6 times. Jarlath McKenna, David Awde and Amy Partridge each finished 1st half a dozen times, and one of our juniors, Lottie Livesey, finished 5th female 6 times.

8 of us filled the same gender position 5 times, 30 did so 4 times, 91 on 3 occasions, and 390 of us did so twice.
2017-06-17 309 job cb

Ashton Court parkrunner number 34 is Christine Burren, and here is Chris at event 309, about to finish 186th for the 2nd time in 3 parkruns. Chris occupied this finish position at events 302, 309, 320 and 344 (photo: John O'Brien)
Year Seven was the year when we timed our 14,000th, 15,000th and 16,000th finishers over the line, as well as our 7,000th different female, and 8,000th and 9,000th different males.

The 14,000th new finisher was a junior who had take part twice at Pomphrey Hill parkrun before coming here for this 1 event and has yet to take part in a 4th parkrun. Plenty of time for that though . For number 15,000, this was their 18th parkrun, they ran here twice more and have now completed 145 events.Number 16,000 has only taken part here that 1 time. This was their 22nd parkrun, and now they’ve finished 53 of them, with 51 having been at Burnham and Highbridge parkrun

Their 1st visit here was our 7,000th female parkrunner’s only parkrun so far. Our 8,000th male had run 44 parkruns before coming along to Ashton Court and now has a total of 52 events, with just that 1 visit to Ashton Court on his CV. The 9,000th different male across our finish line had run 4 parkruns elsewhere before visiting us for the 1st time. He’s now taken part in 63 parkruns ~ including 4 here and 55 at Eastville parkrun
During Year Seven we introduced ourselves to 58 new Jameses, 57 new Sarahs, 55 new Davids, 41 Matthews, 40 Andrews and 40 Toms, and 30 Helens, 28 Rebeccas and 25 Rachels and 25 Emmas.

There were also 29 new Joneses (15 female, 14 male), 25 Smiths (7 and 18), 22 Williamses (7 and 15), 21 Taylors (11 and 10) and 15 Davieses (7 and 8) and 15 Browns (4 and 11).
2017-11-04 328 rk st

This is Sarah Taylor at event 328, on her 1st parkrun here. Sarah is the 215th Sarah (out of 318 so far), and the 98th Taylor (out of 143 Taylors so far. && Taylors have been female, 67 male). Sarah was also the 1st of the 3 Sarah Taylors who have participated here so far (photo: Rich Kenington)
Year Seven ~ a Bigger Picture

We had a “more special than most” parkrun on the 2nd of December in 2017 at our 332nd event. I mentioned earlier that we’d timed someone ~ 2 finishers in fact ~ over the line in 139:55. Here’s how we described it in the weekend’s parkrun report:

“And, of course, we had Lenny Brown with us. A friend of hers, Tom Feilding, is a regular AC parkrunner and he told us of Lenny's ambition to take part in a parkrun. Today that ambition was realised, and it was a privilege for us all to be part of it. It was Lenny who did the hard work, of course, and Lenny - you're a star!“
2017-12-02 rk lb

The pictures alone don't tell the story ~ Lenny Brown's parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
At the end of that month we saw both 1st finishers with the same 1st name, the only time that’s happened here. It was event number 336, and Alex Crossland finished first overall in 17:41, and Alex Binley crossed the line in 20th position with the time of 21:27 to finish 1st female.
2017-12-30 rk ac ab

Thanks to Photoshop, here are event 336's 2 first finishers, Alex Crossland and Alex Bingley (photos: Rich Kenington)
Having begun Year Seven with 549 finishers we ended with 454. In between our attendances varied from a low of 275 to a high of 593. We saw 446 finishers on 4 occasions during the year, the average attendance was 427 and the median was 432, which we achieved at event number 308.

We also had our 6th groundhog Saturday during Year Seven, when we saw the same number of finishers at 2 consecutive parkruns ~ 348 at both number 310 and 311.

Once again, we “lost” 3 Saturdays when Ashton Court was either unavailable or inaccessible. Let’s Rock Bristol was again the 1st, on June 3rd, followed by all the hot air that accompanies the Balloon Fiesta on August 12th. And then, just when we probably thought we’d got away with it for the winter, down came the snow and we were off again on March 3rd 2018.
2018-03-17 rk snow

No need to call event 347 off, it's only a blizzard! Tail Walker David Braithwaite accompanies Jo Coburn and Diane Javoric towards the finish line, with an unidentified course marshal (photo: Rich Kenington)
This year it was 3 parkruns in 3 days

With the New Year starting on a Monday we were able to have our regular Saturday parkrun on 30th December 2017, have a breather on Sunday and then go again on New Year’s Day. There was less choice this time, with only us and Pomphrey Hill parkrun taking place on the holiday. Having seen 356 finishers on Saturday, started again at 09.00 2 days later, with 446 finishers, and a little over 90 minutes later, 637 set off around Pomphrey Hill’s 3 laps.

Remarkably, only 29 of the morning’s finishers didn’t have a barcode scanned ~ 11 here and 18 at Pomphrey Hill parkrun. The remaining 1,054 finish positions were filled by 798 different parkrunners, with 256 having taken part in both the 1st 2 Monday parkruns in the neighbourhood.
New Neighbours
Speaking of which, our Year Seven was a big year for parkrun in the area around Bristol, because on 18th November 2017 both Eastville and Thornbury parkruns went live. It could be said that Eastville parkrun was Bristol’s 1st parkrun event, given that our course is physically in North Somerset, while Thornbury parkrun became the 3rd event in South Gloucestershire. Both 1st events were crowded, with 679 finishers (more than we’d ever seen) at Eastville parkrun and another 337 at Thornbury parkrun.
2017-11-18 001 rk evl

The very pretty bit at Eastville parkrun, where the less fast parkrunners can look down at the slightly faster ones on their circuit of the lake. This was at Eastville parkrun's 1st event (photo: Rich Kenington)
Looking around that day, our attendance was 76 down on the previous week. Chipping Sodbury parkrun saw 43 fewer finishers, Pomphrey Hill parkrun were down by precisely 100, and Bath Skyline by 44. So that’s 263, plus the 88 brand-new parkrunners at Eastville and the 108 at Thornbury. There’s 459 of the finishers at the 2 new events. Where did the remaining 557 emerge from? We may never know!
It’s been great fun having these 2 extra neighbours, in particular the teasing about who has the worst hill. Clearly that’s not us, because we have the “best” hill, it’s in the middle of the course and half of it goes down!

Having seen our annual number of finishers increase by 4,788 in Year Five, and a further 4,358 in Year Six, with parkrunners in the area now having a greater choice of where to take their barcode on a Saturday morning, our Seventh Year was one of consolidation, and we did well to increase our finisher numbers by 583. What would Year Eight bring?
2018-04-21 352 dm finish

Almost the end of Year Seven, as the finish funnel volunteers wait for the final handful of event number 352's participants (photo: Drew McLellan)

Report by Rich Kenington, Ashton Court parkrunner number 1,817

Coming sometime in the next fortnight .. Year Eight


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Ashton Court parkrun’s Class of Year Six


Year Six began on Saturday 23rd April 2016, 5 years to the day after our 1st parkrun. That 1st event had seen 120 finishers and we saw in our new year with 425 finishers at our 252nd parkrun.
2016-04-23 252 rk start

3 - 2 - 1 and away we go, Year Six is under way (photo: Rich Kenington)
First day of the new term

Of the 425 finishers at Year Six’s 1st event, 12 were running their first ever parkrun. 46 had already taken part in parkruns elsewhere and were visiting us at Ashton Court for the 1st time.

Only 1 of the dozen newcomers ever returned to parkrun, although of course there's plenty of time for the other 11 to do so in the future. The 1 who did come back left a gap of 140 parkruns before their return but did take part in 4 other parkruns elsewhere in the meantime and has now completed 14 parkruns overall, 4 of them here with us.

The 1st day of term saw 76 finishers finish more quickly here than they ever had before, and sadly 56 of the others forgot their barcode. Of those who remembered to bring one, 153 were females and 216 were males.
2016-04-23 252 rk scan

Barcode scanning at event number 252, an experience not shared by the morning’s 56 unknown finishers (photo: Rich Kenington)
Hi-vis heroes

We couldn’t have staged any of Year Six’s 50 parkruns without the 304 different parkrunners who between them volunteered on 1,126 occasions. They included 6 Andrews, 6 Davids, 6 Martins, and 4 Rachels, 4 Ruths and 4 Sarahs. At event number 254 3 of the Ruths were volunteering together. There were also 2 Adams but no Eves, if you can believe it!

It was event number 283 on the Saturday before the Saturday before Christmas but that didn’t stop this happy band of volunteers from augmenting their hi-vis with all manner of Christmassy bits and bobs (photo: Rich Kenington)
New friends, new parkrunners ~ the Class of Year Six

We welcomed 715 parkrunners to their first ever event during Year Six, alongside 2,477 whose parkrun home is elsewhere and were visiting Ashton Court for the 1st time.

Of the very first timers, 601 were female and 562 male, and of the visitors, 941 female and 1,088 male.

400 of those 715 returned to Ashton Court as soon as they could ~ the very next week! 194 others came back after a fortnight, and 101 more after 3 weeks.
2016-07-30 265 rk kh

Here at event number 265 is Christine Hill and her daughter Katherine in the dark pink alongside her. This was the 1st parkrun for them both. Katherine came back the following week and has since become an Ashton Court regular, having run here 63 times and 64 times elsewhere. Christine’s since become a regular at Southampton parkrun and we’ve seen her here a number of times since their 1st parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
It took 525 of our first timers over 10 weeks to come back, while 1,695 of the 3,192 are still waiting to return.

One first timer who came along to our 271st parkrun waited until number 441 to return, and has since been to numbers 442, 443, 445 and 448.

Another’s first parkrun was our number 289, their second and third were numbers 440 and 441.

And a 3rd first timer who came along to our 252nd returned for number 307 but hasn’t been seen at a parkrun since.
2017-04-01 299 rk jc

Another Year Sixter who’s now a familiar face on our lovely hill is John Churchill, seen here enjoying his 7th parkrun at our 299th event. John’s now run here 87 times (photo: Rich Kenington)
146 of our Year Sixters were aged 10 or under, while 248 of them were aged between 11 and 19, and 953 were in their 20s. 855 others were in their 30s, 566 in their 40s, and 327 in their 50s. 90 Year Sixters were in their 60s when they first came along, with 7 more in their 70s. 66 Year Sixters had a significant birthday and moved up an age grade during the year.

1 of our Year Sixters, Henry Sly, finished in the same overall position ~ 3rd ~ 4 times during the year. 5 of them finished in the same place 3 times ~ Harry Kingston, 2nd ~ Liam Tollinton, 29th ~ Theresa Goldstone, 106th ~ Paula Bradshaw, 213th ~ and Paul Skrzypczyk, 3rd. Another 84 of our newcomers finished in the same overall position twice.
2016-12-17 283 mw hs

On his way to one of his 3rd place finishes is Henry Sly, at event number 283 (photo: Mike Warren)
Jane Faram finished 1st female 6 times, while Olga Vearncombe (16th female), Henry Sly (3rd male) and Chloe Broughton (3rd female) each finished in the same gender position 4 times. 11 Year Sixters finished in the same gender position 3 times, and another 129 did so twice.
2017-01-07 287 rk jf

Finishing first female for the first time, at her first parkrun is Jane Faram, at event number 287 (photo: Rich Kenington)
866 of our Year Sixters achieved a total of 1,718 personal bests in the year. 438 females ran 819 of them, and 428 males ran the other 899.

Paul Channing ran more of them than anyone else, with 11 during the year. Tim Harris, Tj Jagger and Joe Allen each ran 10, Sarah Dodge, Scott Cornell and Toby Woolf all ran 9 each, and Alex Moylett ran 8.
2016-06-11 258 rk pc

Paul Channing at his 2nd parkrun ~ our 258th ~ and on his way to his 1st pb. And yes, it's our "B" course (photo: Rich Kenington)

7 other Year Sixters each ran 7 pbs (of course!), 13 ran 6, 36 ran 5, 56 ran 4, 85 ran 3 and 195 ran 2.

George Duggan scored the highest age grade ~ 81.46% ~ of Year Six at parkrun number 254, when he came along for the first time, finished 1st and equalled the course record time of 16:11, aged 19. Incidentally, when George returned, to our 290th parkrun, he’d celebrated a birthday and was no longer a teenager. Once again George finished 1st, in exactly the same time of 16:11, but “only” scored 80.54%!
2016-05-07 254 job gd

This is George Duggan, on his way to equalling the course record at our 254th parkrun (photo: John O'Brien)
Our 3,192 Year Sixters amassed a total of 6,826 Ashton Court parkruns during the year.

But which particular Year Sixter finished most Ashton Court parkruns in this, their 1st year? Paul Channing tops this ladder, having 1st come along to event number 257 and finished 37 of a possible 45 parkruns. Steven Stone ran 29 of a possible 40, having first finished number 262, and Kyler Phillips, whose 1st parkrun was number 270, ran 25 out of 32.
2016-07-09 262 dj ss

Now two very familiar faces at Ashton Court parkrun, this is Steven and Sally Stone at our 262nd event ~ their 1st (photo: Dan Jones)
2 of the above went on to become the most prolific Ashton Court parkrunners of Year Six ~ Paul Channing, who has now finished 158 out of a possible 192 parkruns here, and Steven Stone, with 151 out of 187. Steven is joined on this particular podium by his wife Sally, who also 1st came along to event number 262 and has now completed 129 out of a possible 187 Ashton Court parkruns.

Paul, Steven and Sally are of course members of the unofficial Ashton Court 100 parkrun club. Other Year Sixters to reach this dizzy height are Lucy Avent, who’s finished here 123 times, Naina Burgess (119) and Sarah Dodge (118).
2017-03-25 298 job la

Lucy Avent had run 23 times at Pontypool parkrun before removing to Bristol, and now she's most definitely an Ashton Courter. Here she is at our 298th parkrun (photo: John O'Brien)
There are 21 members of the unofficial Ashton Court 50 parkrun club from Year Six, with Eloise Morton leading the way, having finished here on 91 occasions, followed by John Churchill (87), the newest member being Teresa Cryer with exactly 50 finishes at our parkrun.
2017-04-01 299 rk em

Having started at our 266th parkrun, by the time we arrived at number 299 Eloise Morton had got the parkrun habit ~ this was her 18th Ashton Court parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
Next to join will almost certainly be Lilla Farkas-Kiraly, who’s currently finished here 49 times.

Looking at the real parkrun clubs, which include participation at other parkruns (apparently there are some), 8 junior Year Sixters went on to complete 10 5k parkruns.

76 Year Sixters are members of the 50 parkrun club, and 27 of them have made it into the 100 parkrun club. 8 of the latter have finished between 150 and 199 parkruns with, perhaps unsurprisingly, Paul Channon leading the rush to 250 on 184 parkruns finished.

The most recent Year Sixter to join the 100 parkrun club was Eloise Morton, who got there at our 446th event, the same morning that Lilla Farkas-Kiraly became the latest Year Sixter to join the 50 parkrun club.

2017-03-18 297 lv rk

Here’s Lilla Farkas-Kiraly, the newest Ashton Court member of the 50 parkrun club, seen at our 297th event (photo: Rich Kenington)
Year Six ~ all together now

5,387 known parkrunners crossed our finish line during Year Six ~ 2,445 females and 2,942 males ~ and between them, together with the unknown finishers, they completed 21,215 parkruns. 8,085 were run or walked by females, 10,998 by males, and 2,132 had forgotten their barcodes.

Our volunteers recorded 1,824 different time values, from 15:46 to 63:11, and with all sorts of times in between.

The average time was 28:16, the median time 27:34, and the time we recorded most was 26:16, on 36 occasions by 34 individuals. Ben Swift recorded it twice, at events 265 and 285, as did Graham Harrison at events 263 and 269.
2016-12-31 285 rk bs

On the left at event number 285 is Ben Swift, on his way to his 2nd time of 26:16 of the year, accompanied by his brother Tom, who was visiting from Havant parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
There were 10 instances of 2 finishers crossing the line in 26:16 at the same parkrun, and in fact both of Ben’s finishes in this time, and both of Graham’s too, took place when another finisher bagged the same time.
2016-08-06 266 jb sj

Another of Year Six’s 34 to finish in 26:16 is Dan Jenkinson, here about to finish in that exact time at our 266th parkrun (photo: Jacob Butterly)
Craig Brown succeeded in finishing in 23:39 on 5 occasions; Geoffrey Morgan recorded 32:47 4 times, and Richard Harding also finished in the same time 4 times ~ 29:20.
2016-11-12 278 job cb

Craig Brown seems to be enjoying one of his 23:39 finishes ~ this one took place at our 278th parkrun (photo: John O’Brien)
Another 18 parkrunners finished in the same time on 3 occasions.
2017-02-25 294 rk dw

One of the 18 Ashton Court parkrunners to finish in the same time is Denise Williams. Denise somehow finished in 36:56 at each of event numbers 294, 295 and 297, and wasn’t around for number 296. This was a remarkably consistent few weeks for Denise, as she also finished event 291 in 36:53 and 293 in 36:51! We see her here at number 294 (photo: Rich Kenington)
We don’t usually celebrate someone finishing in the same time twice, but as you’ll see, there was good cause to in Year Six.

During this Ashton Court parkrun year, we saw 21 different females finish 1st female and 27 males finished 1st overall. For the first time ever, we saw a female finish 1st overall, something Nicola Brookland achieved at events 258 and 261.

Having seen his course record (shared with James Thie) of 16:11 equalled at event 254 by George Duggan, Jarlath McKenna embarked on a remarkable series of Ashton Court parkruns.

At our 257th event, Jarlath reclaimed the course record, finishing in exactly 16 minutes. At event number 264 he became the 1st person to beat 16 minutes at Ashton Court when he finished in 15:58. At number 275 Jarlath reinforced that with a 15:59 finish, before smashing that by finishing in 15:46 at event number 276.
2016-10-29 276 rk jm

When Jarlath McKenna ran 15:46 the first time at Ashton Court he was far too quick for our photographer (photo: Rich Kenington)
And as if that wasn’t enough, Jarlath came back and ran 15:46 a second time, at our 301st event, the final one of Year Six. Imagine receiving your result email or text message: “Congratulations on finishing first at Ashton Court parkrun today. Your pb remains 15:46”. Unfortunately, we don’t see Jarlath very often nowadays as his work took him elsewhere. He’s still our course record holder, and the only person to have beaten 16 minutes here. In fact, Jarlath’s achieved it 4 times!

Fortunately when Jarlath next ran as quickly, at event 301, Sarah came to the rescue (photo: Sarah Jones)
Since then only Maciej Bialogonski ~ a regular up the road at Pomphrey Hill parkrun ~ has come close, when he finished our 412th parkrun (in Year Nine) in 16:10, and thus became our 2nd fastest ever finisher.

On the subject of course records, Charlotte Taylor-Green reduced our fastest female time down to 18:04 at event number 294, when she finished 2nd overall.
2017-02-25 294 rk cgt

Here’s Charlotte Taylor-Green at the start of her female course record breaking run at our 294th event. Charlotte had to make do with finishing 2nd overall (photo: Rich Kenington)
And when Jarlath 1st finished in 15:46, were there lots of pbs achieved close behind him, as had been the pattern when previous course records were set? Well, no there weren’t, not this time. Simon Cardnell was the next to finish in a new best time, in 7th place.

A cluster of 4 finishers, in 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th positions, all achieved pbs, but it’s more likely that Andy Sparks, Daryl Phillips, Dan Nettelfield and Lee Winter were chasing one another, not Jarleth. Their new pbs, by the way, were 18:29, 18:30, 18:34 and 18:43 respectively.

For our females this was the fastest year so far, with 11 times recorded below 19 minutes. Nicola Brookland achieved this on 9 occasions; I mentioned Charlotte Taylor-Green's sub-19 time earlier, and Chrissie Wellington just squeezed onto the list when she finished 1st female in 18:56 at event number 293.

This is 1 of the 9 occasions in Year Six when Nicola Brookland finished an Ashton Court parkrun in a time below 19 minutes, at event number 259 when her time was 18:38 (photo: Geoff Keogh)
Year Six saw 1,795 parkrunners ~ 829 females and 996 males ~ achieve 3,383 personal bests ~ 1,520 by females, 1,863 by males.

3 parkrunners achieved 11 pbs each ~ Moe Soe, Paul Channing and Tom Dunn. 3 others each ran 10 pbs ~ Tim Harris, Joe Allen and Tj Jagger; and 3 more ran 9 pbs each ~ Sarah Dodge, Scott Cornell and Toby Woolf.
2016-06-25 260 job ms

The look of intent on Moe Soe’s face suggests that he knew he was onto something here! And he wasn’t wrong! This was event number 260, and Moe finished in 25:31, 6 seconds faster than before. The following week Moe reduced this by a further 3 seconds and by the end of Year Six Moe’s pb stood at 23:17! (photo: John O’Brien)
8 pbs were achieved by 6 different parkrunners; 7 pbs by 11; 6 pbs by 23; 5 by 63; 4 by 96; 2 by 172 and 400 parkrunners ran 2 pbs each in Year Six.
2016-11-05 277 rk sd

Sarah Dodge’s 1st parkrun was our 260th, which she finished in 37:01. Here we see Sarah at her 10th event ~ our 277th ~ when she achieved her 6th pb and finished in 32:40. Nowadays Sarah’s pb is 28:32. Amazing what can be done with persistence and hard work! (photo: Rich Kenington)
Jarlath McKenna finished 1st 10 times; Robert Stewart did so on 7 occasions. Both Nirpal Singh Gillar and Steve Speak finished 5th 11 times each, while Kate Darbyshire finished 46th overall 4 times, and Sarah Everett finished 30th overall 4 times. Another 15 parkrunners finished in the same overall position 3 times.

Looking now at gender finish positions, Jarlath McKenna finished 1st male 11 times, and Nicola Brookland was 1st female 9 times. Sarah Everitt was 2nd female 8 times; while Robert Stewart came 1st male 7 times, Nirpal Singh Gillar 11th male 7 times; and Kate Darbyshire, Tanya Chowdhury and Alison Engledew each finished 3rd, 6th and 8th female 7 times.
2016-11-26 280 dj se

Sarah Everitt flying down the hill at event number 280. Wonder if she misses it now that she usually runs at Eastville parkrun? (photo: Dan Jones)
Ashton Court parkrun’s 11,000th new finisher crossed the finish line at event number 262; our 12,000th at number 276 and our 13,000th at number 294. Only one of them has ever returned ~ number 12,000th, 6 times.

We saw our 5,000th new female finisher at parkrun number 265, our 6,000th at number 298.

Our 6,000th new male parkrunners crossed the line at event 259, and number 7,000 at our 290th event. The latter is Tony Wilkes, who has now run here on 26 occasions.
2016-12-31 285 rk ov

This is Olga Vearncombe, who managed to finish 16th female 4 times during year 6, and here she is, doing just that at event number 285. Olga was both our first ever Olga and our first ever Vearncombe! (photo: Rich Kenington)
During Year Six we welcomed 53 new Sarahs, 36 new Hannahs, 30 new Emilys, 29 new Helens and 27 new Emmas. There were also 48 new Davids, 46 new Jameses, 42 new Andrews, 40 new Toms and 39 new Chrises ~ 1 of whom was female and the other 38 weren’t.

We also introduced ourselves to 29 new Joneses ~ 15 male and 14 female; 27 new Smiths ~ 16 female and 11 male; 24 new Williamses ~ 14 male and 10 female; 20 new Davieses ~ 10 female, 10 male; and 17 new Evanses (10 male, 7 female).
2016-09-03 269 rk tw

Many familiar Ashton Court faces here at event 269, and in the middle ~ in the red adidas top ~ is Tom Waterson, starting his 1st Ashton Court parkrun. Tom became the 129th different bearer of that name to cross our finish line, and the 2nd Waterson (photo: Rich Kenington)
Year Six ~ a Bigger Picture

This was the year when, sadly, our the eldest of our younger siblings had to shut down. After 173 parkruns and 32,413 individual parkruns completed, Little Stoke parkrun had timed its final Tail Walker. This isn’t the place to go into the whys or wherefores of the situation, but just as here at Ashton Court parkrun, a community had built up of many different folk who were proud to call Little Stoke parkrun “home”, and it was extremely sad to see that brought to a close.

Later in the year, in October 2016, we welcomed Wotton parkrun to the family. In no way a replacement for Little Stoke of course, it gave an opportunity to people in the area between Bristol and Gloucester somewhere to parkrun. That they’ve now had almost as many events as Little Stoke ~ 171 ~ yet have seen less than half the number of finishers ~ 14,764 ~ reflects both the more rural nature of Wotton itself, and parkrun’s firm belief that no matter how large or small it may be, if a community wants a parkrun, then it should have one. And amen to that!

During the year we “lost” 3 Saturdays when Ashton Court was either unavailable or inaccessible. Let’s Rock Bristol was the 1st, on June 4th, followed of course by that hardy perennial the Balloon Fiesta on August 13th. Finally, September 6th saw Bristol hosting the Tour of Britain cycle race, which made Ashton Court if not completely inaccessible, then certainly very difficult to reach because of the various road closures the race entailed.
2016-09-24 271 rk view

A view that could only be Ashton Court parkrun, of our 271st event on a beautiful September morning (photo: Rich Kenington)
3 into 2 does go (again)

Once again, we enjoyed the opportunity to take part in 3 parkruns in 2 days, and with Sunday being the 1st day of 2017, Sunday parkruns took place in the Bristol area for the 1st time.

3 of them, in fact, because this year parkrun new year revellers had a decision to make. They could come to Ashton Court parkrun, which started at 9am, or they could go to Chipping Sodbury parkrun which started at the same time. And then, at 10.30am, there was Pomphrey Hill parkrun to be enjoyed.

On Saturday December 31st, we saw 417 finishers at Ashton Court parkrun; Chipping Sodbury parkrun saw 364 and Pomphrey Hill parkrun saw 390. How many survived seeing in the New Year? Well, on January 1st we saw 197 finishers, Chipping Sodbury saw 296, and many of those 493 would have been amongst Pomphrey Hill parkrun’s 478 finishers.

197 was our smallest number of finishers since event number 178 in November 2014, when we saw 4 fewer. Conversely, 478 was the highest number of finishers Pomphrey Hill parkrun had entertained at that point, 67 more than had finished there on Christmas Eve a couple of weeks previously.

Robbie Stewart leads us all into 2017 at event number 286. This would be 1 of the 7 occasions Robbie finished 1st during Year Six (photo: Geoff Keogh)
As for us, here at Ashton Court parkrun, we just kept running and walking up and down our hill. We saw 2 parkruns with between 250 and 299 finishers, 13 with between 300 and 399, 26 had between 400 and 499 and 7 had between 500 and 599.

We were taken by surprise when 624 parkrunners came along to our 300th event, the penultimate one of this particular year. That was 56 more than we’d ever timed before on the same day. Since then we’ve had another 148 parkruns and only exceeded 624 on 8 occasions. But perhaps we can “blame” our new neighbours at Eastville parkrun for that, when we look at Year Seven


One of the classic views of an Ashton Court parkrun as the mass of runners and walkers listen to the pre-run briefing before dashing off to see what’s on top of the hill. This is our 301st parkrun, the final one of Year Six (pic: Sarah Jones)

Report by Rich Kenington, Ashton Court parkrunner number 1,817

Coming soon .. Year Seven


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Ashton Court parkrun’s Class of Year Five


In Year Five we enjoyed 51 parkruns, all thanks to 311 different parkrunners who between them filled 1,111 volunteer roles from event number 201 to event number 251. Our 311 Year Five heroes have 213 different 1st names, with 8 Andrews, and 5 each named Emma, John, Mike and Richard. There are 4 named David, Helen or James, then another 12 names are shared by 3 people, 42 names are shared by 2 people and 151 names are unique within this list.
2016-02-06 vol

Despite being such an inclement February morning at our 241st parkrun, our wonderful volunteers are still smiling (photo: Rich Kenington)
New friends, new parkrunners ~ the Class of Year Five

Year Five brought us 744 brand new parkrunners, 260 more than Year Four ~ 386 female and 358 male ~ and we also welcomed 1,986 visitors from other parkruns for the first time ~ 885 female and 1,101 male.

Of those 744 newcomers, 370 returned the following week, 196 came back after 2 weeks, and 102 after 3 weeks. 447 waited more than 10 weeks before returning. Conversely there are 609 who are still waiting to make their 2nd visit, 46 who are waiting to make their 3rd, and 18 have yet to return a 4th time, and another 18 a 5th time.
2015-04-25 start

Off we go! Year Five's first parkrun is well under way (photo: Rich Kenington)
One of the Year Fivesters didn’t come back to Ashton Court for 223 weeks, but did complete 2 parkruns elsewhere in between, and a 2nd Year Fivester waited 202 parkruns between 1st and 2nd, and those are the only parkruns they’ve completed.

128 Year Fivesters were aged 10 or under. 212 were aged between 11 and 19, and 780 were in their 20s. 765 were in their 30s, 500 in their 40s, 269 in their 50s, 71 in their 60s and 5 were in their 70s. 29 Year Fivesters moved up an age grade during their first year with us.
2015-07-18 sb

One Year Fivester who came back 7 days after his 1st parkrun is Simon Brailey, seen here at our 212th parkrun, his 1st. We've seen Simon 76 times since then (photo: Rich Kenington)
17 of our Year Fivesters achieved at least 1 pb during their 1st year, and between them amassed a total of 1,448 pbs. 378 female Year Fivesters ran 662 pbs, and 439 males ran 786 of them.

Derek Burgess ran more pbs than anyone ~ 11 in all, and Liz Hill, Beth West, Tim Wilkinson and James Sumner achieved 8 each.
2015-08-01 ck
A second new parkrunner who couldn't keep away is Carole Kluth, seen here on the right. This was our 214th parkrun, and Carole's 1st. We've seen her almost 100 times since, if we include the occasions Carole's volunteered (photo:Rich Kenington)
The highest age grade score by someone new to Ashton Court during Year Five is 84.38%, achieved by Archie Lowe at event number 244. At the time Archie was in the JM10 category (which means that even now we can’t show a photo of him) and he finished 15th in a time of 20:10!
2016-03-19 db
Derek Burgess looks to be working hard to achieve one of his 11 pbs in Year Five (photo: Rich Kenington)
The group of 2,730 Year Fivesters completed 5,802 Ashton Court parkruns during their first year. Melanie Young led the way, taking part in 29 of the 36 parkruns that remained when she 1st came along.

When Liz Hill 1st appeared, at event number 218, 34 Year Five parkruns remained. Liz ran 28 of them. Derek Burgess also made his debut here at number 218 and he went on to run 26 of our Year Five parkruns.
2015-09-05 lh
Looking extremely relaxed at the end of our 218th parkrun is Liz Hill. This was Liz's 1st parkrun, and since then Liz has run here 171 more times and has become not only one of our Run Directors but also one of our core management team (photo: Rich Kenington)
Jonathan Hall is the Year Fivester to have run here most often – he’s crossed our finish line 179 times since event number 241.

Next on this list is Liz Hill, who we’ve seen 172 times, followed by 3 members of the parkrun prolific Burgess family; Simone, 151 runs; Derek, 150 runs, and Jennifa, 143 runs. Simone and Jennifa’s mum Naina would take a little longer to get into her stride, joining us in Year Six, and having now run 119 Ashton Court parkruns.
2016-03-19 my
Good to see Melanie Young enjoying our 247th parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
Moe Soe (138), Tom Feilding (132), Lynn Clark (123), Ewan Cameron (118), Robert Brown and Amanda Halford (both 114), and Pete Davey and Alex Williams (both 107) are the other Year Fivesters to have become members of the unofficial Ashton Court parkrun 100 club, and spare a thought for Mary Ulicsak, poised to join that club on 99 AC parkruns throughout this hiatus.
2016-03-26 jh
Someone else having fun is Jonathan Hall, at parkrun number 248 (photo: Rich Kenington)
Mary is the leading member of the 31 Year Fivesters in the unofficial Ashton Court parkrun 50 club, the most recent recruit being James Holbrook, who reached this landmark at event number 443.
2016-09-04 lc

Lynn Clark, 123 Ashton Court parkruns and plenty more to come. This was our 250th parkrun and Lynn's 5th (photo: Rich Kenington)
Of the Year Fivesters who started their parkrun adventure at Ashton Court, 16 are now members of the parkrun 100 club. Liz Hill was 1st, on a New Year’s morning when she also volunteered for the 25th time in her role as Tail Walker. Gemma Portis is the most recent member from Year Five, having qualified at our most recent parkrun in March.

There are some familiar names in the list of Year Fivesters who achieved the most pbs that 1st year: Derek Burgess beat his best time 11 times, while Liz Hill, Beth West, Tim Wilkinson and James Sumner each did so on 8 occasions. 5 others ran 7 pbs, 13 ran 6, 13 others ran 5, 80 ran 3 and 196 ran 2.
2016-03-19 t

Well on the way to one of his 8 pbs in Year Five is Tim Wilkinson, at our 247th parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
34 different members of the Class of Year Five scored the same age grade twice, which I’m sure you’ll agree is 34 too many to list individually!

Tanya Chowdhury, Lizzi Elton-Walters and Kate Hemsley each finished in the same position 4 times; Tanya 50th, Lizzi 137th and Kate 244th.

Damian Spreckley finished 2nd 13 times; Jarlath McKenna was 1st 12 times and Matthew Battensby was 1st 10 times. Ken Ham finished 13th 7 times.
2015-08-01 lew

Even though Lizzi Elton-Walters has been leaping around New Zealand's parkruns since November 2016, she's still much missed here. Seen here "in the lead" at our 214th parkrun, with Emily Eaton Turner close behind, both Lizzi and Emily achieved pbs, despite all this flapping around! (photo: Rich Kenington)
Taking a look at gender positions, Joe Pritchard and Kitty Taylor easily top this list, Joe having finished 4th male, and Kitty 5th female, 6 times each.

They’re ahead of a group of 7 Year Fivesters who each finished in the same gender position 3 times; Alec Austin (33rd m), Liz Hill (23rd f), Sophie Walton (3rd f), Beth West (27th f), Kieran Lilley (37th m), Jamie McKee (2nd m) and La Trice Ivy (105th f).
2016-03-19 kt

This is one of the 6 occasions when Kitty Taylor finished 5th female in Year Five. Kitty also ran a pb in this our 247th parkrun. Sadly we don't see Kitty any more as she's made her home at Thornbury parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
Year Five ~ Let's Add The Class Members of Years 1, 2, 3 and 4

Year Five saw 4,411 different parkrunners completed 16,857 parkruns. 1,958 females finished 6,390 of them, 2,453 males finished 8,861, and the balance of 1,606 were completed by parkrunners unknown.

Those 15,251 known knowns recorded 1,737 different times, from the fastest by a male of 16:11 (equalling the course record) and the fastest by a female, 18:32 all the way to 70:44. Each of those 1,737 different times is as special as the others, of course.
2015-11-14 ly

We welcomed an Olympian to our parkrun during Year Five. In the pink is Liz Yelling a 2 time Olympic marathoner and Bath ½ Marathon record holder with her time of 69:27, set in 2007! Seen here at our 228th parkrun, Liz is chatting away with Helen Williams, who is married to parkrun's Chief Operating Officer Tom (photo: Rich Kenington)
The average finish time was 28:02, the median 27:07. We recorded 24:23 most often, 29 times in all. No single parkrunner finished in that time twice, but we did see 2 runners finish in that time at the same event on 4 occasions!

198 of us finished in the same twice during Year Five, and 14 managed to do so three times. Nirpal Singh Gillar finished in 19:33 4 times, and he was joined by Richard Haines, who finished in 26:40 on 4 occasions.
2015-11-14 rh

Also at our 228th parkrun is Richard Haines, on his way to one of his 4 finishers in the time of 26.40 (photo: Rich Kenington)
We’ve learned during these reviews that when someone runs a really fast parkrun, others follow suit. So it was at event number 246, when Jarlath McKenna equalled the course record. Jarlath brought his best down from 16:36 to 16:11 ~ that’s quite a chunk knocked off when running at that speed ~ and behind him in 6th place, Colin Traer finished 4 seconds behind his pb in his fastest Ashton Court time for over 4 years. 7 of the next 9 finishers ran faster than they ever had before on our course ~ and one of the remaining 2 hadn’t run here before!

Less than a kilometre to go for Colin Traer at parkrun number 246, and Colin's fastest finish for over 4 years at Ashton Court (photo: Andrew Woods)
The female course record remained at 18:19, but this was our 2nd fastest year with Emma Wookey finishing in 18:32 at event 216, after Nicola Brookland had run 18:39 and 18:33 at events 210 and 212 respectively.

In total, 17 minutes was beaten by first finishers 9 times, 18 minutes 32 times and 19 minutes on 14 occasions (9 male and 3 female). Female first finishers also beat 20 minutes 5 times, 21 minutes 21 times (really!) 22 minutes on 19 occasions and 23 minutes on 4.
2015-08-22 ew

On the left is Year Five's fastest female, Emma Wookey. Emma finished 6th overall in this our 216th parkrun, on her only visit to Ashton Court. Emma has run 145 other parkruns though, over 100 of them at Newport parkrun (photo: John O'Brien)
25 different females finished first; Kate Darbyshire leading the way with 13 first finishes, Francesca Knapper 7 and Tanya Chowdhury 5.

Conversely, only 16 different males finished first; Jarlath McKenna 13 times, Matthew Battensby 10, and Damian Spreckley and Robert Stewart 6 each.
2016-01-01 kd

Seen here on New Year's morning is Kate Darbyshire, on her way to one of her 13 Year Five first female finishes (photo: Rich Kenington)
Year Five saw 2,702 personal bests, achieved by 1,532 parkrunners. 669 females shared 1,167 pbs, and 863 males ran the remaining 1,535 new best times.

Derek Burgess was not only ran more pbs than any of his fellow Year Fivesters, his 11 new bests was more than anybody else managed as well. Simon Wood and Thomas O’Neill were next with 10 pbs each, followed by Bryan Walsh and his total of 9. Tim Johnson, Richard Haines, Liz Hill, Tim Wilkinson, James Sumner and Beth West were tied on 8 pbs each.

Behind them were 10 parkrunners with 7 pbs, 23 with 6, 28 with 5, 60 with 4, 139 with 3, 347 with 2 and 915 with 1 each.
2016-03-09 bw

We're back at event number 247, with Bryan Walsh on his way to beating 19 minutes for the first time, by 6 seconds. One of Bryan's 9 Year Five pbs. (photo: Rich Kenington)
This parkrun year saw our finish line crossed for the 8,000th time (event number 204), the 9,000th time (224) and 10,000th time (244).

In addition we saw both the 4,000th different female finisher and the 5,000th male finisher at parkrun number 224.

If you’ve been following this series of reviews you may be surprised to learn that we have actually seen 2 of these parkrunners again! Number 8,000 ~ Sarah Tudhope ~ was visiting from Sheringham parkrun and has returned to Ashton Court once, while number 9,000 ~ Francesca Alsworth ~ has been back 4 times, visiting from East Brighton parkrun.
2015-10-17 fa

Yippee! She didn't know it then, and she probably doesn't know it now, but Francesca Alsworth is Ashton Court parkrunner number 9,000! (photo: Rich Kenington)
In Year Five we welcomed 43 new Sarahs and 43 new Davids. 37 Richards, 36 Jameses and 33 Andrews. 29 Toms 29 Emilys, 28 Pauls, 27 Matthews and Peters, 26 Simons and 25 Lauras, Johns and Chrises, which means we’ve got half the Apostles covered if nothing else!

We also met 33 Smiths (20 female, 13 male), 30 Joneses (21 female, 9 male) 25 Davieses (16 female, 9 male) as well as 25 Taylors (13 male, 12 female)
2015-09-05 sj

This is Sarah Jones at our 218th parkrun. Sarah is one of Year Five's 43 new Sarahs and one of our 30 new Joneses! (photo: Rich Kenington)
Year Five - What Else?

This was the year when Friday parkruns came to Bristol. 2 of them, of course. And more than that, the prospect of 3 parkruns in 2 days for the 1st time.

The occasion was New Year’s Day, when we all leapt into 2016 at 9 am here at Ashton Court parkrun, where 306 finished our 235th event, and then 90 minutes later at Pomphrey Hill parkrun’s 97th event, where there were 365 finishers. If only there had been 1 more!

Of the 327 who ran or volunteered at Ashton Court, 174 went on to run or volunteer at Pomphrey Hill. Jarlath McKenna finished first twice, in times that were just 9 seconds apart ~ 16:50 and 16:59. Ciaran McQuade finished 2nd at AC and 3rd at PH.
2016-01-02 jm

Jarlath McKenna .. David Awde gave him a parkrun for his money at Pomphrey Hill, but Jarlath prevailed. It seems to be what he does! (photos: Rich Kenington)
Gordon Everett finished 24th at both, Ryan Jacovides 56th. Alison Engeldew was 64th at AC, 65th at PH. Pete Stables crossed the line in 207th place at both, Bob Howell was 230th at AC and 229th at PH.

Christopher Tilley finished in 21:18 at both events, Kevin Arnold did so in 24:14, while Tim Tynan finished in 26:50 at AC and was 1 second slower at PH.
2016-01-01 ge

The man with 2 24th finish places on one day ~ Gordon Everett (photo: Rich Kenington)
The very next morning, for the 3rd time in 26 hours, Jarlath McKenna was first finisher. His aggregate time for the 3 5ks was 50:54 ~ 15 seconds quicker than our Tail Walker Wendy Price on New Year’s Day!

It was good to see our first ever first finisher, Conor Kissane-Wood at our January 2nd event, making his 3rd visit to Ashton Court, although given that on his 2nd visit Conor finished 2nd, and this time finished 3rd, not many of us have seen his face so we didn’t recognise him! And, incidentally, Conor reversed the trend alluded to just now, finishing 1st on both his 4th and 5th visits.

Other than Jarlath, Ryan Jacovides was the most consistent finisher, with 2 56th places on New Year’s Day, and a 54th the next.
2016-01-02 ckw

For those of us who are more accustomed to seeing the back of Conor Kissane-Wood's head, here's the other side (photo: Rich Kenington)
But in terms of being consistent timewise, there was a little competition. We’ve seen that Jarlath’s spread over the 3 runs was 15 seconds. Could anyone beat that?

Well, “no” is the quick answer. But 14 other parkrunners achieved a spread of 62 seconds or less, which seems a remarkable feat to me! Isabel Bates was closest to Jarlath, with a 20 second difference between her 3 times, followed by Daniel Morgan (25 seconds), Ken Ham (26 seconds), Gordon Everett (33 seconds) and Maggie Salter (35 seconds).

Just to round off this tale of how 3 into 2 do go, 71 parkrunners took part in the 2 Ashton Court parkruns on Friday and Saturday.
2015-10-17 ib

Almost emulating Jarlath in terms of consistent pacing ~ Isabel Bates ~ seen here at our 224th parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)
I omitted to record that in the middle of our Year Four we welcomed a new neighbour in Bath Skyline parkrun. Given the distance between the 2 of us not many from Ashton Court emigrated to Bath, and it’s always good to have new siblings close by, spreading the word about parkrun.

In June 2015, Burnham and Highbridge parkrun started their adventure, and they attracted a number of Ashton Courters ~ for example those who live in and around Cheddar or Weston-super-Mare. And of course, strange though it seems, a flat parkrun does appeal to some!

Since their introduction both Bath Skyline and Burnham and Highbridge parkruns have become favourite destinations for many of us on the occasions whens Ashton Court isn’t available.


And that's the lot! Year Five's final finish line (photo: Rich Kenington)

Report by Rich Kenington, Ashton Court parkrunner number 1,817


Coming soon .. Year Six


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Ashton Court parkrun’s Class of Year Two


Year Two began well with a new record attendance of 217 finishers – 30 more than we’d seen before, together with 14 volunteers.

59 of the finishers were first timers. 6 of those were already parkrunners and had popped in to see us for the first (and as it turned out, only) time, while for another 9 this would be their only parkrun anywhere to date. At least 10 more also never returned here but did go on to take part in parkruns elsewhere.
2012-04-17 event 52

Comings and goings on top of the hill at event number 52 (photo: Mike Warren)
Year Two consisted of 49 parkruns, numbers 52 to 100, and during that time we welcomed 1,747 new people to Ashton Court parkrun. Between them they ran or walked 4,256 parkruns, compared with their peers from Year One who “only” managed 3,886 finishes in their second year as parkrunners, giving us a total of 8,132 barcode scans over the period.

Having begun the year with a new attendance record, we also ended with one. From 217, the record had risen to 221 (event 067), then 237 (069) and finally a big jump to 268 at our 100th parkrun. The total number of finishers for this year was 8,004, giving us an average weekly attendance of 167.

The average time for all these parkruns was 27:11, 24 seconds slower than Year One, and 77 seconds faster than our overall average to date.
2012-12-08 event 80 li

One of the Class of Year Two, Leo Ikin, on his way to 5th position at event 80 in December 2012 (photo: Rich Kenington)
During Year Two, 772 first timers were females, and 976 were males. There were 56 new parkrunners aged 10 or under. 131 were between 11 and 19, 479 were in their 20s, 529 in their 30s, 349 in their 40s, 162 in their 50s, 37 in their 60s, and 4 in their 70s.

315 of the Year Two first timers returned the very next Saturday, and another 722 returned eventually, although not all in this particular parkrun year. This leaves 710 one time Ashton Court parkrunners. Some will have already been parkrunners, visiting from elsewhere.

For others this may have been their 1st parkrun, and they’ve run at others since then, but not here. There will also be a number who have simply never been back. There's all sorts of reasons why this may be so, and there will be plenty more parkruns for them to come back to if they wish.

One of Year Two's newcomers who returned week after week was Ben Pryke, who returned 10 weeks in a row from event number 74 to number 83. This gives Ben the longest streak by a Year Twoster of 10, just beating Ness Collenette, Marie Malloy, Jerry Stuckes and Mohammed Ibrahim, who each managed runs of 9 consecutive home parkruns (photo: Geoff Keogh)
Of those who took a while to return, the longest gap between Ashton Court parkruns was 388, between event numbers 55 and 442. This particular parkrunner also ran 4 parkruns elsewhere in between coming to see us. Another 9 parkrunners also have a gap of at least 300 parkruns between visits here, those gaps being 362, 344, 342, 332, 331, 325, 321, 304 and 301.

41 of the 746 who we did meet again had a significant birthday during Year Two, and moved up (or down, depending on your perspective) an age category.
2013-03-30 event 097

Janet O'Connell, who is now one of our 2 Volunteer Co-ordinators, at her 4th parkrun, event number 90 in February 2013, when she ran one of her 6 Year Two pbs (photo: Geoff Keogh)
There were 17 different first female finishers, and coincidentally, one of them, Sally Johnson, was first female finisher 17 times. Year Two’s first female finishing times ranged from 18:43 to 22:29, with 19:57 being achieved 3 times.

We saw 32 different male first finishers, and their times varied between 16:37 and 19:32. Robin Longstride achieved the most first finishes, with 5, and the most frequent first finish time was 18:03, which also happened 3 times.

John Collier had the distinction of being the final first male finisher of Year One and the first first male finisher of Year Two.

Finish times ranged from 16:37 (2 seconds faster than the previous year) to 1:10:20 – 1,366 different time values were recorded, of which the most frequent one was 28:11, which appears 18 times in Year Two’s results, achieved by 18 different male finishers.
2012-08-04 event 066

This is Sally Johnson, on her way to 1 her 17 first female finishes of Year Two, at event number 66 (photo: Mike Warren)
11 different finishers filled the same positions 3 times during Year Two. Leo Ikin went 1 better, finishing 6th 4 times, and Matthew Crocker bettered that, with 5 3rd place finishes.

Marie Malloy finished 7th female 6 times, Matthew Crocker and Leo Ikin finished in the same male gender finish position most often with their achievements mentioned above, Janet O’Connell was 28th female finisher 4 times, and Caitlin Allen was 58th female finisher, also 4 times.

46 different parkrunners ran the same time twice during Year Two. One, Ness Collenette ran the same time - 30:44 - on 3 occasions, at events number 79, 84 and 87.
2012-09-29 event 072

About to secure the 3rd of 5 Year Two pbs is Ness Collenette, at event number 72 (photo: Geoff Keogh)
Ness was also 1 of the 3 Year Twosters to finish more Year Two parkruns than anyone else. Top of the list was Steve Guest, who first came along to event number 55 and took part in 31 Year 2 events. Steve is now co-Event Director at Eastville parkrun.

Then comes Ness, whose first parkrun was our 66th, and who went on to take part in 28 of Year Two’s parkruns, and Dave Denning was 3rd, completing 26 parkruns having first come along to event number 59.

15 Year Two parkrunners took part in 20 or more of our 49 events in this year, much reduced compared to the similar stat from Year One, caused perhaps by the appearance of Little Stoke parkrun in November 2012.
2013-04-20 event 100 sg

In his 31st Ashton Court parkrun of Year Two, Steve Guest achieved his 11th personal best. On his way to a 21:27 finish, it's Steve Guest (photo: Rich Kenington)
Year Two saw 1,247 personal bests achieved by our new parkrunners. Steve Guest ran more pbs than anyone else, finishing faster than before on 11 occasions, with Michelle Earl and Chris Day both doing so 8 times.

The top age grade score in Year Two was 83.71%, achieved by Brian Gardner, when he finished 2nd in event number 70, with a time of 18:31, in the VM55-59 age category.

Dan Rodgers sneaked below the course record by 2 seconds, when he finished in 16:37 at event number 83. Dan is the 11th fastest finisher we’ve seen at Ashton Court, and just to be certain, he ran exactly the same time 12 months later.

Claire Hann was the only female to beat 19 minutes in Year Two, at event 99, when she finished 5th overall in 18:43. This was Claire’s only parkrun and she is the 6th fastest female finisher we’ve seen.
2012-09-08 event 070

Brian Gardner looks in fine form as he achieves the best age grade score of Year Two (photo: Jacob Butterly)
Looking at everyone’s names; 26 of the Year Twosters are named Sarah, 21 are called Kate, 19 are Emma and 15 are Claire. 41 are called David, 33 James, 31 Simon and 24 Matthew.

We met 7 female and 10 male Smiths; 5 female and 9 male Williams; 7 female and 7 male Taylors, and 5 female and 9 male Davies, all for the first time during Year Two.
2012-04-17 event 052 gw

The first Gerard ever to finish Ashton Court parkrun ~ Gerard Watson made his debut at event number 52. Since then Gerard's removed to Pomphrey Hill parkrun and has completed 337 parkruns, 50 of them here at Ashton Court. Meanwhile only one other Gerard has taken part at our parkrun. Gerard was also the 4th Watson to come along and see us and we've now met 38 Watsons, 17 female and 21 male (photo: Mike Warren)

During Year Two we also welcomed our 2,000th different finish line crosser - Emily Ciscato – in event number 62, and our 3,000th - Rosalind Cox - in event 93.

2012-07-07 event 062

The 2,000th first time finisher at Ashton Court parkrun - Emily Ciscato - finishing at event number 62 (photo: Sarah Leonard)
What’s happened to the Class of Year Two since our 100th event?

Of those who became regular Ashton Court parkrunners, 169 have become members of the 50 parkrun club. 72 of those have gone on to join the 100 parkrun club and of them, 15 are now members of the 250 parkrun club ~ all of which are wonderful achievements!

One of the Class of Year Two – Marie Malloy – has been particularly busy. Not only has she now completed 357 parkruns since she first came along, Marie’s also married fellow Ashton Court parkrunner Andy (Year One, 327 parkruns and counting) and had two babies, Matthew and Alice!
2013-02-09 event 090

Here on her way to her 6th finish place of 7th female is Marie Malloy, at our 97th event, in March 2013 (photo: Geoff Keogh)
245 of Marie’s parkruns have been here at Ashton Court. Other Year Twosters to rack up large numbers of home parkruns include; Jerry Stuckes (293), Nigel Robbins (282), Alice Doggrell (241), Dave Denning (223), Ness Collenette (205), Jennifer Owsley (201) and Clare McLachlan (200).

So in terms of how many home parkruns our Year Twosters have completed, 67 have become members of the unofficial Ashton Court (uAC) 50 parkrun club, 35 of them carried on to become members of the uAC 100 parkrun club, and 2 are now members of the uAC 250 parkrun club.
2012-05-12 event 54

On the left, in grey top and blue shorts, is Jerry Stuckes, in his first ever parkrun. At the time of writing Jerry's run at Ashton Court on 293 occasions, and 3 times elsewhere (photo: Jacob Butterly)
Report by Rich Kenington, member of the Class of Year Two, event number 56

2012-10-13 event 074 rk

First photo of me, Rich Kenington, at an Ashton Court parkrun. Having come along to event number 56 in May, never dreaming that within 4 months I'd be living and working in Bristol once again, this is my second visit. It was event number 74, and it was the B course. 8 months later it was the B course again, and thinking that it couldn't possibly have been as bad as I remembered, I took part once again. I was right. It wasn't as bad. It was worse, and it was another 5 years before I braved it for a 3rd time. It hadn't improved! (photo: Geoff Keogh)

Coming soon .. Year Three


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Ashton Court parkrun’s Class of Year One

It’s our birthday soon. We’re going to be 9! Normally that’d be quite exciting, but of course life is anything but normal just now. The 1st parkrun in Bristol took place on Saturday 23 April 2011, and so our birthday is always on the 4th Saturday of April.

So, the 25th of this month is our birthday, as indeed it is for 63 other parkruns around the world, including our co-triplets Leamington parkrun, and Rounday parkrun in Leeds.

Closer to home it will also be Shepton Mallet parkrun’s 3rd birthday. And in one of those crazy coincidences life continually throws our way, Lillydale Lake parkrun, which is the event closest to my brother’s home in Melbourne, will be 6 years old the same day!
010 lillydale

One of our younger siblings, Lillydale Lake parkrun in Melbourne on Christmas Day in the morning, last year (photo: Rich Kenington)
Normally (there’s that word again), someone might try to review an event like Ashton Court parkrun after 10 years. Except there wouldn’t be time to pull all the numbers together.

However, I’ve had a little time to spare recently, and so I‘ve been able to have a look at our parkrun’s results and see what they tell us.

Today I’ll look at Year One consisting of our first 51 parkruns, the last of which was on the Saturday before our 1st birthday.
002 first start

Year One gets under way with our first start. Our first first finisher, Conor Kissane-Wood is the junior runner in the centre of the front row. No longer a junior, Conor has returned to Ashton Court on 4 occasions, finishing 2nd, then 3rd, then 1st and 1st again. On the last occasion (our final event of 2019), Conor finished in 16:38, making him the 13th fastest ever finisher on our course (photo: Mike Warren)
Year One got off to a great start with 136 people coming along; 16 volunteering, and 120 taking part.

Of those 120, 17 had already been to a parkrun elsewhere, so 103 were at their very first parkrun. And of those, 14 have never been to a parkrun ever again.

From those 120 intrepid pioneers, the number of different people who took part in an Ashton Court parkrun in Year One grew to 1,596.

526 of them have never returned. Some will have been parkrunners visiting from elsewhere, while for others this may have been their 1st parkrun, and they’ve run at others since then, but not Ashton Court.

If the current hiatus carries on for a long time I may end up trying to work out how many of the 526 were visitors from other parkruns, and how many have run elsewhere since, but as I’d have to look at 526 different parkrun pages to achieve this, maybe not!
011 alan wilcox

The first-timer at our first-time who's since finished more parkruns than we have, Alan Wilcox, here in our 12th event in July 2011 (photo: John Neck)
64 of the 1,070 who we did meet again had a significant birthday during Year One, and moved up (or down, depending on your perspective) an age category.

During Year One, 643 were females, and 953 were males. There were just 26 parkrunners at Ashton Court aged 10 or under. 107 were between 11 and 19, 361 were in their 20s, 543 in their 30s, 356 in their 40s, 156 in their 50s, 43 in their 60s, and 4 in their 70s.
015 will poole

High on the hill in autumn sunshine, Will Poole is on his way to the 3rd of his 9 Year One first finishes, and a pb too! (photo: Mike Warren)
Of the 1,596 who ran their first parkrun here in Year One, 351 came back again the very next weekend!

Contrariwise, for 1 parkrunner there was a 411 parkrun gap between their 1st and 2nd Ashton Court parkruns, although in fairness, they did take part in 7 parkruns elsewhere in between.

Another parkrunner who has run 2 parkruns, both here at Ashton Court, has a gap of 376 parkruns between their 1st and 2nd. We’re looking forward to seeing them again at their 3rd, which will be our number 765!
012 david withers

David Withers, who finished in the same position more often than anyone else, about to finish 2nd in event number 43 (photo: Geoff Keogh)
During Year One our 1,596 different parkrunners completed 5,597 parkruns between them.

We saw 20 different first female finishers, while 29 different males finished 1st. Diana Kennedy was first female on 11 occasions, and Will Poole was first male 9 times.

The parkrunner who finished in the same position most often was David Withers, who finished 2nd 10 times (as well as 1st 3 times and 3rd 9 times).

Tracy Allan finished 20th overall 5 times, and also finished 3rd female 13 times.
013 tracy allan

Finishing event number 50 in the always pleasing to read time of 22:22, and finishing 20th overall for the 5th time in Year One, is Tracy Allan (photo: Geoff Keogh)
91 different parkrunners ran the same time twice during Year One. Alison Engledew finished in 25:24 3 times, at parkrun numbers 12, 17 and 18. Matt Pegler and Rupert Lock also finished with the same time 3 times; Matt in 23:45 at events 14, 15 and 28, and Rupert with 28:05 at events 26, 39 and 51.

Alan Wilcox, who took part in more of our parkruns – 48 – during Year One than anyone else, managed to finish in 21:32 4 times, at event numbers 10, 11, 15 and 17.

Incidentally, 24 parkrunners took part in 26 or more of our 51 events in Year One.
 014 donna collins

The parkrunner with the most personal bests in Year One is Donna Collins, here at event number 43 in February 2012, on her way to her 13th pb of Year One (photo: Geoff Keogh)
There were 1,672 personal bests recorded in Year One, with Donna Collins achieving the most, finishing faster than before on 15 occasions.

The top age grade score in Year One was 81.66% , achieved by Andrew Harrison, when he finished 1st in event number 43, with a time of 17:38, in the VM45-49 age category.

This was the 9th fastest time recorded in Year One, with Matt Ellis recording the fastest time overall of 16:39, at event number 30, and Lucy Richens the only female to beat 19 minutes this year with her time of 18:38, at event 39.

1,244 different times were recorded in Year One, from Matt Ellis’ 16:39 to 1:07:58, with the average of them all being 26:47. The average time for all our 448 parkruns to date is 28:28.
016 andrew harrison

Here's Andrew Harrison, about to achieve Year One's highest age grade score, at event number 43 in February 2012 (photo: Geoff Keogh)
What’s happened to the Class of Year One since our 51st event?

136 of them have now finished over 50 parkruns at Ashton Court. Of those, 75 have gone on to finish here over 100 times, 38 of the 75 have finished over 151 times, and 23 of the 38 have run here over 200 times!

Out of those 23, 9 have run more than 300 Ashton Court parkruns, and 3 of them have finished over 350 times!

If we include parkruns elsewhere, Alan Wilcox has completed 454 parkruns, which is 6 more than we have, despite starting on the same morning!

There are 35 Year Onesters who have qualified for a green 250-parkrun club t-shirt, and plenty more are waiting for us to restart so that they can add the green to their black 100 and red 50 tops.
The 1,000th different parkrunner to finish at Ashton Court parkrun was Henrietta Anstey. Hen has since run parkrun a further 93 times at Ashton Court and 21 times elsewhere. We don't see her very often now as Hen has become an accomplished sprinter. No doubt many of us have yearned for a flat track to run on at one time or another as we've dragged ourselves up to the top of our hill!
009 henrietta anstey

Henrietta Anstey, the 1,000th individual to cross our finish line and have their barcode scanned (photo: Dave Medcroft)
We're all well aware that none of Year 1’s 51 parkruns would have taken place if it weren’t for the 184 different volunteers who helped to make them all happen.

Before any of the 51 parkruns could take place, someone had to want there to be a parkrun in Bristol, and then work their way through the necessary procedures with parkrun HQ, the local authorities and landowners.

We should all be grateful to Geoff Keogh and Jan Burke, who scoured Bristol for a suitable parkrun venue. How fortunate we are that they settled on Ashton Court estate. Linda Woodburn, Nick Kirby and Steph Mireylees also deserve our gratitude, as they joined Geoff and Jan to help plan that first event, and those that followed.
001 first briefing

Our first first-timers' briefing, with Jan Burke alongside Geoff Keogh as he explains the dos and don'ts (photo: Mike Warren)
Finally, I’ll start at the very beginning with someone who had an idea and made it work, perhaps beyond his wildest expectations, and changed our Saturdays for ever. He is, as you know, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, who in October 2004 arranged a run for his mates in the park when he was injured, and life was never the same again. Thank you for this wonderful gift Paul.
008 paul sinton-hewitt

Here's Paul Sinton-Hewitt, the man who changed our Saturday mornings for ever! (photo: Geoff Keogh)

Report by Rich Kenington, with possibly too much time on his hands


Coming soon .. Year Two


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When will we see you again?

The cancellations of all sorts of sporting and other mass-participation events have been coming thick and fast recently, so there was one big question this week as Ashton Court parkrun day approached: will it go ahead or not? Countries where parkrun events have all been cancelled so far include: Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden and USA. Thankfully Ashton Court parkrun did take place (otherwise what would I have to write about?!), but who knows for how much longer?
2020-03-14-448 photo 13

Run Director Tony Myers briefs the crowd of eager runners, and not a megaphone to be seen (photo: Dan Jones)
On Saturday 422 runners and 30 volunteers decided to group-isolate at Ashton Court parkrun. Saturday’s turnout was the lowest so far this year and there were 148 fewer parkrunners than the week before. Perhaps people are making their own decisions about staying away from events, or could it be that they were resting on the day before the annual Bath Half marathon? The public health emergency seemed to have passed by one of our brave volunteers by this week. The token handler in question declined to use the latex gloves brought in specially saying that their hands “weren’t all that cold”!
2020-03-14-448 photo 08

Round the bend? We probably are, running up and down our hill each week, but we love it! (photo: Dan Jones)
Tony Myers was the run director using the lovely new public address sound system and he gave a very clear main briefing in his usual calm and reassuring way. It was the second outing of the ‘quiet please’ paddles – I’m certainly looking forward to being asked to parade around the start with one of those! Before we set off, we were also able to say “happy birthday” to George Nikou ,one of our newer run directors.
2020-03-14-448 photo 14

Birthday Boy George Nikou with 1,000 metres to go .. (photo: Dan Jones)
We welcomed 52 people who were at Ashton Court parkrun for their very first time this week, which caused me to reflect on how important a clear and informative main briefing is (thanks again Tony!). There were 8 brand-new registered parkrunners and 44 first-time visitors, including runners from Edinburgh, Chorlton, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leicester, London, Surrey and Newcastle – Australia! Remarkably, seven of the first 15 runners to finish were running at Ashton Court for the first time.
2020-03-14-448 photo 05

The front 4 from left to right – Caroline Vans, Maria Metcalfe, Joanna Edwards and Lorraine Ogden. Caroline and Maria’s first parkruns were last week, and we’re thrilled to see them both come back straight away and each knock 2 minutes from their times last wek. Joanna had also been here once before, last September, and found it a little tougher this time, whilst for Lorraine this was her first parkrun. Hope we see you all again soon. (photo: Dan Jones)
The rain held off at the start and the puddles on the plateaux were not quite as full as they have been – but a fine rain started about 20 minutes in. The weather and puddles were clearly not deterrent to the 67 parkrunners who achieved personal best times at Ashton Court this week (that’s 16% of everyone who was running) – so huge congratulations to them.
2020-03-14-448 photo 03

Fine margins: Ash Mukherjee beat his previous best by 1 second, Marian Allen and Kathryn Ayres both finished 1 second behind their best times (photos: Dan Jones)
We had some superb landmark runs to celebrate on Saturday. Neville Taylor ran his 50th parkrun. All Neville’s parkruns since he started in June 2018 have been at Ashton Court. Congratulations and well done Neville.

Two Great Western Runners completed 100 runs. Phil Harfield was the first of the two to finish, he's run 47 times at Ashton Court, having run at Bushy parkrun 37 times before moving to Bristol.

The second of the pair, Gemma Portis, has completed 61 of her runs at Ashton Court, with another 30 nearby at Pomphrey Hill, Eastville, Chipping Sodbury and Burnham and Highbridge.

We’re looking forward to seeing you both in your sleek black 100 shirts on our hill soon.
2020-03-14-448 photo 15

Congratulations to Neville, Phil and Gemma (photos: Dan Jones)
A big round of applause and very special congratulations to the amazing Lou Neal-Hopes from Southville Running Club who completed 250 parkruns on Saturday. Lou’s parkrun journey began in August 2013 at Ashton Court parkrun event number 117 and since then she’s run with us on 77 occasions, which is more times than anywhere else. Lou likes St Albans and Eastville quite a lot too. Lou seems to have parkrun in her blood – not only has she run 250 times, but she’s also volunteered with parkrun 113 times.

Lou has also managed to fit in an incredible amount of parkrun tourism and almost conquered the parkrun tourist’s alphabet challenge, because she’s run at parkruns that begin with 24 different letters of the alphabet – she’s only missing J and Z! Last year Lou and her husband Tim ran an extraordinary 55 parkruns each in a single year, “surely that’s impossible” I hear you say – not if you run every single week and take advantage of every double parkrun opportunity at Christmas and new year it isn’t.
2020-03-14-448 photo 06

In the pink is Punyawee Dulyayangkul, on her way to a new best time, 48 seconds quicker than before! In the trio behind are Louise Neal-Hopes, just 1 kilometre away from completing 250 parkruns. Alongside her are Chris Whale (76 parkruns), and Tim Neal-Hopes (267). (photo: Dan Jones)
Lou’s whole family are crazy parkrunners after my own heart – her 247th parkrun at the end of February was at Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun, which sounds as though it might be somewhere in Wales, but is in fact in the Falkland Islands! Lou’s husband Tim finished 3rd, Louise 7th and their daughter Libby was 19th out of the 33 finishers. There can’t be many Ashton Court parkrunners who’ve even been to the Falklands, never mind run a parkrun there! True to form, the following day Tim and Louise took part in the Cape Pembroke Half marathon, as you do! There was an epic parkrun-themed celebration cake after Lou’s 250th parkrun on Saturday, too – well done Louise!
2020-03-14-448 photo 07

And Louise's cake tasted as good as it looks (photo: Mike McBeth)
One of our visitors, Tania Ritchie, is this week’s winner of the what took you so long award (no prizes – it’s just for fun!). Tania had run at 236 parkruns before arriving at Ashton Court and she finished in 23:27 – an impressive time! Tania can be forgiven for taking so long to get to us because mostly she runs at Newy parkrun, in Newcastle – that’s Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia!

However, what’s even more impressive about Tania’s parkrun journey, is the number of different parkruns that she has visited: 70 different parkruns in total! Like Lou Neal-Hopes, Tania has almost conquered the parkrun tourist’s alphabet challenge, because she’s run at parkruns that begin with 22 different letters of the alphabet – she’s only missing u, x, y and z. I imagine that now she’s on her way to Upton House parkrun in Poole, York parkrun and Zandvlei parkrun in Cape Town, Zielona Góra parkrun in Poland, or (perhaps closer to home) Zillmere parkrun in Brisbane!
2020-03-14-448 photo 01

Furthest from home on Saturday was Tania Ritchie, and she's flying down the middle of the road, alongside one of our junior runners. Close behind, in the pink, is Hannah Michie, who's probably second furthest from home, as her home event is Aberdeen parkrun (photo: Dan Jones)
Now to Saturday’s results. Emily Strathdee from Bristol and West AC was our first female finisher with a personal best time of 19:26 AND Emily topped the age grade table with 76.16%. This was the first time Emily has beaten 20 minutes at Ashton Court, and she immediately became our 25th fastest female ever. Our first male finisher in 18:27 was an Unknown runner – can you imagine being first finisher at parkrun? (Remember, it’s a run not a race!). Can you imagine being first finisher at parkrun and forgetting your barcode? I’d be inconsolable!
2020-03-14-448 photo 02

Another flyer is Emily Strathdee - the 25th fastest ever female at Ashton Court, and in the background is our 2nd female finisher, Beth Pescud, who fooled us all by finishing her first parkrun last week in 32.02 and then knocked over 10 minutes off her time. Beth won't be doing that again! (photo: Dan Jones)
Our resident statto (initials RK) tells me that there's some confusion about whether we saw our 300th first finisher on Saturday. It's all quite simple, in fact, because if we include the 24 times an unknown runner has finished first, then 299 different male and female parkrunners have finished first at Ashton Court. If you exclude them, then 304 different folk have been first to carry a barcode across our finish line.

At the foot of our results page is a summary of our parkrun's statistics and achievements. On Friday it told us we'd seen 299 different first finishers, and now it tells us we've had 300. Which must somehow mean that Joe Driscoll, who was our first barcode carrying finisher, is either our 300th first finisher, or our 304th, depending on which list you look at. Congratulations Joe (probably)!
2020-03-14-448 photo 10

This morning's first finisher with a barcode is Joe Driscoll from Winchester parkrun, where he's run 78 of his 96 parkruns (photo: Dan Jones)
Topping the league of most parkruns completed so far was Andrew Higgins, a visitor from Leamington who’s completed 373, while our own Marie Malloy continues to power up and down our little hill – now carrying 3 month old baby Alice - Marie has completed an incredible 357 parkruns – 246 of them at Ashton Court.
2020-03-14-448 photo 11

Here's Leamington parkrun's Andrew Higgins, "only" 127 parkruns away from a new parkrun club t-shirt! (photo: Dan Jones)
It’s been wonderful to welcome so many doggies to parkrun at Ashton Court recently – they really do enjoy it and they add to the all-encompassing nature of parkrun. I’ve been lobbying for parkrun to issue special bark codes for some time, but so far without success. The first dog finisher this week was your very own run report writer, running with Zoly, who’s a Hungarian Viszla.
2020-03-14-448 photo 09

and here's run report writer Mike McBeth, keeping up with Zoly .. or is it the other way round? (photo: Dan Jones)
Unfortunately, though, some dog handlers were a little wayward on Saturday and three of our canine running buddies were running free and off lead during parkrun, which put other runners and dogs at risk. So please remember that while we welcome dogs to Ashton Court parkrun, they must be kept on a short lead at all times during the run.
2020-03-14-448 photo 12

Not quite sure where our long and winding road will lead for the next few weeks - let's hope it's not long before we're all back, running round the bend, up the hill and back again (photo: Dan Jones)
So when will Ashton Court parkrun #449 take place? We know that it will be at 0900 on Saturday… but which Saturday?

Report by Mike McBeth 189 parkruns, p061

Many thanks to the fabulous team of volunteers who made this week's event happen. Although our parkrun has a great crowd of enthusiastic volunteers we're always looking out for more people to join the team and spread the load, and if you'd like to sign up as a volunteer, we'd love to have you. Please opt in to receive volunteer emails (via "manage my profile" on any result or newsletter email) and contact AshtonCourtHelpers@parkrun.com to offer help.

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This week’s full results are at the top of the table here with links to all our age group records and heaps of other statty stuff.

Dan Jones took some fab photos of today's parkrun. You'll find them here on our Google Photos pages, and also in our Flickr group.


In celebration of International Women’s Day

Although 1.8 million women have registered to parkrun, 650,000 of these are yet to take part. Research and insights from Sport England show that many of the reasons why are gender-related, with a fear of not being fit enough, worries about attending alone, childcare obligations and not knowing what to expect being much more commonly cited by females.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 340

Angela Seddon got the purple memo (photo: Rich Kenington)
This Girl Can was launched in 2015 with the aim of tackling the gender gap in sport and physical activity, and this year they have collaborated with parkrun for International Women’s Day to promote and encourage women to take part.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 275

as did Kathryn Gibb, who missed her pb by an unlucky 13 seconds (photo: Rich Kenington)
We welcomed Ruth Glanvill representing This Girl Can, who donated T shirts to some of the participating women, she chatted and listened with interest to their stories and reasons for taking part. Ruth works for Wesport, the West of England Sport Trust.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 457

This girl certainly can - Marie Malloy and her daughter Alice (photo: Rich Kenington)
Ashton Court parkrun is definitely a place where female participation is joyfully celebrated each week. Everyone is welcome – young and old, friends and families, walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers, and those that come along to watch and support. Their journey is their own and it matters not how it is completed, just that it is an enjoyable experience that will be beneficial to mind and body.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 140

Finishing her 1st parkrun in 50th place in 22:00 is Jane Kirkpatrick (photo: Rich Kenington)
The brief was to wear something purple and to encourage female friends to come along so that they too could feel the parkrun vibe! There were plenty of purple shades around, one lady that stood out was Vilma Boyles who was resplendent in her attire with vibrant purple hair decoration to match.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 468

Vilma was one of many who got the purple memo (photo: Rich Kenington)
Thank you to all the volunteers this morning, 24 were female with 4 males assisting. Many thanks to our Run Directors Alice and Janet who had everything organised and under control to the normal high standard. The new ‘Quiet Please’ paddle boards were most effective and allowed the briefing to be heard by all.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 007

Our new PA system seems to be working well, and those "Quiet Please" paddles really sting when applied to the back of a chatterbox's knees. Or at least, we expect they would. We've no plans to find out! (photo: Rich Kenington)
Of course Rich Kenington must also get a mention for his multi tasking roles! (not sure why but thank you very much!)

Today we had 17 women taking part for the very first time and 27 women park runners visiting us for the first time, a big welcome to you all, please return and bring a friend - of any gender!
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 461

One of these parkrunners is Gemma Box, and she brought along a friend without a barcode. We hope they enjoyed themselves and that they'll both return soon, and both with barcodes when they do (photo: Rich Kenington)
Finally in celebration of International Women’s Day here are a few of our female achievements and neat feats!
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 370

Joanna Harding managed the neat feat of finishing our 447th parkrun in 447th position (photo: Rich Kenington)
Huge congratulations to regular parkrunner Gill Atwill, who today as Tail Walker completed her 250th parkrun, her 50th volunteer role and on Monday celebrates her birthday - have a fabulicious day Gill!
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 486

Tail Walker Gill Atwill (in hi-vis) can look forward to her birthday having got her 250th parkrun and 50th volunteering on her CV (photo: Rich Kenington)
Well done to Katrina Darke on completing her 50th parkrun in a time of 29.23, we hope she'll soon receive her landmark red T-shirt.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 317

What a great day to run your 50th parkrun - congratulations Katrina! (photo: Rich Kenington)
Anne Dockery was our top age grade runner with 85.57% in a time of 26.27 and after her run happily sat and sorted the tokens for next week.

Today’s first female was junior Lee Clementine, running only her third parkrun and achieving a pb of 21.01 with an age grade of 75.97% .

There were a total of 46 female pbs - well done girls!
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 296

Jennie Alger got the memo, and a pb too! (photo: Rich Kenington)
This weeks prize ‘for what took you so long - it’s just for fun’ to the person having done the most parkruns before visiting Ashton Court goes to Belinda Cottrill finishing 8th female in a time of 22.19. This was Belinda’s 325th parkrun, most of them having been at Crystal Palace parkrun.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 139

Here's Belinda Cottrill, who finally found her way to Ashton Court today. Her companion was second canine finisher, we think (photo: Rich Kenington)
The female visitor furthest from home was Laura Statham, whose home event is Mulbarton parkrun 292.8k from Ashton Court Mansion as the crow flies! Laura finished in 30.44.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 345

On the right is Laura Statham, who we hope made it back safely to Norfolk! Kelly Payne and Lee Zurybida seem to be enjoying their first visit to Ashton Court parkrun too ((photo: Rich Kenington)
Please do take a look at the fabulous video kindly taken and edited by Caroline Potter before and after her run.

Female neat feats!

50. Jane Kirkpatrick 22.00 (First timer)

197. Brooke Clarke 26.00 (pb)

247. Andrea Goude 27.00

369. Linnet Tutcher 30.00 (pb)

481. Kate Harris 35.00

2020-03-06 rk ac 447 333

Linnet Tutcher gave new meaning to "just popping out for half an hour", and she ran a pb, and she's the only Linnet to have participated at Ashton Court parkrun ((photo: Rich Kenington))
International Men’s Day is on November 19th, I don’t know whether this event will be celebrated by parkrun, but it would be fun to have all male volunteers just to balance the books!

Thank you to ALL parkrunners, volunteers and associated friends and family for coming along to Ashton Court parkrun.
2020-03-06 rk ac 447 485

Run report writer Louise Nikou is on the left, Tamera Jones is stood beside the cone, and Linda Woodburn is just behind Tamera, with 2 of our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme volunteers for company (photo: Rich Kenington)

Report by Louise Nikou, Timekeeper

Many thanks to the fabulous team of volunteers who made this week's event happen. Although our parkrun has a great crowd of enthusiastic volunteers we're always looking out for more people to join the team and spread the load, and if you'd like to sign up as a volunteer, we'd love to have you. Please opt in to receive volunteer emails (via "manage my profile" on any result or newsletter email) and contact AshtonCourtHelpers@parkrun.com to offer help.

Don't forget to follow us on these news pages, on Twitter (@ashtonctparkrun) or on Facebook (Ashton Court parkrun) for the latest news and information. You can also find us on Instagram too, where we try to post something a little different from time to time.

This week’s full results are at the top of the table here with links to all our age group records and heaps of other statty stuff.

Rich Kenington, p568, followed everyone and took photos of most of you speeding down the hillside. You'll find them on our Google Photos pages, and in our Flickr group.

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