Christmas and New Year parkruns

Please note that there will NOT be a Christmas Day or a New Year's Day parkrun at Ashton Court this winter. We've never held a parkrun on Christmas Day, and having staged one on each of the last 4 New Year's mornings we've decided to have a year off (not the whole year, obviously, just this one day!).

Once we know exactly what parkruns our neighbours are offering on these 2 days we'll let you know. You can keep up to date with the seasonal parkrun offerings by looking at this page.

The Ashton Court parkrun team


parkrun Thank you films


Would you like to take part in a ‘selfie style’ film to celebrate the breadth and depth of the effect parkrun has in local communities? Use the line ‘Thank you parkrun! Because of you…’ and fill in the blank!


You can record your thank you alone, in a group, whilst walking your dog, or why not film it running, walking, jogging or volunteering at parkrun? Or even at the post parkrun cafe!


Please start the film using the following line and then fill in the blank - inspiration below!

“Thank you parkrun! Because of you…

...I get to run with my son/daughter every week”

...I’ve now done xx marathons” mum/dad/friend has started running/volunteering” local community is now healthier and happier”

...I get out of bed on a Saturday morning!”

...I found the courage to go on to volunteer at other events!”

....I was reunited with a group of friends I hadn’t seen in years!”


Technical Bits

∙ Please could you ensure it is filmed selfie style and landscape on your smartphone

∙ Maximum of 20 seconds in length

∙ Include your name and your parkrun event name in the file name

∙ Upload to our dropbox or send via WhatsApp/email to Communications Manager Kirsty Woodbridge via 07487 605235 or

∙ Please send us your film before Monday 17th June


Thank you for your support!



the 2019 Ashton Court parkrun Birthday Honours


For those who were unable to be at our Birthday Honours award ceremony, here's what you missed . .


Saturday 23rd of April in 2011 saw the first Ashton Court parkrun, with 120 participants and 16 volunteers. On the same morning Bushy parkrun staged its 353rd event, with 796 participants and 21 volunteers, and already being a grown-up parkrunner, I ran my 27th event, at Hull parkrun.

There were 4 new UK parkruns that morning, and as Ashton Court was the only one beginning with an A we can say we were the UK’s 62nd parkrun. At the time there were 3 in Denmark and 1 in Australia, so 66 parkruns across the world. Now there are 1,523 different 5k parkruns, plus any that may have started today.


AC parkrun 20190427-362

Look what austerity's done to the high-five! Two of the Nine Who Never Looked Back - Dave Wilkins and Ken Hall, with Jonathan Andrews in the middle. Having run 23 of the 30 parkruns since his first parkrun, Jonathan almost qualified for an award too (photo: Geoff Keogh)


There are 23,289 parkrunners who have registered Ashton Court parkrun as their home event, which makes us the 7th largest event in the UK, and the 20th largest in the world. And still we only have 800 finish tokens!


AC parkrun 20190427-421

(photo: Geoff Keogh)


Those of you who’ve been coming along for a few years may remember the old parkrun points system, whereby the first finisher was awarded 100 points, the second 99 and so forth, and most of us received 1 point. We also received 100 points for volunteering, but only for a maximum of 3 events, which here at Ashton Court meant that half way through May, Geoff Keogh was in the lead with 300 but was then gradually overhauled by heaps of runners. It was a great way of rewarding fast runners who came to parkrun almost every week, and parkrun stopped it a couple of years ago.

So last year we invented a range of awards which we hoped would be awarded to parkrunners regardless of ability. We thought it was right to acknowledge people for coming along regularly, but it didn’t matter if they were fast, slow, or something in between. And so here we are . .


AC parkrun 20190427-408

(photo: Geoff Keogh)


We couldn’t have a parkrun without our brilliant volunteers, and for a number of years we’ve had an imaginary Hall of Fame into which everyone who’s volunteered 10 times or more in the past year is elevated. Welcome to our Hall of Fame!

Sarah Jones – Eddie Thraves – Mee-Mee Soe – John O’Brien – George Digby – Isaac Harris-Cook – Jonah Taylor – Jane Greenford – Andrew Archer – Moe Soe – Sue Myers – Isobel Noon - Michael Wintour -Graham - Craig Brown – Carl Keenan - Emma Hogbin


AC parkrun 20190427-411

(photo: Geoff Keogh)


Sticking with our volunteers, this year we have a new award, our Tail Wagger of the Year. Despite the obvious temptation to nominate Marcie the Beagle, who made her Tail Wagging debut last week, our Tail Wagger of the year is someone who has not only Tail Walked more than anyone else in the past year, a total of 10 times, he’s also volunteered another 13 times here and 4 times at Windmill Hill junior parkrun and he’s also had more holidays in the past 12 months than anyone else in the world.

Our Tail Wagger of the Year is David Braithwaite


AC parkrun 20190427-420

The photo tells the story (photo: Geoff Keogh)


Most of us here love most of our parkrun photographs, and we’re always very grateful to those who take our photos for us. In recognition of this we have a Paparazzo of the Year award and it’s a pleasure to award this much coveted accolade to someone who has taken photos of at least 14 of our events this year.

Our Paparazzo of the Year is Geoff Keogh



A very smiley Geoff Keogh, with his richly deserved Papparazo of the Year award (photo: Sandra W-G)


Volunteers of the Year

We have a few special people who are our Volunteers of the Year.

The first of them has volunteered at 45 of our parkruns, and when we were off because of the Balloon Fiesta he went over to Eastville parkrun and volunteered there. The second has volunteered at 44 events this year, and every week narrowly escapes dislocating a shoulder with all his hi 5s.

Two of our Volunteers of the Year - Steve Parsons and William Lawrence


AC parkrun 20190427-412

(photo: Geoff Keogh)


Junior Volunteer of the Year

Each year we have a number of young people who are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award as volunteers. They're not always wide awake at parkrun time but they soon wake up once the action starts, and it's interesting watching them take on the different roles, and grow in confidence over the weeks they spend with us. Our award winner this year has volunteered 21 times in the past 12 months, and hasn't stopped yet!

Our Junior Volunteer of the Year is Tommy Bird


an Outstanding Contribution to Ashton Court parkrun

Many of you will know that one of our 2 event directors stepped down a few weeks ago, and he too is one of our Volunteers of the Year. Having run in our first event, and first volunteered at our 5th, he’s made an Outstanding Contribution to Ashton Court parkrun, in particular over the last 3 years, working first with Geoff Keogh and then Maggie Salter as Event Director. For example, he's carried out 422 different tasks at 222 of our parkruns; in the past 12 months he’s carried out 83 different volunteer roles at 36 of our events, as well as all the other bits and bobs that have needed doing in the background.

Ashton Court parkrun wouldn't be what it is without him - our next Volunteer of the Year is Niall Hoskin


AC parkrun 20190427-418

(photo: Geoff Keogh)


We couldn’t do any of this without our volunteers. But without 2 particular people, we wouldn’t have any volunteers, and so this year Janet O’Connell and Isabel Bates also join our Volunteers of the Year.

In addition to allocating all our volunteer roles every other month, Janet has volunteered at 18 events herself and has run 23 of our parkruns, and today became the 66th parkrunner to have run here 150 times, while Isie has volunteered at 11 parkruns, and taken part in another 37, while filling all those boxes in our volunteer roster on alternate months.

Two invaluable members of the Ashton Court parkrun team - Janet O’Connell and Isabel Bates


AC parkrun 20190427-396

One of our two wonderful Volunteer Co-ordinators, Janet O'Connell, admires her award (photo: Geoff Keogh)


Loyalty Card Holders

We like counting up how many Ashton Court parkruns everyone has done. We can’t give them all a certificate, so we decided to give one to the 50th, 100th, 150th person to have run 50 or 100 or 150 times, and so on.

The 300th person to have run here 50 times, at our 353rd event, is Sally Stone

The 350th person to have run here 50 times, at our 392nd event, is Michael Coupe

The 150th person to have run here 100 times, just 2 weeks ago, is Duncan Colquhoun

The 50th person to have run here 150 times, at our 360th event, is Shaun Popel


AC parkrun 20190427-397

Sally Stone with one of her two awards (photo: Geoff Keogh)


Frequent Flyers

These are the parkrunners who have participated more often at Ashton Court this year than any one else

The most Frequent Flying Junior, having run 45 AC parkruns, is Elena Nikou

The most Frequent Flying Female, having run 46 AC parkruns, is Sally Stone

The most Frequent Flying Male, having run every one of our 51 parkruns, is Desmond Jones


AC parkrun 20190427-402

(photo: Geoff Keogh)



Who wouldn't want to be a Timelord? These are the parkrunners whose fastest and slowest times are closest together, having run at least 25 events. I excluded tail walks from the calculations. We have 2 Junior Timelords.

Having run here 33 times, with a fastest time of 26.51 and a slowest of 31.30 – that’s a difference of 4 minutes and 46 seconds, is Jennifa Burgess

And having run here 28 times, with a fastest time of 27.34 and a slowest of 32.21 – a difference of 4 minutes and 47 seconds, one second greater than Jennifa, is Taryn Taylor

Our Female Timelord has run here 30 times this year, with a fastest time of 26.03 and a slowest of 28.21, giving a difference of 2 minutes and 18 seconds, is Ruth McAllister

Our Male Timelord has run here 35 times this year, has a fastest time of 20.48 and a slowest of 22.15, giving a difference of just 1 minute and 27 seconds – less than 90 seconds over 35 runs, is Derek Burgess


AC parkrun 20190427-417

Ruth McAllister, Time Lord Inevitably Ruth's time today was 27:06! (photo: Geoff Keogh)


AC parkrun 20190427-413

Derek Burgess, Time Lord Unabashed at ruining my narrative, Derek Burgess ran 10 seconds slower today than at any of our parkruns last year! (photo: Geoff Keogh)


All of these are great achievements as well as hopefully being a bit of fun, but with one exception all the people we’ve just met have been coming to parkrun for many months. What about new parkrunners? How could we acknowledge them?

In the past year 1,489 people have come along to Ashton Court and taken part in their first ever parkrun. That’s only 7 less than the total for the 2 previous years. Sad news; 864 of them haven’t been back, at least not to a parkrun in or around Bristol. Good news; 625 of them have come back, over 500 more than once. Not everyone returns straight away of course, and in the past year we’ve seen someone come back to run his second parkrun whose first event was in 2011, and a someone else whose first event was in 2012. Some seeds take a little longer than others to grow.

Contrariwise, some of us come to parkrun and feel right at home immediately, and after that first parkrun begin anxiously counting down the hours to the next one.

Let me introduce the Nine who Never Looked Back!

Elena Nikou - Denise Leach - Dave Wilkins - Michael Shepperd - George Ladds - Ken Hall - Liam Holmes - Punyawee Dulyayangkul - Cathy Lydiard


AC parkrun 20190427-416

(photo: Geoff Keogh)


AC parkrun 20190427-415

(photo: Geoff Keogh)


All of these lovely people have joined us at parkrun in the past 12 months, and they’ve each run at least 80% of our parkruns since their first Saturday morning. Welcome to the family all of you. Speaking of which – Elena’s parents Louise and George have also both got the parkrun bug, as have Michael’s family, Liz, Andrew and Stewart.

It’s great to see so many families and friends coming along to parkrun, meeting up and all enjoying an activity together, alongside those who prefer to come and go on their own, but who feel at home in amongst the crowd. Every parkrun, every parkrunner, is special, and everyone who's ever been here has helped make Ashton Court parkrun very special indeed. Thank you ever so much for coming along, week after week, and especially today.


AC parkrun 20190427-406

Janet's smiling, Derek's smiling, and I'm still spouting! And behind us, just a few of all of you, who together make our parkrun such a special place (photo: Geoff Keogh)


After most of those who stayed for our Awards had gone, we made a small presentation to the team in the Café. We often take them for granted, and we grumble about the slow service and perhaps in the past the coffee hasn't always been the greatest, but if just 10% of us go in after we've finished our run, it's a lot of people who need serving all at once, and from a very cramped serving area. So when Geoff Keogh suggested we might give them a small token of our appreciation, we thought "that's nice", and it seemed to take them by surprise, which was very nice! When we left after processing the results, our framed certificate was on display on one of the windowsills, which really nice!


AC parkrun 20190427-423

Isadora and Tobias, two of the hard working team in our café, with the bloke that ate all the cake (photo: Geoff Keogh)


Report by Rich Kenington


Many thanks to the fabulous team of volunteers who made this week's event happen. Although our parkrun has a great crowd of enthusiastic volunteers we're always looking out for more people to join the team and spread the load, and if you'd like to sign up as a volunteer, we'd love to have you. Please opt in to receive volunteer emails (via "manage my profile" on any result or newsletter email) and contact to offer help.

Don't forget to follow us on these news pages, on Twitter (@ashtonctparkrun) or on Facebook (Ashton Court parkrun) for the latest news and information. You can also find us on Instagram too, where we try to post something a little different from time to time.

This week's full results and course records are here.

Geoff Keogh took some wonderful photos of our birthday parkrun. You'll find the photos, together with our entire photo archive, by following this link (or this one if viewing on an iOS device).


Delay in publishing results of event 400

A quick note to assure you all that our results are coming, but that it'll be sometime before they're complete and ready to post as there's a number of unknown gremlins amongst them.

They'll be online as soon as possible, thank you for being patient


Please keep to the left


Rule 160 of the Highway Code, in the section about Using the Road, states that “Once moving you should

keep to the left, unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise. The exceptions are when you want to overtake, turn right or pass parked vehicles or pedestrians in the road

keep well to the left on right-hand bends. This will improve your view of the road and help avoid the risk of colliding with traffic approaching from the opposite direction”


At Ashton Court parkrun, we apply the same rule throughout the run, particularly on the right hand bend that takes us from the gravel path onto the tarmac, on the way down the hill.


If you’re running down the hill and there are parkrunners or other park users on their way up, you must keep well to the left to allow them space to make the turn onto the gravel path.


Last week I was nearly bowled over by a runner cutting the corner as much as they possibly could, running as far to the right as possible when the message has always been “keep left”. Yes, I know I’d probably just bounce back up again, but that’s not the point, and I could have done without the sore forearm that resulted.


It was worse today. I was one of two tail walkers accompanying a mum carrying her baby in a harness. When we got to that corner several runners – half a dozen or so – cut the corner, running the wrong side of us, despite me calling out and asking everyone to keep left. If any of them had barged into any of us there would almost certainly have been a nasty accident.


We want to make sure that there never is an accident, so please, when there are others coming towards you KEEP LEFT.


None of us drives like that, so let’s not run like that either.


Thank you


Rich Kenington


Extra parkrun at Ashton Court next year


We are pleased to announce that we will be staging an extra parkrun on New Year's Day next year.

Our programme over the Christmas period will be as follows:

Saturday 23 December - parkrun as usual at 9 am

Monday 25 December - Christmas Day - no parkrun

Saturday 30 December - parkrun as usual at 9 am

Monday 1 January 2018 - parkrun at 9 am

At the moment we know that our friends at Pomphrey Hill will be staging a New Year's Day parkrun at 10.30 am and so on this one particular day of the year we can take part in 2 parkruns on the same day.

We'll post again nearer Christmas once all the local parkruns have announced their plans for Christmas Day and New Year's Day*.

Please note that on New Year's Day at Ashton Court the cafe will not be open. We hope that the toilets will be open and will try to confirm this nearer the date.

We will need extra volunteers to enable us to stage three parkruns in the space of seven days so please consider helping make one of our holiday runs happen.

* For the latest information on Christmas Day and New Years Day events see parkrun's Christmas and New Year compendium.



#runandtalk at Ashton Court parkrun




In support of Time to Talk Day, together with North Bristol Running group, we at Ashton Court parkrun are hosting a #runandtalk event on Saturday 28 January.

On that morning our parkrun will take place as usual, the only difference being that we're encouraged to chat with one another as we run, jog or walk up and down the hill. In this way it's hoped to help folk improve their mental wellbeing through running and to break down the stigma associated with mental health by getting people to talk about it.

Time to Talk Day is on the following Thursday and is a day that brings the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health problems.

#runandtalk events are supported by England Athletics and by mental health charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness.

Further information can be found by following any of the links below:

at England Athletics

at time to change

in Facebook



Christmas and New Year parkruns at Ashton Court


Christmas Eve (24/12) and New Years Eve (31/12) will be extra special this year. They both fall on a Saturday, a parkrunday, and we'll be at Ashton Court as usual, warming up for the celebrations to follow.

We'll be giving our volunteers a break on Christmas Day but if you want to burn off some calories and get a t-shirt credit before tackling your Christmas lunch there will be official parkruns at Cardiff, Chipping Sodbury, Chippenham and Longrun Meadow, with others yet to declare their hand*.

On New Years Day we'll be holding an extra Ashton Court parkrun, at 0900 to give everyone the time to get to Pomphrey Hill if they want to for a second parkrun at 1030 (New Years Day is the only day of the year when you can run two parkruns and have them both count).

With three parkruns in 9 days we're going to need a lot of volunteers and, so that our volunteer coordinators can relax over the holiday period, we'd really like to fill the rosters for 24/12, 31/12 and 1/1 by Wednesday 21 December. Please help us to put on three safe and happy events by volunteering if you can and letting us know as early as possible.


* For the latest information on Christmas Day and New Years Day events see parkrun's Christmas compendium.






Cancellation on 10 September

Hi everyone, we've reluctantly decided to cancel Ashton Court parkrun on 10 September.

As you probably know, the Tour of Britain cycle race comes to Bristol on that day and road closures are going to severely restrict access to Ashton Court and cause congestion over a wide area.

We feel it's better to cancel now rather than ask people, and particularly the volunteers, to commit to a difficult journey. We'd have to cancel on the day if we didn't get enough volunteers there to operate a safe event, and we want to avoid that.

Thanks for your understanding. We hope this gives you time to plan a spot of parkrun tourism.

In the meantime we look forward to seeing you on 3 September, and then on the 17th when things are back to normal.


Best wishes, Geoff and Niall
(Co- event directors)



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