(not)parkrun, week 58, 19 ~ 25 July 2021

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A sight for sore eyes ~ number one! (photo: Pete Davey)

Good evening! How are you? Although on one hand the last fortnight has been a little more hectic than I can remember for many months, in one aspect it's slowed right down. Interest in (not)parkrun is waning, and perhaps that's hardly surprising now that we've been able to stage an actual proper real live parkrun! What a morning we enjoyed on Saturday!

Last week was the first since December last year ~ and only the second week in the entire history of (not)parkrun at Ashton Court parkrun ~ without either a new (not)parkrunner or a new (not)personal best. Well it was a bit warm, wasn't it! So warm that only two of us got within 90 seconds of our (not)parkrun pb ~ well done Stephen Bear and Martin Blackwell, who missed equalling their (not)bests by 30 and 44 seconds respectively

58 1_ pb hits and misses

58 1_ timesharers
58 1_ double digitisers
58 david
Not much to be seen in the way of notparkrunwhatevery last week, but credit must be given to David Capel, who achieved the splendid age grade of 55.55% on Friday. Here's David the following morning ~ his 64th Ashton Court parkrun and his 369th overall, which he finished in position 259, in a time of 31:49 and with an age grade of 57.67% (photo: Pete Davey)

58 2_ game 07 01 the real bignono stretch

Bingono number Eight has progressed very well to date, despite the pool of considerably fewer (not)runs contributing their seconds to the cause!

58 1_ not club members

051 kathryn
Congratulations to Kathryn Gibb, the 23rd Ashton Court parkrunner to complete 100 (not)parkruns! (photo: Rich Kenington)

58 1_ leading times

58 1_ leading grades

58 shaun
Shaun Popel was the fastest thing on 2 legs at our (not)parkrun last week, and here he is on Saturday when he was the 23rd fastest, finishing his 216th parkrun in 20:39. Shaun's the one on the right, and alongside is Paul Stuart, running his 163rd parkrun and about to finish one place and 5 seconds earlier than Shaun (photo: Pete Davey)

_ bingono number 7
_ bingono 07 graph
Here's our delayed look at the conclusion of Bingono number Seven, which you'll see was completed by fewer of us than before although we took longer to get there. None of which matters ~ it's the nature of the journey that's important, as I'm sure countless others have said before now! But how many were discussing (not)parkrun when they did? There's the question!
58 1_ start the week
Of course it's impossible to close without a glance at how this week opened. As I write this on Tuesday evening, 14 of us have now recorded 20 (not)parkruns, so it's slow progress. But it's a run not a race after all!

I've said before that now (proper)parkrun has started this will be the last (not)parkrun report. But not quite! I can hardly leave Bingono number Eight stranded in mid-air after all! So I'll keep an eye on things and when we've completed that game I'll let you know, and perhaps, look back at the 59+ weeks of (not)parkrunning.

Until then, be good, be careful and enjoy your running, with or without a (prefix)!

Report by Rich Kenington, 7 (not)parkruns last week | 387 (not)parkruns total
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A sight for sore eyes ~ number two! (photo: Pete Davey)
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58 1_ uk summary by participants

58 1_ uk summary by finishes


Ashton Court parkrun number 449 ~ 24th July 2021

Can you believe it’s been 71 weeks or 497 days or 715,680 minutes since our last AC parkrun? I'm sure even the most pessimistic of us didn't think we’d still be without our Saturday morning parkrun for this length of time. Have you been remembering what life was like without parkrun on a Saturday morning?

Have you enjoyed some lovely lie-ins or treated yourself to an extra special breakfast? Or perhaps you’ve been filling the void with (not)parkrun? Whatever you’ve been getting up to, it’s time to cancel your interim Saturday morning plans as we’re back! Welcome back to AC parkrun number 449…finally!
449 michael

Many thank yous and congratulations to Michael Wintour-Graham, one of today's Funnel Managers, who was volunteering for the 50th time! Michael is seen here with Tail Walker Sarah Jones and Run Director Maggie Salter, with no sign of pre-parkrun nerves at all! (photo: Pete Davey)
It was so lovely to see so many excited and smiling faces this morning, eagerly awaiting the start of the first parkrun of 2021. Thankfully, this morning’s weather was much cooler than it had been all week, an overcast 15 degrees, the perfect temperature for running uphill.

Today’s event was very well organised by our fab RDs and the rest of the volunteers. We all gathered on the grassy area opposite the trees this morning for our pre-run briefing, which was much shorter than our usual pre-pandemic briefings, then soon we were off! All the runners were very considerate both during the briefing and out on the course.
449 start

497 days of pent-up parkrun energy were released when our parkrunners responded to the command of GO! Off they all went, and it seemed to take no time at all before they started coming back! The parkrunner with his right foot planted in a circle is Andrew Grigg, and it was he who was first back. Andrew's home is Brockwell parkrun, this was his 70th parkrun overall. Andrew's the 242nd fastest finisher here at Ashton Court (photo: Pete Davey)
449 uphill

A great look back down the rise beside the Deer Park from Liz Hill. It was Liz who briefed our First Time and Visiting parkrunners this morning (photo: Liz Hill)
A special well done has to go to all 363 parkrunners this morning. Every single one of you achieved your best AC time this year! In particular, 34 of the 248 parkrunners who had run here before achieved PBs - well done to you all! Our first male finisher, who was visiting AC parkrun for the first time, was Andrew Grigg who made it round in a time of 18:14. Our first female finisher was Caroline McAleese who got a PB time of 20:06, knocking off 1 minute 11 secs of her pre-pandemic time.
449 caroline

Caroline McAleese was our first female finisher for the first time today. Although Caroline's home event is Eastville parkrun, 10 of her 25 parkruns have taken place here (photo: Pete Davey)
449 steve

Congratulations to Steve Speak who completed his 200th parkrun in some kind of style, with just "2 wheels on my wagon"! (photo: Pete Davey)
There were an amazing 58 parkrunners taking part at Ashton Court for the first time and for 20 of them it was their first parkrun anywhere. It was lovely to meet you all and we do hope you’ll come back and visit us soon.
449 gemma

Another of this morning's multitude of buggy pushers to complete a landmark run was Gemma Harfield, who reached the magic 100 figure just one parkrun (and yet somehow 497 days!) after her husband Phil achieved the same feat! (photo: Pete Davey)
As they say, good things come to those who wait and 5 of you were finally able to celebrate some milestone parkruns today. Steve Speak made it to run number 200 (100 of which have been run here at AC). James Bertenshaw, who you may have spotted in some cricket gear, achieved his century 100 not out today. Another runner qualifying for her 100th milestone t-shirt was Jemma Harfield. Matt Wells achieved his 50th parkrun and Estelle Lowe (who was also our second female finisher) finally earnt herself a white junior 10 parkrun t-shirt, with a pb by 65 seconds! Congratulations to you all!
449 jan

Although it's well known that without our volunteers we wouldn't have a parkrun, what's often forgotten is that our event would be quite a shambles with no-one to coordinate them! It's thanks to the hard work of Janet O'Connell ~ here at the place we call M3 ~ that today's volunteers were allocated their roles and came along to Ashton Court knowing how they'd be spending their morning (photo: Pete Davey)
Now for a few thank you’s. Thank you so much to the 28 volunteers who helped make our event today happen safely. Thank you also to all those at parkrun HQ who have worked so hard to get all of our 5k events in England back up and running again. I’m sure that Chrissie Wellington, the Global Lead for Health and Wellbeing who joined us today for our 1st parkrun back was also involved in helping our parkrun events return.
449 chrissie

We had a lovely surprise when we noticed Chrissie Wellington ~ a four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion ~ listening to the pre-run briefing. This was Chrissie's 17th Ashton Court parkrun (photo: Pete Davey)
Thank you also to all the 500+ landowners who gave permission for parkrun to go ahead today, and last, but by no means least, a huge 'THANK YOU' to Rich Kenington who week after week has set us little challenges in his Saturday Sharetime posts. I’m sure his challenges have inspired lots of us to get out there on a Saturday morning to complete our own (not)parkruns. He’s also allowed us to revisit a bit of history by looking back at parkruns we’ve enjoyed on previous dates and he certainly has a way with numbers and words. As always, he excels himself on all his stats with his (not)parkrun reports. Thank you so much Rich for the massive effort you have put into keeping our parkrun community together and for brightening up our days during lockdown.
449 me

Daydreaming as usual, Rich Kenington is on the right. Thank you Fran! One of our finish token hander-outers, Moe Soe, gives us a wave (photo: Pete Davey)
The kind of stat that Fran has in mind is that of the 348 known finishers and 22 volunteers who had static roles and didn't walk or run at parkrun 449, 83 of them had also taken part as volunteers, walkers or runners at parkrun 448. Not a lot of people knew that!
449 fran

Wearing the green 250 parkrun t-shirt, and half an hour away from finishing her 260th parkrun in position 253 is today's parkrun report writer, Fran Upshon (photo: Pete Davey)

Report by Fran Upshon, Ashton Court parkrunner number 5,415

Many thanks to the fabulous team of volunteers who made this week's event happen. Although our parkrun has a great crowd of enthusiastic volunteers we're always looking out for more people to join the team and spread the load, and if you'd like to sign up as a volunteer, we'd love to have you. Please opt in to receive volunteer emails (via "manage my profile" on any result or newsletter email) and contact ashtoncourt@parkrun.com to offer to help.

You can see our volunteer roster on our website to find out what roles are available

Please follow us on our news pages, on Facebook (Ashton Court parkrun) or on Twitter (@ashtonctparkrun)for the latest news and information. You can also find us on Instagram too, where we try to post something a little different from time to time.

This week’s full results are at the top of the table here with links to all our age group records and heaps of other statty stuff.

Pete Davey took some wonderful photos of today's brilliant parkrun. You'll find them here on our Google Photos pages. We also have a library of our parkrun photos in our Flickr group.


(not)parkrun, week 57, 12 ~ 18 July 2021

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Saturday 17 July 2021 ~ up on top of the world! In the summertime, marshal number three can experience some glorious mornings here. It can be a test of your waterproofs at other times of the year though! (photo: Rich Kenington)

Mascara? Less is more? Well, so I've heard. And last week that's what happened to Ashton Court parkrun's (not)parkrunners, because you see, after 54 of us had recorded 142 (not)parkruns the week before, last week 52 of us posted 150 (not)times!

Not only that but .. this won't be quite as deep a delve into the previous 7 days' (not)parkrunnery as usual. Partly because it's a busy week, with one of them (proper)parkruns to help organise for Saturday but also because my laptop is grinding to a halt, and not slowly either. So today there's less ~ but do please think of it as more!

57 weeks news and pbs

57 pb hits and misses

057 christopher
3 Ashton Court (not)parkrunners achieved 4 (not)pbs last week. I think this is Christopher Bear ~ I certainly hope so ~ who as the graphics show, achieved 50% of last week's new (not)best times (photo: Rich Kenington)

Congratulations not only to Christopher but also to Martin Blackwell and Andrew Burton. Andrew finally joins me on top of the most (not)pbs table, having run a faster (not)time for the 14th time since we began (not)parkrunning.

57 most pbs

57 timesharers
57 double digitisers
057 michael
Here's Michael Ward, (not)parkrunning at Ashton Court last Saturday, when he managed the neat trick of completing his 39th (not)parkrun in 26:39 (photo: Rich Kenington)

Bingono number Seven's card was finally filled on Saturday, with 42 being the most elusive value this time. It's successor, number Eight, is under way. Unfortunately our Bingono graphics are the main casualties of today's less is more theme but we'll catch up with both Seven and Eight next week.

57 3 not club members

57 lilla
Congratulations to Lilla Farkas-Kiraly, who on Sunday became the newest member of our 50 (not)parkrun club. Sarah Jones also leapt into the 50 (not)club last week, and Ruth Davies enjoyed an upgrade to the 200 (not)club (photo: Rich Kenington)

57 leading times

57 leading grades

057 caroline
How many achievements can you cram into one (not)parkrun? More than you might think, according to Caroline Potter. Here's Caroline on top of our plateau last Saturday morning, enjoying her 250th (not)parkrun. On a red hot morning Caroline ran 24:42 for her (not)5k, giving her a dose of the double digits and ending Bingono number Seven (on 17/07, inevitably) at a stroke! Missing her (not)pb by 51 seconds, Caroline achieved the fastest female time of the week and the highest age grade! That's a lot to pack in to just over 3 miles! (photo: Rich Kenington)

57 start the week
57 sean
This is Shaun Popel, on the first of the 3 occasions he's finished 9th at Ashton Court parkrun. Today Shaun was the 9th Ashton Court (not)parkrunner to post a (not)time ~ the 1,000th different time we've seen uploaded on a Monday in the 58 weeks we've been enjoying this (not)runnery (photo: Rich Kenington)

Thank you all once again for joining in. I'm sorry this is all a little bit hasty but it can't be helped! Enjoy the week ahead and see you on Saturday! Wow!

Report by Rich Kenington, 6 (not)parkruns last week | 380 (not)parkruns total
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Saturday 17 July 2021 ~ where marshal number 4 tells you there's nothing to see and you may as well turn round and go back (photo: Rich Kenington)
57 the days we take part

57 the days we pb

57 all totals

57 uk summary by participants

57 uk summary by finishes


(not)parkrun, week 56, 05 ~ 11 July 2021

56 1 view 1
parkrun 104, Saturday 19 May 2013 (photo: Rich Kenington)

Ouch! Having got a little over-excited a week ago about how good our numbers had been the week before, the number of (not)parkruns achieved by Ashton Court parkrunners took a dive last week. Despite the number of you that took part increasing by 1, you recorded 25 (not)runs fewer! I'm using the third person because I've been on the bench, unselected, for over week (which accounts for 7 missing (not)runs. I'm taking a fitness test early tomorrow morning and if that goes well I'll be available for (not)parkrun selection once again.

However, despite the way our numbers moved last week, we more than held our own in the UK tables ~ remaining in 11th place for the number of (not)runs we recorded, and climbing from 12th to 11th for the number of (not)participants, as numbers of (not)parkrunners around the world continue to fall.

56 weeks news and pbs

56 pb hits and misses

56 andrew event 278 11-16 25-22 job
Having achieved 2 (not)personal bests the week before, Andrew Burton was at it again last week, reducing his (not)pb by a further 8 seconds, to 25:27, for his 13th (not)parkrun pb overall. Here's Andrew in red, at event 278, in November 2016, which he finished in 25:22. Close behind is Martin Gillett, who missed his (not)pb by 57 seconds last Wednesday (photo: John O'Brien)

We've seen some impressive and consistent (not)parkrunning in recent weeks. For example, Martin Brasher's (not)pb is 23:25 ~ in the past 3 weeks Martin's posted (not)times of 24:00, 23:43, 24:25 and 23:32. Martin Gillett ~ who let's remember is in the 75-79 age band, has recorded 27:12, 27:06, 26:44 and 27:32 ~ his (not)pb is 26:35. I seem to keep going on about our Martins but they keep giving me things to remark on! In the same period a third ~ Martin Blackwell ~ has recorded 28:57, 28:23 and last week 28:01, reducing his previous (not)pb by 20 seconds. All great stuff!

Other names are available of course, and for example, Lucy Avent has missed her (not)pb by 54, 45 and 43 seconds over the past 3 weeks! In the same 3 weeks Michael Smith has been shy of his (not)best by 97, 10 and 12 seconds, while David Braithwaite has missed his by 40 seconds in each of the last 2 weeks.

There are many more examples. It's so good to see people working on their running and (I hope) enjoying the rewards. Well done to all ~ in particular to last week's (not)pb achievers, Andrew Burton, Stephen Bear, Martin Blackwell, Ewan Cameron, Michael Wintour- Graham and Emma Coles.

56 timesharers
56 double digitisers
56 tom
One of last week's new (not)300 club members is Tom Feilding, who also managed some (not)parkrunwhatevery with some double digitising on Monday. This is Tom at event 303 (quite by chance, the number of (not)parkruns he'd posted by the end of last week), which he completed in 29 minutes, precisely (photo: Rich Kenington)

As you can see there's not much to report from the world of notparkrunwhatevery, although I'm delighted to see some family members are still running together after all this (not)parkrun time!

56 game 07 01 the real bignono stretch

Not long left for Bingono number Seven, surely? How hard can it be for a random trio of us to record (not)times ending in 42, 46 or 54 seconds? Nobody has managed to during the last 19 days so it must happen soon! Mustn't it? Our times will tell!

56 emma
Emma Coles is another of our trio of new (not)300 club members last week, and on Sunday, while taking part in a triathlon she achieved a (not)pb for 5k. Here's Emma at event 336 in December 2017, which she finished in 100th position (photo: Rich Kenington)

56 not club members

56 fran
Here's Fran Upshon, who last week joined our (not)25 parkrun club, at event 406 in May 2019. This was Fran's 25th Ashton Court parkrun, and coincidentally, the 6th anniversary of her very first parkrun ever, at Southampton parkrun (photo: Sarah Jones)

We saw 4 (not)parkrun club upgrades last week, together with one new (not)25 club member. 3 of the 5 are illustrated here ~ the 2 to avoid the steely glare of our photo editor this morning being David Taylor, the third to upgrade to our (not)club 300, and Anne Dockery, who moved up into (not)club 50. Welcome to all 5 new members of our little (not)clubs!

There are now 7 of us who have recorded over 300 (not)parkruns in the 393 days of (not)parkrun. That's good going! This week we'll probably see upgrades to the (not)250, (not)200 and (not)50 clubs. Enjoy your milestones!

56 leading times

56 2 leading grades

Not only did Emma Coles' fastest (not)parkrun yesterday propel her to the top of the female time table, she was only 7 seconds behind the week's fastest male finisher! What a great run! Nice to see some different (not)parkrunners topping our tables last week.

56 michael
Michael Wintour- Graham is back after a long lay off, and his fitness seems to be returning, albeit not quickly enough for his liking! Last week Michael reduced his (not)pb by just over 2 minutes, down to 41:47. As an incentive to get the next box ticked, here's Michael at event 373 in September 2018, when he finished in 39:50. Flying down the hill with Michael is Linda Woodburn, who was a volunteer at our first parkrun and is an important member of our team of Run Directors (photo: Rich Kenington)

56 start the week
I could have posted this at lunchtime but I've been waiting ~ for an obvious reason ~ for 11 of you to post your (not)times this morning. By 1pm we only had our goalie and one wing back! This really is the slowest start we've had to a (not)parkrun week. I refuse to believe that it's a football (not)coming home hangover that's caused your apparent reluctance to get outside. After all, we all come second sometime don't we (I wish!) ~ it's hardly that disappointing! So I'll put it down to the peculiar weather.

Now that our first 11 are all in, here we are! None of the missing Bingono number Seven values have turned up, but Stephen Bear's found some running form at the best possible moment, with parkrun coming home in 12 days' time, and he's achieved his second (not)pb in 3 days today! Congratulations!

At the moment I have no idea whether we'll be able to keep posting (not)times after we've begun (proper)parkrunning again in 24 July. It would be nice to see it continue, although there's nothing quite like the real thing, and once we've got that back we may find that we don't need this so much. Let's wait and see ..

Thanks again for joining in with (not)parkrun and taking the time to post your (not)times. See you next Monday!

Report by Rich Kenington, 0 (not)parkruns last week | 374 (not)parkruns total
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parkrun 408, Saturday 25 May 2019 (photo: Rich Kenington)
56 the days we take part

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56 all totals

56 uk summary by participants

56 uk summary by finishes


(not)parkrun, week 55, 28 June ~ 04 July 2021

55 view 1
Welcome to July! Approaching the turn from the road to the gravel path and looking across the golf course last Thursday morning .. (photo: Rich Kenington)

Wow! What a week that was! For the first time ever, those of us who recorded Ashton Court (not)parkruns last week averaged over 3 runs each! 3.15 runs each, to be reasonably precise! 53 of us took part, only 2 more than the week before, and we uploaded 167 (not)times between us, which is 18 more than the week before! The total of 167 (not)runs is our highest since mid-April, when our total number of (not)runs was also 167. 167 is the 8th most (not)runs we've recorded in any one week, and our most popular too, as it's the total we've achieved most often, this being the 4th instance.

So jolly well done to all of us! We'd had a dismal Monday, when only 17 of us recorded (not)times, but we burst into action on Tuesday, when our 26 (not)times was more than we'd ever managed on the second day of the (not)parkrun week. The previous best was 24, which we'd seen 3 times this year. We also equalled our Thursday best with our 23 (not)times that day.

Away from our (not)hill, the totals of participants and (not)runs recorded in the UK and around the globe were lower than ever before. Nothing to worry about ~ it's a sign that there are more and more (proper)parkruns for people to enjoy, and it'll be our turn soon, I'm sure!

055 2_ weeks news and pbs

055_ pb hits and misses

The number of (not)pbs achieved last week was the most since May. If there were a prize for (not)parkrunner of the week it would surely go to Andrew Burton, who on Monday last week went out and missed equalling his (not)pb by 1 second! Not satisfied with that, Andrew went out the following day and ran 10 seconds quicker, and thus improved his (not)pb by 9 seconds!

I've written about our M squad before and as you can see, last week 4 of them got closer than most of us to achieving new (not)best times. I was nearly called Mark, until my parents realised that a first name ending in K didn't really work with a surname starting with the same letter. I could've been a contender!

55 martin
Another of last week's notable achievements was Martin Gillett's 26:44 (not)parkrun, only 9 seconds slower than his (not)pb. Here's Martin at event 415 in July 2019, when he finished in 200th position in 27:10 (photo: Rich Kenington)

055_ timesharers
055_ double digitisers
55 jane d 328 nov17
We haven't seen Jane Duffus for a while, and as she managed to timeshare and record a (not)time with 00 in the seconds column, here she is! This was Jane's 83rd Ashton Court parkrun, our number 328, and she finished in position 244. Last week Jane completed her 44th (not)parkrun (photo: Rich Kenington)

055_game 07 01 the real bignono stretch

Bingono number seven is plodding along. A week ago we were looking for 27 numbers and we've located 2/3rds of them, with only 05, 18, 32, 37, 42, 46, 48, 54 and 59 still outstanding. How long will they take to find?

55 sue
Here's Sue Williams, running in the New Year of 2019 at Ashton Court parkrun 388 in a time of 28:45, the same time as Sue (not)recorded last week. On that 1st day of January Sue went on to Eastville parkrun and completed her New Year double with a time of 29:10 (photo: Geoff Keogh)

055 _ not club members

55 diana k event 79 gk
We saw just one new (not)parkrun club member last week ~ Diana Kennedy ~ who joined the (not)25 club. Here's Diana back in November 2011, at event 79, her 25th (actual)parkrun, which she finished in 27th place, in exactly 22 minutes. All very neat and tidy! (photo: Geoff Keogh)

055_ leading times

055_ leading grades

Well done to those who clambered to the tops of our tables last week, in particular Janet O'Connell who wouldn't have been a (not)table topper without her (not)pb! And well done to those who couldn't quite reach up to the table tops too!

55 ewan
Seen here in October 2015 at his very 1st parkrun (it was our 225th) is Ewan Cameron. Last week Ewan was our second (not)runner to have a pair of spectacles in the seconds column of his time, and also achieved the best age grade by a youngster aged 60-64. Ewan's now completed 179 parkruns by the way, 118 of them here at home. We've got his number! (photo: Rich Kenington)

055 start the week 55
Another dreary Monday has ushered in another slow start to our current (not)parkrun week. As I write there have been 11 (not)times uploaded ~ no, wait, there are 12 now! Thank you Sarah! No records have been broken, no more Bingono numbers found. But hopefully some smiley people are feeling better for having been out there and done that! Well done!

Thank you all very much for continuing to take part in Ashton Court parkrun's (not)parkrun! I'm spectating this week and I'm looking forward to seeing how you all get on, and to reporting on your exploits next Monday! Until then, have fun and take care!

Report by Rich Kenington, 6 (not)parkruns last week | 374 (not)parkruns total
55 view 2
15 minutes later .. on the way down and the mist is beginning to clear .. (photo: Rich Kenington)
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