13th April 2019 – Run Report Best feet forward at Aviemore #98

Best feet forward at Aviemore Parkrun #98

Thanks to Laura our Tourist Scanner for producing this weeks amazing Run Report (thanks for reminding me of messing up the countdown at the start!)

Over to you Laura! If anyone else feels like showing off there inner journo' and writting a Run Report, email aviemorehelpers@parkrun.com



What a glorious day for park runners!

To round off a lovely family holiday here in the Highlands, 4 and a half us of us came to join the Aviemore parkrun family (3 runners, 1 barcode scanner, 0.5 snoozing on my back in his carrier!). Thank you so much for making us welcome at your beautiful venue.




Run Director Pete Wright led a wonderfully friendly volunteer briefing (ah shucks... to kind! PW) and we adventured through to the start, across a burn, through a tunnel to the ancient wood and Route 7 bike trail.

We were joined by 110 Parkrunners/walkers/dog owners and pram pushers and after a quick briefing they were off (some too keen and nearly crossed the start early!)

Spring was in the air and clearly in your steps as there were 24 pbs. Congratulations!

I'd like to at this point, plug the role of the volunteer. All parkrun events are only possible because of the volunteers… no one is an employee, so to keep events running please choose a couple of dates through the year to come and help out. You get a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and wellbeing without the knee strain, and as well as having a lovely time meeting people, you will be shown what to do so don't be anxious. I used the volunteer app for the first time to scan barcodes and it was beautifully easy and proof that there is always something new to learn. You can volunteer at your local event, junior event, or be like me and volunteer on your holidays. You can find out if volunteers are needed by emailing your local parkrun, or by looking at the future roster.

Thank you to this week's high vis heros: Laura ALSTON, Bill DEWITT, Lorna FOSTER, Paul JARVIS, Christopher D MORRIS, Peter SHEPHERD, Jane SHEPHERD, Jack WARD, Pete WRIGHT

Here are some of the highlights from the results and from chatting to people at the scanning station:

There were 6 first timers. Welcome to the family, I hope you stick with it and experience all the benefits my little family and I do. A particular congratulations to the lady who fulfilled her new year's resolution, which had her own personal challenge as well as being her first parkrun.

There were 42 tourists (including my motley crew) and a fabulous lady training for a marathon. She was up here on a hen do and had run to the start from Insh, arrived a tiny bit late, dug in and powered through to get a time she was happy with and (after a cheery thank you) was off back to her friends having run a half marathon distance!

Unfortunately there were 14 no barcodes. Although everyone was very pleasant about not getting their time recorded, please remember that your barcode has essential medical information on and an ‘in case of emergency’ contact number. No one imagines it will ever be needed but in that unlikely event it can really make a difference and has been used in local parkruns recently.




Having looked through the results I see that there were so many milestones! Parkrun central celebrates 25 volunteer, 10 junior Park runs, 50 runs, 100 runs, 250 runs and 500.

Congratulations to those who joined the 50 runs club (2 of whom were tourists)

Lynsey Whyte

Martin Ayers

Catriona Yates

And the 100 runs club (also a tourist)

Nick Bruce-White.

I also want to congratulate our 15 junior participants. Between them there were 4pbs, 1 first timer and 8 tourists. From a personal perspective I also want to particularly commend those pram pushing parents. I've done it; it isn't easy especially with hills and cold breeze so well done!




Although parkrun is a run not a race, congratulations to those who had a really successful event.

Best age grade (87.22) Isobel Burnett

Fastest time 18:09 Craig Walker.

I asked my (running) family for a review of the course, and here's what they had to say:

All of them commented on how beautiful a day it was, and showed enthusiastic appreciation for the encouragement from marshals and supporters the whole way round. Our runners didn't like the hills (not many places round here where there is no hills - PW), especially the last kilometre but they all got fantastic times so I personally think that they had a spring in their step and were going for it! They also all commented on the epic young juniors and the courage and focus they showed.

My partner in crime described the course as follows: friendly group of volunteers. Jovial false starts before everyone got underway (OKAY, OKAY... need to improve me 3, 2, 1 go! - PW). Wide undulating bridleway winds its way past the golf course to some moorland. More up than down on the way out, blue skies contrasting the snow capped Cairngorm mountain range. The most beautiful parkrun I've taken part in (Awazing!!! - PW). Approaching half way we were met by the biking marshal playing heavy metal music. Run round the turn point and you're heading for home, aided by the (mostly) flat downhill second half. Highlights are definitely the stunning scenery and friendly volunteers. Well worth making an extra journey to attend, especially on a blue sky day.

(editor's note, there was quite the conversation about the turn point playlist and it it were to be shared we'd love a copy!) The question will be asked and a link to be put up on facebook - PW!

Thanks for having us, we'll be back next year at our next family holiday.




Happy running everyone, have a great week, Laura + 3.5