Run Report for 19/10/2019, by Angus Scott-Brown

parkrun is always the same, but always different. Wherever you go, it is a free timed 5k, starting at 9.30am on a Saturday in Scotland (other times can apply elsewhere.) Each location is different- having taken part at 66 of them, I have seen everything from flat as a pancake to leg sapping climbs. They can be on smooth tarmac or over rough tracks. And each time you visit a location, the weather, ground conditions and who else is taking part can all be a factor.

For my (arbitrary) 150th parkrun, I decided to visit Aviemore for my 4th time, coincidentally the 125th time that the event has taken place. It has to be one of my favourites, as it is set in great scenery, it has enough slight slopes to keep your legs adapting (don’t believe a run director who tells you it is up out and down back, as there are a couple of minor inclines in the tail), and the path is well built so that wet weather does not end up with a mud run, but it is not as unforgiving on the legs as tarmac or concrete.

One of the challenges can be in getting volunteers, so it is good to see a parkrun that has a high number of tourists (both those who are parkrun tourists, having run at 20 or more locations, often spotted wearing a yellow buff with black cows, or just runners on holiday) successfully filling the roster week after week to allow the event to take place. It is often seen as giving back, and it doesn’t have to mean that you lose out on your exercise, as today I completed the course as Tail Walker (the volunteer who always ensures that nobody else taking part can come last). Not only did I get 5k of exercise, but I also had a couple of good chats with other participants, including Andy Sneddon from near Falkirk who was intermittently running and walking his way around. Usually, I don’t have breath for more than a ‘well done’ or ‘keep it up’ as I pass people or am passed myself.

For non-runners, a look at the forecast would have meant a decision to stay indoors. But 73 people completed the course today, including 5 who had never taken part in parkrun before, Alanna McDermott finishing her 50th parkrun (who should be able to wear a coveted free red t-shirt to mark the achievement soon) and 18 others who had not taken part at Aviemore before.

As usual, we had some real pace-setters at the front, with what appeared to be quite a close group at the front of the ladies (including a junior), but there were other common parkrun sights, including a dog on a short lead, a buggy and many under-11’s keeping adults within reach. 6 people completed the course in a personal best time.

Despite a short shower before I finished, there were some fabulous views over the moors, with a lovely mist in the hills.

Oh, and the final highlight. One of the reasons that Scottish parkruns start at 9,30, while English ones start at 9am, is that the Scots love mingling in a café after parkrun, and the café at Pollok Park in Glasgow didn’t open until 10am. It is hardly a coincidence that you will find many parkrunners at the Route 7 café on the way back to their cars after parkrun, enjoying a good snack and having a great chat with friends old and new before getting on with the rest of the day.

The male record is still held by Andrew Douglas at 15.10, the female record by Morag Millar at 17.05, and the age grade record by Carolyn Milne at 94.18. More importantly, the average time is at 28.53, and my time as last finisher today was 41.44- but I would have been happy if it had been longer, to help anyone finish. Volunteers are happy to support anyone who wants to take part, even if they would struggle to finish within an hour, as we want to help people to get fitter.

























Aviemore parkrun review by Rebecca 10th March 2018

Kind thanks to Rebecca A1043845 for providing a review on Aviemore's parkrun on the 10th March 2018.  It was really refreshing and nice to hear your thoughts.  We are very pleased that you managed to meet and speak with our friendly and warm volunteers. We are very proud of the course and volunteers and are genuinely touched by your warm words.  I love the fact that you enjoyed getting into the top 30 and had a massive amount of fun too.  We hope to see you again and many thanks for the email review.  Warmest regards.  Paul Jarvis (Race Director)

"When I saw there was a parkrun in Aviemore in one of the parkrun newsletters I knew I wanted to attend next time we visited Scotland. After a bit of research I saw there were around 50 participants each week and my desire to visit became stronger. My local parkrun, Lee-on-the-Solent, has around 400 participants and as a slower runner I'm always in the high 300s.

I'd looked at the Aviemore course in advance and was a little nervous when I saw the hills. My local course is run along the pancake flat beach promenade. I'm not used to hills!

After introducing ourselves and listening to the run brief we were off and I soon got chatting to the tail walker Claire. Claire was absolutely lovely and we chatted so easily along the course that I barely noticed the hills. That is until we turned at the turn around point. After saying Hi to Bill Claire pointed out the real hills. The breathtaking views of the Cairngorm mountain were simply stunning and all the more magical for being covered in snow. This view definitely made the 620 mile drive worthwhile!

We were soon in the final kilometre but boy was it tough. That last hill doesn't even look that big, but it zapped my energy getting up there. Claire gave me a good tip of taking smaller steps which definitely helped.

I couldn't believe it at the end when I was given the finish token for position 28! Position 28 is usually reserved for a sub 20 minute parkrunner at my local parkrun so I was absolutely elated. After thanking everyone we made our way to the cafe and I had the highly recommended smashed avocado on toast which was delicious.

Thank you everyone at Aviemore parkrun for being so welcoming and friendly. We had a blast!"



First Aviemore Parkrun of 2018

25 Parkrunners and 10 volunteers braved the sub zero conditions to take part in the 35th Aviemore Parkrun this morning. This was the first event of 2018 after a prolonged period of icy conditions hampered the first two runs of January. Thankfully all the snow from the last week was nicely tracked providing reasonably grippy conditions considering the route was entirely on snow.

We had 10 first timers and despite the challenging conditions we had one PB. There were Parkrun "tourists" from as far away as Bath and Belfast in addition to a few familiar faces.

Thanks to this week's volunteers who made the event happen and shivered a little bit in the -8 temperatures...

Pete WRIGHT • Martin WARES • Iain MUNRO • Gemma MUNRO • Diana GRIMSON • Dawn CRANSTON • Lorna FOSTER • Lynsey WHYTE • Macy WHYTE • Rohin WHYTE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aviemore parkrun Results Page.

If you've enjoyed Parkrun and feel it's your turn to offer some help we have lots of volunteer gaps on the roster over the next few weeks, please have a look and get in touch of you can help.


A Warm Run in the Sun

This week 36 people ran, jogged and walked the Aviemore parkrun course. The sun was shining and the conditions were warm to say the least. We had 19 first timers and 6 runners recorded 6 personal bests. Representatives of 9 different clubs took part, some of whom travelled from afar. We are glad to say they all enjoyed the scenic route through the Cairngorms National Park and we hope they join us again.

Well done to Colin Crabbie who was first over the line in 19:30 and to Miriam Gilbride who was first female over the line in 22:11. Refreshments at Route 7 cafe were welcomed by the runners after the parkrun, a time to cool off and have a blether.

Thanks again to the parkrun volunteers who supported the runners today. If you are interested in taking a turn at volunteering please let us know. Don't be afraid, the roles are straightforward and it feels good to cheer runners on once in a while.

We look forward to seeing everyone for another parkrun next Saturday active, have fun and feel great!


Aviemore’s Inaugural parkrun

The sun shone in the Cairngorm National Park for the first ever Aviemore Park Run. It was very well attended with 100 people running. People came from all over Scotland to be the first to run this unique course. Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Lochaber, Tayside, Glasgow, and our local parkrun supporters from Inverness and Elgin to name a few. Runners commented that “The views to the Cairngorms were spectacular and made me want to stop and take photographs.” “The best scenic parkrun I have ever done.” “I will definitely return”.

Aviemore Park run would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the guide of our ambassador Paul Crowe. Our committee of Mairi Crawford, Emma Sinclair, Sandy and Wendy Grigor, Shirley Lynch, Paul Jarvis, Lindsey Alexander and Chris Ellison.

Many thanks to the Inverness and Aberdeen run directors who helped and assisted with computer technicalities and the loan of equipment which helped make the morning a huge success.

It was a great atmosphere with lots of smiles and enthusiasm. It was great to see people of all ages and abilities some with pushchairs and controlled dogs. Thanks to everyone who made this a massive success. Here too many more.

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