Aviemore parkrun review by Rebecca 10th March 2018

Kind thanks to Rebecca A1043845 for providing a review on Aviemore's parkrun on the 10th March 2018.  It was really refreshing and nice to hear your thoughts.  We are very pleased that you managed to meet and speak with our friendly and warm volunteers. We are very proud of the course and volunteers and are genuinely touched by your warm words.  I love the fact that you enjoyed getting into the top 30 and had a massive amount of fun too.  We hope to see you again and many thanks for the email review.  Warmest regards.  Paul Jarvis (Race Director)

"When I saw there was a parkrun in Aviemore in one of the parkrun newsletters I knew I wanted to attend next time we visited Scotland. After a bit of research I saw there were around 50 participants each week and my desire to visit became stronger. My local parkrun, Lee-on-the-Solent, has around 400 participants and as a slower runner I'm always in the high 300s.

I'd looked at the Aviemore course in advance and was a little nervous when I saw the hills. My local course is run along the pancake flat beach promenade. I'm not used to hills!

After introducing ourselves and listening to the run brief we were off and I soon got chatting to the tail walker Claire. Claire was absolutely lovely and we chatted so easily along the course that I barely noticed the hills. That is until we turned at the turn around point. After saying Hi to Bill Claire pointed out the real hills. The breathtaking views of the Cairngorm mountain were simply stunning and all the more magical for being covered in snow. This view definitely made the 620 mile drive worthwhile!

We were soon in the final kilometre but boy was it tough. That last hill doesn't even look that big, but it zapped my energy getting up there. Claire gave me a good tip of taking smaller steps which definitely helped.

I couldn't believe it at the end when I was given the finish token for position 28! Position 28 is usually reserved for a sub 20 minute parkrunner at my local parkrun so I was absolutely elated. After thanking everyone we made our way to the cafe and I had the highly recommended smashed avocado on toast which was delicious.

Thank you everyone at Aviemore parkrun for being so welcoming and friendly. We had a blast!"


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