The power of …Banbury parkrun #event 245

I have 3 favourite things I look forward to every Saturday.
First thing is arriving at the parkrun Banbury. Walking onto the field before the run. What a fantastic atmosphere we have at Banbury.
This Saturday morning has welcomed us with a bit of much needed breeze. I have welcomed 16 degrees with open arms having recently invested in dog harness and running with my black Lab Capa I was hopeful that maybe a cooler weather will mean I will not necessarily have to stop to give the dog a swim mid run, meaning I might be able to get yet another PB.
Running with Capa on the harness has been fantastic. She easily takes 2 minutes off what I would have done have I run by myself. Yes, yes, I am aware those are not really my PBs, but trying to keep up with her when she sets off at full speed has done wonders to my fitness, since running with her I have also managed to improve my solo times by quite a lot.
My second favourite thing is the run itself. As we are getting ready to set off the dog is getting very excited. She is really good at picking up on the shift of everyone on the start line when they lean towards the start bottom on their watches. Having completed few parkruns with her I know we need to get out of the park fairly quickly otherwise bad things happen…last week she got wrapped around a bin and managed to take few people out as she tried to unwrap herself.

I am giving it my all at the start and I am one of the first out of the field. Capa really doesn’t disappoint, she assists my run beautifully for the first 2km. I look at my watch which says I completed those in 10 minutes. My fastest time yet.
There are quite a few runners around, mainly overtaking me now as I am running out of steam. The ground is dry and just perfect for PBs. I am pushing on, trying to stay ahead of my much faster friend Kayleigh, she finally overtakes me…damn Kayleigh, next week I will make it even harder for you …

Tongue out, she is really struggling now (Capa…not Kayleigh) I am getting closer to 2.5k that’s where the perfect spot for a dog swim is…should I or shouldn’t I? …oh go on then… she really needs it due to pace we were going/she was pulling me at…. I promise this is for her sake and not for me to catch my breath after much too fast first half of the race.
I am ready to run again, Capa is refreshed after her swim so you would imagine she would be ready to help again…she is much smarter than that, she think it’s my turn to put some effort in…I guess she is right.. As I feel refreshed too after having a moment to catch my breath, I give it my all during the second half. Sprinting toward finish I even overtake my dog as she decided it’s time to stop running and to start leisurely walk–dragging her for the last few meters I am finishing in 29.14 – another PB  yes, yes…dog assisted PB.

And there comes the third favourite thing to do on Saturday. Watching other people finish, talking to other parkrunners, comparing experiences and our family post parkrun breakfast, all the calories are justified right?
We are truly lucky to have such a fantastic, friendly, inclusive event in Banbury.
…Ok I have also fourth favourite thing to do on Saturday…my post parkrun nap…but shhhh about that.

Iwona – parkrunner

And now for the stats….
This week 334 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 62 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Simon PRYTHERCH • Simon RICHARDSON • Mery- José WOLKE • Helen ROBERTS • Claire UPTON • Steven HEARN • Adam LAWRENCE • Danny BATCHELOR • Sera RELTON • Jo WOODBRIDGE • Fabienne GORDON-CUMMING • Tracy LAWRENCE • Stuart TAYLOR • Jon ROBINSON • Cheri HADEN • Stuart HADEN • David BENNETT • Bridget WILKINSON • Iwona WOJCIK • Nick MACEY • Royston WILLIAMS • Ellen MORGAN • Sara CARTER • Thomas RICHARDSON • Isobel EDWARDS • Andrew STEVEN • Brian NOBLE • Thomas EDWARDS
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Banbury parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 16:30 on 4th April 2015 (event number 27).
The female record is held by Amelia PETTITT who recorded a time of 18:07 on 20th June 2015 (event number 38).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lilian CARPENTER who recorded 87.73% (28:40) on 29th June 2019 (event number 243).
Banbury parkrun started on 27th September 2014. Since then 6,470 participants have completed 47,463 parkruns covering a total distance of 237,315 km, including 8,453 new Personal Bests. A total of 672 individuals have volunteered 5,063 times.