Banbury parkrun profile: Warren Harrison

Warren Harrison


Number of parkruns
53 in total, (28 at Banbury)

Favourite parkrun (other than Banbury, obviously!) and why:
Weymouth, it's one of my favourite holiday destinations and it's a lovely park plus you run through some secluded paths.

Why did you start parkrunning:
Pure curiosity.

Number of volunteers: 

Favourite volunteering role, and why:
The first timer briefing because I can connect with newcomers and have a joke or two, usually at my expense!

!Favourite/funniest parkrun memory:
Dressing up at Christmas/New Year as Captain America!

What does Banbury parkrun mean to you:
Running with friends from running club and beyond.

What do you miss about parkrun:

What running are you doing now:
Road running, 30-60 mins.

What is the best bit of running advice you have been given:
Don't burn the candle at both ends!

What is your favourite run other than parkrun:
The Hooky Christmas Canter.

What run would you most like to do in the future, and why:
There's a new one I wanted to do called the Southwater 7 mile, a trail race that is at my native Telford/Shropshire where I was born. 

What is your most essential/favourite piece of running kit, and why:
Running Shoes, everyone is different and looking after your feet, ankles knees etc is essential. 

What is your Favourite/funniest running memory:
I'm going to do one of each if I may!

Favourite: 400m race at Alexander stadium, Birmingham, outdoor p.b of 57.5 secs, beat two former coaches, it showed them what good work they put into me and I was doing well at the new club.
Funniest: At Tamworth ac the Chairman was describing who won the Chairman's award at presentation night, I genuinely thought it was my best friend until halfway through the speech and I thought IT'S ME!