Banbury parkrun profile: Cheri Haden

Cheri Haden

Number of parkruns:
86 in total, (80 at Banbury)

Favourite parkrun (other than Banbury, obviously!) and why:
Alness in Scotland because you run out on a pier into the Cromarty Firth, it's very unique.

Why did you start parkrunning:
To lose weight and get fit.

Number of volunteers: 

Favourite volunteering role, and why:
Timekeeper,  it’s a great role and I get to encourage everyone in on their last few yards

Favourite/funniest parkrun memory:
Running in my veil and Stuart in his top hat for our anniversary is my favourite! And trying to take my base layer off from under my t-shirt on a hot day, (Kate Sutton will know what i’m on about)

What does Banbury parkrun mean to you:
Banbury parkrun is my routine, my fitness, my family, my friends, it’s my norm.

What do you miss about parkrun:
I miss the people, the togetherness, the encouragement and the community spirit.

What running are you doing now:
I am trying to get out as much as possible, both road and trail running, short and long distance, whatever I can do.

What is the best bit of running advice you have been given:
Don’t believe you can’t run anyone, can do it if they put their mind to it!

What is your favourite run other than parkrun:
London Marathon would have to be my all time favourite run.  Locally I like to switch it up a bit

What run would you most like to do in the future, and why:
Would have to be London Marathon again, it’s just iconic, nothing like it!

What is your most essential/favourite piece of running kit, and why:
My trainers!! I have learnt the importance of the right running shoes!!

What is your Favourite/funniest running memory:
Seeing my family and friends en route around the London Marathon route, their faces and encouragement spurred me on!