(not)parkrun #1 – Banbury

Today we ran our first (not)parkrun, my husband Stuart, (Banbury parkrun Event Director) and myself.

We both wore our new apricot t-shirts to make it feel a little like a parkrun.


We ran a route that included road and trails.  It was a lovely sunny day, with a little breeze.  Whilst running the trails we decided to run a route we were familiar with, apart from one section that we always wondered where it went.

Cheri 1

We went on a little detour but felt accomplished now knowing where the tree lined lane went.  Whilst out we encountered several people who were very polite with ‘good afternoons’ and with social distancing, all moving into single file on one side of the paths/trails, so that we could pass.  It was surreal running for (not)parkrun and under the social distancing conditions.  Never the less number 1 (not)parkrun done and results submitted.

Stay safe