(not)parkrun #2 Banbury

Saturday 27th June 2020.

  • It should have been banbury parkrun #291
  • I was supposed to be Run Director
  • It was Global Pride Day

Earlier this year the Core Team sat down and we discussed (amongst other things), various themed events for the parkrun year ahead.  Those of you who know me well will be aware that;

  1. I love any excuse to wear fancy dress
  2. I fully embrace the LGBTQ community and what Pride month stands for
  3. It was my birthday weekend

I absolutely jumped at the chance to be RD on Global Pride Day just a couple of days before my birthday, it's right up my street!  Bright colours, rainbows, hearts, stars, glitter, happy people, caring people, fancy dress, OTT makeup, smiles. laughter and all you wonderful parkrunners - what's not to love?

After my  last stint as RD on the 7th March (International Women's Day), I was excited to think that the next time I'd be at the helm it was going to be an all singing, all dancing morning of absolute fabulousness. parkrun #291 would be more bright, beautiful and colourful than it usually is!

Except it wasn't.

The world had come to a stop and parkruns in the UK haven't taken place since the 14th March 2020.  Sad, but necessary times.  My disappointment at not being able to be RD for banbury parkrun's 1st ever Pride event was real. *sad face emoji*.

And so it was instead on Saturday, that  I went for an early 5K walk, (I was a little hungover following an evening of early birthday celebrations so a run was never going to happen), around the lovely countryside I live in with my dog and my son.  The weather wasn't great, definitely much cooler than of late and the threat of rain wasn't far away.  But despite that, we still had a lovely mooch and talked about what makes us thankful during this unprecedented time - namely our health, being able to get out and enjoy the  fresh air and surroundings, and of course having friends and family who care about us.  Being disappointed about missing our Pride event started to ease a little,  - after all I still had my *lockdown* birthday to look forward to as my 9 year old reminded me!

I hope those of you who are participating in (not)parkrun are enjoying it and that it manages to give you a bit of much needed normality. Talking of which, who knows when life as we know it will be *normal* again, but until it is, please #staysafe #bekind and #stayfabulous!

And remember that after the storm, we need to look for rainbows, bright, beautiful, colourful rainbows!

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 13.28.57

Lots of love

Run Director