Run Report – Event 72

Once again the sun decided to put in an appearance yesterday morning making for perfect running conditions for Bangor's 72nd parkrun.

We had an amazing turnout of 321 runners and welcomed another 41 first time visitors to Ward Park, with 34 of these doing their first ever parkrun. We also welcomed back 26 runners who were making their second appearance - it's always good to see runners coming back for a second time!

Amongst our parkrun tourists were friends from Waterworks, Antrim, Valley, and Marlay parkrun events. It was good to see you all and we hope your enjoyed your first visit to Bangor.

Congratulations to Colin Walker and Gordon Matchett who became members of the 50 club yesterday, and also to junior runners Erin McConnell and Thomas Patterson who completed their 10th parkrun.

Another 74 of our runners achieved a PB yesterday demonstrating that improvement isn't just for the young and newbies - keep at it everyone.

As usual, a huge thank you to the fabulous volunteers yesterday - you all did an amazing job and made things much easier for this week's Run Director smile emoticon. There are too many to mention individually but please take a look at this week's results and you will see their names at the bottom of the report. These are the people that made your parkrun happen yesterday folks, despite a couple of issues as noted below.

During the pre-run briefing yesterday morning particular emphasis was given to the finish funnel area where it was explained how people 'double-crossing' can cause problems for the timekeepers and token volunteers.

For the benefit of those that didn't hear/listen/understand the advice - if, once you have completed your run, you would like to go back and run a friend or family member in, that's absolutely fine, we wholeheartedly promote any type of encouragement and support for slower runners. If you do decide to do this however, it's important that you veer off well before the finish line and don't cross it again.

A few people crossed the line yesterday that shouldn't have and some even managed to sneak in between the barriers to join family members in the funnel area causing a headache for the timekeepers and token marshals.

For parkrun to be successful and produce accurate results for runners co-operation is required from all involved.

And finally for this week - we would like to wish good luck to everyone taking part in the Waterside Half Marathon and Laganside 10k.

Happy running everyone - see you all next week.