Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun #Event 288 – 09/05/2021


Spring has been bursting out everywhere and today at Parsloes Park in Dagenham was no exception. The dandelions and daisies were abundant in the grass and the sun shone for all it was worth.

It was great to see 19 children complete the course as well as others who came to watch their siblings. Our spectators also included Mums, Dads, Aunties and Grandmas!

We welcomed three new runners today, Matthew Guiney, Max Copping and Fred Copping and we hope that they enjoyed themselves and that they come back again.

Well done to Taylor Green for being the first one to complete the course, followed by Yaseen Elfallah. It was very relaxed this morning so no personal bests but many stayed on to chase each other through the wild grass area.

Overall times this week.  Taylor GREEN 10:50, Yaseen ELFALLAH 10:53, Jacob KELLY 11:23, Heath BAKER 11:47, Ellison GREEN 12:33, Ryan HOWLETT 13:04, Yusuf AL-HAQ 13:47, Vidya MONRO 13:54, Olivia KELLY 14:04, Matthew GUINEY 14:24, Max COPPING 16:12, Fred COPPING 16:23, Gwyneth M W LI 16:44, Kiefer COLES 17:29, Sylvie SWINBURNE 18:01, Samatta MAHARJAN 18:51, Aimee BATEMAN 20:39, Erin KELLY 20:40 and Iwanee MAHARJAN 21:21.

We had brilliant action shots from Jason Li available on by clicking here and we hope that you enjoy seeing yourselves!


We are very grateful to all 19 of the volunteers and thank them for making the event happen and tidying it away afterwards.

We look forward to another great Sunday morning run next week. Tell your friends and get them to join in the fun!

Run Director and this week's run report writer, Julie


Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun #Event 287 – 02/05/2021

Good Afternoon,

What's not to like it's bank holiday weekend and we bring you our run report from our junior parkrun event.


15 runners took part in today's event.  All finished in great times are here are this week's results:

First over the line Summer SMITH 07:55 PB, Ethan STANDING 10:33. Yaseen ELFALLAH 10:46, Blossom SMITH 11:00 PB, Amelia Beazley 11:40, Heath BAKER 11:58, Jacob KELLY 12:12, Ryan HOWLETT 12:26 PB, Olivia KELLY 13:55 PB, Hannah STANDING 14:02 PB, Sylvie SWINBURNE 15:38 PB, Gwyneth M W Li 15:53, Unknown runner, Samatta MAHARJAN 17:46.

5 PB's this week and what a great morning we had over at Parsloes Park.


Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:

Andrew BEAZELEY, James BYERS, Sonya BYERS, Nilam CHAUDHARI, Ashok CHAUDHARY, Rahana ISLAM, Ryder ISLAM, James KELLY, Michael LARDNER, Harrison K H LI, Jason J M LI, Leigh LI, Jenny O'HANLON, Kresh VEERASAMY, Sam VEERASAMY, Timi Selon VEERASAMY, Ronnie WALLER, Vicky WOODHOUSE

For more details on volunteering with us, please see our volunteer page.  For latest results, please click here.  For photo's of this week's event from Harrison and Jason LI, please click here.

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Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all again soon.

Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun core team - last updated 02/05/2021 @17:30



Return of Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun – Sunday, 18th April 2021

We will be back from Sunday, 18th April at 9am.  We are pleased to announce, our event also now has it’s very own AED (PAD360P).

AED photo

Please see the junior parkrun code of conduct below:

Also some specific COVID-19 specific information can be found here:

Our special thanks to all those who have donated since the start of the event.  We have just hit our target which enabled us to get the AED but now we need to save towards some additional items for it:

- special pads for those under 8
- A travel case for it (so it does not get damaged)
- training pads so we can teach our core team how to use it (if needed)

That said, if you are in a position to support us.  Please do so via this link:

Street Tag:
We are also very grateful for the links that Claudia helped us build with the local streettag team who have also been instrumental in helping us reach our target for purchasing our AED and continue to support our event.

Future Youth zone:

Our thanks to the local youth zone who have kept our 'outdoor equipment' safe during lockdown.  They will also continue to keep our equipment safe and provide us with toilet facilities up until 10am on the day of our events.

Volunteer Roster:

Can now be found here.  We will start populating it for our return soon.

Temporary change to age limits:

Please note that currently on those aged between 4-10 year olds may take part.  More information on the reasons behind this can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Core Volunteer Team - Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun

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Last updated - 05/04/2021 @ 14:50



Event Cancellation

Thanks so much for visiting our 'news page'.

Please note that we our event is currently cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19.  Our last event took place on 15/03/2020.

We are actively working with parkrun HQ to keep an eye on event (as they change) and once we have the green light to come back, we will not only publish our latest risk assessment but also update our news page, facebook and twitter channels.

Kind Regards,

Kresh & Timi

Co-Event Directors - Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun




event cancellation – 22/09/2019

Please note that due to the 'Youth Parade' we are cancelled on 22/09/2019 but will be back on 28/09/2019.

Your next closest junior parkun is Harrow Lodge juniors.  More details can be found here

Kind Regards,

The Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun volunteer team

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