Run Report – 04/11/2018

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Jia and Karina were both born with ASD heart murmur which meant they had a hole in their heart. Making them less active and breathless with activities. Karina underwent open heart surgery less then 2 years old.

Today at our JPR at Barking and Dagenham the girls wanted to show what children with heart conditions can achieve and how a simple exercise can improve their cardiovascular health which will improve their overall fitness and reduce the risk of them developing cardiovascular disease in later life even if you do not have a heart condition.

JPR is ideal for children with heart conditions because it isn’t a race, children can go at their own pace, jog or walk and can take a break if tired or breathless. Some children with heart conditions may need to avoid contact sports, parkrun is a good way for them to exercise safely.

Well done for my heart warriors for coming so far.

CHF had a special JPR dedicated for CHD which we were invited to attend this morning, we opted to attend our Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun family.
Regards Hardeep
Run Director, B&D junior parkrun and (mum)

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We also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kyle VARSANI and Chloe BURPITT as they have now joined the 11 junior parkrun milestone club. For more on this, please see our latest table which you can access by clicking on the link below: