5th anniversary celebrations for Barking and Dagenham juniors

Today we celebrated the 5th Anniversary of Barking and Dagenham junior parkun in Central Park.

The event was set up by Event Director, Kresh Veerasamy and we held our first event on 13 April 2014 with 7 runners and 15 volunteers. Over the past five years, 4132 runs have been completed, supported by 3523 volunteers.

There were 31 juniors who completed the 2K course today with one first timer and a smashing 7 PBs. Kyle Patel collected his blue wristband for completing his half marathon milestone.

Ryder Islam from Dagenham 88 runners was our first finisher, setting a new PB of 7:55. Ryder is also our junior with the highest participation at 150 runs in Central Park and 160 junior parkruns under his belt in total, not to mention an impressive 194 5K parkruns. He has also acheived his 25th volunteer milestone.

Our next highest participation is by Karina and Jia Ladhar have been both completed 96 junior parkruns in Central Park and have also acheived their 25th volunteer milestone alongside their Mum, Hardeep who was today's Run Director. Their little brother, Karan, also set a PB today!

Both girls have were both born with ASD heart murmur which meant they had a hole in their heart. junior parkrun is ideal for children with heart conditions because it isn’t a race, children can go at their own pace, jog or walk and can take a break if tired or breathless so they can exercise safely.

The event is entirely run by volunteers and everyone contributed to today's celebration. Ronnie Waller baked delicious cupcakes and the core volunteer team contributed lovely treats for the volunteers and juniors. All volunteers and juniors received a 5th anniversary medal to commemorate the special occasion.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Mick BROWN, Jaimin CHAUDHARI, Julie DALPHINIS, Claudia DU TOIT, Beverley EAGLES, Rahana ISLAM, Karina LADHAR, Hardeep LADHAR, Jia LADHAR, Karanveer LADHAR, Christine LARDNER, Michael LARDNER, Roberta MIH, Pramila MONRO, Emma O'SHEA, Pete O'SHEA, Sonya VEERASAMY, Sam VEERASAMY, Timi Selon VEERASAMY, Vicky WOODHOUSE

The full results can be found here:http://www.parkrun.org.uk/barkinganddagenham-juniors/results/latestresults/

About Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun

Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun is a free 2k event for 4-14 year olds held every Sunday at 9am in Central Park, Dagenham. It’s completely free – juniors just need to register with parkrun once and bring a printed copy of their barcode to get their times.  It’s not who comes first or a race against others, it all about having fun, improving your child’s health and community.

Children receive an email after the event with their time and have the opportunity to gain wristbands and certificates at 11, 21 and 50 events, equivalent of a half, full and ultra marathon distance. There is also a certificate for completing 100 events.